The best CHOCOLATE cheese board idea you’ve EVER seen!

The best CHOCOLATE cheese board idea you’ve EVER seen!

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today I need to make a crowd-pleaser dessert and what I mean by that
is … we have people coming for dinner tomorrow that we haven’t eaten with
before … so I don’t know if they like sweet stuff like chocolate and candy or
savory things like cheese and crackers or maybe even healthy desserts like
fruit I like fruit 🍎 So I’m just going to get a few things and chuck 🇳🇿 them in my
trolley and take them home and see what we can make that will please everyone.
Okay to start with I’m going to break up all of that chocolate and dip it into a
big bowl and then temper it. Mix some of that in a smaller bowl with some
tempered white chocolate so that you end up with two slightly different toned
colors of chocolate and then also temper some dark chocolate and drizzle
it across some baking paper. Now the baking paper here needs to be
completely flat in the bottom of a baking tray and it needs to have some
decent height to the sides of the tray because what I’m wanting to do here is
make like a chopping board or a wooden board out of chocolate. Then drizzle the
middle toned chocolate and some white chocolate over the top making sure
you’re always going lengthwise across the pan letting it drizzle over the
edges of the pan as well. Just always in the one direction like the grain of wood
and as I said before make sure your chocolate is tempered otherwise it’s not
going to stay set at room temperature. If you don’t know what I mean by tempered
watch my chocolate secrets video I’ll link to the chocolate playlist at the
end it explains how to do that there. Then pour in about two-thirds of the
rest of the tempered milk chocolate over the top and carefully spread it out
again trying to only move in a lengthwise direction across the length
of the pan not in swirls or they’re in the other direction. Use your spatula to
spread the chocolate all the way to the edges and up the sides of each edge. I’m
gonna make one end dried fruits and nuts and freeze dried strawberries and a
little bit of ginger just to keep all the adults happy.
Load lots of that in there that looks great and then the other end I’m filling
with candy and Oreos caramels honeycomb … this should get the kids excited 🤪 Now we
want to hide all of that by pouring over the rest of the tempered chocolate and
spread it out to cover everything. Those freeze-dried strawberries keep
floating to the top, just try and push them down a bit and then put that in the
fridge. Once it’s set take a knife and scrape along the chocolate at the level
at the top of your tin so that the bottom is completely flat. You don’t want
any bumps from Oreos or those freeze-dried strawberries that kept floating. Hang
on to these scrapings just put them in a jar in the fridge because they’re great
on top of ice cream. Now we can’t leave this open like this because if you leave
the freeze-dried strawberries exposed to the air they’ll go soft instead of
crunchy which is not what we want, so just pour on a little bit more tempered
chocolate and spread that out back and forth all the way over your chocolate
and then use a spatula to flatten it and make it all nice and level with the top
of the tin and then again we’re just going to leave that to set in the fridge.
Once it is set let’s flip that upside down give it a bit of a push … it’s not
coming out … it’s stuck mmm it has to come out or it’s not going to work for my
dessert! Let’s flip it over again and jiggle it and I’m hoping that the weight
of the chocolate here is going to help it come out of the tin. Yay! It came out
and it didn’t break which is what I was worried about. Peel back that paper and
don’t worry this is not what it’s going to look like when it’s finished it’s
just a starting point. Use a metal spatula or you could use a knife just to
scrape back the chocolate to give it a bit more of a wood look rather than
drizzled chocolate lines. Once you’ve scraped even amount of the whole thing
spread a really thin coating of dark chocolate over the top … this is a bit
like adding a stain to your wood it needs to be thin enough that you can
still see some of the woodgrain underneath it but it just softens the
effect. That’s starting to look a bit more like wood now but we need to add
some texture, so just take your knife and run it down the chocolate trying to pay
attention to where the variations in your color is. So if there’s a darker
patch try and follow that line that you’re doing with your knife along the
edge of your darker patch for your wood grain. Now take a spatula again and just gently run it across the surface you’re not
wanting to take much off this time you’re just highlighting that wood grain
that you drew with the knife. See how that just really brings it up and now
scraped chocolate looks quite rough and quite matte it doesn’t look very
shiny like a polished board would … so the trick to fix that is to put some paper
towel in iced water and then gently rub it over the surface of your chocolate.
While that’s drying wash your fresh fruit … figs always look good on a platter
I don’t really like the taste of them though do you?
And then unwrap your cheeses I did consider making fake cheese’s out of
chocolate and I was going to do that but then I thought if you’re a savoury lover
and you really like cheese and I brought it to the table you’d be really
disappointed that it was all chocolate 😕 No cheese! So I’m gonna keep
the board sweet and there is a lot of chocolate in that and keep the cheese
savoury. For wedges of cheese try and choose ones which have their names on
the wax so people know what they’re eating and now it’s time to put it all
together. Put the Jarlsberg wedge there then the weird tasting but cool-looking
figs can go next to it there then a good chunk of cheddar … that black wax looks
great. Next we’ve got a wedge of Gouda that can go there and every good cheese
platter has to have a soft cheese so I’ll put a circle of camembert there
that will be perfect for that and for some variety a wedge of this Wensleydale
with cranberries that can go in the corner. Then a bit of fresh fruit a
little bit more. Do you think they’ll notice the board at first or will they
just be looking at the cheese? I wonder how long it’ll take them to figure it
out? We’re definitely gonna need some crackers just place them on the side …
that one’s stuck together split that up and a few little nuts. And the cheese
bladder is ready to be served and an update for you everyone was happy eating
this, relaxed and enjoying the dessert from the youngest guest he was so cute
and he was only 3 years old right through to the teenagers and the adults.
Everyone had something on it that they loved which for me was the fruit in the
chocolate for others it was the cheese in the crackers and most people just
liked every single thing that was in it … except for the figs of course … I told you
they were weird 😳 One very popular addition to the chocolate was the ginger
in the fruit and nut end, so make sure you add some of that if you’re making
this. Click here to see more chocolate creations, here for the latest video and
here to subscribe. Make it a great week by being thankful for what you have and
I’ll see you on Friday 💕 you


