The Cure For Diabetes in 11 Days With DD Diet !

The Cure For Diabetes  in 11 Days With DD Diet !

How To Cure Diabetes Permanently How To Cure Diabetes Permanently How To Cure Diabetes Permanentlyreturned to healthy levels But even their doctors. They couldn’t say why if dr. Taylor could solve this mystery then the 29 million Americans with diabetes would be able to throw away their medication and insulin injections Costing big pharma over 245 billion dollars per year that meant the clock was ticking for dr. Taylor He had to solve this medical mystery before the medical establishment Covered it up forever those 11,000 people per year had to have something in common That was reversing their type 2 diabetes, but what was it? That’s what dr.? Taylor was determined to find out if he could discover the answer he would become the first doctor to discover the real cause of type 2 diabetes and no it’s not skinny versus fat create a natural treatment that reverses the disease without medication Permanently fix the root cause of the disease and not just slap a band-aid fix on the symptoms like insulin injections eliminate the need for diabetes medication and insulin injections and 100% of his type-2 diabetes patients and Break the chains of the millions of people who are trapped as Big Pharma’s Diabetes cash cows forking over an average of thirteen thousand seven hundred bucks every year just to get more and more Sick all while Big Pharma and the medical establishment, try to slip the real cure under the rug Can you imagine how that would feel for those patients? When they realize they never again have to say no to their favorite foods or stick themselves with painful finger pricks and needles or ever Feel like a burden on their friends and family, but this wouldn’t be the first time Big Pharma has buried a diabetes cure, no in 1997 a researcher named Irving Weissman discovered a method to cure type 2 diabetes using adult stem cells But pharmaceutical companies ignored him and refused to sponsor clinical trials They squashed a method that could have cured millions of diabetics because once you’re cured Hey, you won’t be forking over thirteen thousand seven hundred dollars per year anymore for drugs and insulin that only manage your symptoms That’s why they wanted to bury this new medical mystery before dr. Taylor could solve it dr. Taylor was in a race to give a new life to everyone with type 2 diabetes if he could only figure out What was mysteriously reversing the disease of those 11 thousand people every year so what happened? And why am I telling you this well I’ll answer the second question first my name is David Andrews and I actually have a personal stake in this mystery and Cover-up you see a few years ago doctors told me They’d have to amputate my legs because I might type 2 diabetes now when all this happened I didn’t realize just how despicable the diabetes industry was I didn’t realize how debilitating and deadly this disease can be Even when you’re managing it, and I certainly didn’t realize that the diabetes industry is purposely risking our lives Just to make a buck, but now well. I’ve done my homework and in my research I’ve uncovered some I opening well even shocking facts, but I’ve also found hope for folks like me folks who have diabetes Now a lot of folks act like I did it first We let the statistics go in one ear and out the other but this is important It really is because every single person Represented in these statistics is someone like you and me a mother a father a sister a brother a son or daughter grandparents friends neighbors co-workers Loved ones you me. Hey. We don’t think we’re going to be a statistic But that’s what this horrible disease does to folks like us like the stat. I was being faced with that day at the hospital Hey, did you know that every day over 200 people with diabetes have a limb amputated? That’s over 70,000 per year and even more distressing one in four didn’t know they had diabetes until it was too late but worst of all Amputation isn’t even the most dangerous part of uncontrolled blood sugar you may or may not know diabetes also leads to Alzheimer’s dementia Heart failure and cancer when you have excess glucose your blood becomes a nutrition packed smoothie for cancer tumors helping them grow at deadly speeds That’s why the Harvard Medical School Cancer Center warned that 80% of all cancer is partially caused by imbalanced blood glucose and insulin But it doesn’t in there know a study published in the medical journal Neurology found that diabetes almost doubled the risk of dementia your glucose packed blood constantly rushes through your brain adding to the build-up to causes Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia When I read that I couldn’t help But imagine it building up inside my own brain as I kept reading about my disease it only got worse One study showed that if you’ve got diabetes Your risk of a heart attack is 11 times higher than the average person well if my age I already had to worry about heart attacks But it terrified me to learn