SLUTTY Vegan BACON Has Arrived! | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

SLUTTY Vegan BACON Has Arrived! | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

– [Announcer] This week vegan bacon is launching in supermarkets. A vegan paid $230 to release
a hundred-year-old lobster back into the ocean. Sweden is so good at recycling, it literally has no trash. And find out all the details about Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest
global warming documentary. All that and more on LIVEKINDLY’s Weekly Vegan News. A new brand of vegan bacon is
on its way to supermarkets. – The vegan bacon, it
really tastes like bacon, like consistency and everything. – [Announcer] Slutty
Vegan is an Atlanta-based vegan burger joint with a
mission to bring vegan food to communities that might
not always have access to it. The brand hosts pop-up events
that are frequently sold out. – We get about 400
people who stand in line every single day to get this food. Every day! – [Announcer] And it’s now
venturing into the retail space with vegan bacon full of meaty flavor. “We actively seek to dismiss the notion “held my many we serve that vegan food “is either too expensive or too bland,” the company says on its website. Slutty Vegan posted an image
of the new bacon on Instagram. The product’s packaging
says the plant-based meat is made from non-GMO soy protein
and offers a smokey flavor. It’s low in sodium,
has zero preservatives, and contains no trans fat. Coming up, this vegan paid $230 to set a hundred-year-old lobster free. Costco has that giant three-pound tub of vegan cookie dough
you’ve been looking for. Vegan cookie dough brand, Eat Pastry, took to Instagram earlier this month. “We have big news. “You can get our cookie dough
in big tubs at select Costco. “Y’all are getting the
best deal of your life.” The regular tubs of
Eat Pastry Cookie Dough are 14 ounces each, so the new big tubs give you more than three
times the usual amount. For now, it looks like
Costco is only carrying the vegan chocolate chip flavor, but the brand has cookie
dough to satisfy cravings for peanut butter, double
chocolate, and snickerdoodle. Eat Pastry’s dough baked
into oven fresh vegan cookies in 10 minutes and can safely be eaten raw since it doesn’t contain eggs. A hundred-year-old 23-pound
lobster has been given another shot at life thanks
to vegan Katie Conklin who rescued the marine animal. The lobster, named King Louie, was caught by Rodney MacDonald in the
Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, one of eastern Canada’s
Maritime provinces. MacDonald took the large
animal to his family’s seafood store, the Alma Lobster Shop. The business shared images
of King Louie on Facebook, sparking conversation
about what should be done with the lobster. Measuring four feet in length,
King Louie is predicted to be about a century old. Conklin, who lives
several hundred miles away in Nova Scotia, paid $230 to the family on the grounds that King Louie be released back into the sea. Speaking to CTV News, Conklin
said she hopes the lobster lives out a happy life
in his natural habitat and passes his genes
onto the next generation. Research scientist Adam
Cook told the news outlet that King Louie has a
high chance of survival. Sweden is so good at recycling,
it literally has no trash. Since 2011, less then 1%
of Swedish household waste has been sent to landfill, and the Scandinavian
nation has imported rubbish from other countries for several years to keep its recycling plants running. Anna-Carin Gripwall,
Director of the Swedish Waste Management Recycling Association, told the Independent,
“Swedish people are quite keen “on being out in nature,
and they are aware of what we need to do on nature
and environmental issues. “We worked on communications
for a long time “to make people aware not
to throw things outdoors, “so that we can recycle and reuse.” Sweden’s national
recycling policy means that even though private companies
import and burn waste, the energy is fed into a
national heating network, warming up homes during the
country’s coldest months. Towns in Sweden independently
invest in futuristic waste collection, the Independent said, such as automatic vacuum
systems in residential blocks. Underground container
systems are also used, making more road space available
and avoiding foul odors. Coming up, Leonardo DiCaprio
releases a new movie about global warming. Animals were granted the same
rights as humans in India. According to the Indian Express, the Punjab and Haryana High
Court has given animals in Haryana the state of
a legal person or entity. The ruling aims to protect and promote greater welfare of animals, according to Justice Rajiv
Sharma, who wrote the order. He says that animals, including
avian and aquatic beings, cannot be treated as objects or property. Sharma wrote a similar order last year for the Uttarakhand High Court. The ruling sought animals
living in Uttarakhand recognized as legal persons. Like the Haryana ruling,
the Uttarakhand order places residents as animal guardians. Academy award winning actor
and environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio, just
produced another movie about climate change
called, “Ice on Fire.” The new HBO documentary goes beyond the current climate crisis. – [DiCaprio] Scientists
have discovered solutions, giving us a chance at
reversing climate change. But the clock is ticking. – [Announcer] Filming took
place in Norway, Alaska, Iceland, Colorado, Switzerland,
Costa Rica, and Connecticut to gain first-hand accounts
from farmers, scientists, and innovators alike. The documentary is jointly
produced by DiCaprio, his father, George, and
screenwriter Matthew Schmidt. – Lila Conners, who first
collaborated with DiCaprio in the 2007 docudrama,
“The 11th Hour,” directs. DiCaprio, Schmidt, and
Conners have collaborated on several other green documentaries, including the 2014 series
of environmental short films called, “Green World Rising.” – [DiCaprio] The scientific
community has spoken. Climate change is
happening now and is caused by human activity. – [Announcer] 2017’s “We the People 2.0.” – [Film Narrator] But what they find is that the law is against them. – We’re living in a
system that does not allow representative government
at the local level. – [Announcer] And 2018’s
“Pollinators Under Pressure.” That’s it for today. What’s your favorite
environmental documentary? Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next week for LIVEKINDLY’s Weekly Vegan News.


