The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 93 – Full Episode – 23rd November, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 93 – Full Episode – 23rd November, 2019

Ms. Archana, today four big personalities of
the music industry are arriving. But I do not understand
who shall I invite first. Okay.
– So, to avoid mistakes I have found a new way.
– What is it? Bring it here.
We will pick chits whoever’s name comes first
will come here. So, the person I am going
to invite first here is a wonderful singer
and a composer. With his singing,
not only he takes the listeners breath away rather he can sing
breathlessly too. Oh! – You must have
understood by now. Sir, you’re such
a wonderful singer that when you sing
we fall short of breaths. I mean, we can’t even
match the clapping with you. You have so much stamina. God!
Great performance. Thank you very much.
– God is blessing you. Ms. Archana, thank you
so much. Love you. And you will have to clap
for one more thing Mr. Shankar has been honoured
by Padmashree this year. Wow!
– Congratulations. – Thank you. So, now I am going to call
our second guest for today. So..
– Yes? Please welcome the king
of melodious voice the king of romantic songs,
one and only Shaan. Love you, Shaan. That’s for you.
– Love you, Shankar. Amazing energy on the stage,
today. – Thank you. Thank you. So, Mr. Shaan..
– Introduction through chits. Yes. Sorry.
– Introduction through chits. We’re having introduction
through chits. Before we say anything more
about your glory let’s call upon
our third guest. Please welcome
a strong Sufi singer Harshdeep Kaur! Oh!
– Oh! Now, as all of you know
it’s the last chit. So, last but not least,
please welcome the amazing singer
and music composer from the Salim-Sulaiman duo,
Mr. Salim Merchant! So good. It costs crores to gather
these super singers. Ms. Archana, you must be
disappointed today. Why? – Had four of them
come individually you’d get four episodes more. But the amount of fun
in this particular episode is going to be beyond
40 episodes. – Oh! That’s more like it. So, I’d like to tell my audience
that these four legends have gathered here
with some special intention. So, Harshdeep will tell us more
about it. Harsh, please. Firstly, I’d like to thank
Mr. Kapil. Love you, Harsh.
– To you, Mr. Shaan, Mr. Shankar and Mr. Salim. We are here on behalf of
an auspicious occasion. – Yes. The 550th birth anniversary
of Guru Nanak Dev.. His 550th birth anniversary. Whoever utters
shall be fulfilled. God is the ultimate truth.. On this occasion, I wanted to sing few hymns
from ‘Gurbani’. I wanted to created something
for Lord Nanak. Mr. Charanjeet is here with us
who wrote a devotional song and Mr. Jagmeet who is sitting
next to him. He composed the song as well. Mr. Jagmeet,
a warm welcome to you. He directed it as well. When I saw the lyrics I made a composition
and I was wondering how this can be improvised..
– Yes.. To make it better. I wanted to spread it to people
across the world. – Yes. So, Mankeet and all of
us decided to approach the legendary musician of the music industry.
– Wow! If he becomes a part of it
then it will become huge. I called Mr. Shankar
and I told him we are celebrating the 550th
‘Gurpurb’ and I am working on something. I asked him if he would
like to be a part of it. He said, ‘Harshdeep, you just
say it and I’ll be there.’ So sweet..
– I got the same response from Mr. Salim and Mr. Shaan. They are more singers
involved in this. Another great singer
is a part of this. – Yes.. I would like to talk about this
great singer. – Okay. Please.. The talented and great artist is Kapil Sharma..
– Kapil Sharma.. When I sang, I didn’t know,
everyone was going to sing. I have a feeling
that my part must have been cut. Did you include my part? Mr. Kapil, I would like
to say that before I called Kapil I was hesitant. I was hoping
that he wouldn’t mind. I called him and I said,
I am going to compose a song for the ‘Gurpurb’ of Guru Nanak
that is approaching and I would like him
to sing in it. He just said ‘Harshdeep, I regard you
as my little sister.’ ‘I will do whatever you want.’ And I mean it.
– You will not believe it. We didn’t talk for long
over the phone. When I hung up, I had tears
in my eyes. I regard you as my big brother.
I am so thankful.. Thank you so much
for making me a part of this beautiful devotional
song. – Thank you. I had a great time singing.
So, thank you so much for making me a small part..
– I would like to thank you. and..
– A warm welcome to you. Please be seated. – Mr. Shankar,
if you’re going to compose music for any movie.
He’s a great singer. The feel in him.. My father taught me that
being melodious is important.. But the feel takes the song to another level.
– I have a lot of feel.. I know Mr. Kapil is a very
talented artist and he is a famous television
celebrity. – Wow.. He’s known all over the world
but I know for a fact that deep down,
he’s a musician first. I know that!
– Sir.. Isn’t that right?
– I love music, sir. I was aspiring to become a
singer but later I realised there are too many talented
singers in the country. So, I never told anyone
about it. I just became a comedian. Thank you so much for coming,
to all of you. – Thank you.. Thank you.. Everyone is aware,
in the music industry there are many duos
who have achieved greatness. They are many famous duos
such as Shankar Jaikishan Laxmikant-Pyarelal.. There are trios such
as Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Salim-Sulaiman.
