The ‘interesting’ food appears on set [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.22]

The ‘interesting’ food appears on set [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.22]

Do your parents say anything about this? Your parents must hate it. My mom hates it. I don’t eat like that when I eat my mom’s food, but when alone, I eat it even with samgyeopsal. What about your girlfriend? Some hate it. Some don’t say anything. So you dated a lot of girls. – Wait. / – He’s dated a lot of girls. – It’s a surprise. / – He’s mythomaniac. – He is. / – You’ve dated a lot of girls. (That felt good.) Your friend has a hard time watching you. He eats a lot of it, too. – He eats a lot, doesn’t he? / – I’m… I’m not sorry to him at all. – I first met him 15 years ago. / – Right. He was already chubby then. – Hey! / – Is that right? That’s not what you said. You’ve always been big. There’s a misunderstanding. – Tell us. / – Am I mistaken? My constitution… Ever since I started eating mayonnaise, I gained about 20 kg. When I was in the army, I weighed between 69 and 75kg. He wasn’t in Korea at the time. I started gaining weight when I went to Japan. So he only saw me when I was chubby. I was slim even in Japan. I’m upset because he doesn’t get fat – when I gain weight easily. / – Okay. Okay. By the way, isn’t it nice that you have an excuse? I know. The worry is resolved. (Mayonnaise only makes him fat.) Did something upset you so much that it made you come out here? Overseas students are quite poor. We were hungry one day, so we gathered coins from under our beds to buy food. We had just enough to buy one bag of ramyeon. He volunteered to cook it, so I let him. – How many? / – And he topped it with mayonnaise. – Goodness. / – It wasn’t how it was supposed to be. You were expecting a certain taste. I was really upset when I saw that, but I was too hungry to yell at him. – You thought it’d be good. / – I just ate it. After three bites, I got so upset that I hit the back of his head real hard. How did it taste? Why were you so upset? It was bland, and it looked like vomit. – It was pink. / – Right. It was pink. – Pink. / – You’d feel betrayed. – Right. / – Did you add all the sauce, then put mayonnaise on top? He mentioned bibim ramyeon. But it’s more delicious with jajang ramyeon. – Jajang ramyeon. / – That time, it was bibim ramyeon. It’s delicious with jajang ramyeon. Aren’t you curious about how he eats? – Yes. / – Don’t you want to see it for yourself? – Yes. / – We can’t imagine what it’s like because we haven’t seen it. We don’t know how it tastes. – It might actually be good. / – Right. Why don’t you try eating it? – Okay. / – Please bring out what we prepared. – It’s really good. / – There’s pizza and… – Come here. / – It’s really good. – There’s pizza and… / – Come. – Here’s mayonnaise. / – It smells amazing. – Really? / – Goodness. Come here. You don’t have to fake it. Be yourself. Please check if he’s eating as usual. – First… / – Which one do you want to eat first? – Let’s go with the cream pasta. / – Right. – I try it first / – Okay. and add however much I want. (Don’t do it.) – Is that how much he puts? / – That much? Yes. This is about how much I add. (It’s mayonnaise pasta.) – Isn’t it too much? / – It’s not too much. – I’ll swirl one more round. / – Don’t push it. – Is this how you really eat? / – He eats like this. – Does he? / – Yes. – He eats this? / – He eats worse things. I eat like this. (He eats it without any hesitation.) (He eats a big bite.) – How is it? / – It must be strong. It’s very good. (Is it really good?) – How is it? / – It’s too creamy. – How is it? / – It’s bad. (Is it good?) CNU, try it. (He has a hard time swallowing it.) It’s so greasy. – It’s greasy. / – I don’t like mayonnaise. – I thought it would be good. / – It’s greasy. – It’s very greasy. / – It’s worse than I thought. Do you want to try it? – It’s greasy. / – It’s worse than I thought. Which one do you want to eat next? I want to try each one. At first, I thought it could taste good. – But this doesn’t work. / – No. – This doesn’t work. / – It doesn’t. – I think the pizza would be good. / – Let’s try it. – Let’s try the pizza. / – I personally think they go well together as long as it’s not too much. – It goes great with any creamy sauce. / – Yes. (I eat like this.) – Goodness. / – When you… – That’s too much. / – You need it in every bite. – Try it. / – It’s… – Show us how you do it. / – I… I don’t think we can be friends. Me either. It’s too greasy. The crust usually has cheese inside. Yes, cheese crust. It’s mayonnaise crust. I eat like this. That must taste good. But you couldn’t eat a whole pizza like that. This is better than that. Is it really okay? (We won’t be fooled this time.) – Really? / – Let me try it. – I’ll just watch. / – It won’t relieve my stress. – It’s good. / – I personally think… – Does it relieve your stress? / – It works well. – Like this. / – Next is jajang ramyeon. All right. Do as usual. – I don’t like it. / – It’s better than ketchup. Goodness. What is that? I don’t like mixing it in. – You eat it as it is. / – Yes. – This is… / – That’s it. I can’t watch it. – It is a worry for him. / – By the way, mayonnaise is – made with egg yolks. / – It’s similar to cheese. That must be too heavy. It must be heavy. (Dongyeop is not sure if he should taste it.) – It works. It works well. / – No way. (It doesn’t work well.) The trouble is getting bigger. (Dongyeop decides to taste it.) It’s something we don’t understand. – Next is cake. / – Cake is… (He spits it out.) – This is too much. / – I can’t… – Is it strange? / – How is it? Is it that bad? I won’t try it, then. – Don’t eat it. / – Honestly, whenever we ate