today in the trial 310 hard power inclined marshmallow the third cute little marshmallow candies in shape
snowman I’m excited about the on the bottom here
right next to me Ikea logo that that they are Swedish recipe a partial owner nothing
different from my house without me you know I’m hoping
that way pick these up to give up on a little more holes in his game and
watched be Brazil medium that I did the marginal with homegirl I wanted to
feel he were as good as hers from Brazil sold last time and the real he looks not now contacted mmm something missus no be now I’m QPR year I’m here media him here and there not their
little firmer than the more homes we have here
place now I’m marginal have another slow I can’t figure out lemme much I poona museum are now I’m normally
marginal you can just chilling heart melt in your mouth they’re very soft
ones the ones here these are a little different you can see
how they’re not saw are and they’re very each Hwy almost
like when you mount a marshmallow and then you allow it to cool off
high-power cool off again like a little harder into you that’s what that was like number pepcid very different problem the Marshfield
here I would give these guys 3d enhance gingerbread cookies and they have the cutest thing and her
cat they come out weird a little hole in the middle on top so i
think you can dreamed a modern country are hanging
around how unevenly decorate down have to be like
me if we doing all that today we just gonna try gingerbread I would be a cute idea for
the kids them to buy he had them decorate them and
hunger montre with some strong here did you tell they
were not and here tired ha I love me smile gingerbread and attain gingerbread man I for which
you need in your room team the on crispy ones but either way can you read I love book how adorable
miniature needed a hole in their the you know the
kid bike decorate them and then you can stream up permanent re he home cutie and I wanna braided hartman so I’m gonna break this evening
the eighties R&B Christie they’re not gonna be the
thought I prefer the software they have in badlands gingerbread now oh yeah for their crispy cookie com car hire no sir they could have just a little bit more
on the gingerbread player but they are delicious in the
consistency in these guys seriously is her fake to you decorate
and hanging on the tree they were definitely last to Christmas read after Christmas I’ll
give these guys three-and-a-half million not this new not be4 don’t know where they are it look like to law up for a I think I have no idea said the day Chris brown good deal I’m not type deal before so I have no clue what to expect here this is like her father is going to be
just like that cookie like the gingerbread cookies we
just tried to just like then she compound Shakir play K just happened she out but now starting
to wonder if the things I did of just how many like don’t human-like keep open hola security cam logistical first impression your theme out to take a right there just looks
like just like a giant block download our I hope I became yeah okay in our correct they’re like he flood just turned 20 min here I mean
mass T well you could put nichols Brad keyser cream
cheese on how hula girl it’s not like cardboard career Google to oh my god the smell
like him you know when you might be a key in your
own of and just not like cardboard that is exactly
what this is not like I do opened up a box cardboard
disgusting oh my lord to fight and die cracker see headline sesame seed on there and get
them deal and then on the site it doesn’t
happen just I this is like Christmas thing any
others watching your from Sweden or are you trying these her he is just
like a seasonal thing is this for christmas is just something you guys
knowledge time with cream cheese or something okay
ready cracking up her wanna braided ruler really crispy pair a year ago now them more like it maritime it mmm my advertising I’ll is to Christine for my page I mean it
will Christie are no hidden fees deal pave our own they have new nothing just like lamb Crocker that is to you crispy almost over cooked crispy to check it