I have a question for you. When you get an invitation card
for the wedding.. Does it have your name
and your wife or your partners names? There will be six names,
altogether. – Okay.. How?
– The name of three artists along with their wives.
– I see.. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy plus wives.
– Yes.. Wow! Mr. Salim,
does this happen with you? No, the invitation is usually
addressed to Salim-Sulaiman. But at least, people know now
that we’re a duo. Earlier, people used to think
it’s a single person. – Yes.. Really? – They thought
Salim-Sulaiman was one person. People used to say,
‘May I speak to Salim Sulaiman?’ I used to wonder
whom they were asking for. Which one.. The four of you have given a new dimension to Indian music.
Thank you very much. Mr. Shankar,
artists are very superstitious. When your group, a trio..
– Trio.. When you formed a trio did anyone say that forming
a trio is bad luck? People might have said it
in the beginning. – Okay. People didn’t understand
our music in the beginning. Okay.
– People said, we can only come up with jingles and not compose music
for films. People said, our music is too
western and unconventional. People had opinions,
as you know. – Okay. We have to just keep pursuing. We are still struggling.
– That’s amazing. He’s given a reply
with his work. When a bill is passed
in Lok Sabha.. Mr. Salim, I have heard,
whenever you compose something you present it to your wife. You make her listen
to it first and then, you present it
to the producer. Is it not allowed to approve
your composition without your wife’s consent? Is this true or is it a rumour? This is a rumour.
– So, it’s not true. Sulaiman hears my composition,
first. – Okay.. And then, he gives his feedback for improvisation.. Do you fight with each other
over your work? – Yes. We fight a lot. I have seen him fight
with his brother. It gets interesting..
– Really? – Really? When two tall men fight,
physically.. – Tall men.. It’s very scary. Finally, Salim did something
very clever. Sulaiman’s spectacles number
was very high. Salim took off
Sulaiman’s glasses. After that.. Salim was free to fight back.. Sulaiman was punching the air..
– Yes.. We quarrel with each other
but finally, music wins. Music wins, finally.
That’s amazing. Harshdeep, whenever you have
to perform during a show.. Yes.. – Your husband
always accompanies you. A warm welcome to you. Do you miss him or you can’t
keep a track of your money? What’s the reason? Actually, since I was a child my father has been travelling
with me. – Okay.. My father has asked Mankeet
to look after me. – Okay. So, Mankeet travels with me and my father still travels
with me. So, as I said, the songs
should have feelings. So, when he’s in front of me,
I can feel while singing. Wow! – Wow! Are you taking good care
of her? Tell me, Harshdeep.
Does he take good care? Yes, sir.
I’ll call you later. Okay, we have Mr. Shaan here. His face looks so innocent that if at all he has
an extra-marital affair then no one suspects him. Right?
He has an innocent face, right? Take my face for example.
I am always a suspect. Mr. Shaan, tell me honestly. Have you ever taken advantage
of this innocent face? People do that,
but I am innocent. Whatever happens,
happens out of innocence. Actually, his wife is very
sweet. – Yes. So, I was asking this
just for fun. – Yes.. But tell me honestly.
Have you ever.. While answering her questions..
However, she is sweet. But..
– But.. Obviously.. I mean no one..
– If there’s something.. No one remains sweet
in such matters. Sweet and sour.
– Wow! Mr. Shankar, Ms. Archana
has a question. She was saying that you received
national awards many times. You visited Rashtrapati Bhavan
many times. You must be having an idea
where the dinner is served where the washroom is
and all that. I know the canteen and all..
– You know it all? Ms. Archana, if you ever receive
a national award then you can ask Mr. Shankar
before going. Yes, just to eat dry fruits..
– However, I don’t think you’ll ever receive one. Oh. You’ll receive separately.
– Yes. For a smiling and laughing face.
– I’ll receive national award for handling all your jokes
and punches with a smile. I’ll receive it for this. I love you, ma’am. That’s right though. We’ve been together
since around ten years. So, even our poor jokes
sound nice in front of her. Because she’s
so happy-go-lucky herself.. Sometimes we receive complaints
from Film City.. That the others are disturbed..
– They simply ask us to put a large tarpaulin
over the studio so that the sound
doesn’t go out. And that.. Are they foreigners,
or do they look like one? Where are you from?
I’m sorry. Estonia.
– Pardon! – Estonia! – Oh! Estonia!
– Tallinn! Is that the name of a country
or a building? It’s a country. I’ve been to Estonia.
So, I.. Is there a country
by that name? – Yes. I wasn’t aware of it.
I’m sorry. Hi! Welcome! Greetings, Kapil! Greetings..
– Greetings, India! Oh, wow! How do you know me? Because you’re the best
comedian of India and we’ve come all over
from Estonia, North Europe here to see you.
– Oh, wow! – Wow! Thank you very much!
Welcome to India.. Thank you. And we have to say that there are 1.3
billion people in India. We only have 1.3 million people in Estonia.
– Oh, wow! – Wow! So, once the shooting gets over
we’ll be 1.6 billion! We’re working on it. Actually, we still want
more people to Estonia that we have E-Residence and actually you can
sign-up to be an Estonian and you don’t have
to even live there. Oh, wow!
– You can be Estonian too. So, how come
you guys are here? I mean,
what are you here for? What brings you here? We’re on a long holiday
for three months. Oh! – Okay.