something, – I felt sorry to our audience. / – They’re curious. But I’m not sorry at all today. I am not sorry. – They don’t work. / – Next is fried chicken. I like dipping spicy fried chicken – in mayonnaise. / – Do as usual. This is what I do. – That’s good. / – That’s weak. – Yes. / – That must be good. – That would be good. / – That’s good. (It’s a safe one.) – This is… / – This is good. (Everyone tastes it.) – It’s nice. / – Is it okay? – It’s nice. / – It works with fried chicken. It’s okay, but it’s better as it is. – I hate the smell of it. / – There’s – I hate it. / – no reason to dip it in the mayonnaise. – Is it good? / – I think mayonnaise won’t work well with kimchi fried rice. – That’s what I think. / – That’s so greasy. – Let’s try it. / – I love kimchi fried rice. I would eat it every day. – He really loves kimchi fried rice. / – I love it. Can you show us how much you put over the rice? Show us, and you eat it. – You will try it. / – Right. That’s what I meant. (Laughing) It’s nice with spicy food. It counters the spiciness. – Is that right? / – I’ll put this much. He’s… Goodness. – Hey! Come on. / – Goodness. Don’t play with kimchi fried rice. How do you usually eat it? Is this how you usually eat it? This is how much I usually put. That’s too much. The kimchi fired rice deserves to be treated better. – It needs to be spicy. / – Right. You need to taste the fried kimchi. (He’s in his own world.) Be a man. (Let’s taste it.) This is upsetting. It’s too salty. – I like it. / – What? – Really? / – I like it. Yes. You just haven’t realized how good it is. – You haven’t realized it. / – It’s good. (You will realize it one day.) – I… / – It’s good. I only put as much as I can handle. – It’s good, right? / – Just do as usual. – Little by little. / – It’s good with mayonnaise. – Do as usual. / – I don’t like it. Mayonnaise is better than ketchup. People relieve stress by eating spicy food. I get stressed out when I eat spicy food. I like this flavor. – I don’t mind it at all. / – You can eat everything. (It’s different, but don’t think of it too strangely.) I’ll let one person taste it. I’m giving it to you because I like you. – Eat it. / – Try it. (She feeds him a mouthful.) It’s like garlic dipping sauce. – It’s salty, sweet and sour. / – How is it? He says it tastes fine. – What? / – He likes heavy food. (What’s wrong with everyone?) Please give them a round of applause. (Tasting time is over.) Please take your seat. He’s not worried at all. I’m the only one who’s worried. He’s still healthy, and he looks happy. Only you gained weight. (It’s unfair to him.) What’s your biggest concern for him? He doesn’t eat lunch with other people. He eats alone. I’m worried that he is eating alone due to his taste in food. – You’re a good friend. / – He is. – Could you explain yourself? / – I worried for him. It’s not so bad to the point that – I’m socially awkward. / – He’s completely fine. I’m completely fine. I don’t eat like that in front of co-workers. It’s only when I’m with friends. – It’s when I’m with him. / – With him? He’s the worry. The more I listen to them, the worse I feel for him. I know. (It’s only unfair to him.) Still… It’s a worry for him. He puts mayonnaise on food only in front of him. Don’t you lose your appetite? – I do. / – You didn’t lose weight, though. – It’s unfair. / – He gained weight. You lose your appetite? (It’s definitely a worry.) I’d like to ask you something. How much do you eat when you’re by yourself? Without mayonnaise. Compared to how much I eat… You already told us. – We’ll be the judge. / – How much do you eat? He eats more than I do. What about when you’re alone? – When I eat ramyeon… / – How much? – Four packets? / – How many? – I eat two packets. / – That’s average. – I eat rice, too. / – Do you eat rice with it? – Yes. / – He eats a lot. He eats a lot. Two ramyeon packets and rice aren’t a normal portion. Take care of your own health. (Worry about yourself.) He hasn’t seen me exercise. – Stop talking about that. / – He’s funny. – He thinks it’s unfair. / – You don’t know I exercise. He’s becoming more pathetic. Your worry isn’t a friend who eats a lot of mayonnaise. It’s the fact that only you gain weight. – Listen. / – Let’s change the subject. That’s the new subject. – It’s true. / – Shall we change it? What’s true? Do you feel pathetic when you’re with him? Yes, I do. I agree to change it. (It’s not “It’s Heavy”.) (It’s “Why Do I Only Gain Weight?”) This is the first time on the show that the title changed. That’s true. The new title will be aired. It’ll be the new one. Jeehoon, do you think it’s a worry? (He sighs.) It’s an unfortunate worry. (I think it’s a worry.) He might get 200 votes. – Jinho? / – After the change, it’s a worry. – What if the subject didn’t change? / – Then no. (It’s definitely a worry.) I think it’s definitely a worry. He started to worry about his friend’s health because he ate too much mayonnaise. However, the problem is that only he gains weight. (Why?) The title is “Why Do I Only Gain Weight?” Or “Why Doesn’t He Gain Weight?” (That’s annoying.) If you think it’s a worry, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) What will be the result? – The title changed. / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – Three, two, one. – Stop. / – We’re no longer friends. What’s the result? (The result) From “It’s Heavy” to “Why Do I Only Gain Weight”. Is it over 100? It is. Will it be the winner? It has to be 165. – Will it be the winner? / – Is it 165? (“Please, Son” has 158 votes.) It’s 105. Thank you. That’s his size. (They receive 105 votes.) “Please, Son” is the winner of this week. Winner will receive a 1,000-dollar gift certificate.


