Hey guys! So firstly, sorry if I make anyone incredibly hungry with my pancake shirt– It looks so real! I’m surprised I haven’t been licked by a stranger in the street yet, which links to my exciting news! I have been through a taste-bud transformation recently Remember this? Flashback music Omm…. (disgusted noises) Bleegghhh Well, watch this mate! Doo doo doo doo doo doooo Don’t photoshop this (bite) Mmmm I like bananas now! I don’t know what happened But I woke up one day and thought, “I’m gonna try a banana again!” And I like it! My mouth has evolved to like bananas (banana): It’s a miracle! Well not for you, Barry. I’ve eaten about three bunches of them this week just to try to claim back all the bananas I’ve missed out on in my life, but I thought, there must be some science behind this. Taste-buds regenerate (like the Doctor) every 10 days. As people become adults, they may start to like things that they previously hated as taste-buds and experiences with food mature. Thanks, Science Phil! You’re welcome, Phil. So I thought I could test this theory, so I got Dan to go out and buy some things that I DEFINITELY didn’t like a few months ago to see if I like them now. Dan: Okay, who’s ready for a disgusting food haul? Phil: Not me! D: I have got quite the selection for you today, Philly. P: Are you not coming on camera? D: No, because I am in my pyjamas. P: Aspirational. Alright, what’s up first? D: Soda Water. P: Uuhghh…. I hate sparkling water! It tastes disgusting. D: Hear that fizz. Mmmmm~ P: (disgusted noise) No, no, still don’t like it
D: (giggling) D: describe the taste, Phil. P: Ugh, it tastes like licking a penny; It’s all metal-y and disgusting D: You say that as if you’re someone who has much experience licking pennies P: As a child, I did savor some pennies in my time…
D: That explains a lot P: #1 was a fail, I still don’t like it. D: Okay, we’re working up slowly,
P:Alright. D: The next one is… tomato juice! P: AHHH I hate this! I know I’m gonna hate this still. D: I’d probably projectile vomit if I drank that cause I can’t do tomatoes. P: It’s like liquid ketchup and I don’t even like ketchup that much… D: Who doesn’t like ketchup??
P: (whisper) I’ve got problems. P: “I’m gonna have a big swig,” as they say. D: Where do they say that? P: On boats! “Have a big swig mate. Of my grog.” P: Uh…. (chuckles) I don’t know what that was
D: What the hell was that– oh, my God… P: Alright, I’m doing it, I’m drinking the juice.
D: Just DRINK THE JUICE. D: That wasn’t a “big swig”! D: Big swig, right now–RIGHT NOW– big swig!
P: iT wAs EnOuGh, Oh– P: AGGH (disgusted noise) I don’t like it, I don’t like it! D: That, ladies and gentlemen, was peer pressure. P: (whining) D: Describe, to everybody, the ~delicious sensation~ of tomato juice. P: Aww, it’s horrible! D: That’s another thumbs down… P: (rejection noise) D: So, this isn’t really boding WELL, P: No. D: for the next round, P: No! P: I feeling quite sick already. D: so I’m sorry in advance; your final test, Phil, the iconic Phil Lester Taste Bud Challenge, P: (chuckles) I know what’s coming! D: CHEESE. P: NOOhohoo… D: DUNDUNDUNNNN YOUR ARCH NEMESIS P: This is like the Tokyo to my Godzilla. It is– I just– I HATE CHEESE! D: WHAT THE F– What was that?! P: Well, Godzilla destroys… D: OOKay. P: …Tokyo.
D: Right. D: What is it about cheese that you don’t like? P: Ever since I was born: the smell of it, the taste of it, the look of it… D: The look of it…? P: Argh, I can smell it from here, it’s– (sniff) BLEGH. D: Oh, you can smell it from “here”? no shit… –it’s on the board right in front of your face. D: First, we’re gonna start with something classic, THE CHEDDAR. P: Oh, I don’ wanna do it! WHY AM I MAKING THIS VIDEO?! D: Stick it in your mouth. P: I’m feeling so much more scared of this than any of the other things I’ve ever done on my channel. D: (laughs)
P: Honestly. D: This is the real test. P: Electrocution; I would rather take that in a second over this. D: Tell you what you should call this video? P: What? D: “The Cheese Challenge”. P: I am NOT calling it “The Cheese Challenge”! D: Come on, you HAVE to! P: I CAN’T. D: Oh, go– Okay, right. It’s trash… and everyone on the internet knows it, but you can blame me. P: FIINE D: You can’t NOT call the video “The Cheese Challenge”. P: Alright, this is The Cheese Challenge… D: It’s a spiritual successor to “The Not-Milk Challenge”! P: Like this video because I’m eating cheese. Aww, now that’s just Guilt Likes. P: I’m not putting a lot in my mouth. D: Just a– yeah, go on. D: Like, a little bite. Go. More.