– Oh, wow! Yes. And we’re going to
your home city, Amritsar. – Oh! So, what can we see there?
– How do you know that I’m from Amritsar?
– We just know. I want Sony Television
to increase my salary. I’ve become very popular. People are talking about you
in Estonia. Even people of Estonia
know me. From where did you get
this Indian attire? You people look very beautiful,
actually. I just got it.
Because I really love it and I really love
Indian people. So, I admire
the national costumes and women look so.. And.. And we were here also
at Diwali time and the women looked
amazing! Beautiful..
And the men too. I’m sorry,
I forgot to ask your name. What’s your name?
– My name is Tulli. This is my son, Andres.
This is my other son, Christin. This is my husband, Arbo.
– Okay, is your husband quiet even in Estonia? I mean, are men in Estonia quiet
the way we’re in India? Poor guy! He’s done! All Estonians are quiet anyways.
– The man inside him will rise. That’s why
I’m a TV personality. I’m the only one
who keeps talking. I’ve spoken enough English.
– Yes. He will take you to task now.
He is about to say something. Hi! – It is..
Hi! It is very modern way that women
do all the speaking. And we sit quiet. What did he say?
– It’s the same all over the world.
– Universal. But you guys are beautiful
actually. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you very much. Yeah! You spoke well. – You know,
I can speak continuously for two and a half minutes.
– I’m quite impressed! I have a few questions
for all of you. You should answer it
with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. So, we’re not supposed
to say anything. Four.. – Even we’ll ask you
some questions. So, keep one with you. Smart! Good one!
– Yes, good idea.. Salim, ask him.
– We will. – Okay. ‘Have you ever performed shows
by taking some advance money’ ‘and incurred a loss?’ Has it ever happened?
Yes or no? I need to enquire. Okay, the CA handles
all your transactions. Sir, has it ever happened?
It has. They are so innocent.
It did happen to them. Mr. Shankar, how about you? Yes! – Yes!
– Yes.. Several times.
– Salim, you’re the lucky one. Didn’t that happen to you
even once? We never go on the stage
or flight.. He’s a clever one. Mr. Shaan,
you didn’t share your opinion. Once, it so happened
that I incurred a loss as the person who had to
give me the money expired. Excuses..
To what extent can a person come up
with such excuses! He told me that someone was
getting the money in the vehicle and it fell into the trench.
– And the organiser died. How can I ask him
to pay me when he’s dead? Then I agreed
to do the programme. Later, he came to the airport
to see off. He came back to life.
– Yes. People have taken
a lot of advantage of us. They tell us that
they’ll make the payment the moment we get down
from the flight. But when I got down
at the airport there was no one
other than the driver. – Okay. He said, ‘Sir, please come.’
Then he said the organiser will be there in a bit.. Then I see thousands of people
waiting in the stadium. Tell me about it!
I see the organiser crying and asking me what to do
as the audience were waiting. And he said
that he doesn’t have any money. We can’t help it.
– You have to do it for the sake of your fans love.
– Because at the end of the day I’ll definitely have to do it no matter what!
– Yes. So sweet! Okay. ‘Has any drunkard
made extraordinary request?’ Oh, dear!
– And he doesn’t stop. Okay,
where did that happen, sir? In Delhi.
– Okay. It has happened
several times. Mr. Shankar,
share your experience. The show had almost got over.
– Okay. Some of them were dancing,
and some were drunk. Okay. – He then comes to me
and says ‘Sir, can you sing
Ganesha’s prayer song?’ I said, get lost!
Is this the time to sing a devotional song? ‘Has this ever happened to you’ ‘while performing at a show, you
felt the urge to go to washroom’ ‘and you just sang
half of the song and ended it?’ No.. Share your experience,
Mr. Salim. It had happened in Goa.
– Okay. There was a show
at Grand Hyatt. – Okay. I was singing the song called
‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’. ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi Loot Gaya?’
– Yes. I desperately wanted
to use the restroom. It must have become
‘Ainvayi Ainvayi I lost it’. I was feeling
very uncomfortable. Chandan! Chandan!
– Wow! Chandan! Chandan.. Chandan! Chandan.. Chandan! Chandan! All the experts of
the music world are here today. Greetings to all of you. Greetings, sir.
– Hello. Hello, Ms. Harshdeep.
– Hello. Hello, Mr. Shankar.
– Hello. Hello, Mr. Shaan.
How are you doing? – Hello! Fine, sir. Won’t you greet me? These days, you have friendship
with the Prime Minister. You don’t know
inconsequential people. Kappu Sharma,
you alone had gone to Delhi! Why didn’t
you take me along? When your family members are
not interested to meet you then why would the
Prime Minister meet you! Aren’t you aspiring
too high these days? One should always dream big,
Kappu Sharma. Great! Someone has aptly said. Always aim for the moon.
If you miss, you may hit a star. This is the best line you
have said in your life. Thank you very much.
– Take a lifetime achievement award and die. I mean.. Stars are even more far
than the Moon. Do you know?
Are you aware of it? I am not Elon Musk. I haven’t come here to discuss
the Cosmos with you. Oh! Elon Musk! Elon Musk! First tell me.
