Smebrered, a sandwich loved by the Royal family of Denmark [Battle Trip / 2017.08.04]

Smebrered, a sandwich loved by the Royal family of Denmark [Battle Trip / 2017.08.04]

This is the last part of Denmark. Let’s watch it. Let’s watch the truly advanced country. We only have 24 hours left. – It’s our last day. / – That’s right. The weather is so nice. Because the weather is nice, because it’s bright… (He does his best to look cool) They’re harmonizing again. He can’t help it. It’s embarrassing to do this. The viewers will know that a camera is there. – What will we do now? / – First… – We didn’t get to see the canal. / – That’s right. How do I put it? It’s the… – Landmark of Copenhagen. / – Landmark? This really looks like Europe. That’s it! I saw this from pictures. – This was really good. / – This was really good. Where are we going on these bikes? It’s the palace where the queen of Denmark lives. They blocked the sea and made a swimming pool. We will go to the street food market by boat. It’s a very hip place. – It already sounds good. / – That looks so fun. (Nyhavn tour) This really is the last day of the Lee K Tour. Isn’t that the same thing from yesterday. – The Lego… / – That’s right. – I think this is it. / – It’s like a calendar poster. It’s a calendar. This is what they built. I can’t tell what’s real and what’s Lego. Denmark makes you want to take photos. There is a reason there are so many stores here. This is “Kobenhavn” in Danish. – The colors are amazing. / – Who thought of that? “Koben” means to buy and “havn” means harbor. Captains would come here after getting off their ship and use a lot of money that they made. – “Copenhagen” means… / – What about Nyhavn? “Havn” means canal. – What about “Ny?” / – “Ny” means new. It means “new canal.” Copenhagen in Danish is pronounced like this. Kobenhavn. – Kobenhavn. / – Kobenhavn. – Kobenhavn. / – It makes you feel weak. People go to Copenhagen after seeing that picture. They go there to see that. (K.will is taking a picture) That’s good. – Want me to take it for you? / – What? I think it’ll just be wasting memory. Move a little further. Stop. See how good I am. – See how good I am. / – He’s such a show-off. – I’m really bad at taking pictures. / – What is this? You’re supposed to take the other side. He’s just a terrible photographer. This guy… – Ask someone else then. / – How can you be so bad? I can’t help that I’m bad. I never take photos. You’re really bad. How could someone be good at everything? What are we going to eat? There’s a simple sandwich in Denmark. It’s very famous. The name is too difficult. This is smorrebrod. – “Smorre” means cheese. / – Butter. – Is it butter? / – It is butter. Smorrebrod is butter on bread. – The chef has his name on here. / – Really? The name originally meant bread with some kind of sauce on it. These days it means bread with various toppings on it. – That’s smorrebrod. / – They don’t have a menu. They display the food. You can choose what you want. There is a menu but most just choose from display. – Choose one. / – It’s not decoration. It’s real. I want this one. This one? These are fish pancakes. – Fish. / – It looks like it. This one and… Pick one for me. I want something that looks pretty. What about this one? This looks pretty. That looks good. – What is this black one? / – It’s salmon. – Look at this black one. / – Is that caviar? Did they really put this much caviar on this? We ate a lot of salmon but we’re attracted to this because of the caviar. Let’s eat this if it’s caviar. – If it isn’t, don’t choose it. / – Looks good. Caviar must be expensive. – Is this caviar? / – It’s home smoked salmon… (What about the black stuff?) – With caviar. / – It is caviar. – Okay. / – It’s caviar. I always wanted to try caviar in Europe. – One of this and this and this. / – Caviar. How much are they? – About $20. / – I heard it was expensive. – It’s between $13 to $23. / – It starts from $13. (Smorrebrod is made the moment the order is placed) That place is… Where was it? They give you that much? That place caters… – To the Danish royal family. / – For royalty. It was really good. (Smorrebrod with fish and mustard sauce) That was my favorite. (Elegant Danish brunch) – That’s really pretty. / – It looks elegant. I wanted to slice this. – It’s full of fish. / – Is this fish? Did they fry it? They didn’t fry it. They minced it. – They are like pancakes. / – That looks good. It’s delicious. The fish is really tender. They must have minced it. This sauce is like honey mustard with pickles. Right. So it helps to decrease the oily taste. This food suits the Korean appetite best. That’s really expensive if it’s $23. – It’s $23. / – It’s a dish made by a chef. – It’s a gourmet course. / – How do we eat this? – Wait a minute. / – You shouldn’t think of the cost. First appreciate it with your eyes. Starting from the bread, it has fresh tomatoes, avocados and fried chicken skin on top. I don’t know what this white stuff is. Is it cheese? It must be cheese. I think it’s egg whites. It’s not egg whites. It is egg whites. (What is wrong with you?) It is. We need to see food from several angles. – Was that called an open sandwich? / – Yes. – It’s an open sandwich. / – This is a soft-boiled egg. I didn’t know that. Let’s eat. If you slice it, the egg yolk will come out. The egg yolk will… Egg yolk flowing looks so delicious. How do I eat this? How do people eat this? We just finish it in one bite. One bite fairy. Show us what one bite looks like. – You