The Fall 2019 Anime You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Watching

The Fall 2019 Anime You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Watching

Have you ever seen a new seasonal anime get
mentioned online that seems interesting, so you pick it up only to find out that it’s
absolute shit? I know I have, and because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes
as me, I watched the first couple episodes of most anime this season and placed them
in three categories: Watch it, Consider it, or Drop it. If you want to skip to a specific
anime, check the description or comments for timestamps. Let’s get right into it. Rather than living out in the savannas of
Africa, animals now live normal lives in Japan. They do everything you’d expect them to
do – eat with their families, go to work, attend mixers with college girls, and get
accused of groping people on the train. This is without a doubt a weird comedy, but one
that did get me to laugh at the absurdity of what was going on, and one that could potentially
use its animal kingdom and food chain aspects for clever situations and fun jokes. They
also locked in some top tier voice acting talent, with the main trio done by Ogata, Zenitsu,
and Rider. I do worry that the gags will get tiresome, and I’m definitely not a fan of
the clunky CG animation, but for now, especially if you’re an office worker yourself, consider
it. After School Dice Club is an anime that simply
follows a few girls playing board games together and bonding over their enjoyment of it. It’s
a very relaxing and wholesome show, there’s no doubt about that. And the art and animation
are definitely better than I expected them to be. However, I found myself more annoyed
than anything else while watching this, mostly because of the main character, Miki. Everyone
is pretty stereotypical, which is par for the course for a show like this, but Miki
in particular is just so bland that I can’t help but roll my eyes every time she starts
feeling sorry for herself or crying for whatever reason. I half expected her to have a panic
attack for rolling a bad value during one of the games or something. If you like board
games, want a laid back show, and don’t mind Miki’s personality then consider it,
but personally, drop it. I’ve never really been one for sports anime,
and the first ⅔ of this episode didn’t do anything to change that for me. But the last
⅓ really got me engaged as we watched Sora challenge the delinquents of the basketball
club to a 5 on 1 game, in which he promptly overwhelms them and displays his skill and
passion for the game despite his short stature. I can’t say I’m sold on the characters
as of now, but I think there’s some potential, and from what I’ve seen online, the manga
is supposed to be pretty good. If you like sports, then this could be right up your alley.
Consider it. It’s pretty rare for me to want to drop
a show before I even finish the first episode, but that’s exactly what happened here. Ascendance
of a Bookworm follows a woman obsessed with reading who gets isekai’d into a child’s
body in a world in which books are hard to find. Not a bad concept, but I didn’t like
the main character and felt like the episode didn’t do a good job of establishing the
world or its characters. I also thought the art was a bit on the ugly side, which didn’t
help. Absolutely nothing interesting happened in the entire first episode, and I was bored
out of my mind while I was watching it. Maybe it’s just not my kind of show, but I think you should
drop it. I- ju, wh, ha… WHAT? What the hell kind
of question is that?! You just walked in on a room with him and 20 assassins, the dude
has his throat slit and is just slumped over the desk… What do you expect him to say? “Oh chip
chip cheerio lad, just dandy, thanks for asking!” Wha – oh my god. The premise here is that the main character
is assigned to tutor the daughter of a noble, but if he discovers she can’t use mana,
he has to assassinate her. But then in the first episode she can actually use mana after
all so then the entire premise is gone… but then he still might have to kill her anyways because politics? Uh, ok. The main guy is literally a Kirito clone but with
more edge and ara ara vibes, and the main girl is like a less interesting loli Asuna.
Now, both of those I can tolerate because I actually Sword Art. But the main girl’s
rival, is like a cross between Myne’s bitchiness and Bakugo’s insufferable attitude.
If I had to take a shot for every time she made me want to stop watching, I would have
died 15 ago. A shame, because the animation actually has some really good moments, and
there are some interesting ideas and character dynamics that could definitely play out in this, but the characters aren’t doing anything for me and the plot hasn’t really sold itself as something worthwhile.
Drop it. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on
in Azur Lane beyond it being an adaptation of a mobile game. What I’ve gathered from
the first few episodes is basically: One day, humanity was attacked by aliens, but humanity
somehow figured out how to develop boats that can turn into anime girls to fight back against
the aliens. But then there was a civil war between the anime girl boats and now they’re
fighting against each other and the aliens at the same time. I think this would probably
be a lot of fun to watch for people who are already fans of the game, but as it is they’re
throwing so many names at me that I can’t feasibly remember any of them beyond Enterprise
because she’s badass and shows up all the time. The fights and character designs are pretty good, I’ll give it that, but I think the only real reasons to watch this are for the waifus or if you
already play the game. Consider it. I hope you like detective thrillers, because
there are a LOT of them this season, and in my opinion, Babylon is the best of the bunch.
