Sausage and Egg Breakfast Burrito (Vegan Van 916 Style)

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Burrito (Vegan Van 916 Style)

yo what up everybody hey boy back again
Bert vegan van nine one six coming back at you to make another youtube video and
today we are making breakfast alright a lot of y’all might have seen
some of the food on my facebook and wondering how I make vegan eggs well let
me show you all right we’ve got boom organic non-gmo tofu you want to get the
extra firm kind okay that’s how you’re going to make it alright today we’re
making a scramble but I did want to show you the egg ingredients
it’s the tofu and then you’re gonna be using some sea salt pink Himalayan for
me black pepper let me just go down here from ground tumeric just a sprinkle of
that to get the actual yellow color some onion powder garlic powder pink
Himalayan sea salt black pepper and then of course your nutritional yeast to get
that cheesy flavor you could also use cream of tartar in it what it does it
just makes it hold it hold the phone a little bit better but when we cook it
for the length of time about 7 to 10 minutes that’ll actually get the water
out and make it nice and firm so today what are in our scramble we’re using the
vegan eggs we’re gonna have the Apple sage filled rose sausage some fresh
basil and avocado and then the vegan eggs and will probably throw it in a
burrito shell just cuz I love the burritos alright so let’s get cracking
and I’ll be right back with you quick note before we begin the Field Road
sausage does come in a plastic wrapper please cut it off before you proceed to
making your food okay alright let’s get started you need like 1/4 of the block
of the tofu if you want to do a personal size and for this
since what I do is I cut it in half lay it on this flat side just cut it up nice
and small like that both pieces take your basil from when it’s time to roll
it up cut through it that way and then just cut through it one time that way
put it off to the side all right avocado will need afterwards so we’ll
worry about that later let’s get started with cooking all right so for this point
we want to get your cast iron skillet and as you can see it’s on three for
three and a half on those four so real low on the heat because these cast iron
skillets do retain heat well alright first you’re gonna want to cook your
sausage you hear it sizzle when it goes in the pan that means you know your pan
is hot enough because it is on a little bit lower
temperature it’s not going a super sizzle but that initial crackle you know
you’re doing well you just want to heat this up it’s already cooked but you want
to get a nice char on a nice sear on all of all the edges get it you want to
brown it if you will all right let’s go ahead and get this
browned and then you’ll remove it put it in the bowl and then you’ll cook your
tofu alright so I decided basically midway through browning these that I’m
gonna go ahead and add some onions so nice and brown some mobile network
towards the center a little bit darker than the other ones but it’s okay
gives it that char flavor like I said that sausage is nice and browned and now
you want the onions to be translucent so maybe another three to five minutes on
this you’ll get the tofu in and then go ahead and get everything all mixed up
together for our scramble all right all right so here’s where I just found out
know if y’all could see this but those people that are worried about the
protein in one link you’re talking about 25 grams of protein in the sausage and I
just looked at the tofu and it’s 8 grams in about 3 ounces there’s four servings
so 1/4 of the package contains 8 grams protein so you’re getting 33
grams of protein in just the sausage and the tofu in this dish here and if you
want you can always add some black beans you know to make it a little bit more
hard here but you don’t have to trip off of what you’re getting your protein
there I’m what I’m getting that a lot of people always want to ask where you get
your protein where you get your protein and getting it from my food so anyways
now that we got this all nice and browned up to the point where I like you
I’m gonna go ahead and take this out the pan and then we’re gonna go ahead and
get started on the tofu on the vegan eggs the vagues if you will all right
I’m gonna put this sausage back but I just had to show you all that because
even I was just surprised by that shocked all right
so let’s get started on these tofu eggs here pan is still hot nice and hot take
your tofu it’s wet so it’s definitely gonna sizzle you just crumble it crumble
it in the pan now it looks like eggs all right we wash my hands off we’ll be
right back what you want to do from here is you
want to go ahead and start adding all your seasonings by the teaspoon of salt black pepper you want to do a couple
shakes of it you know maybe you have a teaspoon of that garlic powder onion
powder it’s really all up to you I like to use maybe a teaspoon of the
garlic powder teaspoon of the onion powder this is all
for our single serving also now for the tumeric you really just want to lightly
tap it so that I can’t even get the measurement on that because it’s so
small and then I got a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and that’ll go on
there and then mix it around in the hot pan and as you see I’m gonna start
