Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen it’s Barry here and today we’re tasting some more treats from around the World and
it’s the turn of the Netherlands today Daniella Tharatt has sent me this box and I can’t wait
to get stuck in there, but lets have a little reminder of where we’ve been before.
So we started off in the good old UK and in fact we did that twice then we went to Australia,
Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, USA & Spain. All of those treats have been mind blowingly
good and unique in their own way and i’ve got more down there including Brazil, Japan,
Norway, Canada 2 packages from Canada arrived this morning there’s 2 more at the post office
i’ve got to collect so thankyou so much. Daniella lives in Holland and i’m just gonna
get this straight out of the way I kind of hope there is nothing too herbal in there
if you know what i’m saying she lives in a place called Maastricht look there’s a statue
there and a big building and Maastricht to me sounds like the sort of thing a rasta would
say if they were a teacher and trying to get over their dominance on their first day.
Hey I know it’s our first day but let me get something clear if you upset me then I am
maastrict man maa strict … no?! Ok let’s get going the first thing I saw was
this package and I thought ooh what could be in this mysterious thing and I thought
wow it’s edible bracelets but Daniella luckily told me these are for Phoebe and Chloe as
a present so I don’t have to eat them and that probably would have been awkward!
Right so first up is something called smoeltjes they appear to be chocolate covered biscuits
with bright coloured things on the top the thing that stands out straight away is that
there is a martian doing some sort of International mating call like that to this astronaut and
he has fell for his charms on the back there is a little cartoon and you can see he has
seduced him and abducted him ultimately so anyhow lets try these out oh yes they are
individually packed I love it when they are like this because it’s good for my own portion
control there’s a nice foil pack freshness lets get in there. Ok great so they look just
like they do on the cover lets have a bite into it straight away it would be rude not
to little crunch hmmm there’s like this really soothing velvety texture of the biscuit this
mild dainty cream i’m not sure what it is maybe it’s Dutch special sauce we won’t go
there chocolate covered lovely and subtle and these crispy shells so so good hmmm that
is a fantastic start. So to go along with those there’s these prince
mini stars apparently they are very similar I don’t want to talk about it too much because
the prince very attractive for a cartoon but these again are in a little foil wrapper so
let me get them out and just check – yep very similar as you will see but no crispy shell
on the top and a star shape lets bite straight into it – the same, biscuit is a little more
crunchy but the prince did good too. So next up by red band are some sweets called
‘fruit fun’ which would actually be a great name for the name of a talk show for fruit
– todays guest is mr pineapple lets hear it for Mr pineapple no ok, so apparently they
are hard sweets so like lovehearts here in the UK like a sherbert kick but maybe with
a little bit of a fruity twang so lets get into them shall we that’s what i’m supposed
to be doing right?! Sorry about that guys literally the door just
went and another parcel has arrived so that is how crazy it is at the moment but anyhow
i’ve just opened these up and it’s like a rainbow of colours it’s a rainbow coalition
of hard sweets although they’ve got there name all over it – it’s kinda like kitkat
‘we’re gonna make them know we made these chocolates’ so red band their name are all
over them lets try this pink one. Oooh wow that’s very hard it’s kinda like edible fruity
chalk ooh ok that did grow on me eventually at first it was like eating chalk from a chalkboard
but with a little bit of a fruity essence but as I broke it down with my teeth, i’ll
probably have another one actually it was good it was tasty I probably wouldn’t eat
it again there was not too much fizz in there it was kind of like bland and bland is good
sometimes. While we are talking about red band here is
another product from them called schat ….. kisties which sounds like something you would say
if you rang up the doctors you’re not feeling well and a little concerned ‘Hi I think i’ve
got schat kisties’…. so yeah on the front cover there is a parrot dressed as a pirate
protecting a treasure chest in fact pirates of the Caribbean why didn’t they employ parrots
rather than people it would have been a lot cheaper than the actors it probably could
have been parrots of the Caribbean. I’m just trying to think of celebrities that could
be in parrots of the Caribbean maybe Justin Beaker ??
Fantastic so they are actually in treasure chests the parrot on the front is not lying
my girls are absolutely gonna love these will take the sweets out or let them have a few
but they’ll put toys and bracelets in stuff like that. Lets see what’s in there.
Here we go. lets get that open ahaargh feel like I had to do some sort of pirate noise
there I can smell it from like here wow it’s a real strong sugar smell in there they are
kind of like gummy sugar jelly tot sweet kinda things do you see the colours there? All the
colours of the rainbow today Holland i’m loving the colours of the rainbow lets do them all
lets just be crazy. Chewy, soft, sugary, alright. I don’t know how to describe what just happened
really it was kind of like the smell of the sugar as you saw was stronger than the taste
of it they are like a soothing jelly sweet really good but I kind of wanted to start
boxing it made me quite angry for a little bit I had to go have a rest I was like old
school boxing like that in the old days. Ok so next up is something called speculoos
and Daniella actually apologised on one of the postcards because she could only find
ones with winnie the pooh on but to me I wouldn’t have known the difference because all this
packaging is new to me it could have been like a naked nun surfing on a penguin through
the streets of new york and I wouldn’t have even known! But yeah speculoos all good winnie
the pooh on the front cover or if you are old enough winnie the sh… CALCIUM caramelised
biscuits lets get inside you winnie! Indiviudally packed again, Netherlands I endorse
