The Most Rewatched Movie Moments

The Most Rewatched Movie Moments

From action flick to rom com, everyone has
that one movie that, no matter how many times they’ve seen it before, they just can’t resist
watching again. Maybe it’s the awesome plot, or amazing effects,
or maybe it’s just one, singular scene that draws people back in again and again. What makes these scenes worthy of repeat viewings? See for yourself. Rosebud With one whispered word, Orson Welles single
handedly invented the concept of the mind-blowing twist ending. “Rosebud.” Citizen Kane is considered by many to be the
greatest film ever made, and it holds up remarkably well. But it’s the twist at the end that keeps viewers
coming back. With his last dying breath, Charles Foster
Kane reminds us that despite the wealth and power he has amassed, nothing can compare
to his innocent and happy childhood. “I don’t think any word can explain a man’s
life. No, I guess ‘Rosebud’ was just a piece in
a jigsaw puzzle.” The reveal of what Rosebud actually meant,
and the fact that no one in the world of the film will ever understand it, comes as a profoundly
emotional shock. “Rosebud… It’s his sled. It was his sled from when he was a kid.” Considering how many times this film has been
parodied, there’s no denying its cultural imprint, especially in today’s nostalgia-obsessed
climate. “Brain…” The shock of a lifetime Jackie Chan is no stranger to death-defying
stunts. The action star claims to have broken nearly
every bone in his body, and that’s not hard to believe if you’ve seen any of his movies. But all his jumps, kicks, flips and flails
pale in comparison to his signature stunt in Police Story. Known as perhaps the greatest stunt in movie
history, it features Chan jumping off a balcony, sliding down a pole, and crashing through
live electrical wires and plate glass. The stunt is so iconic that the film shows
it three times in a row, from three different angles. Chan ended up electrocuting himself, dislocating
his pelvis, and cutting himself on the glass. If this dedication isn’t worth a few dozen
viewings, then NOTHING is. Pool fantasies at Ridgemont High In the history of cinema, no single moment
has turned more boys into men than Phoebe Cates’ slow-mo strut from the pool in Fast
Times at Ridgemont High. It’s pretty obvious why this is one of the
most rewatched scenes of all time. “You know how cute i always thought you were.” And it’s not just about a beautiful girl strutting
around in a bikini; it’s funny, too! After Brad’s fantasy, the audience is then
shown to the cold, hard, embarrassing reality of the situation. For anyone who’s ever been a teenager in love,
this scene is relatable, iconic, and totally rewatchable. A real trooper No one understands better than George Lucas
how difficult it is to make a movie. “But I did have a vision, but my vision was
way beyond what was possible. And I did the best I could.” He did so many things wrong in his original
Star Wars trilogy that he went back in and fixed them! By fix we mean, of course, jam the movies
so full of special effects that audiences can barely find any traces of the original
actors or sets in some scenes. But one iconic scene was actually IMPROVED
by Lucas’s meddling. Decades of jokes have been made at the expense
of the poor stormtrooper who banged his head on the doorway. Lucas even added a “BONK” sound effect to
emphasize the moment for the special edition release. The whisper heard ’round the world Lost in Translation was one of the most original
and oddly romantic movies to come out in years. However, it left audiences scratching their
heads with its final scene. Bill Murray’s morose acting legend is saying
goodbye to Scarlett Johansson’s lonely newlywed. While they share a wonderful friendship, it
is clear that they’ll never see each other again. Then, Murray leans in close and whispers something
in Johansson’s ear. You can hear that he’s whispering, but what
he actually said was too quiet for the mics to pick up. There are tons of theories, but it looks like
whatever Murray said to Johansson is staying between them. Even director Sofia Coppola was kept in the
dark! That mysterious whisper, and the rest of this
beautiful and poignant film, has kept audiences coming back for over a decade. A head-spinning ending There is nothing more maddening than an ambiguous
ending, and no ambiguous ending was more maddening than that of Inception, Christopher Nolan’s
action/adventure dream heist. As Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream thief Dom Cobb
finally returns home to his children, he sets a top spinning on the dining room table. He runs off to greet his children, but the
camera goes back to the top, which was established earlier in the film as a tool for Cobb to
tell whether he was awake or still dreaming. If he was in a dream, the top would spin forever
without falling. Just when the top is about to fall, the movie
cuts to black. Nolan has never confirmed any of the extensive
fan theories that have come up. Perhaps that’s the point—trapping you in
an endless loop where you will never know how the story ends. Or maybe it’s just a cool ending. One morose Munchkin Following the Yellow Brick Road sure is fun. That is, until you get old enough to start
noticing what’s dangling just through the trees. As familiar as The Wizard of Oz is to multiple
generations of fans, one aspect of the film remained hidden to all but the most-eagle
eyed viewers. For years, rumors circulated about a Munchkin
hanging in the background while our merry band of travelers skipped into the distance. The studio eventually denied this, claiming
that it was was just a bird. When the remastered version was released in
1998, the rumor was debunked, as the figure in the distance was, indeed, just a bird. Still, stranger things have happened somewhere
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  1. Scarface's mansion shootout? Ghostbusters vs. Gozer? Star Wars' Hoth scenes? What other rewatchable movie moments should've made this list?