out be aren’t just not my cup of tea so we’re
just going to go ahead please deliver baby I give be deal flavor in there but
it also makes them with caramel flavor hot cam our border some our game these guys one young on the deal lot the crackers in picking it up look
like you liquor 3d exploded on Monday will drinkers our dream from Sweden again i think is not love that I here
this 100 human Santa Claus on the front and it
says it is a Swedish I hope drink so I
believe she’s a drink at bay have do her yeah I think the holidays I believe under guessing you know 90s
like to look at the picture guess what it is
and just be cut have the red little path it
reminds me %uh coca-cola okay let’s try this guy on I don’t know in personal like Coldplay a plan even
like known your overcoat how it is that money including your game mom well who would you rather starting thinking this is like p malt remembering the Germany video the Madre
I was talking about montana computer it go how that texture kinda feel to it on even how it’s living out here on top how my power that
mocking that we have Germany this stuff like
that so maybe doesn’t have the same thing you know mix I didn’t say it just says
the man who decides to sell Swedish master bedroom carbonated soft
drink prime men bland checkers now crude used in Germany for Ikea mom I’ll I’m connect the dots hoax ready now but not the same in months I’m home with a taste like yeah think I’m consistently does this
he’s a little bit different I can taste like cheery in there lucci
reason and it does have the mall ban the mall claiborne due to unplayable America
can’t pinpoint one thing our numbers within the label Nadal contain carrier almost taste like nepal
is a member and a half rain to Jack do not get back home okay I’m just like I would give this guy to use bbm last but not least so I P be yummy
cookies %uh and I love that economist get in the US economy perky in Europe in
those countries recall reading biscuit I think that so Britain cute he’s a biscuit with
vanilla flavored feeling I cool generally goulet they Luther K okay ready ready ready ready get year be get how little bit and my clipboard trying K card p got a little horror I’ll I’m all yours currently have a
little more than I was talking about below Yahoo Bing remember them take feeling them ho I didn’t cry but no then you couldn’t see the little bill jelly filling in only our way you
can get penis under brother could while this
time brought key you will see the little part
company with me apple jelly filling and then get done
family you will see the just like a vanilla cream filling how cool is that but we’re getting to you I was a long
time what the hell Google come no one break-in %uh thank you didn’t
keep even I keep open group here mom i feel like im I was underling yet provide Taiwan with all the layers
intact I just broke this one in there but they did wonder the deli invited PE manana cream in the cookie on top its circuits book
like two cookies master I’m gonna try this one because I have
only here just let’s try this one I smile like just a regular shortbread
cookie see mmm I am love I’m really happy here we doing run by here you really don’t know GG
Allin mabel filling so good and then you can
taste the Indian town thing is just a perfect cookie I would give these guys 4 had that it persuaded today thank you so
much for watching another I hope you enjoyed it I have so much fun
I have so many are in line got three guys I hope you watched Germany and Mexico and Brazil all the
young ones that I have done do not forget to gidiyorum are in makes me happy and join me happy
media in your arms up you know you really would make me happy
and he’s cry for granted scrutton blessed to be a we’ll bring it
on things together we explore the world to get hard hit his crime join me every week thank you so much our
way in the comment let me know you tried any
of this stuff I wanted to know if these were paramount seasonal thing to the user homes that
are there can available for everybody on your
around house in children’s Mike Chrisman capping give any campaign let me know
the comp right see little mom


