Saigon Có Gì Mới? Giáng Sinh 2019 – Quang Vinh Passport

Saigon Có Gì Mới? Giáng Sinh 2019 – Quang Vinh Passport

Hi guys! It’s really nice to see you again in Quang Vinh Passport In this episode, we’ll get to experience Saigon in wintertime As a travel lover, I’ve been to many places this year and this is the time for home But it doesn’t stop me to make this “staycation” video to introduce new places in Saigon Saigon for me is both familiar and new As I was born and spent my entire childhood in this city, the place with many new places to be explore every day Let’s get inside and have a quick look at Mai House Hotel – a newly opened 5-star hotel in the center of District 3 And our special guest is already inside, getting ready for our dinner You probably know her as she’s been in some previous episodes There she is Hi guys! It’s been a while since the last time I was in your video While waiting, I chose some dishes for our dinner already Luckily I was in time, she might have finished all of these if I were any later I’m hurry but not that ‘hungry’, you know [THANH] – How do they look?
[VINH] – I’m starving – You chose all of them by yourself?
– I did Looking so good, but what’s that? It’s like scallops for me – And that is…
– It’s a lamb’s shank Well, I didn’t know what to chose so I just followed my instinct Allow me to introduce our dishes for tonight First, we have Jumbo Scallop with citrus sauce and apple jelly sauce And this is Pumpkin Soup with sour cream and some…. pumpkin oil Pumpkin oil, impressive! And on this plate is a lamb shank [THANH] – What’s the sauce on this dish?
[WAITER] – It’s red wine sauce Should we start with the soup or these scallops? I think it’s best to start with the scallops then taste the soup later The dishes are stunning, they look really tasty Thank you so much! – Let’s start
– I’m been waiting all night for this …as I had to wait for you “Women are always right”, so these dishes are yours I heard that this C’est La Vie restaurant of Mai House offers both Vietnamese and French cuisines Why are these scallops so enormous?! Just the way I like it You put it on your plate? I just have it on the shell as the sauce is tasty, I don’t want to waste it The shell is big so I don’t have any trouble so far Let’s try it both our ways, I’ll have it on my plate and you on the shell Though this is French cuisine, it suits well with Vietnamese taste Well-seasoned with a bit sour and sweet, this dish must be loved The scent is also good, right? – I can see some orange in here…
– And apple sauce, too Gosh, it’s so tasty! The scallops aren’t chewy at all I noticed this place a while ago, when it was still being built, and I was impressed with its beauty ever since Now, sitting here and I can truly observe its Indochine style At first, I thought this was some kind of a apartment building but it turns out to be a service apartment and hotel complex I was thinking the same, and I was like “Gosh, how much would these apartment cost?” As far as I know, there are over 200 rooms and suites in this building I’m the type of person who doesn’t like noisy places Year end is the ideal time for hanging out and shopping for most people I cannot deny that this time is really fun and joyful But for me, all of my time during a year is my “year end time” so at this moment, I only want a more peaceful and personal time and place for myself It’s not like I’m an introvert or something But I consider this as a method of relaxing which means I can still watch people enjoying their happy time without being overwhelmed by the crowd I agree, I think this restaurant, or even this hotel, is a good choice for those who prefer a quite place And if you want to have some fun, just take a few steps outside I don’t know whether you notice this, but ever since I step foot into this hotel, all of the staff are Vietnamese That’s also an important and remarkable feature of Mai House I want you to know which is appreciating Vietnamese personnels – Congrats on your wedding!
– Thank you so much! You were there, I remember seeing you posted a photo at my wedding and I commented “Thanks for staying until the last minute” How’s the marriage life? You two were dating for a really long time My marriage life is “overcooked”, literally So your cooking is restaurant-like? Eating is my only kitchen skill You seemed to be more energetic after getting married, right? I heard that you accepted new movies projects already – There was a time you were a bit ‘lazy’
– That’s right I was lazy with acting and only enthusiastic with eating – When will your project come out?
– In the next few months, I think – What’s its name?
