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  1. Hello! viewers all over the world. I'm Johnson walta from Paris, France. I want to use this leisure hour of mine to testify to the world on how Dr.musa cured and delivered me from my HIV/AIDS disease. I was diagnosed with Hiv for almost five years, i have been to several hospitals, have met with several home doctors, I went to different churches and spiritual temples all in order to get rid of this HIV disease but to no avail and I have spent a huge and lot of money on this disease of mine but all I do gained is the disease still inside of me. But all my predicaments and pains came to an end one faithful day. I was sitting inside my room and browsing through the internet when I came across a post on how Dr.musa cured someone who was infected with cancer and two other people that was contacted with this same HIV disease and I quickly copied his contact details. The next day I contacted the spiritual doctor Dr.musa and I explained everything that I have been going through for the past five years. He told me not to be worried and that he is going to cast a spell for me right in his temple and after that the disease will be gone forever. The next three days he asked for my name and other personal details about me and I sent them to him and he instructed me how to use what he sent to me after finished using it accordingly for three days should go for medical check up. The next 48hours arrived in no distance time as I expected and I went to the hospital where I normally received weekly treatment………Getting to the hospital I told the doctor to do a check up on me and behold the doctor came back after 20minutes of my check up holding a test result which he handed over to me where I was sitting at the patient room and behold to my greatest surprise, I was detected HIV NEGATIVE and since then I have been going to the hospital time to time for check up and all my test result is HIV NEGATIVE. Am so so happy and I could not keep the joy to myself alone, so I decide to share the testimony to all of you in order to know that spiritual doctors like Dr.musa still do exist. I sincerely owe Dr.musa my life for he did not charge me for anything except the items he ordered me to purchase in which he used in casting the cure spell for me. Please if you are similar to this same issue or other deadly disease such as cancer,diabetes, epilepsy, stroke, ulcer, ebola, pile, tuberculosis, herpes, gonorrhea, low sperm count, lassa fever, pregnancy problem and so many on…….. you can contact the doctor on his email address:[email protected]

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