your portion control in fact Tigger is on the back playing the role of the nutrition
adviser he’s not on the front winnie got that role. Right so speculoos lets try some specupoohs
get it like winnie the pooh. Oh my goodness guys I just ate the whole thing
it was so subtle the caramel flavour in there real good crunch to that biscuit.
Now apparently it’s really popular to give those out around the time when Sinterklaus
comes around in early December if you want to know more check out the pepernoten video
Phoebe and I did ages ago she really got into it and I found out a little bit about the
story back then but it’s kind of like a father christmas character but instead of reindeers
he has a white horse how cool is that you know that’s quite dominant and also he’s a
bit like Gandalf he has a staff though shall not eat my winnie the pooh biscuits!
Ok so next up from autodrop are some cadillacs now I can’t pronounce that word bosuk trode
but it’s like we talked about on the last video the Spanish one where on Spanish packaging
you get some English phrases and apparently the majority of you said you just learn to
understand what it is so gradually all of you are gonna become English like me right.
Check them out guys they are kind of diddy and it’s kind of cool because I can now say
I officially own a cadillac always wanted one of them you know. Lets try it, oooh tough.
All I can say about those guys is they’re tough there’s not too much flavour in there
but I was getting into it with the cadillac and the bouncing wheels like snoop doggy dog
that would kind of go well with these sweets a nice sort of treat to have at the cinema
what Daniella kind of suggested too so good for chewing on maybe good for weight loss
it could just be meat in there, it could be jerky – jerky cadillacs.
Right so next up is something called venz, which apparently is just really chocolate
sprinkles we’ll have a little look inside there’s lots of different packs and some multi-coloured
ones large ones there’s ones with a tiger on the face so apparently what you do is sometimes
put some butter on there sometimes some nutella on top of that butter to stick to it, I don’t
need to be told twice about nutella so that’s what i’m gonna do!
So i’ve quickly made some toast with some butter and nutella on there on phoebe’s princess
place no expense spared lets get this packet open ok we’re just pouring these sprinkles
on oh my goodness that’s looking really good. I chose the multi-coloured ones so you can
see them standout a little bit more I can’t wait to taste this. Oh my goodness by the
ear of vincent van gogh those tasted amazing *starts to sing R Kelly* no it can’t be an
R Kelly moment it tastes so good but I hardly tasted the sprinkles they were so good but
really it was just eating nutella on toast, we’ll find an R Kelly.
Next up is a drink called a flugel this is an alcoholic vodka energy drink and it’s got
an excited duck on the cover that does look like he may have wandered down the wrong street
in Amsterdam late at night on the back it says let the duck out and that is entirely
what I intend to do apparently there’s a method here when you drink it you put the cap on
your nose no arms straight in your mouth so lets do it shall we. For those that don’t
know it’s my stag do in a few weeks time so this could be quite a useful thing to take
along i’m gonna wedge that cap on my nose and try not to cut it too much then this goes
in. That is the weirdest thing i’ve ever done
I forgot to swallow I just stood there like that going what do I do and obviously i’m
human I need to swallow that’s where the whole duck reference comes from like a duck um that’s
quite potent it’s not too strong it’s not underberg territory it’s kind of nice, I feel
like an angel maybe a little raspberry twang to it maybe it’s making feel like Ruud Gullit
at the World Cup doing stepovers with my big dreadlocks I don’t know, i’d happily take
that to my stag do but i’m sure there’s gonna be worse.
Chocolate bar I see a hazelnut on it and just like that character in ice age if I see a
hazelnut i’m instantly thinking i’m gonna love it so is there like a Dutch version of
R Kelly i’m not sure but it looks like a chocolate covered bar it says melk on the front and
praline is melk like the dutch version of the word milk it sounds more like lord of
the rings territory I dunno, need some melk gandalf can you get me 2 pints from the shop
oh my goodness that looks good. Right really looking forward to this it’s
got like a bubbly under layer kind of like an aero here in the UK hmmm i’m kind of disappointed
guys it’s alright it’s obviously chocolate but when I see the hazelnut on the front my
ears prick up I was expecting like a nutella boom so one way to make it better is to get
some nutella and literally just dunk it in there like that now we’re in R kelly territory
that’s what i’m talking about not bad though! Alright so last up is something called naturel
cats which appear to be cat crisps the internet loves cats so hopefully the internet and me
will like these crisps so it’s got an amazing shredded potato on the front which has probably
been clawed by one of the cats to go along with the packaging and it says leker hartig
van smak down below which is probably quite a cool compliment to say to someone – leker
hartig van smak – no?! I’ve not eaten pussy cats before so lets oooh
i’ve got a bit of nutella on my hand oh my god sorry! Cats!
Oh my goodness guys can you see that they are actually shaped like cats if I grab a
hand i’m kind of like a mysterious cat lady you know one of those cat people everyone
knows them they just love cats I personally hate cats they are always scratching me and
stuff like that – the smell is amazing, they are looking like pom-bear crisps and I love
pom-bear crisps. Guys there’s only one way to eat these so
lets have a handful and see what happens *sings freak me*
Sorry guys we didn’t have an R Kelly moment but we did have a freak it moment – ’cause
tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you’ – so so good, they were just like pom-bear
crisps all velvety and soothing and in fact they did taste like pussy cats so so good
loving it thankyou so much Daniella for sending these in and as you can see i’ve got so many
more down below to get through if you want to send me some from your country get in touch
via the my virgin kitchen website if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs
up, share, subscribe and comment and I will see you again next time 🙂