– It’s called “Luật Trời” – Guys, remember to catch “Luật Trời” on TV
– It’s nothing, really, I only play a small role It doesn’t matter you role is big or small, as long as you hearty portrait the character After our main course, she’s still enjoying the bread I really like their wine Life is get better when we are drunk …and it’ll get worse when we’re sober You almost made me choke Thanh, return to your bread, I’ll have these desserts It’s ice cream, I must have it I’m wondering this covering tube are chocolate or plastic Look at this world-class stunning decoration Of course it’s white chocolate, not plastic And look at these little daisies, how cute There’re some grass, too – This is almond flavor, right
– It is Oh, there’s chocolate powder under it I’m still wondering why they use sprouts in dessert like this, but it tastes surprisingly good The scent of sprouts makes this dish taste a bit bitter and hot Well, as long as it’s on the plate, it’s edible You have to know that it’s really hard to talk and review the dishes while eating like we’re doing There was a lady walking by and said “Wow, filming and talking during the meal? What a hardworking couple!” He said “Yes” immediately Of course, she empathizes with us We have to talk to introduce and comment on the dish It must be weird watching us talking with food in our mouths That’s why we have to take small bites so that the words come out clearly Alright, let’s move on to the most concerned part – the prices I also think the price is an important part that every diner wants to know about a restaurant And on the comment section, there’s always someone asks me about the prices Let’s start from the beginning, the scallops, which is about 290,000 VND – And the pumpkin soup…
– It’s 175,000 VND – And our main course, the lamb shank, is about…
– 750,000 VND And our dessert is about 200,000 VND each, not to mention the wine Let’s do the math, I’m still waiting for the bill – I think it would cost us about nearly 4 mil. VND
– That price is tax-included In short, this is a 4 million for a diner for two What will we do after this? – I might go to sleep
– Sleeping? Now? It’s still early – I might take a tour around this hotel
– Then I’ll join you, I need to exercise a bit anyway My stomach is extremely full every time I go with you I’m really exhausted on weekends like today, I might take a rest after this meal – I heard that the rooms here are extremely beautiful
– Really? We’ll show you in the next part of this video Are you familiar with staycations like this? I’d like to but haven’t have a chance till now, I usually travel to faraway places – But I think there are so many places right in Saigon that we haven’t been to
– That’s correct I know, right, so why don’t we have a staycation like this when we don’t have time for further places? – These are… preserved egg
– And some porridge over here These are… stewed anchovies This is dried chicken… can it go with porridge? As seen in the previous episodes, you probably know how much she can have I bet you won’t be surprise with her ability I would like to apologize in advance on behalf of my little stomach Well, personally, I think it’s a good thing We all need to be full of ‘fuel’ to work productively, right? Cut me a slice please – Thank you
– Wow, it’s beautiful! And these sauces… are we gonna pour them on the egg? [STAFF] Yes, you’ll need to mix them both, they are … (inaudible) One is a tomato sauce and the other is coconut sauce – Look at this beautiful dish
– It also has the scent of coconut I really like coconut milk and other fat, greasy stuff Wow, we take… a lot Back at the pantry area, I want to taste everything as some of them I haven’t seen before Look at the view, so beautiful I’ve been passing by this street countless of times But sitting here gives me a total different view, it’s like we’re not in Saigon any more That’s why I want to have some staycations in the new and yet-to-know areas of this city Marie Curie, my high school, is right next to this place I knew that this area has many old styled buildings but didn’t think of their stunning views like this The mixture of ancient and modern buildings is one of the reasons why I love this city [Chef] – Good morning!
– Good morning, chef! Wow, this brings me a lot of questions… I was surprised that he’s Vietnamese since 5-star hotels and restaurants usually prefer foreign chefs How do you come up with the idea for these dishes? It’s from my experience of working in Santorini and 5 years in Maldives Maldives is one of my all time favorite places Is it Soneva in Maldives? I had a trip there years ago – Did you stay Fushi or Jani?
