The Stairway Shootout – The Untouchables (8/10) Movie CLIP (1987) HD

The Stairway Shootout – The Untouchables (8/10) Movie CLIP (1987) HD

Is something wrong? Sir? (screams) (suspenseful theme plays) (no audible dialogue) (gun clicks) Overcoat: Come on!
Come on, let’s get out of here. Payne:
What are you doing? Come on. Overcoat:
Shut up! I said, shut up! Mommy… (gurgles)


  1. This stairway exists. It is in the great city of Chicago. The feeling I got when walking down these steps was creepy, but also delightful as well

  2. Oh Brian DePalma and your ham-fisted homages-that-feel-like-lazy-ripoffs of classic cinema directors, with a penchant for extra added gore… when will you ever learn?

  3. What's horrible about this Shoot out scene after all these years watching this classic movie 4 or 5 Navy Sailors all were shot dead in the middle of this Horrifying Shootout 🇺🇸😞☠️!!!!!

  4. l saw the whole movie… argument and script is so poor, come on kevin and a newbie killing 5 experimented gangsters armed with shotgun and automatic weapons yeah sure… and the background music in general doesnt fit with the moment of scene… (e.g. the bridge part, they put some disney music while shoot out…wtf) what a bad history scripting is… the only think why to see this movie is because billy drago and other known actors. anyone who likes the movie because this scene has a very low inteligente or is too young

  5. I was switching through the channels when this scene shows up, I couldn't get my eyes off the screen and ended up watching the rest of the film. Wish I could unwatch this just so that I could enjoy the entire film again.

  6. Was watching this shit just to scroll down in the comments to see how everyone is saying that this crap is a masterpiece

  7. My god, this scene is just perfect and awesome. The music, the slow motion, the baby carriage, everything makes it a gunfight to remember.

  8. Just two untouchables left and they still managed to take down Capone's worst hit men by themselves. And they did it all.. post Malone.

  9. Who do you thik is the chief? The guy with the broken nose, the last one standing (who kills Malone with Nitti), or the spaghetti in 0:39?

  10. The build up and tension prior to the shootout gets me everytime. We know what's about to happen while Elliot is slowly putting it together, and then when Elliot asked Stone if he's got him and then the magic words, take him.

  11. What did the woman want by preventing elliot from shooting bad guys?? What an idiot, all she could do was screaming 😱 haha

  12. I love the attention to detail, when Costner draws out his loaded shotgun, the surprised look in the mobsters eyes showed "WTF!" and then as he draws out his thompson, the flachette of shotgun bearings perforate his body, leaving a red mist of blood spewing and beyond his back with tremendous force chewing and tearing the body apart as the exit wounds spew blood onto the splintering glass that is smeared crimson red. His body though pummeled backwards by hundreds of high velocity ball bearings still did not stop his brain response to trigger motion to his finger to depress the trigger, hence as he falls he lets off a burst of 45 ACP rounds that was meant to hit Costner when he drew out the SMG.

    As the baby stroller rattles down the stairs, it was a double edged sword scenario where it forced Costner to move at pace to rescue the pram, making shots on him more difficult whilst the angle to the mobster at the lower floor behind the column showed a moving obstacle that Costner utilized as a distraction, firing on the move to suppress his target.

    The entire scene was very well thought out and made great movie magic.

  13. If the baby made it that far down without falling, I think it probably would have just landed perfectly safe at the bottom

  14. One of the best Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia’s fils ever made. Where was this shot? Union Station? Looks like the old Penn Station. Let’s not forget Robert DeNiro’s phlegmatic persona that would turn into crazed mania!

  15. In the Battleship Potemkin the carriage represents the Russian people. Here its America between prohibition and the coming second world war (the sailors). Both are bloodbaths And somehow "America" is unharmed.

  16. I love Andy Garcia, it was his debut with this movie. I think, it was so intense. The part where he chucks the gun to Costner puts his foot 2 the pram.Gosh! I hadn't seen this screen, like forever, cos! I thought he was half way down the stairway, when he takes the pram.I don't care I LOVE HIM & all the other movies. I use to get mixed up with him & Al Pacino. I know. Andy Garcia Love him. I hope he continues for eva acting.

  17. Such a brilliantly well done tense and heroic scene. I’m sick of modern action scenes that over-do everything.

  18. WTF? Are you kidding me? It cuts off before Kevin Costner says "Ya got im?" and Andy Garcia says "Yeaaa I got im"… TAKE HIM!

  19. WTF? Are you kidding me? It cuts off before Kevin Costner says "Ya got im?" and Andy Garcia says "Yeaaa I got im"… TAKE HIM!

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