Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne – Morose Mage

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne – Morose Mage

you the shin megami tensei series is widely known for its turn based combat system religiously subversive themes and emphasis on the collection and summoning of mythological beings so it’s like pokemon but with unicorns Tamera’s and hindu gods these games are also known for being harder than a golems nipples in winter not turn is no exception to this the story is about a teenage boy who is one of the few human survivors of the Apocalypse all that is left of the world is a demon facet version of Tokyo because of course it will be Tokyo as every anime ever and the last remaining humans are tasked with gathering power and deciding what the next world would be like however the protagonist is unable to make that decision as he is turned into a half-demon by a mysterious McCreery time thus what you can do is side with one of the humans whose vision you agree with in the faction of demons at a supporting now you will spend the rest of the game wondering just why nobody is questioning the need for the world to have ended and why I shouldn’t just be restored the way it was I mean I know there’s a lot of horrible shit in the world but just try to compare it two days world with the way it was during the Crusades when world war two if you want something more recent we’ve come a long way if they have to snap you reset the whole world you’d think it would have done that back then instead of now anyway you go for the ruins of Tokyo doing tasks for whatever faction you pics or are currently pretending to pick just to make your way to the people you actually want to find and let me tell you it’s not intuitive whenever you leave an area to access the overworld map there are very few clear paths your next objective your arrows or points of reference they just give you the name of a district through objective is in and of course everybody in the world knows how to navigate through Tokyo I’m pretty sure Japanese players have trouble with this too I mean I live in Brazil but I’ll be damned if I could tell you how to get around Rio as if that wasn’t enough you still get random encounters while navigating the map as a little colored dot meaning every wrong path chosen is a very costly mistake you walk miles thinking you’re going the right way before a hanging indent end in ambush like angels with instant kill attacks and needing to start over from the last savepoint and even if you survive that you’ll be running low on magic poison items so you might as well know that you can shape the way your character evolves be a little demonic parasites called maggot on which are dropped by bosses or sold by merchants maggot AMA service both the scale book that determines what mobilities you learn on leveling up and as a form of armor and weapon offering leads to certain stats and granting elemental annuities and weaknesses this gives you a lot of versatility on fighting certain bosses as the key to victory is often to make the enemy moon turns and completely nullify their damage is a consistent way to do something not that resisting attacks is the only way to get the upper hand as a certain boss will make sure that eats you Spanish papyrus I mean Matador is the first actually hard boss of the game and sets the tone for the rest of your journey if you haven’t mastered buffs and debuffs by the time you meet him you’re up for a very rude awakening you’ll never land a single blow on him until you bring his bead down and you never survive his attacks unless you bring your own speed up this is a very clever way to handle the combat system since it greatly eliminates the need for grinding to reach for surpassed the enemy’s level not that this won’t make things easy it just makes them pasta going back to the skill learning is frustrating you can only have a maximum of eight active or passive skills in your repertoire and whenever you learn a new one you must replace an old one this wouldn’t be so bad if the old skill was saved somewhere but nope if you replace it it’s lost forever you might end up discarding an immensely powerful game-changing scale because it didn’t fully understand its function and you’ll never recover it a way to Karim balance this is by managing your demons over the course of the game you can recruit demons into your party through implementation bribery persuasion or seduction your demons evolved on a set path and have clearly defined rules like offensive caster physical attacker healer etc this and the fact that you can switch them in and out of the party even role in combat allows you to respond well to most kinds of breaths you can also fuse two or more demons to obtain a new stronger there is a hidden system to know exactly what type of demon you’ll get from certain combinations but honestly I didn’t care much to learn it trying to see the results of the demons I had at the moment was enough to get me through the progression what your demons is very perceptible you start with small fry like Pixies and sand paper tigers until you make your way to hell house succubi and cameras finally to obtain Norse gods dragons and oh god no no not that get out here you’re not playable in this game in this special edition of the game you can actually get Dante from devil may cry into your party don’t ask how he got into the story or why he doesn’t seem to care that the world has effectively ended the Atlas gods wanted it that way also in this version you get the new true demon ending which is reached by choosing not to remake the world at all and destroying the demon version of Tokyo as well your motivation to do that hell if I now you can get this ending by an optional dungeon called the labyrinth of amalah pull up extra hard enemies with segments that are only unlocked by the magical candelabra drop by certain bosses if you’re one of those players who want to overcome every single challenge the game has to offer then this is the ending for you complete with an extra final boss that puts every other enemy in the game to shame and this is a shin megami tensei game so that’s saying something overall this game is very enjoyable for its combat system the reward for good strategy and the oppressive atmosphere the story and the edginess of the moral decision II must ultimately make if you can get over the unintuitive map navigation permanent loss of old skills and recurrence of enemies within secular attacks it’s a fun experience and I recommend it to any fan of turn-based RPGs so that was my review on shin megami tensei Nocturne guys if you liked it give it a thumbs up if you love this subscribe for more and if you hated it watch it again and send me a list of reason as to why so I can cry myself to sleep see you next time

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