  2. Any hetero male who claims he's watched Fast Times without choking the chicken to the Phoebe Cates scene is a liar.

  3. Um rosebud as the invention of the plot twist ending? Have you not heard of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari? Twenty years before. Plus, it’s more of a realization rather than a plot twist…

  4. Regarding #2: No, Jackie Chan was not electrocuted.

    Electrocuted is a word made up of two words: (1) electricity and (2) execution. "Electrocuted" literally means "death by electricity."

    Meaning if you did not die, then you were not electrocuted. You where shocked from electricity.

  5. What about the scene from into the blue where Jessica Alba’s butt is shown while she diving 🤤😍

  6. The Urban Legend of the Hanged Munchkin in Wizard of Oz was Debunked YEARS ago, because the Little Actors that played in it weren't On Set until 2 weeks Later. People do not Realize that movies are not Shot in the order they See. One can't watch the Remastered or DVD versions to see the scene, and need the Original VHS version, where one can see the object moving in the background. They had Animals released on the set to make the woods look alive. Most hid in the back, so it was a Lot of effort for nothing!

  7. Something like "spinning top" was inserted to make the movie look "dubious". Why try to solve a problem that is meant to be unsolvable?

  8. hateful eight, sam l jackson takes control of the room and presents his theory on who poisoned the coffee…NO CONTEST!

  9. Interesting… but NONE of these have I watched over and over. All these clips seem very much from a men point of view. The Dirty Dancing finale or Ghost finale would be my choice, with lots more!

  10. The most rewatched single movie moment is without a doubt the interrogation scene with the Sharon Stone leg cross.

  11. The scene I've rewatched the most is in Gladiator when Maximus removes his helmet in front of Commodus. The intensity in that scene is amazing. One of the best scene of all time and perfect music to go with it.

  12. Michael kills Sallozo and McCluskey at Louie's Restaurant in the Bronx from The Godfather. Or…. Hanna and McCauly have a cup of coffee from Heat

  13. Honestly fuck this format that doesnt let the scene finish out so i have to go search for another videos..10 of them

  14. What about Alien and Aliens? Chest burster scene + the ending of Aliens, Ripley's fight with Queen Alien XD

  15. Yeah, I never believed that munchkin hanging in The Wizard of Oz story. I don’t believe that Judy Garland or her co-stars could have missed seeing it, and if they did, why they wouldn’t be shocked or scream but instead just keep on singing and dancing. No, the horror of The Wizard of Oz is more subtle, if you know that this was Judy Garland’s big break into stardom, and how that role started a ripple effect for the rest of her life, as she became more famous and yet more unhappy. She died in 1969 of sleeping drug overdose at the age of 47. As great a singer and entertainer as she was, it might have been better for her if she had never got into Hollywood. They controlled her every move, including her medication, which ultimately led to her death.

  16. The dead munchkin thing sounds more like a reflection of where the viewers head was at at the time. I mean of all the things that background blob could have been – a hanged character is what people assumed??? Really? The fact that, that was the assumption is seriously disturbed.

  17. The ending dream from Carrie when Sue approached her grave and her hand shot up. I screamed as a 8 year old, and when Leather face was chasing Marilyn Burns with a chainsaw. Iconic

  18. Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann's introduction to his 'maggots' in Stanley Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket'. Will never get tired of this almost perfect opening scene!

  19. A few not found on the list: The final drag-race scene in American Graffiti. The Jamie Lee Curtis scene in True Lies. The Julie Andrews topless scene in Victoria Victoria. The dance and overdose and "my name is vengeance" scenes in Pulp Fiction. The Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis sex scene in Black Swan. The interview scene in Basic Instinct. The shower scene in Psycho.

  20. The Hanging munchkin scene was REAL, Disney in their stupid wisdom changed the scene in the remastered 80's version to debunk and squash the controversy! BUT If you look at the 2 complete versions before and after the remaster you can see that the munchkin and the surrounding area were completely scrubbed and a bird was placed there!

  21. I was too young during Phoebe Cates time but as a young boy, I knew she's attractive. Hard to tell where she came from her looks so I did a search and I was surprised with her ancestry.

  22. There are so many to choose from. How about the scene in the first Star Wars when Luke and Leia were going to swing from one ledge to another and they gave each other a good luck kiss and then swung to the other ledge before being grabbed by storm troops.

  23. the problem is that the bird and the "other thing" aren't even in the same spot, the bird is farther to the left in front of the 3trees

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