1. LOL HE SAID GO SEEK A NUTRITIONIST. Sorry bud the nutritionist in California are not even licensed. One can tell me to eat taco bell everyday. Go see a RD registered dietitian people make sure they are an RD

  2. Wow – I echo the comments below. Very poor show and very disrespectful of Dr Gundry, who I must say comes across as a class act against the aggressive Dr Kahn. I note that The Doctors description above can't even spell Dr. Gundry's name right. Shame on you Dr. Travis and your producers. The bottom line – try it and see how you feel.

  3. They did not give Dr.Gundry a chance to rebut what Kahn said, what's with that? It is what I call a SCAM. Notice that grin of Kahn 2:54? I could not believe what a setup this was.

  4. Skeptical myself, I went and purchased Dr.Gundrys book and read it with my lover.
    I'm curious, did Dr. Kahn even read it? or just take the few things he disagreed with to make his vacant objections?
    Every page of Dr. Gundrys book was a pager turner, whether or NOT you agree with his method. LOTS of useful information.
    My lover and I have been following the protocol Dr. Gundry sets forth in his book, and we have seen incredible interesting results.


  5. Dr Gundry did not get a chance to talk. His patients who have been cured of rheumatoid arthritis etc. should be giving testimonials.

  6. Ha! Do you actually think a "dr" knows about food? Why would he give us advice when he would be out of work if heart disease was cured. I am doing carnivore and never looked or felt better. These audience dummies just follow the heard. Doctors are not nutritionists people.

  7. Totally One sided "attack" — The Doctors had an Agenda — and that is what they pursued. There was no equal sharing of arguments. This is why I don't watch this program…always one sided and biased. Same old Science — Kahn is probably on the "pay-roll" of the Bean and Vegan industry.

  8. Judging from temperament alone, all points to Dr Gundry. That other guy was hot-headed, and rather rude. Dr Gundry was calm and more believable. If only he had the chance to speak more…

  9. As a personal note, do not overdo. Legumes and neans soaked 24 hs and when possibe cookpressure is very safe. Besides pressure cook saves energy and time and voila you can have it all. Dr. Khan seems a little bit angry but since I donñt know him I cannot say if he is true or not.

  10. Gundry sells supplements. He’s a classic snake oil salesman. If you truly believe butter is healthier than tomatoes, you are a complete ignoramus and deserve to be fleeced.

  11. This show was design to attack Dr. Gundry without giving him a chance to defend himself. A punch below the belt. His diet works and, Dr. Kahn knows about it. Many doctors, nutritionists, business and, pharmaceutical companies "hate" Dr. Gundry. Loosing $ hurts. I am benefiting from Dr. Gundry's advise and, I do not care what Dr. Kahn is saying.

  12. Great talk. This doctor takes on Gundry MD. We need more such debates and put doctors on the hook if they are scamming.

  13. It'a about time somebody laid open this scam artist who probably gets kickback from the meat and dairy industry besides selling his lying books, bogus "lectin protection" and other overpriced supplements! For the gullible people who fall for the "Dr" in his title without doing any research, there are plenty of doctors in the history books known for their deceit and even outright murderous intent, the nazis being probably the most infamous in recent history. He is getting rich off the ignorant and gullible who deserve so much better!

  14. The Doctors I called this video BS. You bring someone renowned on the show and don't let that person even speak. I think the whole objective of this debate was to ensure that people keep eating what they are eating so that Big Food profits from it and when people get sick doctors profit from it. Everytime someone tries to do something different which might help people who want to get out of their misery and live a normal life, this is what happens. Such a shame for the society.

  15. I've doing the Plant Paradox and i'm having amazing results. The proof is in the testing, not the talking. More energy, no more brain fog and even my knee pain is almost gone. Enough said… TRY IT.

  16. I dont know alot about either dr but they didnt give gundry a chance to respond I dont watch the doctors show they are just paid status quo media people.