P: (laughs) D: God– it’s Cheddar. P: I’m scared! D: It’s cheddar mate. (heartbeat) P: (retches) D: (wheezes) D: HOW CAN ANYONE (P: I don’t know!) HAVE SUCH A STRONG REACTION TO CHEDDAR CHEESE?! P: I JUST DON’T LIKE IT! D: Describe yo-your emotions, Phil. P: OHOhohoo I wanna cry… P: I just– it tastes– To me, I don’t know why, it just tastes disgusting. D: Right, so this next one, maybe you’ll have a bit of affinity with it ’cause it’s actually named after you: RED LEICESTER. P: OHH NOOOOO– P: Alright, my mum said that I could go swimming if I ate some Red Leicester when I was a child, and I– it was the worst day of my life. D: The worst day of your life was when your mum made you eat some cheese?? P: Yea. D: WOW, PHIL. P: Alright, okay. Here we go. D: Go on… P: It’s so yellow. D: It’s your family; take a bite. P: (chuckle) Oh, you’re making it SO much better…
RIGHT. D: GO ON. P: AHH D: Bigger than last time. D: Go. GO. It’s nice, I love Red Leicester. D: Mmmmmm… (heartbeat) (Phil gags) D: DAHAHAHA DO YOU NEED A BUCKET OR SOMETHING?! P: I think I need a bucket… D: WHOOHOHUHUHUU! (Dan’s whooping laugh continues) P: Ohh, I can’t handle this… P: UGH– I… I swallowed it. I swallowed it! It’s like a Bush Tucker Trial. D: Well done. P: I got it down. D: You’re winning nothiiing P: No.
D: Other than… I was gonna say people on the internet gets respect but, D: let’s be honest, no one’s…
P: No one’s respecting me for this. P: I don’t think I can handle anymore! D: Phil, you can’t stop now! D: You’re so brave! P: Oh right– D: This is the cheese that most cheese-eaters don’t like: D: BLUE CHEESE. P: OHH IT’S GOT MOLD IN IT!! Why would anyone eat something with MOLD in it?! D: It’s got some literal mold in it, (P: AHHHH) D: It’s delicious Roquefort. P: Right… D: Go on, Phil. P: I– D: Have a cheeky nib. P: Do people e– Do you eat the mold as well? D: Yes, you’re supposed to eat– HAH! D: You don’t pick it out, go Phil! P: Uh, I’m shaking. D: Go on. GO ON. (P: Haha!) GO ON! (heartbeat) P: OHH GOHD– P: That is DISGUSTING! How do people EAT that?! D: HaHAA! Do you not think it has a delicious– P: BLEGHGEH D: –Relaxed taste? P: I wanted to drink something but there’s just tomato juice on the table! D: Oh, God– C’mon, Phil, wash your mouth out! Go on, mate– (wheezes) P: That’s like heaven compared to what just went in my mouth… D: You’ll appreciate this one as a little throwback to our last taste test, I’m carrying a theme forward with some GOATS CHEESE. P: Nooo– D: OH YEAH. P: It’s gonna taste like goat!! The goat milk tasted like goat, this is gonna be even more goat-y isn’t it?! P: …Right, here we go. D: Be one with the goat. P: This is one small step for Phil. (D: Be brave.) P: One giant cheese for mankind! D: (scoff) (slow music) P: Eugh!– (spitting noise) (Dan laughing in background loudly) P: Oh!! It’s horrible!! Ugh, instant goat! IT TASTES LIKE A GOAT. D: HAAAAHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAH! P: IT TASTES LIKE A GOAT HAS POOED IN MY MOUTH! D: WH-WHY DID YOU DO THIS?! P: (cries) D: WhyAGH– Oh, my God, it’ all over your tongue! aHAH! D: Quickly! P: Sweet, sweet– SWEET– release!! D: SWEET, CARBONATED WATER Get it in your mouth. D: So, uh, Phil. P: Yea? D: In conclusion, have your taste buds evolved to like sparkling water, P: NO D: tomato juice, P: NO D: or cheese? P: NO, they haven’t evolved to like anything but bananas. P: EXPLAIN THAT, SCIENCE PHIL. SP: I dunno… P: Thanks for… doing that with me. D: No worries, always fun whenever you want me to just watch you, like, yaknow… P: SUFFER. D: Yeah, retch at something goat-related, I’ll be here! P: Thanks, Dan. D: See you later guys! Today’s Draw Phil Naked isss– (casual music) So, thanks for watching, I’m gonna go wash my mouth out with soap to get rid of the cheese taste. I hope you’re having week and I will see YOU– yeah, you– very soon. GOODBYE!


  1. So did Phil ever acknowledge that the previous time he tried a banana on camera it was horribly green, and the one in this vid is ripe?

  2. “It’s so yellow” *says that after he puts the yellow one down and picks up the orange one*🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  3. Phil reacts to having goat cheese as I do… And I'm allergic to goat cheese
    Glad to know I'm not missing out on anything and it just tastes like goat

  4. my two friends love goat cheese and i always say that looks disgusting and refuse to try it when they tell me i should

  5. I…
    Don't like sparkling water
    Don't like tomato juice
    How can any have such a strong reaction to chedder cheese?
    That's 2/3 tastebud match right there

  6. it would have been nice if you could enjoy cheese but honestly I'm kind of glad you stayed on brand, we need something to rely on even if it's Phil not liking cheese or Link not liking tomatoes.

  7. Oh my god 😂 when Dan said “do you need a bucket or something?” He sounded so English (yeah no duh Sherlock he is) but I’m AmErICaN and it sounded hilarious 😂

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