Tasked with investigating a pharmaceutical company paying off drug testers, Seizaki quickly
realizes he’s in over his head when he uncovers a web of political manipulation, mysterious
deaths and all sorts of other illicit activity. The dark tone is established early on and
the director does a fantastic job of keeping you on the edge of your seat all the while
creating a strong sense of tension and unease, like you never know what twist is coming next
or when it will happen. The story started off strong and I can’t wait to see where
it goes from here. Watch it. Beastars takes place in a world filled with
anthropomorphic animals, where herbivores and carnivores peacefully coexist and eating
meat is outlawed. However, in the opening minutes, Cherryton Academy is shaken when
a carnivore attacks, kills and eats an herbivore overnight, which is considered the ultimate
taboo. The main character, Legosi, is a kind wolf who is also a member of the drama club.
I didn’t know what to expect going into Beastars aside from all the lazy “hurr durr
furries, me so original” jokes online, but I was really impressed with the first couple
episodes. The characters, despite being animals, feel engaging and realistic, and the direction
is strong from the get go, doing a great job of establishing the cast, world, and tension
among the student body. The animation is entirely CG, but fear not – it’s done by Studio
Orange, who also did Land of the Lustrous, and their skill with CG is obvious, feeling
smooth, immersive, and never distracting. Also, the OP is one of the best of the year.
If you can keep an open mind about the cast, Beastars is definitely worth checking out.
Watch it. Blade of the Immortal is a dark journey following
Manji and Rin. Rin seeks revenge on the clan who killed her parents, and Manji is an immortal
swordsman she hires to help her exact this revenge. It’s an adaptation people were
initially concerned about, as it will cover over 200 chapters in only 24 episodes, which
means it could either be really rushed or cut a lot of content. However, even though
it does feel like it’s jumping around a bit and relatively rushed, I do think that
the directing has had some great moments, particularly the opening to the first episode
and a fight midway through the second. Only time will tell how this adaptation ends up
going, but if you enjoyed Dororo earlier this year or like anime with an older style in
general, this could be for you. Consider it. Case File 221 is an original spin on the classic
Sherlock Holmes characters done by Production IG, and so far it’s off to an enjoyable
start. Anyone who appreciates detective shows and mystery is bound to find something to
like with this, though when compared to other detective shows this season like Babylon and
Psycho Pass, we can see there’s a clear tonal difference. The former two are darker
and more intense, while Sherlock incorporates many more over the top characters and some
comedy, including Sherlock revealing the killer of the first case in a Rakugo performance.
While I find the other detective shows this season to be stronger, Sherlock has still
been decent, so I’d consider it. Are you missing the over the top fantasy isekai
shenanigans of Konosuba? Then look no further than Cautious Hero, because there are a LOT
of similarities in tone and humor between the two. As the title would imply, the main
character is OP as hell but also incredibly cautious and nervous about getting into fights,
much to the annoyance of his party. And the goddess who summoned him is like if you mixed
Aqua’s voice acting, reactions, and uselessness with Darkness’ perverted nature, which I
think has been a hilarious combination. Obviously different people like different humor, but
I’ve found Cautious Hero to have numerous laugh out loud moments in each episode so
far, and I love how it gives me the Konosuba vibes that I’ve been missing for so long.
Watch it. If you’re looking for a cute girls doing
cute things anime, then you’ve come to the right place. Chidori RSC had one of the most
wholesome debuts of the season – each of the girls are likeable, their chemistry was good,
and the set up for some activity in their club makes me think there will be fun stuff
moving forwards beyond the plain old school life comedy, like some tournaments and rivals.
