The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Quest for the Mace of Molag Bal (pt 1)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Quest for the Mace of Molag Bal (pt 1)

hello everybody this is morose mage and welcome back to skyrim this time we’re going to go after the mace of Molag Bal and here we are and mark earth which is where the quest is started and let’s just go right in about the reforming the dawnguard for sure will be Jesus smooth ride all the way to the end here we are wow this place is just sunshine and rainbows right off the gate huh well that had to be the most pointless assassination ever he had no hope of escaping this was ok let’s go bye-bye I saw nothing where am I supposed to you this is ya banat house but am I supposed to get out and then back sorry we’re gonna activate willow hmm we just Luke the guy Luke the lady is you know I’m not gonna dig the teat of a room that’s sweet i’m well I’ll take her mom or swore nobody’s gonna care here in the city as you know that’s Skyrim Sam doesn’t matter care about justice I mean if someone hires thugs to beat you up on the street nobody is going to intervene in your favor at all okay so now are you serious man am I missing something bloodiest beef in the range we need to do something about these vampire attacks and I’m missing something is there something else I’m supposed to trigger is there something else I was a trigger to make sure that this quest starts god damn it okay be right back finally I just had to advance the quest begins when that guy kills the lady on the street I just rushed through here and the guy wasn’t able to talk to me and Skyrim is that kind of game if things don’t happen also border expects house is empty everything falls apart and it’s irreversible unless you look back so save a lot always save a lot since Kyra excuse me so you know anything about this house seen anyone enter or leave nope seems no one in this city has I’m with a vigil of stand are I believe this house might have been used for Daedra worship equal rights and so forth Oh daedric rights daedric star oh I would never know anything about that that’s so evil do you need any help buddy I was actually just about to head on inside good to have someone watch my back follow me and keep your eyes open they draw powerful creatures and tricksters never know what you’ll find yes the deja are terrible there are such tricksters they and all those people who serve them and you have their stuff oh boy are the evil sure and glad there is no one like that around no wood rot on the furniture someone’s been here recently but the people i asked say no one enters or leaves wait did you hear that they became this way oh you sure when I rush anybody don’t wanna even a total your weapon Alex inside the house come on come out we know you’re here Oh whispers there’s another door see if you can get it open I’ll see you what you want me to open it because I’m a disposable one apparently it’s ten dollars this isn’t an ordinary Tatro we have to get help oh he’s whoa strong okay but legit scared me I’m just saw that bucket thousand around the thing expect me to just fling itself towards me like first come on let’s go no kill crush his bones tear at his squish oh kill or you will die then ain’t good wait what really they’re gonna turn tail just like this you fucking pussy as all it takes to make your attack an innocent I mean I’m not what you didn’t know that what oh no you’re seeing a Daedric I daheim wielding oh no oh I guess you have to die now that’s done yes your reward is waiting for you mortal from go down huh that’s it this is head to kill one extremely cowardly guy that’s all it’s luck hmm ok so you sure they will go fine just don’t throw anything at me please it’s a knockdown yes further into the bowels eros I didn’t even call you out to dinner yet but ain’t so close your prize is waiting we didn’t we didn’t even have our first date how can you ask me to plunge deeper into your bowels that’s a bit too forward oh there it is there is a maze how was quick wasn’t it oh did you think Molag Bal the Lord of domination would so easily reward you oh well I guess you see from that little Cajun speak in retrospect that was a bit too easy yeah see a mace kinda rusty rusted dry there was a time when this maze dripped with the blood of the feeble and the worthless but a Daedric Lord has his enemies and my rival Bowie via had her priest desecrated left it here to decay until you came I see so you want revenge revenge no I want submission I want the priest who did this to bend his knee and give me his soul he comes by to perform boethius insulting rights at my altar but he’s been missing captured and bound left to rot save him let him perform his right one more time and when he does we will be waiting for him who that devious that devious man okay so where is he did you tell me where he was well doesn’t matter anyway this is the magic of Skyrim they don’t need to tell me where it is the magic arrow will tell you check on the map where is that guy in prisons that’s not the quest that’s not the quest I’m in as a horse Oh not terribly far away but still going to be quite a walk so strap in

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