– This looks like dry dog food. – I really thought
it was Cap’n Crunch. – Oh my god. These guys
are living the life. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We’re going
to space today! – We’re going to space?
– (FBE) And you’re gonna eat like an astronaut.
– Whaat?! That sounds so exciting! – No way!
Don’t they eat powder? – High key, I’ve always
been excited. That, I feel like, is something
that everyone’s talked about. – I’ve always wanted
to go to space, so I guess this is a good taste of it. Ha. – I hear it’s dried out,
’cause in space– I don’t know.
Something about space. You have to have food like that. My guess is it’s not
gonna be really good. – This is exciting. There was
one point when I was 10, that I wanted to be an astronaut, so I feel like
since I never did that, I get to live through it right now. – (FBE) So here’s a picture
of how space food is typically packaged.
– It reminds me of MREs, stuff like that,
the military meals. – (FBE) You’ll notice that the one
on the top is creamed spinach. It has a tube at the top. – Oh! I didn’t even notice that. – (FBE) So that is used
for inserting oxygen or water back into the packet
for consuming. – That must kind of suck, though, ’cause I feel like it
affects the taste. – (FBE) So now, obviously,
we have an atmosphere and gravity, so we can’t provide
the same experience that astronauts have,
but we are going to give you something that’s as close
to that experience as possible. – Why? We can totally
get it hopping to an anti-gravity
chamber right now. – You always get excited
to try different foods from different countries
and stuff like that. To be made especially for space,
that’s pretty cool. – I already have so much respect
for astronauts, but I’m gonna have 100% more respect if you have to
eat really crappy food for a long time. – (FBE) Here is a
freeze-dried version and a hydrated version.
– Is that cereal? – I could see how the water
helps it, obviously it just makes the food expand
and it makes it look kind of normal.
– This is like dry dog food. This one looks
like real human food. – It looked like stuffing packaging
on the left, but it looks like eggs now, I think, on the right.
It smells like a nasty omelet. – Oh, that’s sausage. This is
a sad bowl of breakfast. – Yeah, it tastes like
very powdery eggs. It doesn’t taste too water.
It’s not too soft to the point where it’s like liquid.
– It is just kind of weird in your mouth, though,
’cause it’s already mushy and kind of the food
that you’ve give to a baby bird, like, already chewed up. (laughs) – Personally, I think
it tastes good. It tastes a little spicy.
The texture’s nice. It just tastes like something
your grandma would cook. – (FBE) This is a breakfast skillet
with eggs and hash browns and a couple of vegetables.
– I mean it’s kind of crazy how you can add all these
different ingredients and still have it kind of
taste the same relative to what’s down here. – (FBE) Eating the food
inside the packets or tubes is really important.
Not only do they do this to help preserve the food
until it’s time to eat, but also to help
keep the food contained so it doesn’t float around
and get into any equipment around the space cabin.
– Oh, that’s smart. – (FBE) It also helps prevent
potential inhaling of random pieces and choking.
– Ohh, that’s true! Because if you try
eating this dry one, it’s like eating
a super dry piece of toast. – Could I survive
on this for a year? I would say yes,
’cause I would be in outer space. – (FBE) Here’s the next one.
– Ooh. Oh! Is this like– oh, okay!
This totally looks like some sort of lasagna-type thing.
– This looks like a pack of ramen before you put the water
in it and boil it. This actually looks pretty good,
though, I’m not gonna lie. – That’s pasta. Ooh.
That smells good! – Ew, no. You can begin
to taste the water right away. Also, the pasta doesn’t
have any taste. – The meat just gives the–
it has a really big pop to it. – It just tastes like plain noodles
that you boil, put no butter, salt, anything on it, honestly. – (FBE) So this is lasagna
with meat sauce. A lot of precaution is taken to
avoid potentially dangerous objects floating in space. For food
that requires a utensil, magnets are used
to hold the metal down whereas other items
have velcro attached. – Ohh! I didn’t
even think about that. There’s so much you have
to think about when you’re just taking food in space. – Cool, ’cause I know
in kitchens and stuff, you put the knives on the magnet
on the wall or whatever. I know a lot of people do that.