  1. A year ago!? I remember watching this video 5 times over the night you uploaded it, time really does fly…

  2. I really want to see the reaction video for this one, especially if you didn't tell your guests about the board!!! Also, figs are delicious! Cut them in half, grill them till the sugars have caramelised a bit, then serve drizzled with honey and a good spoon of mascarpone. Yuuuum!

  3. When she was putting the food on, I was like "what happened the chocolate? Is she showing us the food?" Then I remembered the board was the chocolate. 🤦. You got me and I'm the one watching the video. You'd think I would've known

  4. No figs for me either! I watched a video about wasp larvae living inside certain species of figs🤢 beautiful chocolate cutting board!! 😁

  5. this is my absolute favorite video of yours! i love it so much that i listen to it on loop while doing hw lolol

  6. Her : I'm just gonna chuck some things into my trolley
    Americans : What the hell? That's a cart not a trolley !!

  7. Subcricbe to me please I'm in a challenge with my best friend. The First person to get 100 subcricbers wins. So please help me out

  8. Just don’t tell anyone it’s chocolate so if it breaks or the chop it they will most likely freak out an repay you
    And say “it’s my 50 dollar vintage chopping board”

  9. Such beautiful, surprising things that you do, i will most probably never attempt any of them , but still a delight to watch! thank you for your videos! xx

  10. I only saw part of the title at first and I thought you were actually making chocolate cheese, which is one of my favorite Russian sweets. Sadly though I haven’t been able to find any where I live in America.

  11. Yep, I'm hooked, subscribed and thumbs up……..this is fantastic. I run a social group for the elderly and always looking for new ideas. Keep 'em coming Ann xxx

  12. You had me till you put jellybeans in the chocolate. The cheese was a great redemption for the candy catastrophe!

  13. Looking at your figs. The inside looked a little light and the skin looks a little thick. Which would mean the figs where unripe when picked and as you say would not tast nice at all, a verry bitter as compared the the very! sweet ripe fig. The problem with figs is they have a very! short growing season and a VERY short(less then 3 to 4 days) shelf life. I used to live in the UK and like you hated the figs but now I am lucky that I live in a place where figs grow wild and I can pick them strate of the trees. They are ripe from about the middle/end of July to the middle of Argust maybe September. Outside of this time there are no figs even in the shop.

  14. I keep seeing freeze dried strawberries, but have never seen them in a store. Where do you find them in America? I can imagine a hundred recipes they would work well with, but have no idea where to find them.

  15. lovely! Your experiments and kitchen shenanigans look delicious and fun! I’d try them if I was artistically inclined.

    Everything is awesome and admittedly drove me to tears because you honestly remind me of my mum, she used to do pastries, decorated cakes, piniatas, for birthdays and the like. Hope all is doing well for you!

  16. Do you ever just find yourself really wanting to coment on a videa so the youtuber has more engagement, but you don't really have anything to say… No? Just me? Okay.

  17. I… Dont know how anyone can afford this lol. That much bakers chocolate is soooooo expensive, a guest that I've never eaten with is barely worth a dairy queen ice cream to be honest xD

  18. 2:04 wondering who the heck wants this in their chocolate
    2:16 yeeeeees
    2:22 I…I'm trying really hard to be an adult, I swear!

  19. Especially after watching this particularly video I consider you to be both the 2010s Australian counterpart to Anna Olsen and Mary Ann Espositos. I wasn't sure exactly what you intended to demonstrate for this video and I assumed it was going to be various molded chocolate treats but I was not expecting that board in the thumbnail for the cheeses and fruits to be the main eye-catcher. Embedding all those tasty treats inside the board was very neat. I hope you're guests were all wide-eyed when you told them what the board was made of and when they saw all the delectable surprises inside inside the "wood".

  20. I may make that when I’m older but it’d have to be nut free bc i May be allergic, when I find out I’ll update this comment though

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