Street Food in Singapore at a Hawker Centre (小贩中心 – 熟食中心)

Street Food in Singapore at a Hawker Centre (小贩中心 – 熟食中心)

Hawker Centres, which are open air food stall
complexes, serve up a variety of inexpensive food. From Chinese to Indian and Malaysian to Indonesian
there is a diverse selection of cuisine to choose from. We’re having our first lunch here in Singapore
at a Hawker Center and I’ve ordered myself some Chinese food. I have some Hainanese chicken
rice, which looks absolutely delicious and I’ve got a butter chicken with butter naan
right down here. Here is my dish – it is just a bit of plain
rice and some chicken with crispy skin on the outside. Despite it looking a bit bland
it is actually quite tasty. It is hard not to enjoy butter chicken – this
is awesome. We’ve got a few more snacks to complete the
meal. What are they? This is a combination of satay and dim sum, so we have sweet potato
here and this one is yam. We’ve got tofu cubes over here. This one is prawn and I believe
that is a shrimp dumpling. I’m going for something a little sweet here.
I have some kind of yam spring roll. Should I dip it in peanut sauce? Nah, just have it.
Is it sweet? It is. It tastes like sweet potato except that it is white. This crab didn’t
go on a skewer and it will taste good in the peanut sauce I’m pretty sure. We’ll mix that
bad boy around. What is happening over there? Kind of chewy? Here is the crab! Nice claw. Oh, that is delicious. It is so juicy inside. As budget travelers these Hawker centres in
Singapore are a real find. Because it is really expensive in Singapore – it is one of the
most expensive cities in all of Asia – certainly in Southeast Asia. You can find dishes here
for between four to ten Singaporean dollars and it is so much cheaper than eating in a
restaurant. I like the variety that you can find at the
Hawker centers. For example, today we had some Indian food, Chinese food and we also
saw stands selling Malaysian food, Singaporean dishes and lots of other things. This Hawker center is by the Singapore Flyer
but you can find them all throughout the city.


  1. Singapore is a multiracial country with a wide variety of cuisines. Best way to try them is in foodcourts and hawkers centres. Avoid LauPaSat and Newton food centres as they will be overly pricy and food is not as delicious as those in neighbourhood centres. Since Singapore is so small, hoping from one neighbourhood food centre to another is really quick and easy.

  2. Wow you came to my country! try the hawker centres like maxwell road hawker, old airport road, and chinatown people's park food centres, they have some really good local food stalls that are really popular with locals! The name of the hawker centres might sound strange but one google will lead you to all the information you need abt them. And one more thing, I know our crabs dishes arent cheap but its really something that you should try when coming to singapore. The famous chilli crabs or my personal favourite: butter sauce crabs and salted egg yolk crabs. They are worth the price! 😀

  3. Really glad you guys visited Singapore!
    I hope you had time to visit the hawkers at Chinatown and Little India.
    Cheers 🙂

  4. Hellos. I'm a Singaporean and I love our Hawker culture very much. I've been to that hawker center near the Singapore Flyer recently. And, really. It's crap. The food is bleh. It's really just a tourist trap and the food is gawd over priced. Typical Singapore hawker food cost between 4-7 bucks. (Excluding those with higher costing ingredients like seafood at tze char stalls.) You can find all sorts of South East Asian dishes. However since Chinese coolies came to Singapore decades and decades ago, plus the fact that Malaysia is close, I'd say that dishes which are more "local" lean towards fusion between Malaysia and Singapore. Hence there's a lot of people arguing over where local favourites like laksa, fish head curry, etc etc originate from. But yeah. Okay.

  5. The food price going up all the time because of the tourist love to come to visit. Singapore some of them was here duruthe war so they come to see if the country have change very beautiful place to live in thank you for sharing your beautiful video.

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