The Cheese Advent Calendar returns in 2019!

The Cheese Advent Calendar returns in 2019!

Hello to another cheesemas! I’m so
excited to say that the cheese advent calendar is back now in more countries with more retailers and with more cheese. In the UK we’re now gonna be
stocked with most major retailers. We’re back in Europe we’re back in the US and Canada and Australia fans I am so excited to say that we are finally
coming for you! I’m also super excited to say the cheese cracker will be launching in the UK. Last year I pushed out a survey and nearly 4,000 of you fed back. You told me what you wanted to see inside it and you’ve really helped shape this product so I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! I wanted to thank every single person that’s helped me with the #CheeseNotChoc campaign since day one. When I first started with a handmade prototype. I had no idea how to handle a business side or turn the cheese dream into a reality I recently found out that last year the cheese advent calendar was the number one best-selling
advent calendar across all categories in ASDA. That means it beat chocolate advent calendars!! I am so proud of that but this was by no means my achievement alone. It’s down to you guys for helping me
all the way, since 2016 and a bunch of people that works super hard behind the scenes
to get this product into your hands. So here’s a little recap into all of the
work that goes into this and thank you so so so much cheese fans!

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