that my risk was so much higher than I thought another found that diabetes increases your risk of having a stroke by 150% and the risk of a stroke being fatal by over 500% I knew type-2 diabetes was bad, but come on It wasn’t until I found these stats that I realised just how deadly of a situation. I was really in and That’s when I started to get really pissed off. Yeah the pharmaceutical companies know about these risks They do but as long as they get your thirteen thousand seven hundred bucks each and every year they they don’t care But if this disease is so deadly why do most doctors prescribe treatments that only manage the symptoms while ignoring the root cause why are they willing to go along with big pharma scheme to keep you trapped with type 2 diabetes and hooked on their drugs and insulin especially when new research has revealed the real cause of diabetes And it’s provided a simple solution That’s so far over thirty eight thousand three hundred seventeen people have used that jump start their body’s blood glucose regulation system Well the short answer is that in the last few years 24 of the top 25 pharmaceutical giants have been caught bribing doctors To prescribe their drugs and to cover up the discovery of a real cure They’ll pull just about any dirty trick to keep you as one of their diabetes cash cows But I’ll share those details with you in just a second first though I want to tell you the story of my own diabetes battle and tell you the story of dr. Taylor’s race against time to solve this decades-old medical mystery and change diabetes treatment as we know it forever And how you can use his scientific discoveries to restore your healthy blood sugar and even reverse Your type 2 diabetes this new solution works by jump-starting your pancreas It’s the organ that keeps your blood sugar levels healthy and keeps away insulin resistance with this pancreas jumpstart solution that I’m about to show you you’ll be able to Eliminate your need for medication when you watch this video to the end I’m also going to show you the easiest most relaxing trick I use to instantly lower my blood sugar After I enjoy something sweet because I am a sucker for a can of coke or a bowl of vanilla ice cream and some apple Pie mmm and this isn’t some gimmick you see on the internet like drinking gallons of water or soaking your food in vinegar It’s just cold hard facts that you can start using tonight Discovered by medical researchers to keep your blood sugar down for up to 24 hours Because when you jumpstart your pancreas you’ll be able to do it without losing your favorite foods Without getting drenched in sweat and gasping for breath from exhausting workouts and without needing impossible levels of self-control Hey It doesn’t matter if you had your disease for decades it doesn’t matter how old you are it doesn’t matter if your blood sugar Levels are sky-high Just imagine once you discover how to jumpstart your pancreas which I’ll show you in this presentation You’ll be free from annoying insulin shots and painful finger pricks. You’ll say goodbye to medicines that make you fat nauseous You’ll stop worrying about early death Amputations and risky surgeries your painful tingling neuropathy in your feet hands and everywhere else in your body will fade away You’ll break free from the anxiety of constantly monitoring your blood sugar watching jealously as other people eat your favorite foods Hey, and you’ll never again feel like a burden on your family and friends, just like Andrew from battleground Michigan who said your presentation showed me the simple solution to my Diabetes and the science to back it up my doctor was shocked when he learned I hadn’t needed an insulin shot for weeks and that I reversed my diabetes in just 17 days and Doug from Salt Lake City Utah who said just the thought of leaving my house made me exhausted Diabetes made me feel like a prisoner in my own life I’m so glad I found this scientifically proven way to reverse my type 2 diabetes Everybody with type 2 diabetes needs to watch this video right now So they can reverse their diabetes in just a few weeks listen. It is not your fault You have this disease once. You know the real cause of type 2 diabetes You’ll eliminate your need for medication and you’ll break free from being one of Big Pharma’s diabetes cash cows So you need to turn off your cell phone and grab a pen and paper Because you’re about to discover how to destroy your type 2 diabetes first. Let me introduce myself My name is David Andrews I’m 51 I’m married with two children, and I’m the head chef at a five-star restaurant near, Washington DC now I’m going to share my story with and honestly It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s worth it if it’ll help you get free from your disease you see a few years ago I almost lost everything I’ve been suffering from type 2 diabetes for over a decade Always a slave to my blood sugar heck I became a chef because I loved food and now I was stuck eating bland boring meals I was a burden on my family And I was terrified that my