  1. I plan to go to Slutty Vegan for my birthday. Living just north of Atlanta, hopefully I'll be able to find the bacon in stores soon. 😎

  2. Whoohoo!!!!!! 👍✊👊🙌✌️ Honestly, these videos make me happy. 💜💜💜 I've been so down lately because of all the negativity all around, it kinda got me depressed. Thanks for the happy video!!

  3. Great they are coming out with alternative food products,they say it is low in Sodium but they never show the ingredients.I know Google it.Also can!t wait for the Documentary on HBO,i have all ready put it on the calender.One of the Documentaries i have watched on Climate,is Called Garbage you can find it on Amazon.Healthy Eating Healthy Planet.🍎🌏✌

  4. So vegan claim that meat is bad for you so what do they do? Vegans" lots chemically and genetically grow meat because that well be so much better for us".

  5. Always good content on this channel. A few thoughts: I want that bacon !! Hope we can get it where I am sometime soon. Also, loved the Sweden story, I've had the cookie dough (smaller size), it's yummy raw. And I've rescued a few lobsters myself 😉

  6. Sweden has zero waste ! That's nice . It's clean there too.
    Why is the UK so filthy ?
    Can we not sort out the bins and stop the fly tippers already ?
    We don't need to live with all this garbage on the streets either ; and don't you dare blame the sea gulls again !

  7. The name “slutty” has bad definitions. But the logo looks like the word “Shitty” if you just glance at it. “Shitty Vegan” and “Shitty Strips”.

  8. i look forward to these videos each week….thankU so much for providing these valuable videos for the world to see. GO VEGAN !!!

  9. those fuckers couldnt even think it might be a good idea to let a creature that will lived longer then most of them combined
    its life and wanted to eat it?


    THIS IS EXTREMELY CRUCIAL FOR THE VEGAN MOVEMENT,, MAKE SURE ALL ALTERNATIVE ARE CRUSHING SATISFACTION (PRICE DOESNT MATTER AT FIRst, new technologies are more important, finding working receipies,, hopefully many will be using a diversity of weeds to do those later,, reducing costs and advancing at a WHOLE NEW LEVEl the brilliance/sustainability /biodiversity)