Why didn’t you take me along with you to Delhi? What would have you
done coming there? Had you gone there
to roll the puris? What would I do?
Such a stupid question! The entire Bollywood
was invited there. And I, who is the important
part of Bollywood was left behind here. Important part!
– Sir, all my fans are hurts. They were crying.
– Hurts! Hurts! First of all, stop calling your
family members as your fans. His fans are hurt, it seems! Okay, anyway,
tell me something. Did the PM say
anything about me? Yes, he did.
– What did he say? That I have
become very popular so I should stop being
friends with people like you. Kappu Sharma,
it is more than enough for me that people in politics
know my name. Stop flying high!
I am telling you. You are known in the
political circle for all the wrong reasons. Kappu Sharma, only
people riding high can fly high! Hey, you are saying
the proverb wrong. The people whose TRP
is 4.1 always fly high. It is quite
evident to everyone whether the TRP is high
because of me or this donkey. Mr. Shankar, see, just because
his show has become a hit now he is calling me,
his friend, a donkey. Have you forgotten? I was the one who had thrown
the most 50-rupee currencies during your
wedding procession. And why don’t you tell about the
500-rupee notes you had flicked? Okay, fine, I don’t have
any problem with that. People in the procession flick
the notes fallen on the ground. But this guy was stealing
from people’s pockets. He got caught when
he had put his hand in the priest’s dhoti. Don’t you know, stupid fellow? That dhoti’s don’t
have pockets. The priest was saying that we
should summon the bride later and should summon
the cops first. He had embarrassed me so much. Then tell them about everything
that happened in your wedding. What?
– Normally, during a wedding the groom takes
the blessings of the priest. He is the first groom who started interviewing
the priest. He asked the priest
whether the rumour that he doesn’t charge
the people of Sharma community for his services is true? The priest sadly
said that he won’t mind if he doesn’t pay him
for his services but requested him not
to spread such rumours. He is my friend. He was with me during
the entire wedding procession. The moment we reached
the bride’s place he covered himself in a veil
and joined my sisters-in-law demanding for a gift. Should I tell about all this? I did all that only for fun. Right! He really was behaving
very funny during my wedding. Okay. – He was dancing in front
of the horse. The horse told me
to get off its back. I asked why?
– It told him to get down. It asked whether he
was my close friend. Because it wanted to kick him. You keep quiet.
Let me talk to the guests. What do you
want to talk about? Do you have
any knowledge of music? For your kind information..
Do you know? My great grandfather
was the personal singer of Emperor Akbar.
– Yes, that’s true. He used to change the diapers
of Emperor Akbar. Get lost, you liar! When Anarkali
used to be absent his great grandpa used
to dress up like her. And would dance in
front of Emperor Akbar. That’s what he means by
personal singer of Akbar. And his grandpa used
to help my grandpa dress up as Anarkali. Like grandpa, like grandson! Now, he is making
men give massages after dressing up as women. Do you know? I’ve got
a message from Sony Channel. They told me to leave you
in Lahore and not in Punjab. Because, you always come back
here if I leave you in Punjab. Kappu Sharma I come back here for
the sake of my fans and not for you.
Isn’t it, guys? You have no idea
how it feels to have girls as your fans. Isn’t it, girls?
Hello. Hello! You are saying hello to girls
wearing such disgusting clothes! I must say,
you have become very confident. This is a matter of confidence.
– His focus is always on my pyjamas,
my inner wear. He doesn’t notice anything else. Ms. Harshdeep.
– Yes. Your Sufi songs.. – Yes.
– …nourish my soul. Your body is not getting
enough nourishment. I had got 100 grams iodine
for you yesterday. What soul nourishment
are you talking about? Kappu.. – First tell me.
Why have you brought a jug? To take a composition
in it from here, is it? No, to play music with it. Mr. Kapil. – Actually,
he plays better than this. You should travel by
Rajdhani Express once. He conducts a show from 9 a.m.
to 9 p.m. on that train. Yes, I play music and he sings. Sir,
please affix a ‘slap’ to it? Listen, pal, why don’t
you discuss music? What? A talk about music?
– Yes. With you? Why?
– Not with me specifically. But the ambience is such.
– I see. – What? But you are here to ruin it.
Go ahead. Mr. Salim. – Yes?
– I want to invest in music. Invest? – Invest? – Yes, sir.
– What do you want to invest? Shall I make the neckline
a bit deeper? This neck, I tell you..
Someone or the other is always choking it.
– He is a pain in the neck. Sometimes, the ration vendor
or the newspaper guy. Once, a monkey had
grabbed his neck. Because he was eating its chana.
– The monkey had snatched my chana! Besides,
we have been taught to share. Right, you should share food.
But you share your drawers! Once he brought oversized
drawers and put both his legs through one pant leg and in
the other, his brother’s legs. He asked a third man
to tie the drawstrings. Then they both walked together.
Really, it’s unbelievable. Kappu Sharma, listen to me.
– Yes? – I’m leaving. Leave already!
– My talent.. My talent will be seen
only in ‘Indian Idol’! Woah! I’ll sing from 8:30
to 10 o’clock. I’ll waste your one hour! I tell you! I’m leaving.
– Oh! You.. Let me tell you right now
as to what they will say to you. What?