kids would end up with my disease every single day I had to prick my finger to test my blood sugar and then give myself painful insulin shots You know what I was spending about 2,000 bucks per month on insulin I tried the other diabetes medications at my doctor recommended like metformin Actos or Amaral that was a disaster Metformin and Actos made me feel nauseous all the time and Amaral just made me fat My type-2 diabetes was emptying my wallet and destroying my body Honestly, I felt trapped you probably felt that way haven’t you terrified that your diabetes will make you more and more miserable until it finally Decides to kill you, but for me it was about to get even worse I’ll never forget that day in my restaurants kitchen I was understaffed during a Saturday evening dinner rush my stress was through the roof My heart was pounding and the heat was overpowering I received an order for a medium-rare steak than my knees went weak Next thing I know I woke up in a hospital room It smelled like bleach and a beeping heart monitor told me that I was still alive My wife was at my side her eyes red and puffy from crying. She saw I was awake She threw her arms around me and then called for the doctor. He came in and explained What happened you went into a diabetic coma he said a non-ketotic Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma your blood glucose. Level was at 1174 if I’d been alone when it happened I’d be dead The doctor cleared his throat like he was nervous about telling me something even worse Hmm because your diabetes is so advanced. He said we’ll need to remove your legs What it’s every diabetics worst fear? Amputation I could already hear the buzz of the blade and smell the burnt powdery scent of the saw cutting through bone No said my wife absolutely not I’m sorry the doctor insisted We can give him another ten years to live, but we have to operate within 90 days tears glistened in my wife’s eyes And she squeezed my hand tight she was as terrified as I was the next week was the worst of my life I spent all day on the couch, and I’m embarrassed to admit I felt pretty sorry for myself you see our oldest daughter had recently announced that she and her husband were expecting our first granddaughter Ever since my daughter got married. I’ve been so excited to be a grandpa I always pictured myself walking up to the hospital nursery and looking through the window at all the newborns and their cribs I just knew I’d be able to recognize my granddaughter that was gonna be the first in a lifetime of cherished moments with her But now I’d be in a wheelchair I’d be stuck looking at the bottom window sill while my wife described my granddaughter to me I know I’d still be a grandpa and I should be grateful, but I was losing more than that first moment you See I’d never chase her across the house when she learned to walk or run around the yard with her when the leaves were falling My granddaughter would never see me as a playmate more like a fragile piece of furniture. I almost gave up It was a real crossroads I could sit back and accept my fate lose my legs and die young never seeing my granddaughter grow up Or I could fight it and find a way to destroy my diabetes well. I knew I had to fight I was determined to stand on my own two feet when I looked through that nursery window for the first time So I got on my computer, and I started researching now at first everything. I found was infuriating remember How I mentioned that Big Pharma buried Irving? Weissman’s discovery that he could reverse diabetes with adult stem cells well it turns out it gets even more despicable you see big farm has Been caught red-handed riding doctors to prescribe their drugs 24 of the 25 biggest pharmaceutical companies have faced charges for bribery or other fraud Pfizer Sanofi Johnson & Johnson Bayer the list just goes on and on and on why would they stoop so low Because they don’t care about your health They only care about the 13,000 $700 per year every Diabetes sufferer pays them for treatment that ignores the root cause leaving you on diabetes Life-support and even worse the medical establishment knows full well that leaving us stuck with high blood sugar and diabetes Raises our risk of heart attack stroke and Alzheimer’s, but they still don’t care We’re their personal herd of diabetes cash cows and they’re raking in over two hundred forty five billion dollars per year with their scam all falls apart as soon as someone discovers a cure and as luck would have it I Discovered an article that led me to the biggest medical mystery of the last hundred years It was about a rogue diabetes researcher named Roy Taylor He’s a medical doctor and professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University now if you haven’t heard of Newcastle It’s in England and it’s one of the most respected universities in the world It’s right up there with Harvard or Oxford More importantly its professors and alumni have saved millions of lives by curing and preventing diseases and dr. Taylor fits right in he’s been published in dozens