Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2887 – Full Episode – 19th December 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2887 – Full Episode – 19th December 2019

Abdul, prepare some
chilled soda for all of us. Mr. Sodhi, today,
I’ll add soda to the ice instead of adding ice
to the soda. Oh..
On the rocks! Abdul, it’s going to be fun!
– Yes! Look at him! How is that going to be fun,
Sodhi? We’ll get sore throat if we drink chilled soda. Please calm down.
– He’s right. Exactly! Anyway, winter is here. I can see that. Friends, the fun to drink
chilled soda in winters is totally different! Sodhi,the winters aren’t
that cold in Mumbai lately. You should see how cold
it is in Bhachau in winters. It used to be so cold
that our teeth used to chatter. Mr. Jethalaal, it used to be
the same even in Amritsar. It used to be so cold that you’d never feel like
coming out of the quilt. Sodhi, you reminded me
of winters of those days! The short days
and long nights! We used to stay warm
in the quilts and talk endlessly
in the long nights. All my friends used to share
one quilt and keep pulling it
in all directions saying that they
were feeling cold. The floors were too cold
and the sunlight was so mild! That’s wonderful, Mr. Mehta!
I got reminded of our good old days in Bhachau. Exactly..
– Absolutely! Even I got reminded
of winters in our village. Friends, if you want to have a
winter experience in Mumbai then we should wake up
at 6 a.m. and go for a walk. What’s your opinion?
– Yes.. Dr. Hathi, how can we all go?
Jethalaal wakes up at 10 a.m. Do this, Mr. Aiyar.
Sleep at my home today. Why?
Only then will you get to know how I get up at 6 a.m. Jethalaal, I was joking. The people of Gokuldham
love jokes! Even I was joking. I told you!
People of Gokuldham love cracking jokes. Let’s stop talking
about winters and drink chilled soda
to experience the cold. Dr. Hathi, here you go.
– Yes, give it. – Thank you! Give it, pal..
– There you go. Here’s some chilled soda! It’s too cold. Let’s raise a toast to the chilling
and freezing winters! Cheers.. Abdul, it’s too cold, pal. It’s too good!
Abdul, the soda is very tasty! Thank you! Abdul, how do you manage to prepare such tasty soda
every time? It’s quite simple, Popatlaal. If you do something repeatedly
everyday pupfection is bound to come
over time. Jethalaal, it’s perfection.
– That’s what I said. Pupfection. Jethalaal, it’s perfection
and not pupfection. If you keep repeating the word
‘Perfection’ you’ll get perfect. Friends, the soda is so cold
and good. Let’s have one more. He’s right. Abdul,
make one more chilled soda for all my friends.
– Okay. No, Abdul. Let it be. Sodhi, we haven’t even finished
this one. We’ll get late
if we have one more. I need to go to work
tomorrow. All right, Mr. Mehta. Let’s finish this soda and leave
for our respective homes so that we wake up fresh
tomorrow morning. It’s too late.
– Let’s go home. It was too good, Abdul!
– It was wonderful! ‘I wonder what Ms. Babita
must be doing!’ Jethalaal! Did the sun rise
from there today? What are you looking at? No, I was watching the bird. The bird? – Yes.
It was relishing some food. So, I was watching it. – Even
birds are luckier than me. Why? – You want to know?
You just said it was relishing some food, right?
Look at me. I don’t get to relish anything. Even a bird relishes its food.
It eats what it likes. But I can’t. You must be getting salads
even for breakfast, right? Breakfast, lunch, dinner.. Every meal that I eat
in a day I only get salads
and bland food. Well, if you think
of it, one benefit of this diet is that these foods at least
keep you healthy. – I see! If that’s the case, why don’t
you start having the same diet
from now on? The bitter gourd and all..
I’ll tell Mr. Champaklaal this is what you’ll eat. This is not done, pal! If you don’t get tasty food,
why are you spoiling the taste of my food? Then why are you saying
that it’s good for health? You don’t care about me, do you?
– I was just looking at it
in a positive way. If you also think positively the food may not taste so bad. How can I look at it
in a positive way? How can I?
Eating all this bland food have made my thoughts bitter. I’ll tell you what, Mr. Mehta.
– Yes. What is it?
– Please come closer. Tell me.
– Come home for breakfast. Padmavati Mess would have
delivered hot spicy breakfast. Is it so?
– Yes. No, Jethalaal.
Anjali.. Why are you so scared of her?
– Who says I’m scared of her? I’m not scared.
– Then tell her you’re coming
to my place for breakfast. Come over.
– Jethalaal.. Mr. Mehta, you are a smart guy. Make some excuse and come over. I don’t need to teach you
all this. Please come over.
– I’ve a keen desire to have spicy breakfast but..
– Then just come over. Should I? I’ll do..
