Some organizations are already very successful in preventing pressure ulcers

Some organizations are already very successful in preventing pressure ulcers

As we get started today, I just want to tell
you the goal for pressure ulcers, the prevention of pressure ulcers, really is zero. For a long time in health care, we thought
pressure ulcers were just a part of doing business. But what we’ve seen across the country is
that when people really focus on being reliable with these strategies for prevention, they
can get down to close to zero. And some hospitals actually get down to zero
for a quarter or two. Here are a couple of graphs from hospitals
that have done some really terrific work. This first one is from St. Vincent’s Hospital. They’re an Ascension hospital that has really
focused on their skin bundle, and really reduced pressure ulcers down to .57 incidence. This is a graph from OSF Medical Center. Over a four-and-a-half-year period of time,
they’ve gotten it down to 1 or 2% of incidence rates in their hospitals. This is from another one of our mentor hospitals,
it’s a rural hospital in Kentucky — Owensboro Medical Center — how they’ve taken their
incidence that started at 21% and, over time, decreased that incidence rate for all their
patients in their hospital. This last graph is from Yuma Regional Medical
Center — they’re in Arizona — and we actually found them in our fall harvest we
did in 2007. But they have, over time, put processes in
place to where they are reliably checking their patients every day and implementing
these strategies for patients at risk. And their incidence is down to 2.7. For second quarter 2008, they had zero incidences
of pressure ulcers, and they were really proud about that.

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