It’s not the most interesting anime of the season, but it does what it does well. Consider it. Ever since I first watched Gabriel Dropout
a couple years ago, I’ve constantly been searching for similar anime to scratch that
itch. Yuru Camp came close, and Comic Girls and Blend S were enjoyable, but none of them
were ever AS good. But much to my surprise, Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average
in the Next Life?! has been way better than I expected, boasting a similar animation style,
really fun characters, and multiple moments in each episode that made me laugh. It’s very
meta and self aware, with the main character even joking about how she got sent to this
world after being hit by the isekai truck, and mentioning how certain events and lines
are right out of manga. Of course, only time will tell how it turns out, but as of now,
this has been a really pleasant surprise of the fall 2019 season. Watch it. Welcome to the obligatory Fate anime of the
season! Now, now, calm down. I know you’re moaning about watch order and how this fits
into the timeline and all that, but luckily this one’s easy! It’s adapting chapter
7 of the mobile game, so we’re just totally skipping chapters 1-6! All you need to watch
before this is a 75 minute long movie and the prologue episode! Easy! But I’m telling
you, it’s worth it. Look, hear me out: the subtitle is deceptive. A more accurate title
would be Absolute Demonic Front: Bootylonia, because holy shit there is a lot of booty
in this. But seriously though, Babylonia has been great
so far. It’s clear how much effort Cloverworks is putting into adapting this story, with
some absolutely incredible backdrops throughout the episode and visually orgasmic animation
during action sequences. Anyone who likes Fate is bound to enjoy this: not only is the
production insane like you come to expect from a Ufotable take on Fate, but we’re
dropped into Mesopotamia, and have a whole new cast of servants to meet. It’s hard
to say whether this will surpass Ufotable’s Fate anime, but as of now, it certainly has
the potential to at least meet them. Watch it. A long running series that’s now in its
fourth and final season, I think you know whether you like Food Wars or not by now.
For fans of the show like me, it’s a must watch, picking up right where season three
left off and giving us more of the great character moments, insane cooking battles, entertaining
comedy, and of course, explosive foodgasms. For those who can’t tolerate the moving
slideshow animation, which is admittedly disappointing, or the fanservice from the foodgasms, this season isn’t going to change anything. I have heard
that the final arc of the manga shit the bed, but I read the epilogue and liked it, and
Food Wars is one of my favorite shows in general. I love this cast and the show as a whole has
never failed to entertain me, so I’m looking forward to one last ride with everyone at
Totsuki – no matter how bumpy the road may end up getting. Watch it if you’re a big
fan like me, but otherwise, consider it. This was one of the shows I expected to be
complete trash when I started making this video. The first episode starts off by revealing
that the seven main characters are high school prodigies – but not just like really smart
or really good at something like you’d expect, but like, one of them is literally the prime
minister of Japan, one controls 30% of the world’s economy, one is a samurai, one built
a spaceship… you get the point. They get isekai’d to a relatively primitive world,
which I would hope has cute elf girls and…. What? Um… After being left speechless by that
scene, I actually ended up enjoying the rest of the episode quite a bit. It was relatively
light, the characters were decent… it was kind of like a discount Dr. Stone but with
the bonus of not having Taiju screaming about everything. The OP makes it seem like there
will be classic isekai drama and kidnappings of the elf girls and whatnot which is a bummer,
but if the notes from the first episode continue to make themselves heard throughout the season, then consider it. Kandagawa Jet Girls is basically Mario Kart
Double Dash with yuri bait and fanservice galore, but it’s… actually not completely
terrible? I really didn’t expect much from this at all, but it was more entertaining
than I thought. The production values are definitely not gonna take home any awards, but the races
themselves are fun, and I expect that as bigger competitions with more racers occur, it will
get even more engaging. But in what’s a pretty strong season overall, this is towards
the back of the pack. If you want something that you can just turn your brain off during
and don’t mind the constant fanservice, then you could consider it, but otherwise,
drop it. In kemono michi, an animal loving wrestler
is summoned to another world by the princess and asked to defeat demon animals. Infuriated
about being asked this, he suplexes the princess in front of everyone and decides to instead
create a world where beasts and humans can live in peace. This is probably the most bizarre
anime of the fall, and one whose comedy walked a fine line between making me laugh out loud,
and making me pretty uncomfortable. The characters early on seem entertaining, and
it’s from the same author as Konosuba, so I feel like we can stay cautiously optimistic.