shouldn’t eat it like that. / – Moon Seyoon? He’s as good as him. – He’s as good as him. / – He can’t lose. You have a really big mouth. He still has space for more. – It tastes better like this. / – You’re right. – He has more space. / – It tastes better. Let’s try the fried chicken skin. (He puts the fried chicken skin on top) (It’s hard to eat) You’re a really dirty eater. – You have no dignity. / – I also have a big mouth. However when you see Lee Hyun eat, it’s like Yelena Isinbayeva vaulting poles easily. – There’s no food left. / – It’s like Yao Ming dunking. It was too easy for him. This really tastes good. I thought that avocado had a bland taste. It really tastes good together. The skin has a really savory smell. This made the dish taste rich. Let’s try the caviar. They put so much when caviar is so expensive. – Does caviar taste good? / – It’s salty. – Caviar is originally salty. / – It is. – It’s really salty. / – I can eat this in one bite. – Eat it up. / – You need to eat it with bread. Caviar first? (He succeeds eating it in a bite) I think it’s well seasoned. The caviar was salty when we tasted it but that’s the only salty thing. – That looks delicious. / – It really was. Danish people must have really big mouths. He uses the knife. – That’s scary. / – I thought it was a Korean kebab. Don’t be so surprised. I’m only human. (They eat everything to the last bite) – This is good. / – We really enjoyed this. People ride bikes a lot here in Denmark. – I heard that they did. / – That’s right. I even rode on curved roads without my hands. It’s like you were Jung Woosung. “Where are you?” If you do that, you’ll die. – Which movie was that? / – Bike. Let’s ride a bike. The roads will be good for bicycles. Of course. It’s easy for tourists to borrow bicycles and ride them. I’m jealous of their bike lanes. – Their bike lanes are really good. / – In Korea… The bike lanes are taken by parked cars. (35% of the people commute by bike) (To really feel Copenhagen) (How about traveling by bicycles with the locals?) They all have GPS on them. – Really? / – Yes. – It’s here. / – It is. (City bike) With your credit card, input your number in here and you can use it right away. Unfortunately, you can’t use the Copenhagen card. Can you borrow two bikes with a single credit card? Why are you asking that? I didn’t bring mine. You must take your credit card when you travel. Okay, wait a minute. (He suddenly becomes friendly) (I’m sure that he will do it for me) Carry your wallet around. I’ll watch the bag for you. – I’ll take the card out. / – Take it out. We’ve never seen this. It’s completely new. – True. / – 404. It’s my first time too. It worked. All I need to do is take it out. – It’s out. / – You just input the number? Where will we take these? We’re going to the palace where the queen resides. – It’s still a monarchy. / – Yesterday… – We saw it at Legoland. / – We’ll go to that palace. It’s not far so let’s look it up. There’s a GPS screen on it too. Amal… It’s Amalienborg Palace. The fact that it has GPS is the best. Yes, it gives you all the directions if you look up the destination. That’s really nice. Okay, let’s go. – Shall I try it? / – Sure. (He attempts to ride the bicycle) Hold on. The seat is too high. Shy, shy, shy. – It’s too high. / – The seat was too high. People here are too tall. – He fell. / – It’s too high. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. The seat almost disappeared. No, no, no. – It went into your pants. / – It fit me perfectly. – No. / – No, it fit. – It’s too high. / – Their legs are so long. – Their average height! / – Average height is 182cm? The toilets in the bathrooms are also very high. – Really? / – Yes. Sikyung would be considered average height there. It worked. It worked. Let go. No, this isn’t enough. No, it’ll work. – It’s enough. / – Now, it’s ready. – This should be about right. / – Yeah… – Shall we go? Come with me? / – Let’s go. It’s been a while since I rode a bike. (Heart throbbing) Shall we go? Alright. Right turn here. You have to signal the turn by raising your right hand. You need to do that on your bikes. – Right hand for right turns. / – Really? Left hand for left turns. That’s a great tip. You have to raise your hand when you stop. – Like this? / – Yes. (Suddenly, it gets bumpy) This must be the palace. But you look like locals on those bikes. It looks so leisurely. We look like very short locals. Short locals… Amalienborg Palace. (Ballad princes ride around the Danish palace) Riding a bike like that is really nice. Holidays like that make you want to slow down in life. – They really do. / – Amazing. (Royal Life Guards) Honor guards. I tried once. – Unbelievable. / – What’s going on? (Exclaiming) I’ve tried that. (He tries to recall the steps in a faraway land) (He clearly remembers the moves) – He remembers. / – I thought I was going to die. – Does the queen live here? / – I guess so. Is she here? If the royal family is present, they hang the flags. – That means they’re present. / – That’s right. – So that’s when they’re hung. / – Must be tough… It’ll be too noisy in front of the house. – And people just enter. / – I know. The front lawn.


  1. Am I the only one who found this video with litterly search on "kpop denmark/danish" or something like that

  2. It’s funny when he try to translate the Danish words. He seems so confident 😂
    And why do foreign people keep calling «smørrebrød» a sandwich? 🤔

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