I’ll do something about it. I’ll be there soon. ‘Poor Mr. Mehta!’ ‘He’s a master
of great thoughts’ ‘but he’s so unlucky
when it comes to food.’ “You can’t fill your stomach” “with great thoughts..” “The one who has faith in God
will never starve.” I think we’ll have to starve
today. – Why, Dad? Want to know?
Because Padmavati Mess hasn’t delivered the breakfast yet. I wonder what could’ve happened
to them today! No idea! Call them up
and find out. – Fine. Mr. Bhuvan, what’s the matter?
Our breakfast hasn’t been delivered yet. I see! I see.. Fine then. What happened?
– Their cook fell ill suddenly. He did come to work,
but his health soon got worse, so he went home. Grandpa, I am feeling
very hungry. Come, let’s have
breakfast quickly. Padmavati Mess hasn’t
delivered the breakfast yet. And it’s not going
to be delivered either! Their cook has fallen ill. Wait,
both of you sit down. I’ll bring ‘Khakhra’.
– No, Grandpa. Not ‘Khakhra’. It would be nice to have
something hot for breakfast. Right, Dad.
Let the ‘Khakhra’ be. Here’s what we can do. Let’s order some fresh breakfast
from outside. Tapu, order it using
the mobile app. – Fine. App? – Yes, Dad.
A new system has been launched on mobile phones
these days. We can order whatever we want to
eat from whichever hotel we like through our mobile phones. The food gets delivered
to our home. Everything gets done
through mobile, Dad. What do I order for you? – No..
What’s the need to order food from a hotel? God has given us two hands.
Can’t we make breakfast for ourselves? I’ll make something.
– No, Dad. Let it be. Are you going to make it?
– No.. Tapu is here. He’ll make it. – Me! – Yes,
you are Junior Daya. Your mom taught you cooking,
right? – Of course! Then go make breakfast, come on.
– Sure. Hold on, Tapu! His mother has taught him
how to cook and I have taught you to cook.
Do you remember? When you were a child,
I taught you to cook ‘Khichu’. You used to cook it.
Don’t you remember? Yes, Father.
How can I forget? I remember. Go make ‘Khichu’ for everyone.
– Now? Obviously.
Go on. No, well.. All right. Do you remember
how to make ‘Khichu’? Do you?
– Yes. Then why are you nodding. Just say yes, in this manner. Now, say yes. Yes.
– Good job! Go cook now.
– Mr. Jetha! What are you going to cook? Goli, dad is going
to make ‘Khichu’. – ‘Khichu!’ Ms. Daya used
to make delicious ‘Khichu’ with a tempering
of chillies and oil on top. It used to be very tasty
and delicious. Mr. Jetha, please make it
the way Ms. Daya does. Okay. You see, I can’t enjoy food
if it isn’t delicious. – Right. All right.
– Mr. Jetha, listen. Yes. Please cook a little extra.
– There you go. When I saw you,
I decided to cook more. Thank you, Mr. Jetha!
This is great, Tapu! ‘Khichu’! ‘I told my father
that I can do it’ ‘but I don’t remember
how to make ‘Khichu’.’ ‘Why did the cook at Padmavati
Mess have to fall ill today?’ ‘And I have invited Mr. Mehta
for breakfast.’ ‘What do I do?’ ‘I have no choice but
to cook now. What rotten luck!’ ‘Where do I begin?’ ‘I have my phone.
Let me call Daya and ask her.’ Hello! Hello,
my dear Brother-in-law. Hello..
– Hello! Hello!
– Hold on a minute. Hello! Yes, my dear Brother-in-law. He hung up. Hey! ‘Whenever I call Daya’ ‘why does Sundar answer
the call?’ Hello!
– My dear Brother-in-law.. Why did you hang up
after hearing my voice? I did not hang up.
The call got disconnected. Where are you?
Why is it so noisy out there? My dear Brother-in-law my dear friend Pochi’s son,
Kushagra is getting married. I was dancing
in the wedding procession. Why did you call me? Mr. Pochi didn’t invite me. I wasn’t invited either. We don’t care about invitations
out here. I didn’t invite him
for your wedding but still he attended the wedding. This is an
understanding amongst friends. We don’t Ned invitations to
attend each other’s functions. Okay.
Tell me where is Daya? Why don’t you
call sister on her number? I have called
Daya’s number. Oh, no.
I took sister’s phone. What do you mean? The thing is,
Brother-in-law we all keep our
phones in a basket at night and in the morning we just
pick up one and leave with it. Is that so? So,
whose phone will Daya have now? Brother-in-law,
how would I know that? Tell me
what the matter is. It’s no use telling you. You can’t do
anything about it. What are you saying,
Brother-in-law? You do know I am
a master of all trades. Just tell me
once what you need If I can’t help,
I’ll let you know. but at least try telling me
once. We didn’t get our breakfast
from Padmavati Mess today. And Dad has
ordered me to prepare ‘Kichu’. What are you saying,
Brother-in-law? You don’t know
to prepare ‘Kichu’? In my area even
kids know to prepare it. Yes, I do.