of medical journals changing the way we see diabetes well a few years ago He faced his biggest challenge yet a medical mystery that had gone unsolved since 1954 you see when type 2 diabetics have gastric bypass surgery their diabetes Disappears almost overnight this happens all over the world and it’s been happening for decades to the tune of around 11,000 people every single year the thing is gastric bypass surgery is an operation on the stomach it doesn’t have anything to do with blood sugar or Diabetes and yet almost every single patient has their blood sugar and insulin levels return to normal eliminating their need for diabetes medication and for years No, one knew why because Big Pharma did their best to cover it up, but dr. Taylor found out about it He knew that something was reversing their disease and was determined to figure out what whether or not Big Pharma tried to shut him down Now we already knew that type 2 diabetics have fat deposits around their pancreas, but for years researchers Thought they were an effect of the disease. Here’s what dr. Taylor discovered these fat Deposits around the pancreas are the primary cause of the disease you see the pancreas produces insulin the hormone that helps your body absorb blood Sugar that means the pancreas is the organ responsible for keeping your blood glucose levels normal. It’s a precise job Not enough insulin and your blood sugar will skyrocket Well when fat deposits form around the pancreas it throws everything out of whack that fat? Squeezes and invades the pancreas preventing it from producing enough insulin and increasing your body’s insulin resistance That means your bloodstream gets less insulin and the insulin that’s actually there can barely do its job of helping your body Absorb blood sugar your blood glucose levels stay dangerously high, and you develop type 2 diabetes dr. Taylor realized that for the gastric bypass patient their type 2 diabetes’ disappeared because the fat deposits around their pancreas Disappeared get rid of the fat deposits, and you get rid of type 2 diabetes Now remember the surgery doesn’t touch these fat deposits so the mystery continued. What was dissolving these fat deposits Finally in early 2012 dr. Taylor discovered the answer Everyone that goes through gastric bypass surgery is given a temporary meal plan to follow this meal plan has the exact fats Sugars carbs and essential vitamins and minerals to attack and destroy those fat deposits around the pancreas So with the fat deposits gone the pancreas kicked back into gear regulating blood glucose by producing the right amount of insulin and lowering insulin Resistance so by the end of this meal plan virtually every single person reduced or eliminated their need for diabetes medication dr Taylor was thrilled he had discovered the real cause of type 2 diabetes And he discovered the solution that had been right under everyone’s nose for decades But now he needed to prove it and since dr. Taylor works at one of the top diabetes research universities in the world well He didn’t have to go to the medical establishment and ask for funding he used Newcastle University’s resources to prove his discovery while Big Pharma fumed and stomped their feet and Couldn’t do a thing to stop him He designed a temporary meal plan to jumpstart the pancreas based on the one used by the gastric bypass patients Then he gave that meal plan to people with type 2 diabetes from all walks of life Men women young old the newly diagnosed and people who had the disease for decades and the results were amazing Every single person saw the fat deposits around their pancreas disappear their blood sugar normalized and their type 2 diabetes Reversed they were all able to stop taking their medication I’ll say that again all of the participants 100% and these results were published and peer-reviewed in the medical journal diabetic Jeah, which means other researchers tested them for accuracy with the utmost scrutiny now. Here’s the frustrating part even after dr. Taylor proved that he’d found the cure for type 2 diabetes the medical establishment still Ignored him Big Pharma bribes too many doctors to push their drugs a cure would cost them 245 billion dollars per year now when I realized this I determined two things number one. I would use dr. Taylor’s discovery to reverse my own diabetes and number two I’d share this discovery with everyone I could who was trapped is one of Big Pharma’s diabetes cash cows I Started off by recreating the meal plan and since I’m a chef well I kept all the essential elements and added my own flair to make it delicious I tried it out It worked after just three weeks my blood glucose levels were normal, and I didn’t need insulin injections But even after that and knew I wasn’t done you see for half of the participants in dr. Taylor study the fat deposits reformed around their pancreas and their disease came back I Wanted my type 2 diabetes gone for good So I had to figure out what exactly kept the other 50% of participants diabetes free Here’s what I discovered if you boost