– You cannot come to Mumbai. You.. Cannot come to Mumbai. – Forget
that. After listening to him they will say, you cannot
even return to your home. And that they will kill you
and bury you right there. They will bury you
right under the keyboard. Wait and watch! I’ll definitely
appear on ‘KBC’, ‘Crime Patrol’ Sony News and on all functions
and programmes of Sony Channel. So that everyone can
witness my charm! I’m going! Sir, he is a childhood friend.
He takes advantage of that fact. He barges in a live show. Sir, we often hear rumours about
celebrities and public figures. We have collected some rumours
about you people which we want to clear. Mr. Shankar, we have heard that
you have received many offers from the kabaddi team. – Okay.
– Because you can say ‘ kabaddi’ many times incessantly,
in one breath. I did receive an offer. – Okay.
– But then they rejected me because of my size. Okay. Mr. Shaan, we heard that
your voice is sweet because you add Gujarati food
to ‘Mishti Doi’ and consume it. – Gosh! Is it true?
– I can definitely try that. I’m very experimental with food.
It’s no big deal. – Okay. He can try. But it’s not true.
– No, it’s false. Harshdeep, there is a rumour
that music directors would have you record songs
for them but refuse to pay you saying that Sufis and saints
don’t need money. Is it true?
– No, not at all. – Is it true? They wouldn’t pay me even if
I asked. – Okay, so it’s false. Just joking.
– Is it true? No.. Not with Mr. Shankar. And.. Mr. Kapil, you will
put me in trouble. – Okay.. Let’s change the topic.
Mr. Salim, we have heard that when your wife, who is
a teacher, is upset with you she punishes you to stand
in a corner. Sir, is it true? – No, it’s not
true. But I do like chicken. She cooks chicken for him.
– Oh, I see. – Yes. Harshdeep, the rumour
about you is, in your childhood you wanted to
exact revenge on a boy so you married him
when you grew up. Well, it’s true. We have been
together since the first grade. Wow! – Is it? – Wow!
– We studied in the same class. We were in the same class,
in the same school. So, when did love blossom
between you two? After school, when he shifted
to Mumbai for higher studies we met there again. – Sir, we
would like to know your views. Did you really shift there
for higher studies? That time, it was true.
I did shift for higher studies. I see. So, how come your
curriculum inclined towards her? You knew that she was
in Mumbai at that time. Yes, I did know
that she was in Mumbai. But she was my only
friend in the city and we reconnected and then.. We didn’t realise when our
friendship turned into love. Didn’t realise. – Wow!
Congratulations to you both! You two make a lovely pair. Sir! Mr. Shankar, we have heard
that your wife always praises your culinary skills
and under this pretext she makes you cook.
– Yes. No, I love cooking a lot.
– I see. And sometimes, she says,
cooking is much more a passion than even music. – Oh!
– I see. Wow! Because I love it.
– You people are melodious. So, even your food must be
delectable. – Very much indeed! You can’t eat bland food. Shaan, we have heard
that you are so simple that if anyone fixes a schedule
for 10 o’clock you reach there by 8. But for ‘Asoka’, you made
Mr. Anu Malik wait for long. It’s a serious accusation.
– Yes. – It’s a rumour. Rumours spread in the market.
– Rumours are true. ‘Shaan, what you did to me
that day, I’ll never forget.’ ‘You made that person wait,
you offered you’ ‘the most singing contracts,
and that too, for ‘Asoka’.’ But this didn’t really happen.
– It didn’t? – Shaan, too good! Mr. Shankar, there is a rumour
that you composed the title song for ‘Dil Chahta Hai’
while brushing, and the rest of the songs, while using the
bathroom. – Correct. It’s true. Actually, the title song,
‘Dil Chahta Hai’.. – Yes, sir? It wasn’t meant for that
situation. – I see. – It was for “Why do people fall in love?” This one was for the situation. Just as Mr. Shankar said that he got this idea
while brushing his teeth.. It happens with many people. So, I want to know
from my audience that where do
they get ideas. And what type of ideas. You can share your incidents. Who raised the hand?
Yes, ma’am. Hello, Kapil.
– Hello. Hello, everyone.
My name is Chaya. It’s good to see you,
Ms. Chaya. Thank you, sir.
– Where are you from? From Mumbai. – I see. This is my husband.
– How are you, Mr. Husband? Yes. – Sir, when we go
to sleep at night.. Oh! You go to sleep at night? Okay, then? He falls off to sleep
very fast. He sleeps within five minutes.
– That’s a big blessing. The world has lost its sleep.
Okay. I sleep very late at night.
So I stay awake. – I see. So many times I remove
the covers from his face and read his face. That means, you can’t tolerate
a sleeping man too. What does this mean? When you remove the covers
and he sees you so close.. He will be scared.
– He will be shocked. Hey! What is this? No, sir. Seeing his face,
I get a lot of thoughts. What do you find out? When I see his face,
I come to know whether he will be in
a good mood the next day or whether he is stressed,
whether he is happy and how his day has passed. You have so much control?
– No, sir. Oh, God!
– That’s at home, not outside. It means, you have
captured his mind. Your husband wants to
say something. Mr. Kapil, I have just found out
about this. Okay, – It has been 25 years
to our marriage.. She never told you?