  17. They didn't give him a chance to speak. He doesn't say eat more eggs or don't eat beans and grains at all. And the other Dr asking him if there is pressure cookers around the world. The answer would be people soak the grains first overnight and then cook them, which will get rid of lectins. I just think they could have allowed this to be a debate and not just use it to insult Dr gundry and make him look wrong

  18. They didn't give him a chance to speak. He doesn't say eat more eggs or don't eat beans and grains at all. And the other Dr asking him if there is pressure cookers around the world. The answer would be people soak the grains first overnight and then cook them, which will get rid of lectins. I just think they could have allowed this to be a debate and not just use it to insult Dr gundry and make him look wrong

  19. Seriously the doctors host is CRAZY to say he agrees with Dr.Kahn, Dr.Kahn is an idiot at BEST, he words are useless, like saying people do not have pressure cookers in a major Japanese city, seriously, the Japanese have the most advanced pressure cookers and in all the cities he mentioned people do have pressure cookers to cook meat etc or they would simply soak the beans. SAD that the host is a FOOL at best or has an agenda, what Dr. Gundry says about the gut, gut lining and Lectins is 100% right, you have to be careful of what you eat but most of the problems people face starts with the gut and any one with any common sense can research and find that to be TRUE!

  20. Dr. Joel Kahn is a closed minded fool or is the type of person or he comes across as a know it all and wants to make the other person to look BAD, yet he has not done any studies or test himself all he did was quote third party studies which can be bough and paid for to reach a certain outcome, people should understand that many of the problems start with your gut and the many health issues can be fixed if you fix your gut and anyone who tells you other wise, either has an agenda or is just a BIG FAT LIAR, that does not give a damn about you or your life! Do your own research……and you'll find it to be TRUE 100%

  21. I actually never knew about Lectins until i watched one of Dr. Gundry videos but just to show you how stupid or biased this show is they can't even spell Dr. Gundry right they have down as Dr. Steven Lundry, maybe they will change it, if they can't even spell his name right maybe they want to make him look BAD, just guessing……..we should all be thanking Dr. Gundry for pointing out something dangerous such as Lectins when no other Doctor in the world was able to test, study and find this. The host is a FOOL at best for saying he agrees with that idiot Dr. Joel Kahn……they don't have pressure cookers in Japan, what an idiot, the Japanese have the BEST pressure cookers and so do most people in all third world countries!

  22. Dr. Gundry is a yale graduate, was one of the first doctors to perform infant heart transplant and sat on the board of the American heart association. He's credible in regards to this topic… I'm shocked by the amount of disrespect they showed him.

  23. Dr. Gundry is right. I support Dr. Gundry. There are pressure cookers almost all over the world. The other doctor is very close minded that is why he is attacking Dr. Gundry. I have always suffered from bloating and discomfort after eating beans. Today I can eat as much beans that I want simply because I use a pressure cooker.

  24. Wow!!!! This was straight up not nice! I’m guessing they may have let Dr.G talk in the show but can’t tell bc they only have this one sided view from dr Kahn. All I can say is that I can tell a BIG difference that cutting out lectins is helping to heal my gut! Dr.G doesn’t say to never eat them but he tells you to soak beans, to remove seeds etc. The Dr’s show is obviously slanted to their opinions and that’s what was shown in this clip. For people that don’t have any gut health issues they most likely can eat the rice & beans without it making them not feel good but for those of us that get sick on certain foods it may be a while before we can eat them or never.

  25. This is the same reason Dr John Berg got cancelled to go on the show!!! PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF THE TRUTH. Stop watching the doctors and pick up more books

  26. I hate that they cut this man off everyone always is called crazy with a different opinion. Also what is up with this guy saying pressure cookers are rare in those countries

  27. there are no cientific evidence no research about it, only because a person graduated in medicine said something the people go into, i remember when the doctors talk about that the yolk egg cause cholesterol without no evidence only because one doctor said that and now whend they really do the research it wasn't true, I don't know if somebody tell me something about it and then they said that they have a pill against that, i really thinking this is a fact health issue or not

  28. This is painful to watch. Dr. Gundry gets his ass handed to him and his book is thoroughly debunked as junk science. Never in my life have I seen someone so thoroughly OWNED as Dr. Gundry was on this episode…

  29. I’m not a big doctor Gundry fan, but he’s got some really good points. They needed to let him talk about his opinion .