Despite the weird humor, it has its moments, so you could consider it. The first season never really gained much steam when
it aired earlier this year thanks to all the melodrama pervading the first half, which
is too bad, because the second half was pretty good, with solid character development and
drama that gets resolved fairly quickly rather than dragging on. The second season has continued
that trend, but now added in a bit more emphasis on the romance between the members in the
club, which I think has been very gratifying to see since it was teased so much in the first season. The
music has also continued to be strong, and I end up looking forwards to every performance
the koto club puts on. I think this is worth watching, especially if you like music dramas,
but I understand why the stiff animation and melodrama, even if it gets resolved fairly quickly,
may turn people off of it. Consider it. I mean… is there really anything left to
say about My Hero Academia? Like Food Wars, I think everyone knows whether they like it
or not by now. Personally, it’s one of my favorite anime, and though I thought the second
half of season three was a bit lackluster, I’ve only heard great things about the Overhaul
arc, which season four will adapt, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it plays
out. Watch it. A while back, when I was truly in a pit of
despair about not having No Game No Life Season 2, I wrote an angry letter to Madhouse threatening
to lewd Komi-san if they didn’t greenlight season 2 immediately. Unfortunately, my Japanese is complete shit, so while they did accept my demand, we ended up with No Guns Life instead. I only had to do one thing and I failed. I failed. I failed! I really thought I made a mistake when the opening scene reveals that the main character is literally
a guy with a gun for a head, and then the OP throws in some random fanservice, but the
episode overall was actually pretty good. It has a kind of gritty noir feel, the world
seems to have a solid foundation established so far, and the characters feel relatively
interesting right off the bat. It may not be No Game No Life, but I think this one could
turn out to be pretty fun. Consider it. If I’m being honest, I had very low expectations
going into Oresuki. The premise, a guy who has the two girls he likes confess they like
his best friend and then has a girl he hates confess to him, wasn’t one that grabbed
me, the key art looked kind of subpar, and the main girl looked like she’s ripped
right out of the numbers that shall not be named which made my heart hurt. But man am I glad
I gave this a shot, because the first episode is probably the hardest I’ve laughed at
a single episode of anime all year, and the next two didn’t disappoint either. Behind
what’s initially presented as a stereotypical harem rom com with generic character tropes
is actually hilarious dialogue and use of English, scumbag characters hiding their true
colors, surprisingly decent animation, fun references, and a show that just doesn’t
take itself too seriously. Watch it. Mizuki’s dream of leading a normal life
with normal friends is shattered when she transfers to a new school and meets the hero
club, which is full of chunnis. The whole episode was filled with classic chuuni antics,
including a guy obsessed with power rangers, one who loves 2D girls, and one who believes
he was a demon angel hybrid in his past life. But of course, despite their antics, they’re
good guys deep down. Though it’s not my favorite character type, the cast works well
together and there were a few scenes that made me laugh, generally with the demon guy
being dramatic. If you like the chuuni character archetype than you may enjoy this and could
consider it, but for anyone else, it may just be too out there. Drop it. An anime adaptation of the first 3 chapters
of the MMORPG of the same name, it’s pretty obvious that this is a video game adaptation,
what with the first episode featuring random encounters, plot twists, and a nod at character
creation. Though I have no experience with the game, I really enjoyed the first episode.
It’s established that this is a world with consequences and also one with some mysterious
elements at play, ones that I’m eager to learn more about. Though the production wasn’t
the most impressive and some of the characters came off as cliche, this was a solid start
and I think there’s some potential here. If you like sci-fi, action, or JRPGs, then
consider it. After a relatively disappointing season 2 and airing
delay, I was kinda skeptical going into Psycho Pass 3, but I’m happy to say that the first episode
was actually pretty good. This season brings in an entirely new cast of inspectors and
enforcers, though there were numerous cameos of characters from the previous seasons in
the first episode, and I wanna see how they play into this story. The
tone is still dark and gritty, though it seems like it may take more of a mystery detective
thriller approach as opposed to the more action heavy seasons preceding it. While I’m not
sold on the main character’s mental trace ability, which basically allows him to see
the past for some reason, I think there’s a good foundation here and I’m excited to see where it goes.
Watch it. Radiant was another anime that I felt had its
first season fly under the radar a bit, though with the amount of filler, I kinda get it.
That being said, the whole second half of the season in Rumble Town was really good
and built up to an impressive and emotional conclusion, and from what I’ve seen online
from the manga readers, the arc in the second season is even better and shouldn’t rely
on filler to pad it out. I still feel that the world building and overall concept is
really good, and the cast is full of likable characters. The second season is off to a
good start, as the new continent of Caislean Merlin is filled with new possibilities, Ocoho
seems like she’ll be a great addition to the cast, and the return of big players from
the first season, like Melie, Doc, Grimm, and Dragunov, is bound to make things interesting.