– I have no idea. That she reads you at night.
– Yes, that she does this. Henceforth, I will sleep only
after she sleeps. He will sleep. But, mister, careful.
You are being read. It felt good after meeting you.
Thank you. Anyone else?
Yes, ma’am. Hello, Kapil.
– Hello, how are you? I am absolutely fine.
My name is Payal Mitra. Payal.. Yes, Payal,
you are welcome to the show. I have come from Houston.
– Houston? – Yes. International fans.
– Yes. Wow! Estonia, Houston.
– Welcome to you. Wow! So many fans!
– I have never shown pride. Yes, Payal. The ideas that I get is when we go for morning walks. We means?
How many people in total? I mean, me and my friend.
– Okay. We see dogs have pooped
all over the place. They do that in Houston too?
– No, here. Oh, here. – The dogs
in Houston don’t poop? They do. But what they do is
there will be a bag in their pockets
and they clean it up. Here also they should do it.
– Here there is too much.. But it doesn’t happen here. It is advance technology. They have that bag
and the dogs also have a bag in case their boss does
something. I mean, I have heard so. Over here, the way you use
mobile toilet we can make something
like that for dogs too.. It’ll be good. – There won’t be
a mess everywhere. Thank you, Payal, for sharing
your experience. – Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you for
coming to the show. Thank you. Anyone else wants to share?
Yes, ma’am. Hi, everyone. – Hello.
– My name is Shilpa. I have come from
Vardha district. – Where? This is near Nagpur.
– Okay. I am a housewife and I stay
in a joint family. – I see. My husband stays out for work. I love dancing.
I teach kids dancing. – Okay. But sometimes,
I forget the dance steps. Then I memorise the steps
while washing clothes. – Okay. Like when we beat the clothes
while washing.. – Yes. I remember the steps
that we can add in the dance. And while drying the clothes,
I go into another world and think of some new steps.
– You get a new idea.. This is a new thing.
– …while drying clothes. If you wish, I can do it
and show you. Yes, please show us.
– Please show us. Hold on. Please come, ma’am.
How are you? I didn’t ask for the mic.
I said hello. So what steps have you invented? Give her a cloth.
– Oh, I should give a cloth? Give her some prop. It will be like method acting.
– Yes. On any song? Shall I play
Anup Jalota’s bhajan? You dance very well. Did anyone say this to you? It was great, thank you so much.
Thanks a ton. Is there anyone else who
wants to share an anecdote? Yes, mister. Hello.
– Hello. Hello to all. – Hello. Hello.
– My name is Jagtar Singh. I’m from Karnal, Haryana. Welcome, Jagtar Singh.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you. Whenever I leave
from my house.. – Yes. …I hear different sounds. Sounds of birds, firecrackers,
planes, rockets, and what not. Yes. – So, I try
to imitate them. – Okay. So, by this sounds, I became All India Inter University
National Champion as well. Wow. Almost.. Wow!
– Great. Almost 200..
– In youth festivals? Yes..
– Okay. I can imitate around 200 different sounds. Wow.
– 200! Please mimic a few for us.
– If I have the permission.. Yes, please sir.
– Okay, thank you. Please come. I will mimic a few sounds. If you will like it,
then please clap. If you don’t,
please forgive me. When Kapil Sharma starts
a self-start tractor then this is how
the engine starts. Wow. Wow.
– Superb! A diesel engine
in used in farms. You all must have seen.
– Yes. It is started
with a handle. – Yes. Farmers irrigate the farms
using it. Yes..
– So, this is how it starts. Yeah.. Glider.. When a glider
passes by from above.. Wow.
– Woah! You must have heard
the steam engine. – Yes. You must have seen it
n the movie, ‘Gadar’. They burn coal in it
and then steam is produced. It’s called a steam engine.
– Yes. This is how it starts. Wow. Wow! Beautiful. Sir, too good! When a train moves on the track then this is the sound
it makes. Delay..
– Delay. After the tracks,
it crosses a bridge. Yes.
– This is how it sounds then. Wow. Superb.
– Wow! Thank you..
– Wow. – Great. It was great.
– Amazing. – Superb! Amazing!
– Superb, sir. You imitated great sounds, sir. The attire which you have worn in Punjab, it’s
called ‘Guru Di Ladli Fauj’. The people dress up. Many guests have worn
the same and come. The back of your jacket reads
‘Guru Nanak Sadbhavana Yatra’. Can you please tell us about it? Yes, sir.
‘Guru Nanak Sadbhavana Yatra’. Our Lord, Guru Nanak Dev..
– Yes. To mark His 550th birth
anniversary, we started a yatra. Okay. – NIFA and Shiromani
Gatka Federation of India have organised this yatra.
– Okay. The chairman of NIFAA,
Mr. Pritpal Singh Pannu is with us.
– Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir. Greetings, Mr. Kapil. First of all, hello to all the
great artists of music industry. Hello.
– Hello. Ms. Archana, greetings.
– Greetings. ‘Guru Nanak Sadbhavana Yatra’
was started by NIFAA National Integrated Forum
of Artists and Activists and Shiromani Gatka Federation
of India. – Okay. It’s continuing
since 550 years. We started it in Nankana Sahib,
in Pakistan. After Pakistan, we came
to your show after touring entire India, Nepal,
Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Wow! Welcome to our show.
