Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse #TeenBookTuesday

Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse #TeenBookTuesday

Hello, everyone! My name is Johanna and this is Teen Book Tuesday. Hello, we are the Teen Department at the Cape
May County Library in Cape May County, New Jersey. And we are here to bring you videos and suggestions
all about books and graphic novels and audiobooks and things we think you might like. This week I have for you a memoir slash collection
of essays. “Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse”
by Shane Burcaw. Oo, lots of glare. Shane, the author, has a condition called
spinal muscular atrophy, which causes his muscles to weaken considerably as he ages. And he uses a power wheelchair to help with
his mobility. On the cover you can also see his girlfriend
Hannah, who is his primary caregiver and helps with everything from driving to eating to
using the bathroom to bathing. In this book and in these essays, Shane talks
a lot about what it’s like to live with SMA, everything from awkward introductions with
strangers who assume he is a little kid or that he can’t talk, to getting his wheelchair
stuck in the sand at the beach, to not feeling like he can ever move out of his parents’
house. But the essays also kind of form this overarching
coming of age story so we see Shane going from being a little kid and being afraid to
ask for help with going to the bathroom in elementary school to how he meets Hannah and
how he is finally able to move out of his parents’ house. And how he becomes the executive director
this advocacy organization. And all the essays have a pretty big emphasis
on humor, so if you like funny stuff, you should check this out. Shane and Hannah also have a YouTube channel
called Squirmy and Grubs, where they talk about everything from taste testing international
snacks to being an inter-abled couple to more in depth about Shane’s medical condition. It is pretty cool and you should check it
out. The book is “Strangers Assume My Girlfriend
is My Nurse” by Shane Burcaw. That’s all for this week! See you all later!

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