– You’re blowing my mind. I had no idea that this
was gonna be this good or that it’d have
this much flavor, you know? I thought that it was gonna be
a lot more bland and tasteless. – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– What is this? Powder with some weird chunks in it
versus this very creamy and weird looking white
rice pudding thing. – It looks like it has
some sugar crystals on top or some kind of caramel flavoring.
– It smells like protein powder. – Kind of has a vanilla
kind of sugary smell to it. – Oh, it tastes more like a pudding.
It doesn’t have as much flavor as I was expecting it to.
It smells really good, and then you eat it,
and it’s just consistency. – Ah. That’s bomb, bro.
Yeah, dude, this tastes like normal pudding.
It’s just creamy. It flows well,
and it tastes good. – That tastes like
dulce de leche pudding. – (FBE) This is
actually crème brûlée. – Oh, really?
– (FBE) Obviously not the same presentation
as a normal serving in a restaurant, but still
providing the same classic taste from the French recipe.
– Yeah, honestly I feel like if you know what it is
and you’ve tasted it before, I feel like you begin to
not care how it looks. – On top of being able
to see space, you also get to enjoy space
with this food. Oh my god, these guys
are living the life. – (FBE) Here is your next one.
– Is that cereal? I really thought
it was Cap’n Crunch. – I think this one
is beef stew. – I don’t know exactly
what this is called, but I see this all the time
in canned versions or homemade kind of styles of it. – It’s not bad, but this is
definitely like baby food. It’s just a weird texture
in the mouth, where it’s water
and solid food. – Oh, that’s beef.
I don’t like this. Rehydrated beef is just chewy.
It’s just really bouncy. – For some reason, this one,
you can really distinguish what is what,
and it goes well together. – (FBE) So this one is beef stew.
– Stew?! Stew is supposed to be
a soupy type thing. This is just meat and vegetables. – (FBE) So NASA has definitely
improved its methods since the 1960s. They used to
only eat food straight out of tubes to absorb protein
and other nutrients, but the taste wasn’t always satisfying.
– All of this stuff. Yeah, that doesn’t look
like much is going on with all that food, you know?
Yeah, I can imagine how tasteless that’d all be. – Being able to adapt
and make food better for them is just gonna make them
be able to do their jobs better. – (FBE) All right, last one.
– That ice cream! – This is ice cream!
I’m kind of worried about how it’s gonna taste,
’cause I feel like it’s gonna be super dry. – As more saliva goes into it,
it starts to just taste more like melted ice cream. – I gotta technically
liquefy this in my mouth. It didn’t taste right for a second,
and then as it completely dissolved, I started to taste ice cream. – Right before it all dissolves,
all the powder is stuck together, and just, ah, it feels so weird. – You know how when you wait
for your ice cream to melt and you just drink it like that
out of the cup, ’cause it tastes like a milkshake almost?
It’s kind of like this. – (FBE) So this is
Neapolitan ice cream. They feature this
particular ice cream at several space museums.
The ice cream is freeze dried, so you could carry it
in your backpack, take it on hikes,
or even long travels, and it doesn’t need
to be refrigerated. – That is actually really cool
and useful for earthly purposes. – If you really think about it,
it’s such a cool concept. You can just carry a block
of ice cream theoretically in your backpack all day long. – I thought it was
gonna be a lot worse than I actually thought
it was. you know? For a lot of those dishes,
I actually kind of enjoyed them. – They have to do this every day
for months or years depending on where they’re going.
They can’t pull up to a drive-through at McDonald’s
in space and be like, “Yo, get me a rehydrated
Big Mac,” you know? – Thanks for watching us
try space food here on the React Channel.
– Don’t forget to subscribe. We have new shows every week.
– To infinity and beyond! – What’s up, guys?
Alyssa here, a producer from the React Channel.
Thanks so much for watching us try
space food today. This was actually a suggestion
from one of our viewers. So if you have an idea
that you want us to try, go ahead and hit us up
in the comments, and it might be the next episode.
You never know.


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