– Wow! Next, we are going to
Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan. On our return journey we will go to the new corridor
in Kartarpur Sahib. – Wow! And the journey will end there.
– Amazing. We will cover 40,000 miles
following the same route which Guru Nanak
travelled in his life. – Wow. We’re travelling the same route.
– My God! Wow! Wow.
– Wow! Congratulations to you. On the route..
– Blessed be those.. Ones who follow Thy name! We are planting 55,000 tress
on the way. And you will love to hear
that in every plant we have put the soil
of the birthplace of Guru Nanak. Wow.. – Wow!
– Blessed be those.. Ones who follow Thy name! Through this stage a message
reaches to anyone worldwide. So, we have got five plants
along with us for the five guests
present on stage. Wow. We want to gift you the soil
of Guru Nanak’s birthplace. Wow, Amazing..
– And we would like to present a memento of the yatra by coming on stage.
– Please come. You are welcome. This is the soil. Yes.
– Blessed be those.. Ones who follow Thy name! Wonderful.. – Thanks a lot.
– We feel blessed. By adding more soil to this soil
plant more trees. Sure..
We surely will.. Thanks a lot.
– We will.. We are honoured.
– Thank you.. Plant more trees.
– Surely, thank you for such amazing present. I thank you
on behalf of our team. Mr. Gurtej Singh Khalsa
is the president of Shiromani Gatka
Federation of India. – Okay. Mr. Naresh Barana
is the coordinator of NIFAA. Mr. Parvesh Gaba
is the general secretary. Meet Mr. Gurpreet Singh Khalsa.
– Thank you. We thank you on behalf of
everyone. – Thank you so much. Thank you.
Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you so much. Please give a huge round
of applause for them. Thank you so much, sir. We never got the chance
to visit Kartarpur but thank you for getting the
soil of Guru Nanak’s birthplace. Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you so much. People become very angry,
but still.. – No.. No one will. It’s all sporting, right?
– It’s all good. Few people will become angry but crores of people
will become happy. Not bad.
– Yes. Okay.. Sonu, why do you always get
so emotional when.. Why do you get so emotional?
– He’s triggering.. You always sing every song
very emotionally, Sonu. Actually, Salim, you know..
I always believe that whenever we think
about someone or.. You know.. Until you feel
and connect emotionally you can’t make it. Okay, Shankar..
– Shankar. Did you..
– Salim, just stop it, man. Superb!
– Superb! Superb! Let’s talk about music. Lovely.
– There’s a lot more. Until or unless we find
the root cause.. Kailash, please relax. You always get emotional
over smaller issues. And don’t say even a single
word in Urdu, please. Speak in pure Hindi.
– Yes, pure Hindi. Look, it’s human nature
that we get emotional and you know me
from so long. If you’ll say that, then I
am God’s devotee. Wow!
Nice one! But.. Mr. Javed, you always..
– Mr. Javed.. I think there was a conflict
between you and Kailash in an award function. No..
These things just happen. When we’re in the same industry such things happen. What do we call it.. Old friendship doesn’t end just because of a musical note. Kailash was right in his place
and I was right in mine. That’s it.
– Too good, Shaan.. Thank you, Mr. Shaan.. My Sidhu shall return
someday.. – Someday.. He shall break the gates of the Film City
and come.. – He shall come.. He shall trample upon
Archana’s car and come here! Sir, look at the irony. She took the job away
from her boss. But we love Mr. Sidhu
and we love Ms. Archana. Please give her
a big round of applause. Today, all singers are sitting
pridefully with Shaan. They look so nice. We are with Shaan..
– Hi, sir. Do you feel you are dreaming
about me with your eyes open? Yes. Yes..
– You do, right? Because I am Sapna.
Hi.. How are you? Hi..
– Hello, Sapna.. Hello, Sapna..
– Hello.. Hi..
– Hi, Sapna.. Hey, Kappu!
– Yes.. This is the age of
digitalisation. What do you mean? Earlier, we used
to get 4S phones. – Yes. Now, ‘4S’ singers are here. Mr. Salim, Mr. Shankar,
Mr. Shaan and.. – Harshdeep.. What’s your point? Super talented Ms. Harshdeep.
What do you say? Come on!
– Super talented Ms. Harshdeep.. I won..
– Four ‘S’.. Four ‘S’..
– Yes.. Ms. Archana,
can I say something? They left everything behind
to come here. Really?
– What did they leave behind? Mr. Salim has left Sulaiman
behind. Mr. Shankar left Ehsaan
and Loy behind. Mr. Shaan.. You didn’t leave
anything behind. I have an idea.
– What about flatulence? Go the corner and do it.
It’s not a problem. We will not tell anyone. We will not tell anyone.
Don’t worry. He will play music.
No one can hear it. It’s not a problem. I don’t do such things. Mr. Shaan..
– Yes.. How’s my boyfriend,
Mukesh? How would he know?
– He knows. How? – Two months ago,
when Mukesh broke up with me.. Yes.. – Mukesh told me
that he would live pridefully. Aren’t you ashamed of living
with my boyfriend? Sapna, that’s nonsense!
