Stock Market Price Discovery | Love of Diet Coke and Shake Shack Burgers

Stock Market Price Discovery | Love of Diet Coke and Shake Shack Burgers

Intro Music* Paul: Where are we? Naiane: Shake Shack (inaudible Portuguese) Paul: I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said “Panda Express – Orange Chicken” Naiane: I love orange chicken Paul: It’s a surprising answer, haha Naiane: I love. I make it at my house, orange chicken. I love you orange chicken! Naiane: Today, I need morning… sorry my english is very bad, haha.
Paul: Oh you are going to talk about that again? Ugh. Paul: Babe, the lunch was very good. Paul: Was my photography good? Naiane: Really good. Nine Paul: 9? As in, nine out of time?! Paul: It was my first time πŸ™‚ Paul: Wait ’till you see some of the photo. I think I found my new calling. It’s that good! Paul: You know what I realized? Paul: We have this language barrier… Paul: But she understands me Paul: Better than people who speaks my language Paul: People who speak English or the same language Paul: Don’t really even understand half the things I say anyways Paul: I think it really speaks to the point that Paul: Language isn’t the sole reason why you understand someone. Naiane: Love is a universal language language! Paul: Haha, yes that too πŸ™‚ Paul: Yes, certainly is. Paul: Perhaps I’m romanticizing it a little too much but it tends to transcend Paul: the barriers we see as from real barrier to connection with somebody Paul: this notion that we gotta understand each other language-wise.. Paul: I literally looked at her and she
knows what I’m gonna say Paul: Even though from a language standpoint, she has no clue Paul: I understand her very well and she understands me extremely well Paul: She already knows what I’m going to say Naiane: (interrupts).. because he is my man πŸ™‚ Paul: You know the thing is, I don’t see neither Paul: complacency nor fear in the market.
To me that’s actually pretty healthy price discovery Paul: I guess people just don’t know that Paul: Because it’s such a… Paul: qualitative measurement… I think
sometimes the market and the way Paul: market respondents and investors have been conditioned… Paul: in the last five years especially… Paul: there’s been too much emphasis on quantitative elements but… Paul: But… true art of trading is the qualitative aspect and that’s something Paul: You cannot teach… Paul: Baby, do you agree? (Naiane agrees) Paul: I don’t think it’s too late to buy the market (stocks) after November 8 election Paul: I think after November election is just fine. I think that gives a clear runway Paul: between all of November and all of December Paul: To chase the market for those who are under performing Paul: The seasonal effect is that for those down for the year is that Paul: They want to close out the year on a higher note and be able to tell clients Paul: That you made money.. Paul: So if that’s the case… Paul: You end up chasing the market
higher Paul: If the market does run. Often times it becomes a self-fulfilling event Paul: Trends appear for many reasons up here for many reasons and momentum appears for many reason too Paul: But then the most basic stimuli for Paul: For causing such momentum is “fear of missing out (FOMO)” – and it just snowballs a lot of times Naiane: I don’t like diet coke… diet coke is “blehhh” Paul: Diet coke is… Paul: I think diet coke is amazing. Let me explain why diet coke is amazing Naiane: No no no no. It is not amazing. Paul: Diet coke is amazing because… Paul: I think the regular coke, is too syrupy… Paul: The viscosity… I think is too thick!! Naiane: Baby, it’s not good baby. It is not healthy. Paul: Yes, that is true (not healthy) but it has a better taste. It has a thinner taste, ha. Paul: And I am addicted to diet coke, haha. Paul: I’d probably choose diet coke over you haha. Paul: I don’t think she understood that one given her reaction (muted reaction) haha. Paul: Say bye (Naiane) to the camera Naiane: **saying goodbye in Portuguese


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