    LOL Bacon eggs and Ocean Creatures are the only vegan junk food on shelves that still suck today (maybe many cheese and dipping dairy alternatives,, considering those are drugs its completly unimaginable that brilliant rich people didnt get their hands on this INSANELY HUGE MARKET OF the future too,, best nicotene patch ever)
    (daiya the most advanced research on dairy alternative at least,, not everyone agrees and its a horible company so the ones stealing their receipies after will be even better, but they have more money so good luck the future rich people of dairy alternatives)
    -but sausages gusta tofurky (some actually prefered Yves i still cant believe that) so no excuses
    -chiken (soyari etc even Yves is not horible i thought, and beyond),,
    neither beef now that beyond is gona take out soon,, and yves alternative WERE amazing NOW THEY HAVE FKIN OIL IN IT,, witch obviously will help addicts,, but stops me from being able to buy for inflamations acne irritability depression,,
    -burgers you have sooooooooooooo many options its DEFINITLY not an issue,, and with beyond every single one of them matters are usually closed as an excuses for taste ( if they go for too pricey then EAT BEAN OR TOFU its less costly,, tho we need a mix between both taste, price and speed to rival with mcdonals insane price dat prevents idiots from trying new,, tho cause of gouv fonding its fkin almost impossible to be to the same level UGH)
    -milks obviously that ship is sailed for excuses over 15 choices and combination options are crazy

    pizzas didnt try yet but only daiya is vegan others are almost all vegetarian,, so guessing they wernt good enough for people to buy,, but if you find a peperony(or maybe sausage) and an actual COMMON liked cheese, you will be able to kill every cheese excuses (poutine pizza etc)

    any smart enough company to work on finding cheeses alternative appart from daiya will be fkin rich as fk, (lol imagine if beyond would put billions into researching cheeses dam craaazy rich)

    -meat/dairy sauces primavera promolof and romanof those ships are sailed,, a genius at montreal during vegan festival,, or the healthy eating,, ABSOLUTLY NAILED IT THE MASS AROUND the Samples AND THE TASTE AND THE COMMON response (im surprised pleine lune at my city still didnt get that sauce like i told them they should,, ill probably try with my iga on seminair,, that guy actually listens to me,, and everytime he makes money when he add my recommended products,, pretty sure i told him about it already,, but he still didnt get it,, like those vegNature cheases)

    -filadelphia those dipping cheese thing (VegNature IS AMAZING i found,, tho the only competent one i found on market (from Vegan Festival at Montreal),, i think daiya also has one not sure)
    -cream cheese,
    -sour creams,,
    -yogurt i can say proudly that Yoso nailed it (and daiya too) so that ship is sailed for excuses unless some people disagree,, but most animal eaters who tried LOVED IT
    -ice cream SOdelicious ABSOLUTLY NAILED IT,, OBVIOUS no excuses for ice creams SOO MANY REALLY GOOD Cashew based choices (even soft tofu versions)
    -pizza pockets i fkin wish
    -pogos only a vegetarian yves version sadly :,(

    all types of most liked fish (gardein
    -crab :,(
    -im a dumbass when it comes to ,,, bottom ocean creatures that people eat so you get the picture

    oh and special meats maybe but less common addiction
    -Turky &
    -Ham (festive days tastes buds) and that thing you put in turkies ass they love so much,,
    -duck horse bear deer etc? but much less important actually ignore those?

    -i tried the eggs they sucked but didnt taste so bad but still too weird for people it would be im sure (it was a powder bag inside a 4 egg box,, nice marketting idea xD, and pricey,, but more quantity)
    -bacon alternatives suck so much that they dont even bother sellin in my average size city(jean Sur Richelieu)

    -even tofu fumé(roasted got their game up in canada) for those who dont like tofu the smoked one is lill/lot better,,

  11. However, the slutty vegan is a racist business. They only employ 'black people'.

    So, with a dose of racism at the start, we can see how this place will have to become inclusive if it wishes to survive.