her metabolism then your disease can’t come back now There’s a million ways to boost your metabolism But I needed methods that worked especially well for ex diabetics so I set a few requirements first these metabolism boosting tricks had to take less than five minutes second I wasn’t interested in running marathons or any other ridiculous cardio and Third I wanted to do it from the comfort of my own home I found seven metabolism boosting rules that fit all three of these requirements and are especially effective for diabetics and ex diabetics Soon, I went long past the three month mark without needing any medication and as an added bonus. I also lost 19 pounds Things were really looking up, but it almost didn’t last. I kept having days when I almost needed an injection I felt like I was walking a tightrope. I couldn’t figure out why? Finally one day. I got lucky I slept in and ate breakfast and lunch at different times than usual as I checked my blood sugar throughout the day It was completely normal I stuck to that same pattern all week and for the first time in years my blood glucose levels were 100% Healthy you see. It’s not just what you eat. It’s when you eat Regulating your blood sugar is about timing once. I realize this I read every study I could find and tested different timings on myself Finally I found the perfect schedule I figured out when to eat which foods and the best part is this is a temporary program Just like the meal plan so once you reverse your disease you’re done Can you imagine how excited I was with this latest discovery. I actually reversed my type-2 diabetes I told my wife, and she wept for joy a few weeks later I sat my doctor’s office waiting for the test results my doctor came in with a stunned look on his face and said We don’t need to amputate and as healthy as these tests look you could live to be a hundred now I want you to imagine hearing the doctor say your diabetes has disappeared suddenly. I had my whole life ahead of me I would never have to stick myself with painful needles. I’d never be a burden to my family and friends Hey I could go hiking or to the beach or on any vacation with my family and not worry about how tired I would get or What food I could eat Hey? I was finally free and five months later our daughter’s precious bundle of joy arrived I walked into that hospital the proudest grandfather has ever been and that moment I’ve been looking forward to well I walked up to the nursery window with my arm around my wife And I knew exactly which newborn was our granddaughter that evening over a scrumptious dinner I talked with my wife about my journey to reversing my diabetes She said we have to share your secret and of course she was right But with the medical establishment covering up this discovery if we wanted to get the word out it would be up to us We decided to form a group of people who know the real cause of type 2 diabetes and the secret to Jump-starting your pancreas so you can throw away your medication people who were tired of being Big Pharma’s diabetes cash cows We shared our discovery with anyone we knew with this disease I couldn’t believe the results everyone who completed these three steps reversed their type 2 diabetes We knew that we had to go bigger and show the whole world about jump-starting your pancreas I set a goal to share this solution with 1 million People that’s the point when Big Pharma won’t be able to stop it You see once a million people know the truth, then the medical establishment will have no choice But to admit that the solution to type-2 diabetes has been discovered So I gathered everything I’d found the temporary meal plan that reverses type 2 diabetes in less than eight weeks the seven metabolism boosting rules for diabetics to make sure your disease stays gone and the meal timing strategies to keep your blood sugar under control And with my wife’s help, I combined all this life-saving research into one simple guide And we made sure it was super easy to follow You see I remember how tough it was when I thought I’d never escape from my disease so we made sure all the hard Was already done Nothing that requires a lot of money or joining a health club or finding a weird health food grocery store No, just dirt simple info delivered to you in five and ten-minute bite-sized chunks We called it the type-2 diabetes destroyer and started sharing it over the Internet today over thirty eight thousand three hundred Seventeen people have used these methods to reverse their disease this simple system is saving lives and giving people hope for the future Well if you watched this far, then I think you’re ready to be part of this exclusive group of people I want you to have your very own copy of this system I want you to be part of this movement of people who are sick and tired of being Diabetes cash cows and who are discovering how to destroy your type-2 diabetes so first Let me show you what’s inside We divided the system into three modules the three steps that will jumpstart your pancreas reverse your disease and let you sharply reduce