  1. I really really really like mayonnaise too!!!!! But never try to eat it with rice 😅 I eat all kind of fastfood and fried food with mayo only most of the time.

  2. Is it just me or all those mayo making me want to vomit?

    I do like mayo, esp one with pickles BUT in moderate manner. Not to the point it should be in my every bite…

  3. Usually I like the lady with the glasses, I forgot her name, but I don't understand how she's talking so much shit when she's almost the same size as him 😂😂😂 like girl do u need a reality check or somethin?

  4. I literally think I have diarrhea and I didn’t even eat what they ate and the hosts were hella rude for the other gay and making fun of his weight like what the fuck he ain’t even that chubby???

  5. Tbh the amt of mayonnaise he added was so much it made me gag even tho I was hungry and thought the food looked good initially

  6. Ok so don’t judge but I eat rice with a little bit of mayo, not as much as him but it makes it kind of creamy


  8. This guy reminds me of a woman that addicted to tartar sauce and ate everything with tartar sauce. only that he's addicted to mayonnaise

  9. I believe this concern is not really that big.

    When i was in elementary school, i used to really like mayonaise and consume it with anything everyday. (Simillar to this man) but then, i stop this habit when there’s medical check up at my junior high and then i weighted 72kg from 58kg, my cholesterol level also in a high point. I was born tall so i didn’t realize how much i’ve gained. I also noticed that since i gain weight it’s really hard to do exercises, etc. i believe this is not such a concern at all, he’ll stop at some point where he realized things had gone bad. Just my thought tho.. 😂

  10. I feel like I should sit next to him. I lovvvvveeeeeee mayonaise so much. I eat mayonaise like the way he eat it, but the difference is I don't do this everyday and with every food.

  11. Omg real life Hijikata Toushiro hahah but srsly though he shouldn't eat so much mayo, even if he doesn't gain weight now, it will catch up soon no matter what. And not only that it will clog his arteries.

  12. he may have high cholesterol and a lot of health issues in the future maybe not now but it's really unhealthy to eat something that is so heavy and greasy like mayo everyday.

  13. If i have a friend like him. Iwon't mind of what he likes to dowithhis food. But I will let him know heis not welcome to mess with my food

  14. The host did not want to criticize the chubby man but in his concern he said he gain weight because of his friend love mayo. The truth was the chubby man did not control the portion of food that he take. Thats why the host change the title of his concern

  15. Damm…mayo

    Sounds like hijikata here….

    Sorry sorry TT

    Btw it was so mean when they teased him about him being chubby…

  16. I think Hello Counselor need at least psychiatrist, doctor, nutritionist or any specialist check the participants before coming to show to know what would be the core problem is in every concerns. It feels like the participants come to show just share their concerns but after that theres no change happen bec. theres no remedy given for them. Its just voting show that would choose a winner in terms of severity.

  17. I love Mayo, i even eat it with fried rice and dumpling. When i was a child i used to put mayonnaise in my coffee

  18. Basically mayonnaise doesn't work with any type of asian, Arabian ,indean food , it only works well with western typed food mostly fast food and not all types of them

  19. I ate jjajang ramyeon just like that man… yeah i put mayo into the jjajang ramyeon and… it's delicious (to me). Sometime i eat rice with mayo too..
    And i prefer eat pizza with mayo rather than chilly sauce…

    I don't think it's a concern problem. it's just a matter of taste.

  20. Lmao dude just seems salty because his friend doesn't gain weight like he does. I gain weight very easily too, I just watch what I eat. Not anyone else's fault that my metabolism is the way it is 🤷🏻‍♀️

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