soaking up all of that it’s flavors and stuff it’s okay if it sticks to the
bottom of the pan just want to keep moving it around because the moisture
from the tofu you can use it scrape off the rest of the tofu on the bottom and
that’s just seasoning flavor but as you can see it starts to look like vegan
eggs right you must want to cook this around for about seven minutes or so you can even turn down the heat all in side
note so Kay if all of the sauces did not brown all the way because your you are
going to throw it back in here towards the end of the cooking process but as
you can see we’ve got something here in the pan that looks exactly like eggs you
know so keep cooking this around with this a little bit you actually may
be able to cook it for a little less time so like three to five minutes
I’m usually cooking a lot of vegan aged vagues
so usually take longer but today I’m just making a personal burrito scramble
still haven’t decided yet most likely do the burrito though love burritos you keep cooking this around and what you
can do now is you can add bell peppers if you want more onions you can add
onions to it fresh onion garlic it’s all up to you get creative with how you know
how you do I had spinach in here if you’d like at this point in time for the
cooking for about 3 minutes 2 to 3 minutes we’ll get that back in the pan
that was part of the original get that heated up but you just add what you want
you know play with this do it how you like put whatever seasonings on you that
you want got some outside the pan so I’m going to actually throw my sausage back
in now get all of that onions and stuff because
we’re coming close to the end of the cooking time you want to wait also make
sure you wait to throw in your fresh basil because you don’t want it to super
will you really just want it in there for the fragrance and to get on all of
the the fragrance on all of the food so knowing that I was doing that
potentially have a burrito I had another pan heating up next to me
on super alone I’m gonna go ahead and turn that on because I am going out the
burrito will give me one second and get this all together you right back with
y’all all right so you get your hot nice and hot pan throw your tortillas shell
it nice and warm on both sides and get some color to the tortilla a little bit
of the egg got in there but it’s okay and then you’re gonna take this tortilla
wrap it up throw some salts on it and you got a beautiful breakfast burrito
delicious like I said you can add potatoes cities beans just make it your
own me try and do something real quick so I just did the eggs and the sausage
and it’s gonna be fire so that’s nice and hot let’s go ahead and get it on the
plate and wrap it up alright check it out check it out check it out so what
you want to do while you’re about to wrap it up you want to leave your pan
hot and on the stove because you’re gonna want to sear this up at the end so
now you take everything that you had in your scramble whatever it is vegan eggs
sausage and you just throw it in your burrito like so right
and you can use any hot sauce you want today I’m actually using Black Mamba
this is directly from South Africa Terrence brought it back for me Black
Mamba pineapple chili sauce once you get however much going on it go
ahead and fold the hands over like that take the burrito grab like that fold the
ends in and then you will have your burrito shell and you want to take this
back to the pan with your pants still nice and hot boom put it down there just
let’s get it seared up this part you got to watch carefully because you don’t
want it to burn every so often pick it up and see it’s
still flapping so you want to put it back down but you want to watch it
because it’s definitely starting to brown as you could see then what you want to do is take it turn
it on his back line didn’t really seal shut but it’s browned I don’t want to
burn it so I might turn it back over just for a little bit but I might just
have to deal with it like that well ladies and gentlemen all right so ladies
and gentlemen that was your breakfast brutal learning how to make the
breakfast vagues and I hope you liked it I hope you try it I hope you comment
subscribe please hit the button below and subscribe and then let me know how
you what you think about it alright me I know it’s gonna be good but I’m uh delicious straight delicious so till the
next time which boy chef burger yes that is my nickname
burger vegan burger now so chef bird signing off plant-based politician
plant-based professor if you ain’t vegan you ain’t being a man nine one six to
the next time peace


  1. Ian, when I make tofu scrambled “eggs” I like to use Kala Namak, also called “black salt.” It smells like eggs (sulfur) and really tricks you into thinking you’re eating eggs. Have you ever tried Kala Namak? It is available in Middle Eastern grocery stores and Amazon. Anyway you inspired me to make breakfast burritos for breakfast tomorrow. I will be using some seitan sausages I made in my instant pot.

  2. Was curious what other Vegans were doing with their breakfast burritos, yours looks good bro. I make mine closer to a "basic McDonald's" style (1 of the foods my girlfriend misses the most lol) with my rendition of Vegan sausage, eggs, and cheese. Anyways, good video man. I'll be checking out more of ur recipes.

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