Sharing Table Foods With Animal

Sharing Table Foods With Animal

despite warnings from veterinarians people love feeding at their foot pets table food some say the pets give you those eyes and make you feel guilty for not sharing so I spoke with the Houston Humane Society about which foods are actually okay to share and which should be considered forbidden for the sake of the animals health foods that are okay to share with dogs and cats are carrots apples white rice even a fried egg with no seasoning and turkey or chicken in very small doses but you need to make sure that there’s no skin no seasoning very bland cooked all the way through no grease the grease from foods can lead to gastroenteritis which will make pets have vomiting diarrhea decreased appetite in addition to greasy foods pets should never have anything containing or prepared with grapes raisins alcohol avocados chocolate onion and spices like cinnamon or garlic a lot of spices can be toxic to them and that toxicity may be very low in some cases where it’s maybe just more of an irritant all the way to something that could affect their nervous system your pet may get sick immediately or up to days later and it can be fatal signs that something is toxic to your pet include weakness vomiting or trouble breathing the Houston Humane Society also says you don’t want to give your pets these foods because of the rise in animal obesity which can cut down their lives by more than two years to help dogs lose weight you can go for a walk but cats might require more imagination you know you can get other toys and laser toys and kind of entice them to be a little more active with you and with our pets you know cutting down on people food we also recommend that you start measuring your pets food dogs and cats eating too much fatty food like cheese can lead to pancreatitis or liver damage Monica Schmidt with the Humane Society did say that larger dogs might be able to handle slightly larger volume and metabolize it safer than a smaller pet but it only takes one food that disagrees with them and you can have long-term problems and sometimes it’s not food I know my dogs just eat whatever’s do you name it yeah all the baby’s toys have been eaten by the dog and keep replacing those but anywho got to be careful right

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  1. Leave the food out and the animals will get to it. Try as you might but pets are sneaky. They also steal food from the kids hands. 😂😂😂

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