I’d recommend checking out the first season if you haven’t already, because I really
do think this season has the potential to be great. Consider it. The last of the cop and detective anime this
season, Special 7 provides more action than the others, but also seems to have the lowest
production quality, with a lot of bland and dark colors. Compared to Sherlock’s bright
visuals and Babylon and Psycho Pass’ high production value, it’s pretty noticeable,
but that doesn’t mean that the show itself is bad. In fact, I think the idea of a special investigation
group in a fantasy world where each member has their own quirk of sorts working together is a good one, and since this is an original show, we’ll be along for a wholly new ride. I’m not exactly
sold on any of the characters yet, but it has some fun ideas, so consider it. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the
art and animation in Stars Align. Everything has a clean look to it, from the background
art to the character designs. The characters outside of the two main boys seemed pretty
bland to me, but even so, those two and the art were enough. But then some dark stuff
starts seeping through the cracks. Maki’s dad shows up and beats him up and steals money, and Toma’s mother seems genuinely terrified of him for some reason. For a show that initially presented
itself with a light tone and seemed like it would be just another high school sports drama,
these came completely out of left field. It’s an original, so we don’t know how it will
play out yet, but I personally didn’t enjoy the sudden dark elements. But if that type of on and
off court drama is your thing, then consider it. *Sighs* Get ready for this one gang. A guy who has
resigned himself to being feared and alone suddenly has nine girls move in with him and
finds out they’re valkyrie. The only way for them to get stronger is for him to get
more intimate with them. That’s right. They power up by being kissed, touched or even by holding hands… talk about degenerates. Conveniently, the world is being attacked
by demons, so they need to power up as much as possible as fast as possible. You know
where this is going. Unless you’re a masochist, or like shitty ecchi anime, you should probably drop it. Welcome to Demon School is a straight comedy
featuring Iruma, who was sold by his scumbag parents to a demon for some quick cash. But
in his new life, he’s the grandson of a powerful demon, attends demon school, makes
friends, gets in duels, and tries to act like he’s not a human so that he doesn’t get
eaten. You can tell that the intended audience is on the younger side, but the humor has
its moments and the cast, from what we’ve seen so far at least, is likable. There are
better comedies out this season, but if an easygoing fantasy comedy is up your alley,
then consider it. By far one of my favorite anime of 2019 so far, I was ecstatic when We Never Learn got a second season not just announced, but airing in the same
year no less. Harem rom-coms are far from original, and The Quintessential Quintuplets, which is another tutor and student harem, does a better job from a story and character development
perspective, but We Never Learn excels thanks to its incredibly fun characters, spot on
voice acting and consistent comedy. Every episode manages to make me laugh and the cast
is easily one of my favorites in recent memory, with everyone playing off of each other in a way
that just feels natural. I do wish we got a bit more progress in the story and romance departments,
but it’s just so damn fun to watch, and it’s one of the episodes I look forward
to the most each week. This is an easy watch it. And that wraps up all of the 31 fall 2019
seasonals that I checked out! I hope you were able to find something you found interesting.
Be sure to let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JDefenseAnime what you think of
the fall season so far. If you liked this video and want more like it, feel free
to subscribe, or follow me on Twitter for random anime and manga takes, memes, and info
on upcoming videos. And as always, thanks for checking out my video, and until next time.


  1. What's your favorite anime of fall 2019 so far? Let me know!
    0:25 – Africa Salaryman
    1:05 – After School Dice Club
    1:49 – Ahiru no Sora
    2:20 – Ascendance of a Bookworm
    2:57 – Assassin's Pride
    4:28 – Azur Lane
    5:13 – Babylon
    5:51 – Beastars
    6:55 – Blade of the Immortal
    7:36 – Case File n221: Kabukicho
    8:12 – Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious
    8:53 – Chirodi RSC
    9:19 – Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
    10:04 – Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia
    11:11 – Food Wars: The Fourth Plate
    11:59 – High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World
    12:57 – Kandagawa Jet Girls
    13:32 – Kemono Michi: Rise Up
    14:06 – Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds of Life! Season 2
    14:47 – My Hero Academia Season 4
    15:08 – No Guns Life
    16:00 – ORESUKI: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?
    16:46 – Outburst Dreamer Boys
    17:22 – Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle
    17:58 – Psycho Pass 3
    18:36 – Radiant Season 2
    19:25 – Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit
    20:00 – Stars Align
    20:40 – Val x Love
    21:14 – Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!
    21:43 – We Never Learn Season 2

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