I know how to make it. I wanted
to discuss the recipe with Daya and confirm it. Don’t worry, Brother-in-law.
I’m here. Making ‘Khichu’
is my specialty. You specialise in ‘Khichu’ as well? What do you mean by
‘as well’? ‘I know cheating
everyone is your specialty.’ That you specialise in ‘Khichu’
is news to me. What? I mean you specialise in
so many things I know that. But I came to know about your
expertise in ‘Khichu’ today. Isn’t it? So let me
teach you how to do it? So, brother-in-law.
– Yes. Before I teach you
how to make ‘Khichu’ let’s talk about business. My, brother-in-law.. Will you take money to
teach me how to make ‘Khichu’? I am not talking
about money, brother-in-law. I am talking about your
benefit and you’re joking. My benefit?
– Yes. What is
the benefit for me? Brother-in-law You
know my friend, Jignesh who has a mobile
phone store in Lichi Road. Yes. He needs 10 ‘myphone’
handsets every month. He was about to
buy it from someone else but then I told him that he should give business to my brother-in-law
and he agreed. Is it? And payment? There are no
friends in business. Payment will
be done in advance. Absolutely. I’ll take
the payment first. Give him the phone
only after that, okay? Very good.
– Thank you. ‘So, the recipe of ‘Khichu’
is going to’ ‘cost me Rs. 10 lakh.’ Don’t think, Brother-in-law.
Confirm the deal. Hello..
– Hello, Brother-in-law. I think the reception is bad
here, at home. Hello! Hello,
Brother-in-law. – Hello! ‘What do I do now?’ ‘Let me
search on the internet.’ How to prepare
‘Khichu’? I lied to Sundar but the
reception is actually bad here. It’s still buffering. Forget it.
I’ll do it myself. What happened,
Jetha? Nothing, dad.
The vessel fell down. Be careful, dear.
– Yes, Dad. Who kept one vessel
under another? What flour is this?
I can’t make it out. Whatever it is.. Is that all? This won’t be enough. What’s this? I think this is gramflour. Gramflour is used
to make some delicious fritters. I’m sure the ‘Khichu’ will taste
better with it. Let me add some. There’s another container. Let me make it more delicious. Let me mix the flour
in that one too. This is better. Hey, Jethalaal! What are you doing?
– Nothing, Dad.. The ‘Khichu’ will come out
delicious. Greetings, Mr. Champaklaal.
Good morning! Goli, even you’re here?
– Good morning, Mr. Mehta. Good morning..
– Welcome, Mr. Mehta. What brought you here?
– Mr. Champaklaal didn’t Jethalaal tell you?
– No. Why? What happened? He must have forgotten.
Jethalaal invited me for the breakfast.
That’s why, I came here. But why did you come alone?
Where’s Anjali? Anjali was a bit busy
with some work so, she didn’t come. Mr. Mehta is she actually busy
with some work or have you come here
secretly? Well, Goli.. Why would I come secretly?
I’m not scared of Anjali. So, shall I call up Ms. Anjali
and ask her? Come on, Goli!
There’s no need to call her up. Let it be.
Let’s discuss about us, guys. Tapu, Mr. Champaklaal,
I don’t see the tiffin. The breakfast
from Padmavati Mess? Actually, Padmavati Mess
didn’t deliver our breakfast today.
– What! They didn’t?
– Yes. So, I won’t get to eat
something delicious even today? Don’t worry, Mr. Mehta. Mr. Jetha is making delicious
‘Khichu’ for all of us! Friends, what if Sodhi is asked
to operate on a patient? What will happen?
What condition will a car be in if Dr. Hathi is asked
to repair it? What if the reporter, Popatlaal
is asked to go to the laboratory and conduct some new experiment? What’s going to happen
if a writer like me is asked to sit in a shop
and sell goods. There will be a total mismatch. A person should do
what he’s eligible for. Similarly, today
my best friend, Jethalaal is all set to make ‘Khichu’.
Jethalaal is a businessman. He can do business,
sell electronic goods. He can mess with Sundarlaal
but making ‘Khichu’? We can’t expect this from him.
But he’s making ‘Khichu’ on his father’s insistence even I’m expecting I will get
some delicious food from him. But we have to wait and watch,
what’s going to happen. If we’ll get to eat ‘Khichu’ and how this ‘Khichu’
is going to taste. To find out this,
you’ll have to watch ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’ at 8.30 p.m. sharp.
Keep watching, keep laughing.


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