Slow-cooked beef ragu

Slow-cooked beef ragu

Now, this recipe combines
two of my all-time favourite things – beautifully slowly cooked beef ragu
and rigatoni. So it’s a pasta dish with that
beautiful, juicy, yummy beef ragu. It’s really, really simple. What you need is one of these
big cast-iron pans. We end up with all
of our ingredients in here, throw it in the oven, forget about it
for two and a half hours and then come back and serve dinner. This is what we have to do. OK, so I’ve been down to Coles and got myself some
beautiful chuck steak and I want to show you how to use it
because it’s got so much flavour, but it can be a little bit chewy. If you cook it like this,
it’s going to be fantastic. Take this chuck steak
and just dice it up. OK, so I’m going
to leave it in big chunks. I’m going to go through
and cut through it – both directions. Cut through it
in this direction as well. There’s so much flavour
in chuck steak and it’s so delicious
if you cook it right. Get yourself some flour
and make sure you season that flour, so a little bit of salt and a little bit of cracked pepper. And then just pick up your beef
and just pop it in and we’re going to just dust it
really lightly in the flour. Good. That’s all you need.
Give it a shake off. Alright, so you want a nice hot pan,
a little bit of olive oil. Nice hot pan. And then you just pick up that beef
and pop it in. Toss it around. And you’ll see in just a minute you’re going to have
beautiful colour on this. Flip our board over and get our vegies ready. So just go ahead and sort of
cut those into little pieces. If you wanted to, you could put
parsnip and stuff like that, but in this recipe I want
to keep it pretty simple ’cause it’s all about the richness
that the beef’s gonna give the pasta. Toss that around. You see, you get that beautiful brown
caramelisation on the steak. Alright, we’ve got our celery.
A little bit of garlic. I love it. It goes over every type of cuisine, whether it’s Asian or Italian
or French or Greek. It’s in just about everything,
and I love garlic. It’s full of vitamin C.
It’s really, really good for you. So plenty of fresh garlic. Now, quite often when you see me
braising beef like this I go for the red wine. Today, no alcohol. I’m going to use
a couple of different things. I’ve got some beef stock. I’ve got some balsamic vinegar, which I know sounds
really different, and it is. It brings a nice sweetness
with a sort of acidity. Some tinned tomatoes, which of course
are out of season right now, so the tinned tomatoes
are the way to go. And just a little bit of water. So once you start seeing
you’ve got the colour on the beef, I’m going to add some other flavours. So just a sprig of thyme, which is just a little more
delicate than rosemary, but I love the flavour of thyme. So toss that in with some onion. Plenty of garlic.
Look at that. (CHUCKLES) And give that a stir. Now, here’s the part that you’re
going to love about this dish, right? You put in your celery. You add your carrots. You add your tomatoes. Two tins, so it’s about 800g
of tinned tomatoes. Take your beef stock. A little bit of water – half a cup. Balsamic vinegar. And then you give it a good old stir. Make sure that it’s all combined. Give the bottom a scrape because you don’t want it
to be stuck down there and burning. Once it starts bubbling,
you turn it off, you pop the lid on, you put it into the oven
for two and a half hours at about 170 degrees. The beautiful thing about this dish is now you’re free
for a couple of hours. In two and a half hours,
we’ll come and pull it out. We’re going to cook some of this
rigatoni in boiling salted water, toss it through, and it’s going
to taste unbelievable. OK, it’s dinner time
and I am starving, so what I’m going to do
is get the rigatoni, pop it into the boiling salted water. Just a little bit of salt. And then let’s have
a look at the ragu. Ooh! OK, it’s always
a little nerve-racking when you pull something out of
the oven after a couple of hours and you’re like, “I wonder
what it looks like inside.” Oh, yeah, that looks pretty good. So the whole idea with this dish is that it cooks right down
into this beautiful rich sauce and you can see the meat here. Let’s have a look. It should be so soft that you can
literally break it up with a spoon. Look at that.
You can just break through it. Oh, delicious. Mmm! Oh-ho-ho. Yum! The little bit of sweetness
from the balsamic and the tomatoes, it’s really divine. Right, so what I like to do
once the pasta’s cooked is just dump the whole thing in there and then just toss it all together
and you’re ready to serve. The pasta should be cooked.
Let’s just check that it’s al dente. (WHISTLES) It’s nice and hot.
That’s for sure. Mmm, perfect. So I’m just going to go ahead,
lift that pasta up. A little bit
of the pasta water’s just fine. It’s not gonna hurt it. And then just combine
the two together. And then you can just start
tossing this through the sauce. And look at that. Now, when I’m cooking for my family
I leave it in this pot, I take the whole thing
out to the dining room table and let everybody help themselves. I cover it with grated parmesan
because I just love the flavour, but how you serve it
is totally up to you. You can also be a little more fancy and get yourself
a bowl just like this and just dish this up. Talk about a hearty winter dish, hey? Fantastic. Just like that. And then get your parmesan
and just grate it over the top. Have a look at that. It’s so simple and so easy to make, but I tell you what –
people absolutely love this recipe. Oh, buon appetito.


  1. Thank you Chef Curtis!
    Well explained, today wee have two cousins? Intellectual and from the heart!
    Yours is from the heart that wee ken follow great food.
    Thank you again!

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