The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder

The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder


  1. dude she looks like a dude then you gotta the snowflake beyond measure mega betas kissing her feet all day long. Even mentioning how he is proud of her as a friend. like what?

  2. I knew a woman that looked like that at work… nobody would ever ask her out. She had a nice face and all that, but I know lots of guys that are just turned off by all that bulk. Firm and toned sure… Ahnold level of bulk… not so much.

  3. Eww. This is like seeing a customizable character in a fighting game made by someone who intentionally did this to troll.

  4. The federations would like to say “that we don’t use peds”
    I appreciate you for being honest ,telling it how it is.
    Your video shows the very hard work you put in nutrition wise and workout wise.

  5. Fuck she's on steroids. Her liver and heart so diseased. They normally pass away around 40 to 45 years old. Her heart must be twice it's normal size pretty soon she won't be able to walk up a flight of stairs. A guy who smokes and drinks everyday is healthier than her. Her her is very weak from the roids. Eat all the health food you want but you still shoot that shit that's made for race horses in your body.

  6. yeah sorry, that sculpted look is even unnatural for a man. The body needs at least a little bit of fat to provide tp provide energy and if you eat the amount of food in needed in order to maintain that kind of muscle, naturally your going to have some varying percentage of fat. If you look at Strongmen and female power lifters, (Jordynne Grace, Holly Mangold ect) they are all stout people. On top of all of that, it's hard for women to build up muscle period because of this little thing called estrogen, not impossible but very hard. so no whoever says she's not doing steroids, I'd say do some research on how the body actually builds and uses muscle, Nothing about that chiseled look she is carrying is natural and it could only be accomplished by putting you body through the absolute wringer via Steroids, dehydration and so forth. It's a wonder her kidneys and heart aren't absolutely shot.

  7. Finily a femal that is body builder buff not scroney glad i came across ur video an sre what you eat an work out id likw to get that buff

  8. This is about as abnormal as a 5’7 pretty boy joe rogan taking endogenous steroids coupled with growth hormones for decades to alter his genetic biology/nature from pretty boy twink to giant headed man bear

  9. Why are so many people in the comments so bitter and nasty about her? Like damn she iant doing anything to you and YOU are the one who clicked on this video. Christ yall need better hobbies

  10. I looked her up in google after this & fapped to her like a fiend after. Y’all can judge me all you want but all I know is she’s one in a million in my book.

  11. I feel like the reward isn’t worth it. To have to take pills daily, and by the way she sounds take steroids just to achieve that physique? And never dating due to working out or seeing family or anything like that well I dunno but it doesn’t seem worth it to me. All bodybuilders fully avoid any sort of junk food but honestly having like one piece of chocolate (like a single square) isn’t going to make you lose all your gains. And if you’re that worried about gaining weight which by the way won’t happen then just do some push ups and you’ll be right.

  12. "want to get down to 3% bodyfat" anything under 10% bodyfat for a women would be fatal as that is there essential fat margin. 10% for women would be equivalent to 3 or 4% for a man.

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