  12. 230$!!!!???? WOW dat person is gold,, i would say i want to meet that person but im not good enough vegan to deserve such good friends :,(

  13. 230$!!!!???? WOW dat person is gold,, i would say i want to meet that person but im not good enough vegan to deserve such good friends :,(

  14. whoever is doing those NEWS VIDEO,, I FKIN WORSHIP YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH,, thxxxxxxxxxxxx :,D,, Hope,,

  15. The name of that bacon and restaurant it's absolutely disgusting! I do not find it funny at all whatsoever! I will never buy any of these products! Can you imagine a child in the supermarket seeing that s*** bacon! These people who created this bacon have no class or integrity! They're called garbage people! 😠


  17. Vegan's are so poor intellectually that they have to have Fake Bacon?
    You are either vegan or not, veganism is a sham.

  18. Am I the only one in the world that sees the fact that the acceptance of woman propagating derogatory self talk between one another with things like "SLUTTY vegan bacon" perpetuates our inequality and should not be taken so lightly? Woman say that they want equality among men, yet how does one think that men will take us seriously as long as there are woman out there that think it is totally acceptable to be looked at as "sex objects" coupled with derogatory interactions and behavior towards one another by naming products things like "SLUTTY vegan bacon" or catty gossip among woman and putting one another down (a perfect example of this would be the way the woman interact on "reality" t.v shows such as "housewives of Orange County.)) or simply calling each other "bitches" sluts, hoes, etc, etc….Woman say they are all about the "me too" movement and asserting that they demand respect and equality from men, yet as long as we allow them to see us as sex objects, by degrading one another in the same manner that the unbalanced Patriarch has perpetuated through out linear time, we will not attract balanced equality within the arena of gender bias So, how do we expect men to respect us and see us as equals as long as a large percentage of woman (especially In places like Hollywood) commit themselves to en-training our gender and our children by perpetuating loose moral standing with things of a similar nature as that which I mentioned in the above paragraph? We need to take a stand ladies!!!

    First of all, one has got to remember that the reason woman act out sexually usually pertains to daddy issues or a traumatic event or events that they have experienced as children or as adults ie sexual abuse, rape, etc… These types of experiences have the ability to mark us and stunt our personal growth and often leads to promiscuity. This by no means makes the woman dirty or less than, it is simply a by product directly derivited from these traumatic events. So I do not understand the logic behind woman that fail to see this by perpetuating the same program over and over again with examples such as I mentioned above.

    If we want equality, there are certain concepts and ideas that we must loose sight of in order to rise above the tyranny of the unbalanced patriarch. There needs to be a marriage of the Patriarch and Matriarch in order to receive true balance in the form of equality. Just A little food for thought……

  19. C'mon …WHY are they showing ACTUAL BACON in the skillet for the "Slutty Vegan Bacon "review. This is all hype!!
    So tired of the t.v. "Telling-lies-to-my-Vision". Television. Even the Vegan Channel.
    And Legal Protections to Animals in India…that's great…Now can they extend those same Protections to Women?!?! Do you know what's happening to women out there. I don't wanna hear about another Rape or case of Honor killing then. Since they're apparently so just now. This world is a funny place.

  20. Before I went vegan, I used to eat turkey bacon. It was just as tasty as pork bacon. After all, look what they did for hamburgers. If they can do that, there is no reason they can't make plants taste like bacon too. I look forward to trying it.

  21. Great video! Thanks! I can’t wait to see Leonardo DiCaprio‘s new film. He is the MVP of the vegan movement. Long may his star rise!

  22. Kudos to Katie! There's a reason I quit meat 45 years ago, I find it offensive. Now I'm supposed to want "bloody" pseudo flesh. Eeeeww. Plus I don't trust non vegans to serve me vegan foods.

  23. horible title tho,, the animal product word into it ,, when i put in my destop i see something i shouldnt be reminded of (but slutty was def a catching word,, sex relation always works)

  24. chasing ice was gorgeous.,, MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! then cowspiracy obviously

  25. Until DiCaprio adopts a vegan lifestyle, and yes I am a great fan of his acting, he is being very hypocritical regarding his environmentalist activism.

  26. You all bullshitting yourselves bacon named after meat…you craving meat named food…tastes like meat think about that they ate real bacon to know whether it tastes similar… what a joke…

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