Early morning. I’m about to do intervals here at Vintersportcentrum I’m going to change car today as well so I take advantage of the time and do a session in here. Emelie is going to the hairdresser now when she’s back from Umeå. So it’s been an early morning since there only was time at the treadmill between 08:00 – 09:00 AM. So it is what it is. Are you going to the gym? Yes, I need to do something while you’re on the treadmill. I’m at Berners. I’ll go inside and change car. To a new one. But the same model. Is it for the vlog? Yes, probably. New car. Yes. The same as before but with a new steering wheel. More cool then before. A part from that, the same car as before. Very fresh. Yes. I think they’re… The alltrack is really good, it fits me. I enjoy it. It’s a good… It fits your lifestyle so to speak. It has a four wheel drive, which is the best. And that it’s a bit higher. So I can get around on the roads here in Jämtland which the Road Adminstrations don’t take care of. We’ll cut that part out. Why? It’s true. 90% of the roads are just crap. Therefore it’s good with a proper car. Yes. That’s how it is. Nice with a new car. That’s perfect. Now we’re going to buy… I need food. an afternoon sandwich. Is it going well? Yes. Yes. Easy morning run. Around 1,5 h of running as you can see. Nice morning. Is it Saturday today? Yes it is. Yes. We’ve been running for 1 hour. 10 km and some altitude meters. Did you say easy run? You’re deciding the pace. But it was tough. It’s just imagination. One more. But I can’t. I’m not going to make it. I’m too weak. I saw that. You need to have a little bit of a swing. Not jumping but swing some. But it’s tough. I’m too weak. That’s not proper chins. I know because I use a *supinated grip. What? A what? *Supinated. That’s right. One. The outdoor gym. Today I did the assault bike. It was a while ago actually. A really tough machine. One of few machines where you can be so evenly tired in your body. I did 2 blocks of 70/20. Pretty tough so it was a good session. It’s minus temperatures all day long now so it’s not possible to roller ski so therefore I was in the gym today. It’s pretty much only running I can do at home now and I don’t want to do running intervals since I haven’t done them during the summer so therefore it feels unnecessary to risk anything at this point. So therefore I used the assault bike. Are you nervous? Yes. To be in the vlog. Have you already started? Yes. Tell us then Hey! Hi! What are we doing? We’re in a traffic jam on out way to the press conference. We’ll be late. Will we? Yes, we will. What’s the time then? 08:15 AM. We’re estimated to be there at 08:52 AM and it starts at 08:30 AM. Exactly. Now the lightning is better. Now your nose is in the picture. But now then? Beware your nose. We’re on out way to Stockholm. Or actually we’re in Stockholm. You did your premiere on Joe & the juice. Yes. Stina showed me. I bought some sandwich for breakfast. This will be a haul like all the influencer has. That means you promote stuff. So that means we’re going to promote spicy tuna. Incredibly good sandwich. Teo, what do you say? It would’ve been nice. It would’ve been nice. Exactly. The idea of vlogging inside of here felt better before since we don’t have much to talk about. Let’s just jump to something else. Press conference. Here we’ve Lars Selin. Haven’t you been starting movember yet? I will remove what’s superfluous for movember. I made a try with mine but Emelie got so upset so I had to remove it. Alright. Yes. She decides. She decides. Here she is, she who is drawn to the vlog. Come here. My insta story of you is really trending. Let me see. I posted this one recently. Where you can see obvious coffee stains here and to the story now. We had been in the taxi for over an hour and we had maybe 5-10 minutes left. What happens then? It comes a bump and Jens get coffee over himself. Did you spill on this? No now I’ve changed. I had a shirt before. Well, well. Hi Viktor! Hi Jens! I’m the first one eating. Bye! Go away so I can eat by myself. Go. Yummy. Hi again Jens! Let’s get home again. Stina forgot her phone in the taxi which I took. I want to see her reaction later. Wait, my phone. No! What’s happening? In the bag then? Have I been holding the phone? Damn, then I need to… Can someone watch this? Stina, do you mean this one? Damn you, I hate you Jens. You need to make sure to take your stuff out from the taxi. Where did you find it, Jens? On the seat. Back home in Östersund. The time is 04:00 PM. So it’s been a full day in Stockholm with an early morning to get there. So now we’re done with the media-day. I’ll end the vlog here and I’ll see you next week again. I’ll go to Bruksvallarna tomorrow. The blog will be up tomorrow since I had this today. There’s no time to be able to publish it today. So you’ll see this on Tuesday. As always I’ll see you next week. Like, which I keep nagging about and subscribe so we can try to hit 10k subscribers since there’s not much left. That would be really fun before the end of this year. Subscribe to the channel, it would make me happy. Now I’m going back to Åsarna, bye!


  1. Thanks for video, when looking at your videos and how are you breathing during training I have one question. Isn't any problem when your are producing a lot of CO2 in Sweden when doing heavy breathing during interval sessions? Some kids have already destroyed childhood from this.

  2. Riktigt bra och intressant avsnitt. Guld för oss som är längdintresserade. Kul att se Stina på gott humör också det bådar gott!!

  3. Ny bil, kul att få se Emelie igen, publikfavoriten Stina med, press konferens och lite träning, en riktig bra mix i videon. Fast du glömde att säga att vi även ska "kommentera", inte bara gilla och prenumerera.

  4. "Кофе без молоко и сахар")) 👍 Stina continues to learn russian language? In the next video let her say a new phrase)

  5. Tjanare dude"""""" Its a subscribe and follow Glad Ugot Subtitles To help my Rusty Svenska Tack sa mycket Ta hand om Tc Uk

  6. Klickade på videon eftersom Stina var med:) Pull ups- pronerat (överhandsgrepp), chin ups- supinerat (underhandsgrepp). Annars så…

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