– Jani, the one with a huge slider This dish is from India or Sri Lanka, close to Maldives, right? Can you show me your signature dishes that cannot be found elsewhere? – For breakfast, that Sri Lanka dish is our most special one
– This one, right? How about the other meals? We’ll have some seafood dishes that will be introduced later Looks like we’re starving for days The fried coconut is so crunchy and sweet… so good It’s unlike the fried egg we usually have At first, I think it’s just like other egg and that white thing is just for decoration only But it turns out to be a tasty edible part Try it, the coconut tastes extremely well, remember to add some sauce – Did add these sauce?
– Yes, I did It’s tastier, right? The egg is quite bland but the coconut is really sweet It’s crunchy and sweet-smelling, too And the sauce is also tasty, it’s perfectly neutralize the taste of this dish And… what do we have here? – It’s a kind of dried coconut
– Really? I want to try some I’m so in love with this dish It’s their signature dish for a reason Here we go, tearing this egg again It’s really refreshing and tasty I also love the sauce, it tastes amazing Remember to try the sauce The dish may look like other regular egg dish, but these sauces really upgrades it – It looks amazing
– You know this egg benedict, right? – Sorry?
– “”Egg benedict”, that’s the name of this dish There’s salmon inside and topped with a poached egg He must have Phở for breakfast anyway You know me so well Trying foreign dishes is refreshing but it’s time to return to our local cuisine I’m a modern and traditional type of guy Phở is always scrumptious in my mind Just by scenting the smell of Phở… Hey, focus on your dish, stop looking at mine What are we gonna do after breakfast? I simply want to go to somewhere in Saigon that’s new and tranquil So “simple” huh, only new and tranquil? – Wow, you really know a place like that?
– Of course I have to keep track of our beloved city – So where is it?
– You’ll know when we get there Only he can tell where we’re going After breakfast, we decided to take you for a tour around our rooms in this staycation Let’s see mine first It’s really beautiful Tada~ So this is her ‘home’ – Impressive, isn’t it, I really love spacious….
– …toilets, right? I know you so well I know that you like neat and tidy rooms with cozy light Exactly, I prefer cozy rooms to too spacious ones as I live alone and spacious rooms can get… spooky Do you know what I love the most about this room? That is I can have a bathroom view right from the bed You can be seen while bathing… oh, there’s a curtain I think it’s a great idea as it doesn’t make the room to feel like divided The room looks even more spacious And I also like these cozy lights While we were having breakfast, our rooms were also cleaned This is Junior Suite, right? The lowest price here is about 4,5 million VND However, depending on your booking time, the price can get even lower with the help of an agency We truly want to give you the accurate fixed price, but it’s impossible As the price is different in each season and even each day, for example, the price on weekends is higher than weekdays Let’s take a look at this bathroom then we’ll move to my room There are 2 mirrors for 2 people standing here Such an enormous and pretty bathtub I really love to have a bathtub like this at home There are different areas for shower and toilet, that’s fancy Everything is separated and has its own space But they are divided by glasses so it doesn’t feel cramped I really love decoration in hotels But it cannot be applied to my home as there won’t be enough space for my stuff This is my other favorite corner – Free snacks!
