The Best Cheap Italian Food in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Italian Food in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

– I told my dad when I die
that I would like to be buried in macaroni and on my
tombstone put “Rest in Pasta.” – I’m Cody Reiss and I’m your New York City host for “5 Buck Lunch.” My love of food has taken me
to more than 35 countries. I’ve worked as a cook,
farmer, and cheese maker. Now, I’m in NYC in search of the tastiest and cheapest food my ducats can buy. Join me as I take you to
the dankest lunch spots for five bucks or less. Oh, damn, I just flew
back from Milan, Italy, I don’t know if you’ve
ever heard of a show called “$5 Fashion,” but you’ll see it soon. Anyways, the food there,
holy freaking dang moly dude. Is it possible to find
an affordable version of that delicious food you find in Italy right here in New York City? I mean really for five bucks? The perfect Italian snack
does exist, and it’s a panino. You might be thinking,”A-that’s a-called a panini!” But it’s actually called
a panino; panini’s plural, panino’s singular — Mr. Feeny, me oh my. The thing that kinda sets
it apart is the bread. It’s focaccia, it’s ciabatta,
they can come in all forms. They’re usually grilled or pressed, all of the best things in life. Let’s go see what we can find, huh? First of all, what do
you think of my style what I got going on here? – We’re in the Lower East
Side, you just gotta do you. – Kinda my life motto is doing me, 24/7. – Eclectic. – That seems very kind of you. Family members and ex-girlfriends tell me I don’t have good fashion. If you had some tips for me. – Maybe different shoes. – Different shoes? – I love the way you
look, it’s a great look. Brown shoes, can’t go wrong. – I know. Someone told me my shoes didn’t look good. – Maybe different shoes. – If you were an Italian dish, what kind of Italian dish would you be? – It’s funny you say that. Actually, my dad tells me
I’m going to turn into pasta because it’s all I eat. – If you were gonna compare
my style to an Italian dish, what kind of dish would I be? – Antipasti. – Antipasti, please go on. – Each element have a
flavor on its own, I think. – Probably a ravioli. There’s a lot of good stuff inside. – Cheese. – Some people like fashion, other people do not like fashion so much. I don’t really care. It’s panino time and I’m going downtown. Let’s go. Oh my gosh, here we are at Gaia, and it couldn’t come a moment too soon. I’m so hungry I could
even eat my own (beep). We’re right in the middle
of the East Village here. And look at this place. It’s a groovy little shop, it’s tucked underneath the stairs. So let’s go inside, see what my five bucks and my soft little teeth can get us. Hello. – Ciao! – Ciao, how’s it going? – Going good, how about you? – It is going fantastic. Tell us a little bit about
the philosophy of Gaia. The goal of the restaurant. – Gaia it means “Earth.” – Earth, and it’s also your name. – And it’s also my name, but
it is not dedicated to me. The same way earth produce beautiful and very healthy food,
we try to do the same. Earth gives products for
free, doesn’t charge you for a tree of apple or a tree of pear. So we try not to charge you a lot. – I have five dollars today. What could I get with five dollars? – For five dollars, you can get a wonderful panino what is called sano. – A sano, OK. – Then you have potatoes,
tomatoes, and parmesan. – Oh my gosh. – And then you have
the pappa al pomodoro, that is the bread tomato soup. – I’m gonna get the panini, the panino. – Bravo, exactamente. – Cool, so how much is that? – It’s five. – It’s five exactly? Here’s five dollars,
thank you so very much. – Thank you so very much. – I appreciate it, so
lovely talking to you. – My pleasure. Here you are. – Thank you. Now I think one of the
defining characteristics of a panino is the bread. My sweet baby Gaia makes this
focaccia every single day. This sandwich is called sano, by the way. Sano, of course, meaning healthy. Inside it’s got a frittata, nice eggs filled with arugula and tomato. It’s got fresh arugula and tomato. It’s got a beautiful pesto sauce. It’s got some Parmesan cheese on there. So I’m gonna take a nice
little bite of this guy. Oh that’s pretty sick, actually. It’s got everything you need. It’s got protein, it’s
got veggies, it’s fresh, it’s crunchy, it’s soft,
it’s oily, it’s salty. It’s this, like, little taste of Italy all here
in New York City. I think that’s about time,
I’m gonna scarf this down, unless you guys wanna see me eat this whole sandwich in slow motion. Anyone? Just joking. It doesn’t matter what you eat as long as it’s molto bene. If you were here and you had more money. Let’s say you had 13 little tiny ducats, what I would get is I would
get this burratina right here. It’s burrata, little
sauteed mushrooms sauteed in white wine with parsley. It’s got some focaccia. If you liked this episode,
maybe you saved some money, you’re investing it in a Roth IRA, you’re diversifying, you got mutual funds. Congratulations, really smart decision. Make sure that you subscribe. You gotta subscribe. Like, comment, et cetera. Check out our previous episode, all right? It’s about the best tacos in DC. You’re gonna love it.


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  2. Damn. That is a beautiful panino indeed and $5 is a steal. ๐Ÿ‘ Looks nothing like the panini I had when I visited Italy…I focused on the simple versions. Best Cody episode of the series. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

  3. Why you Americans put pesto on the darn frittata and the whole mess into a panino?
    As an Italian who have naturally the skills of combine ingredients I cannot make anything than sit and wait for the video of you running into the closest restroom trying to resist an incoming diarrhea. ๐Ÿ˜จ
    You are the author of your own stomachache then do not claim Italian food is not good… ๐Ÿ™…

  4. omg mustache boy is back and no surprise here needing to get it off his face but the sandwich, thats very good!

  5. Looking fresh off the Milano fashion runway! Loved the place and the owner…and the food looked fabulous! A really nice 5 Buck feast!

  6. So, it's basically a cunty version of Mac Demarco that is too broke for a decent meal, but flies around on planes…

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