  1. Those crispbreads are like a "newer and healthier" version of the original swedish crispbread. Julmusten is at chrismas drink we have in sweden… We actually have the same one but in an "easter version".

  2. Knäckebröd is like hard sandwiches… We usually eat it with butter on them 🙂 
    It's kind of a Swedish tradition to eat Knäckebröd with your foo, like for lunch or dinner 🙂 

    and julmust is a very popular drink during christmas, it's also an old tradition… And the same drink "julmust" usually comes out around easter as well but then it's called "påskmust" haha.. but it's the same drink, just with a different name during easter and christmas xD

  3. julmust is awesome, but the taste depends a lot on what brand you get. apotekarens is like the rolls royce of julmust, I would never drink must from ikea, that would be like… just fake. the original recepee is a secret, and like coca cola its often imitated never duplicated

  4. This isn't swedish products, it's just food from IKEA.. I am from Sweden and I have never seen this stuff on IKEA.. Please do it with food/snacks you can buy at a swedish supermarket/store instead.

  5. A bit of History for you people 🙂
    Julmust started its life in the early 1900 in sweden with its roots from germany, it was a inventive drink for people who didnt drink alcohol. (like the inventor of the drink Harry Roberts) it was ment to be similar in tast to the beer Porter. (with lots of sugar and other things in it ofc) And like beer it has both malt and hops in it.
    Sales of the drink did not go so well the fist years, but after the prohibition in 1922 the sales went through the roof.
    Harry marketed the drink as an excellent option for beer and other alcoholic beverages . (especially around the hollidays when alcohol consumption were at it highest)
    // love from sweden and my swedish grammar

  6. oh no.. oh no.. you're supposed to hold the gingerbread piece in your hand and knock at it with the knuckle on your finger until it breaks and if you get three pieces, you get to make a wish!

  7. The duck?! What Julmust did you get?! XD Swedish good Julmust is like an cooke but BETTER and fizzier not cherry reste at all…. Jul means Xmas btw

  8. Crisp bread must have butter spread on, preferably a slice of cheese too. Coke and Julmust are pretty much based on the same recipe, before both recipes got secret and both were in the same book of soft drink recipes.

  9. The drink you tested is one of my favorite things about christmas. Like everyone in sweden drink it on christmas. But you schuold try "apotekarnes" which is another brand in sweden. Its sort of the original one.

  10. In sweden we say "knäckebröd" and you can eat it with butter or cheese. you can eat it on the summer, spring, then ever you want to.

  11. my nana is Swedish we eat wasa bröt it's like the dill crisps. but I buy the rye it's good with cheese. peppakaka you press in middle of cookie if it breaks unevenly your wish will come true.

  12. google knäckebröd pålägg (cripsbread topping)

    Usualy it looks like this http://lchf-recept.se/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bread_knackebrod_crumb_500.jpg and you putt butter and cheese and maybe some cucumber or pepper on.. but you can have like whatever on.. difrent kind of cream cheese or fish.. 🙂

  13. The IKEA junk is NOT typically Swedish. It's all an IKEA gimmick. If you want real Swedish things then you should ask Swedes what's their local common thing. You have to buy from the old brands that sell good old classic. IKEA is just full of shit. Everything that IKEA claim is Swedish is just a recipe made by some Swedish employee at IKEA. I avoid IKEA because most of their furniture is crap and the food they sell is the cheapest piece of crap you can come across. IKEA have their HQ in Sweden but all their money is handled by a organization registered in the Netherlands and the money is hidden in Swiss bank accounts. Pretty much all furniture is made in other places such as some cheap places in eastern Germany and poor places in former Soviet republics and Russia. IKEA doesn't make food, it's FAKE! Best regards, a Swede. IKEA is not synomous with Sweden, IKEA is low class shit. Swedes only buy IKEA furniture unless they can afford more solid furniture and the things that you can eat that IKEA sells is garbage. We don't eat their stuff unless we happen to be at IKEA and feel the urge to eat a dinner in their restaurant (a restaurant inside the IKEA store). If you want real Swedish stuff, avoid IKEA at all costs!

  14. The 3:e thing you ate is called Knäckebröd here in Sweden, there are lots of flavours and dill is not my personal favourite. We eat it kind of often, with butter and cheese 😜

  15. No no no… Rubbing my forehead I'm from Sweden the food and beverages at IKEA are not close to anything swedish. We see it as cheap tries to copy the "real stuff" I hooope someone sends you something REAL and genuine food/sweets (with directions) 😉 The dill-cardboard I wouldn't even try myself. They are NOT common nor seasonal, just IKEA… 🙂 But real knäckebröd is eaten just like you would prepare a sandwich; butter and cheese etc But beware! you have to spread the butter on the "right side" 😀 This is an ongoing debate here! 🙂

  16. If you want to taste Swedish stuff, IKEA in not the best brand. They are often a cheap version of the real stuff. Just so you know that some of this things are really tasty, If they are not from IKEA.