  1. Speculoos is not Dutch, it's a Belgian version of Speculaas which omits most of the spices normally found in speculaas. I much prefer speculaas.

  2. Schat Kistjes means Treasure Trunks and is pronounced whit a sound you don't have in English, like deep troatsound, is the G.You'll come closer with  Shikat Kiss Chuss.

  3. I've never seen anybody put sprinkles on Nutella, and I'm from the Netherlands lol. Just put it on butter (on toast), that's when they're best.

  4. This is not original good of the Netherlands there are much other things then this its like new food of the Netherlands Bud in dutch names i wil tel you wat is really dutch is peperkoek stroopwafels drop rozekoeken zwart-wit eierkoeken en Unox brand

  5. Lotus speculoos is not Dutch at all, it is from Belgium. It is an variation from the Dutch speculaas and has a subtle difference in the spices used

  6. Omg hahaha 😂😂 schat kistjes are truesure boxes 😁 im from belgium but we also speak dutch and the netherlands is next us

  7. Vet kids orientated selection of 'food' Slightly dissapointed by the representation of our country. The second tasting is much better! Go see that video!

  8. The funny thing is….. we Dutch actually do have edible bracelets. Those are kids treats and eating to much of them (you have to bite them of a elastic band around your wrist) will make your stomach really sick.

  9. Because most of those sweets are the childrens version. So you can give 1 treasure chest as a treat for kid. they are child portions.

  10. "Schat kisties" your interpretation is too funny. Schat (means treasure and the ch is pronounced with a hard Dutch g, it kinda sounds like you're choking) You're reaction to "let's get inside you Winnie" was too funny

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