The Best Cheap Bagel in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Bagel in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

– I’m Cody Reiss and I’m
your New York City host for “5 Buck Lunch.” My love of food has taken me
to more than 35 countries. I’ve worked as a cook,
farmer, and cheese maker. Now, I’m in NYC in
search of the tastiest and cheapest food
my ducats can buy. Join me as I take you
to the dankest lunch spots for five bucks or less. – If you’re anything
like me, you’re Jewish. If you’re anything like
a bagel, you’re crusty on the outside,
deli on the inside, boiled, but baked,
and you might be a little soft and squishy. Surprise, surprise. You’re also Jewish. Nowadays, you can find
bagels all over the place. There are a bunch
a different styles. But one style that
is not a style, is “Bay Area” style bagels. Now my colleague over in
San Francisco, “Nicole.” She said she could find
a better bagel in Oakland than I can find New York. And after living in
Oakland, I am happy to tell you she is wrong. Bagels in New York are iconic; they’re really frigging dank. Let’s go find a good one, huh? He, he! You’re probably wondering, “Uh oh, what’s the hole for?” See through, or I don’t
want to know what. Well, aside from
insuring even baking, the holes are usually
put there so they string them up, through
them over their shoulder, and walk around town with them. Either that, or you
could kinda make a cool, little candy
necklace out of them. What’s the
first thing you think of when you think of Jewish food? – Ah, just delicious
comfort food. – Ah, I think about bagels
and pickled herring, and weird food that’s
good, but sounds gross to people that’s
never had it before. – What makes New York bagels
better than other bagels? – They’re more confident. – More confident and
maybe a little bit ruder. A little tougher if ya
know what I am saying? – Well, I think what makes
New York bagels good, is that they’re boiled
in New York water. – If I was a bagel, what kind of bagel would I be? – One that only has meat. – Only meat, dude! – Well, what kinda a bagel
do you think I would be? – Ah, cinnamon raisin bagel
with avocado and tomato. – Damn, this help me
thinks I’m screwed up. – What kind of bagel
sandwich would I be? – Ah, something,
something delicious. – Hell yeah, dude. – Let’s do word association. When I say bagel, you say… – Onion? – When I say Jew, you say… – You! – That’s right. Damn, I’ve been found out
that’s all the time we have. Oh yeah! We made to Ess-a-Bagel
guys in Midtown! Holy crap! You know, I think this
is the kinda place where you give them a
little bit of money and they just might
give you some food back. I invested all my
money in Blockbuster, and it didn’t go so good. So, I’m just gonna go and
see what I can afford. Let’s go on in. – Thirty to 40 minutes and
I’ll be sending it to you. – How long have you worked here? – Twenty years. We do a lot more shipping
than we ever did before. – Huh. – Well almost 100 everyday. They want their bagels
out in a California, Oregon, Florida,
Texas, wherever. Excuse me, I have to
answer the phone now; that’s my job. – OK, all right. – Hello. – Hi, welcome to Ess-a-Bagel. – Thank you very much. My co-host Nicole said
that there’s better bagels in the Bay Area
of California. Which to me, I was like,
“What are you talking about?” – First of all, New
York bagels as a whole, are just so much better. – Yeah. – My aunt started the
store over 40 years ago. – Wow, how do you
guys make your bagel? – It’s boiled and
baked, is that right? – It’s boiled and baked
daily on the premises. There are no preservatives. – What can I get for five bucks? – Well, have a host of spreads that you can choose from. Scallion cream cheese,
vegetable cream cheese, Oh my gosh! OK, well I’m a simple boy. I’m gonna get an
everything bagel. Toasted, if I could
get it open-faced, with scallion cream cheese. How much is that? – Four-fifty. – I have five, real
USA dollars here. There you are. – Thank you so much. – Yeah, thank you. Ah, hell
ya, nice little bagel
and cream cheese. I know, I can hear
the haters now — the trolls saying,
“That’s a snack. That’s not a lunch.” Listen up, if your
not the kinda person that eats a bagel
and smear for lunch. You probably also have
schmutz on your schmeckle. You schmuck. Anyway, I’m schvitzed
and I can’t wait to dive into into
this little boy. We got a toasted
everything classic. Open style so it gets
on your mustache. Bunch of scallion cream
cheese smushed on top. It’s time to dive in. Mmm! One thing I like about
bagel and cream cheese, is that its a textural paradise. You have this hot, crunchy
outside of the bagel. The inside’s soft, and
then on top you got this cool, rich,
tangy cream cheese with this bright
little fresh flecks of scallion in it. You got sesame seeds,
poppy seeds, you got these tiny little poppers. I could probably
smush on this all day. Anyways, I hope
it’s clear by now that you can not
get a better bagel, in the Bay Area than you
can in New York City. So, Nicole, consider that
showdown show done. Don’t let me tell you what. You be the judge. Come on down to
Ess-a-Bagel, New York City and try it for yourself. Heck, maybe even
you can be Jewish. See ya next time. – Hey, if
you saved some sheckels and you cured your bagel blues. Make sure to subscribe,
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episode on the best cheap pizza in the Bay Area.


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  2. Who the hell is this guy? Did you literally find him on 7th Ave 12 minutes before filming this? I give this guy's career a total lifespan about as long as this video.

  3. There's a secret place in Manhattan that does toasted bagels with lox spread, capers, and tomato on a toasted everything bagel for $5.44 including tax and there's no way I'm going to tell you where it is.

  4. talks more about other stuff than the lunch. he didn't even comment on how good or bad the bagel was. just kept saying it's Better than bay area

  5. This episode was actually good. Thank you, mr Shekelstein. But I still think there should be more than one item that fits the 5$ budget. There’s no way that they would pay the camera man, the host and then hand over just 5$ for the food. It’s a FOOD show, ffs. Show a little more food diversity.

  6. I've lived in NY and CA and hands down New York bagels are way better. Probably the best I've had in the states. It's probably because almost all of NYC gets it's water from the Catskills. You can drink your water straight from the tap it's so good.

  7. Why are both hosts for this series extra af? Hopping, dancing? Loses all authenticity and credibility. Seems like a parody food show, or a crappy Jimmy Fallon bit. All super extra value meals.

  8. 3.14 minutes in and still nothing. Guys you need to up your game seriously an utter waste of time. Just get on with it. Boring as bat shit!!

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