  17. we call "biscuits" Kakorin Sweden. Which is similar to cookies. xD
    and the word "Cake" comes from the nordic/germanic word for it, aswell as Window (Vindöga/vindöe)

  18. stop buying things at ikea… it's not even typical swedish food or candy…. get stuff sent directly from sweden instead and make it fair…

  19. The first thing is not a marshmellow xD It is more like a chewing type of candy. It has some marshmellow to it, but is not really one 🙂

  20. ikea usually has pretty low-brand or brand-replica of regular swedish kinds of food so-…… i'd say you didn't win the grand price of that lottery, ahem..

  21. You should try more candy that is actually found in Sweden, these are only found in IKEA…outside of Sweden I'd assume bacause I have NEVER seen them. I'd suggest you try Marabou chocolate, Cloetta (any of of candy), Delicato ball, salty liqorice, Zoo, Gott och Blandat…I have seen both your videos about Sweden and I'd say both contain stuff from IKEAm unless you want meatballs…don't rely on their groceries as "something Swedish" most Swedes have never seen them before.

  22. the marshmallows are christmas candy and the gingerbread to, but the bred is not, its bread that you break and put butter or philadelphia on, and its not a seson thing, the soda are for christmas and easter and you don't drink it whit ice!!!

  23. Im not sure about thoose bread thing but i think you need some kind of butter or cheese on it, it's a normal sandwich

  24. Crisp bread rarely taste good on it's own. It's meant to enhance the spread. 🙂 Try it with some butter and cheddar cheese.

  25. No one in the hole Sweden buys those ikea things. They are cheep as fuck and are for like people with no money. IKEA products sucks

  26. well, i like your video, but these stuffs are from IKEA, wich means no swede in their right mind buys them 😉 and the "julmust" you should buy is Apotekarnes 😛 Never buy swedish "goods" from ikea =P

  27. The drink (julmust) do we drink on Christmas and Easter. And Ikea don't have the same candy and food that we have here in sweden🇸🇪

  28. Every swedish person is so offended. Sure I agree on the fact that u don´t go to Ikea to buy food and candy here in sweden but shes at least trying to do a video of what she could find. Great job with that 🙂

  29. they also have Julmus at Easter if i remember correctly. To me it tastes like fermented Coca Cola; a unique flavor for sure. It does have a weird aftertaste but also kind of addictive. It's like 'mehhh i don't really like this' but you keep drinking it anyway haha

  30. knäckebröd is something the Swedish military used!! it's perfect food because you can have it in your storage forever and it will not start to mold or anything!! and it's good for your belly, I eat it every morning

  31. I just subscribed yesterday…your laugh and silly behavior is a straight up dead ringer for my friend Rita from my childhood! Wow, it's uncanny, Thanks…it's fun to watch you AND remember laughing with Rita long, long ago! Peace Vivian✌🏻

  32. So did anyone from Sweden ever send her some goodies to try? I am a fairly new subscriber and am binge-watching her videos. Love love her she is the most amazing woman. Wish her lots of success and happiness and calm.

  33. My husband is Swedish… and he hates Swedish food – Although I like the meatballs; and the lingonberry jam. When he heard I was Italian/Sicilian the first question he asked me if I could cook and I said yeah why? He loves Italian food. I never knew vikings were in Italy and Siciliy and he said – now you know why they were exploring – for better food LMFAO

  34. First of all , you should not be putting ice on drinks that you are trying for the first time coz you're basically diluting them & losing some of the flavors.
    Secondly & lastly, I think you should do some homework first on the items you will be trying so you'll get some ideas on how to serve or eat them properly before you start blogging

  35. OOOHHH MY GOH!!! Those marshmallows look perfect! I always let my marshmallows set out and let them get all hard and sometimes even crunchy. People say I’m nuts but I can’t be the only one that does that.

  36. Your sooo interesting, hilarious, cute, fun to watch and you just take me out of my misery for While. Haha. I'm hopelessly addicted and love it.

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