The Magic Box | Road Rangers Video | Cartoons For Children by Kids Channel

hey Donna have you had a look at this
look at what this Oh a magic show how exciting we must go oh yeah a magic show
you’re still a little baby inside aren’t you Sawyer um-hum not the only baby
amongst us I’m never ever going to a magic show it has clowns so it’s settled
then Frank the scaredy-cat will stay here while we enjoy the magic show ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I
welcome you all to the world’s most unimaginable magic show where the magic
begins in the end for my first trick I need four volunteers
who’s going to volunteer you Oh Rangers Rangers the road rangers
please come on up this box is empty or is it please have a look inside Road
Rangers Oh No
behold the road rangers thank God ah Sawyer sheriff blade guys are you for real whoa stop Sheriff hello are you out
there guys this isn’t funny come out now I love to cleaner look it’s grub Ravana
rinser I loved looks like the magic show is over back
to work my friends you didn’t make it to the show Frank
yeah I had my hands full not as full as they’re going to be now that’s a funny
thing to say why would he say something so strange
I’ll ask sheriff where are they Sheriff
Sawyer where are you Donna is that you are you okay hello mayor sir it’s me
Frank yes Frank sir have you assigned a new mission to us the show’s all wrapped
up but I can’t place the rest of the team no Frank I don’t have a mission for
the road Rangers and what show are you talking about
your magic show sir I haven’t organized a magic show in the
city Frank Frank I think the team could be in trouble don’t worry sir I’ll
locate them there you guys are
do you know what a fright you guys gave me you really scared me in the mayor
Donna I did not think you would pull such an offensive prank on me that sound
again where is it coming from I think it’s coming from my compressor Frank Frank Frank ah brag it’s going to squeeze me to death
Frank hey get back here where are you going Frank you better get me out of here fast you’re a hero Frank thank God thank you
you’re the man Frank you’re the man wait till the mayor hears about this Frank
good job Frank good job huh Frank I almost died I died Frank man it’s no big
deal guys I knew where you guys were all along I told you this magic business is
no good but don’t worry I’ve got your back unbelievable man unbelievable you

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