  30. If you're still eating animals in 2019, you're doing it wrong. We have no need for the middle animal to get our nutrients. Dr Kahn has the facts, Dr Gundy has popular opinion and what people want to believe. Losing weight is not the end all/be all of nutrition.

  31. This show displayed great immaturity, there was no order in the court, simply one shouting louder and more. When it comes to complexity’s, you have to let someone break it down. Gundry had points that were better yet you were there to scrutinize, not to debate impartially with an open mind.

  32. Most humans didn't live that long centuries or millenniums ago because of war, famine and disease or large dangerous animals ( DISEASES FROM GERMS AND BACTERIA….CHOLERA, PLAGUE, SMALLPOX, TUBERCULOSIS, LEPROSY, YELLOW FEVER, NOT CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE CONDITIONS LIKE CANCER OR DIABETES ). Living till 60 yrs old back then was like a 100 yr old today.

  33. I can only hope the applause was a fake sound effect spliced in.

    Gundry has fresh ideas. You’d think that “Doctors” would be interested in promising research, considering how totally screwed up our national health is on the whole, and that our healthcare system is failing the people miserably.

  34. My god the stupidity. This last closing part is the issue here: “it’s all confusing, we’re individuals we all work differently do what you think is right for you people” WRONG. That’s only the case if you’re talking about specific food allergies that some have and some don’t, but generalizing food and telling people we all react differently to plants and meats is wrong. There’s only one version of the scientific truth. Eggs, saturated fat, animal protein no matter how lean, are detrimental to your health and legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables are what you should be eating to avoid disease and live long healthy lives. Period. End of the story.

    Just look at the pile of evidence. Do your research, find the scientific data and see for yourself. Look at who funds studies, read the actual scientific method and don’t be fooled by media articles throwing lies about how butter is back and cholesterol isn’t bad.

    The science is so VERY clear. We’ve known the truth about nutrition for decades. But the media just wants to confuse it for you because they always have agendas. They want to tell people good news about their bad habits. They don’t wanna cause controversy or pick a fight with the powerful meat and dairy industries by telling the ugly truth about what theirs products are doing to the consumers. They don’t wanna make people uncomfortable. People would stop watching if you told them the foods they loved so much were causing disease. They rather tell you “everything in moderation.”

    These host doctors are just trying to show unnecessary politeness to their guest instead of telling it for what it is, Dr Kahn is 100% correct; and as a result of their caution they dangerously send out the message that regardless of your approach to nutrition your wellbeing is all the same anyway. Lies lies lies.

  35. They didn't let Dr Gundry speak – Dr Gundry is fantastic – he has helped me so much and so well respected. One-sided interview and Dr Gundry handled it so well-

  36. What an arrogant fuck the Joel was I agree with some comments below there was an agenda to discredit Dr Gundry here fucking know it all doctors

  37. I guess the loudest and most obnoxious doctor wins on this show!!! I have news for you… I could scream "I'm a duck!" … doing so doesn't make it true.
    The fact is, Gundrys diet is very unorthodox. It goes against everything that people have been taught about healthy eating. In broad terms, I'm pretty certain that Gundry gets things right. Is there some lectins that are beneficial? Maybe, but there needs to be more research– not witch hunts looking to discredit him outright.

    I've been on his diet for almost a month now. The only downside I see so far is it takes more time and effort to buy and prepare meals. My health is well worth it… I feel so much better than before

  38. The moderator and Kahn had a concerted attack plan ie ambush for Gundry. If Kahn had even read one of gundry’s books he would know that most bean eaters soak and rinse their beans and further a pressure cooker is a step up for better cooking. Those two were like shock jocks trying to boost rating by belittling someone who is the direct opposite of them. Such medical peacock Kahn is I will never listen to anything he has to say. I have been following dr. Gundry’s advice for some time and I feel better.