– Oh, really! He is enjoying with my boyfriend
and you think this is nonsense! Enjoying.. Sir, I would like to ask you
a question. Were you always interested
in singing during your college days?
– Yes. In those days, did you
ask girls for their numbers or did you ask them
for ‘C minor’ and ‘D minor’? I didn’t have
a phone back then. What would I have done
with their number? Sapna, don’t speak
about such things. He is married now.
He has a lovely wife. I know many singers.
Shaan is a nice person. There are some singers
who are married yet they fool around. How is Mr. Mika?
– Mr. Mika.. I didn’t ask you. Mr. Shankar..
– Yes. You came here alone, sir.
– Yes. Why didn’t you bring
Ehsaan and Loy? Okay.. That was a good wordplay,
right? – Yes.. I am very talented, sir.
– Indeed. The Sony team is very happy. The show is aired
for two days now. They told me, they will air
the show for five days because of my talent. Oh..
– We’ll make a lot of money. Anyway, I am going
to the market now. Tell me, what do you want?
– What do you mean? You said, ‘If someone goes,
please get my love for me’ ‘and receive my heartfelt
gratitude.’ ‘If someone goes..’ I don’t want your gratitude.
Just give me Rs. 1 lakh. Earlier, you used
to ask for Rs. 1 crore. He is only offering money
worth lakhs. Let it be. Anyway, it’s all right.
I will talk to the lady. You should have spoken
to her, first. Where are your manners?
– Ladies first.. When I come for the shooting,
I impersonate myself as a lady, first.
Ladies always come first. I know that. Ma’am, you sang a song
in the film, ‘127 Hours’. Yes.
– Okay. You can complete a song
within ten minutes. Why did you take so long? That’s the name
of the film, ‘127 Hours’. It was nominated for the Oscar. Are you serious?
– Yes. Please give a huge round
of applause for her. She has made India proud. Mr. Salim..
– Yes.. You have worked
with Lady Gaga, right? – Yes. On this.. I have
a personal question. – Yes? Does Lady Gaga..
– Yes.. Does she speak normally
or does she sing while speaking? I was wondering. He has worked
on many renowned platforms. Why don’t you talk about that? He had composed music
for the FIFA World Cup. What’s the point of composing
music for football? It will be meaningful
if he donates a football for the football association. Sir, donate a football
the next time. But he is very handsome..
– Sapna, why are you here? Isn’t it obvious? I am here to give a massage.
– Yes.. Sir, that’s my massage parlour,
Sapna Beauty Parlour. We provide different types
of body massage. – Okay. So, you gave music
in the film ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’, right?
– Yes. So, we have a massage
named after that film. How does it work? So, what we do
in this massage is we take a few customers.. A few customers remove
their clothes and we apply oil on them. And then, we leave them
on the ground. Then they keep running and whoever comes first we give that customer
an award and we make them
listen to your song. So, where is the massage? Such a huge personality
is singing and all you care
about is massage! You are strange. By the way, your song
‘Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya’ was a big hit too. So, we have ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’
massage as well. Is it?
– What happens in that? Here, when the
customer arrives.. Yes?
– …we ignore him. ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’.. Neither do we remove
his clothes nor we apply oil on his body.
We give him a useless massage. And take the money.
So, you loot him as well. Yes, Mr. Shaan, we have
to take the money. – Yes. By the way,
you have been a judge in many reality shows, right?
– Yes. So, we have a judge massage
as well. – What is that? Here, we remove
the customer’s clothes we apply oil on him
and ask him to stand on the witness box. And when the judge
says, ‘Order’ we follow that order
and give him a massage. Oh, God! And we give him a massage
until he is hanged till death. Till death..
– Then? – Hanged till death.. Nothing else.
I have an important work now. Mr. Shaan, I need you
at Nala Sopara for two days. Why him?
– What do you mean? I just want to show off
at Nala Sopara. I need you there as well.
– Whenever you say. But why him? We will go in his car.
We can’t go there walking. I need you at Nala Sopara too. Now, why him?
– Of course. No, he will hug me.
I need somebody to love me. Ms. Harshdeep,
I need you too. Okay.
– Why her? We need somebody to sing. Not everybody is going
to look at Shaan, right? So, please come
to Nala Sopara. I’ll take your leave now.
I have important work to do. I know everybody
from the music industry. Do you know Mr. Ismail? Yes.
– He has called me to his court. Yesterday, there
was a party at his place. So, Mr. Anup left his
things behind in his house. So, I have to go there
to pick them up. Mr. Pankaj will be very sad
hearing this. I wish that the person
who has written this song.. Mr. Charanjeet Singh,
please come on the stage. Mr. Jagmeet has also
written this. And Mr. Jagmeet Bal has
directed it and he has written
the lyrics too. Please come on the stage. Thank you very much
for writing such a lovely song. Thank you, sir.
Thank you. Ms. Archana
looks so beautiful. Thank you, Mr. Salim. So, I would like
to thank all the artists. Thank you so much
for coming, sir. – Thank you. Mr. Shankar, Harshdeep,
Mr. Shaan. – Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you very much. And you all continue to laugh
and smile and keep cleanliness around you. And keep watching,
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Thank you. Goodnight.


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    Kapil Sharma ji & all team
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