or eliminate Your medication forever let me take a second to show you what’s inside each module module number one is the pancreas jumpstart temporary meal plan now in this module I’ll walk you through a temporary meal plan that fills your body with the exact nutrients that you need to jumpstart your pancreas and say Goodbye to your type-2 diabetes You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to use this temporary meal plan to effortlessly kickstart your type-2 diabetes Reversal if you can say no to pizza and donuts for a few days you can do this plus You’ll be able to throw away your overpriced drugs or insulin shots because you’ll reteach your body to regulate blood sugar on its own You’ll also get the video course insulin sensitivity the shortcut to weight loss Which shows you exactly how eliminating your insulin resistance will melt away that extra fat and just to make sure you’re still enjoying yourself I’m including the video recipe guide 3 diabetic friendly desserts once you’ve given your disease the boot You need to make sure it stays gone And that’s why next up is module 2 the 7 rules to naturally amp up your metabolism like I mentioned when you increase your metabolism You lock the door on your disease keeping it away forever so in this module You’ll learn my favorite 30 second workout to keep your metabolism burning strong all day plus You’ll find out the 3 metabolism boosting berries You just add a handful to your meals and your metabolism will kick into overdrive And best of all while these tricks are increasing your insulin absorption rate. They’re also melting away fat You you more energy and lowering your risk of heart disease? These metabolism boosting tricks alone could change your life But I’m giving you more than that because you don’t just want to say goodbye to diabetes you want to say goodbye now And you want to say goodbye forever. Here’s the key it’s not just about what you eat It’s about when you eat it so your last step is module 3 time your meals to finish off your diabetes now in this module I’ll show you the precise schedule of when to eat which foods to keep your blood sugar as regular as clockwork It’s all in a dirt simple video guide first I’ll show you the breakfast secret the one key element that should be part of your breakfast every single day that tastes great and it Sets you up to keep your blood sugar balance all day long. You’ll find out the exact number of hours You should wait between meals and you’ll discover my favorite type 2 diabetes destroying snacks for when you need something to hold you over And you’ll get the guide meal timing for weight loss So while your type 2 diabetes is disappearing you can also effortlessly melt away the pounds Plus have you ever wondered how close to bedtime it’s okay to eat 30 minutes two hours you get it wrong, and you could wake up without a control blood sugar But if you get it right, you won’t have to think twice about your diabetes all day long in this module You’ll find out exactly how long before bed to stop eating with this type-2 diabetes destroyer You can say goodbye to a life full of frustration and fear and start enjoying freedom from diabetes Now you might be wondering. How fast can you expect to see results well in dr. Taylor’s main study they tested people at four weeks And then at eight weeks by four weeks about half the participants had normal blood glucose levels and by eight weeks all of the Participants had reversed their type two diabetes the fastest It’s happened was 11 days. So if you start using the type-2 diabetes destroyer today How To Cure Diabetes Permanently


  1. I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic fairly recently. It's information was very helpful. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to eat good food anymore but the recipes in this book are very satisfying and full of flavor., and fairly simple to make. I recommend this book.

  2. This book tells you the truth..diabetes is horrible, but when insulin stops working you can control this. It's not easy as we want to eat the yummy bad food. But I am doing this in a slow manner. So you don't need pharmacy drugs but will power..Saves your life!

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  5. I wish that I could afford this product. I am in a nursing facility and have no income. I have had the flap method done to my left foot. I am wheel chair bound. I am unable to maintain my blood sugar levels with the diet plan that is provided by my care giver. As soon as I can heal my wound, then I will be able to leave this facility. I will be going on social security. I need to find something that will work so that I can be medicine free. If anyone can help me,it would be greatly appreciated. My email address is [email protected] thanks for your prayers

  6. Big pharma will always be there for the diabetics because most have no will power that's why there diabetic if you give them a way out the things they need to stay away from they can't do it so sad

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