  39. Eat what your older ancestors ate,for the most part. Im sure Icelandic people would fair better on a diet high in red meat and dairy ,than ..lets say someone from China. Its all based on your genetics. Also herbs are healers,just have to get the right ones for you, consult with someone who really knows what they are doing. What I have learned is herbs that are found in China are helpfull to people from China,with chinese genetics,herbs from Bulgaria are healing towards bulgarians..etc.

  40. Why didn’t Dr. Gundry come back with, “were there B12 and omega-3 (along with many others) supplements in the past?”

  41. I cannot stand Travis, he has sold out to the propaganda machine. See the Drs show about vaccines. Travis was so manipulative.

  42. The Doctors – he just wants to hear & expose what he prefer; not give enough chance for Dr. Gundry to explain.

  43. Dr. Gundry is a paid shill and is trying to kill people with his ridiculous diet. Also trying to make money off of all those sugar pills he sells

  44. I've started looking into Gundry's work, I don't fall on one side or the other, but this show I can clearly say is a shit show.

  45. Dr Gundry’s approach changed my life for the better. I went to numerous naturopaths and dietitians and physical trainers and nothing helped, I was supposedly eating extremely healthy and exercising like crazy yet looking and mostly feeling just awful. That until I tried Dr. Gundry’s no lectins approach, right away I could see results, for the first time my body finally started healing. As for other cultures that eat legumes and live long and healthy lives, where do they cook them usually? In super high heat stone ovens (just like a pressure cooker) and I don’t need to be a doctor to figure that out. I just think people have a very hard time hearing that they should cut out many foods they like, it was hard for me too but I just thought I’ll give it a try just to see what will happen and thank god I did. I feel and look better than ever!

  46. so Dr Kahn recommends eating un processed/ cooked red kidney beans…..is that healthy???? what does PubMed say? wrt to health…

    This was an ambush on Dr. Gundry….he didn't even have an opportunity to contest what the other Dr. said,
    for those reasons I can not take this episode seriously.

  48. I was pretty angry at first seeing this video… How unfair they were to DR. Gundry! then I read all the comments below feeling justified, so glad a lot of people know and experienced the truth and defending DR. Gundry. I had stopped watching these main stream DR shows, not much you can learn from them… after the same old standard treatment protocol… do American people get healthier??

  49. I love both of these doctors but was disappointed that Dr Kahn acted like a bully instead of having a true debate and disappointed with the host for showing so much bias.

  50. Cabbage and legumes are really killers especially if you don’t pressure cook them. I had cabbage and a legume soup while pregnant and ended up in the ER from GI problems!!!!

  51. Thank you, finally! I've thought Gundry is a 'shock doctor' trying to sell books that frankly have little science and a lot of bad advice. His HUGE EGO and his arrogant attitude won't allow him to concede that all beans are healthy and vital to good health. Bravo to Dr. Kahn for shedding a much needed light on this subject.

  52. I love the Plant Paradox… Dr. Gundry has helped me with my autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Initially (12 years ago) I was diagnosed only having hypothyroidism. Due to this condition I've dealt numerous issues, which in turn led me to become dependent on anti-inflammatory medication. Doctors are paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push their medications and get their patients dependent on them for every single health issue known to mankind. I believe the medical industry will not listen to Dr. Gundry, because it doesn't line their bank accounts. If people get diagnosed with more health issues, diseases and cancers it keeps them in business. I recommend The Plant Paradox to everyone I know who is struggling with health concerns! I agree with Dr. Gundry it's the quality of life you desire to live with the time you are blessed with on this earth. Be a good steward of your body and get it in line with good health. Try it, you will not be disappointed! The best part is that his recipes is that they are certainly tasty and easy to put together. Kelly Clarkson and several other stars have tried his change of eating and have seen improvements in their health. I recently heard of Usher Raymond giving credit to Dr. Gundry for his returned health.

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