– Dried chicken, tasty! They’re complementary, we won’t have to pay for them This one smells nice but I don’t know what it is Why am I keep eating? There’s a minibar right under here It’s full of beer, soda, coffee, tea, mineral water, etc. and they’re all free I love how the interior design is mixed of modern and traditional styles I meant the room is designed in a modern way with a touch of local Vietnamese dishes like the jam and dried chicken Dried chicken is really trendy now I know, I was like “Yessss, my favorite!” How about your view? I don’t really know as I just had a glance last night You have a pool view Can you believe that this view is right in the center of Saigon? I can’t believe this is District 3, it’s so beautiful Let’s go to my room Oh, your suite has so many rooms – This is a family suite with 2 bedrooms
– – The master room has 2 beds… It’s like an apartment, bigger than your suite I think families would love this suite since it is big enough for everyone Look, there’s even a kitchen, just like other regular apartment I think this is a good choice for longterm residents It’s still too big for single guest like me See how I ‘sacrificed’ myself to stay in this enormous apartment? We also have a stunning view outside Look, there’s even a tub out here We can enjoy the city view while bathing in that tub It must be great doing so And I still cannot believe we’re in District 3 There’s a lovely thing I see in this place You see, there aren’t so many skyscrapers in this area so we can enjoy the green view with ancient buildings It’s like we’re on a vacation It’s may be more likable to come here at night, it’s so hot now, let’s come back inside Let’s see the bedroom I think your bedroom is way prettier As mine has 2 bedrooms so yours seem to be more spacious Yeah, but mine is for couples, yours is suitable with families Hey, this is like old time, we kept going to each other’s room I hope we can help our viewers to have a general idea about these rooms and let them decide which room t hey prefer Each room suits a different type of guest, I think Can you guess why I choose this room? Hey, it’s Marie Curie high school Yup, it’s like flashing back to my days in high school Such a lovely time, and terrifying sometimes – Don’t you tell me that’s your high school
– It is! That was my high school before I went to study abroad So you booked this room just because of the view of your old school? – What’s the name of your high school?
– It’s “Hùng Vương” – Did you have a good time there?
– Absolutely I also have an amazing, remarkable but terrifying memory with my high school That happened in my 10th grade and my voice started breaking during puberty, I was known as a popular singer then So the school wanted me to sing a song at the School year’s Opening ceremony And I had to sing with my broken voice in front of the entire school and made a ‘remarkable’ impression You were a real ‘charming’ prince Boys have their voices broken during puberty, you know, so I really couldn’t sing at that time And that is my most terrifying memory of high school I was the class monitor during my school days, but I was really tricksy – If there’s a chance, will you go back to your school days
– Absolutely not Let’s go to the other bedroom – This room has 2 little beds
– They’re for my kids Just kidding, these are 2 single beds for the little kids or even grown up people Open the curtain and… here comes my ‘nightmare’ There’s no hate here, it’s just my embarrassing memory with it This scene still brings back many sweet memories of my teenage I actually come back here a few times as a guest So far we’ve seen the living room, the balcony and the 2 bedrooms And along this hallway, we have a general toilet right here – Huge, right?
– Totally, and it also comes with a stunning view, like the other rooms Such a typical lady Are you done watching yourself on the mirror? Come here! Lovely, isn’t it – Even the kitchen has a view
– We can enjoy while washing dishes Hey, aren’t we going to a coffeehouse? Why are we going into this tiny alley? I’m taking you to a place that I think has the significant coffee style in Saigon This what’s good when we have local friend, we’ll get to know the undisclosed locations In my opinion, I think these ‘hidden treasures’ are the charms of Saigon I mean the best places don’t have to be big or well-known but can be hidden in allies like this Is this because of my earlier question? Perhaps… here it is This is Danshari Coffee, I’ll explain the name later How do you think about this place? Impressive, right? Indeed it is, I couldn’t imagine a place like this in such tiny ally This is one of my favorite coffeehouses in town This is… alcohol, isn’t it? It’s nitro cold brew, a kind of brewed coffee The container looks just like liquor It’s like the tiny liquor bottle – I’ll have a glass of liquor, please, it’s so cute
– She means a cold brew – Is any of them alcoholic?
– I’m sorry, we only have cold brew, matcha and chocolate flavors It only looks like a liquor bottle – So they’re all booze-free?
– Yes Actually, we have a chocolate drink with some drops of gin Great, I’ll have it She’ll have liquor in a coffeehouse, sarcastic I’ll have a tangerine latte And a matcha mille waffle – Would you like some cream on the waffle?
– Yes, please My drink is ready, beautiful, right? I think the topping is edible It’s quite crunchy, I tried it once before Your liquor is ready, too. Would you like some ice? Can I have a glass of ice, please? I might try it without ice first I love how this place goes out of the box, it’s not just a regular coffeehouse You can see plenty of drinks and dishes on the menu, right? Do you know what “Danshari” means? It’s Japanese for “minimalist” In fact, “Dan”, “sha”, and “ri” each has a unique meaning Minimalism is a concept of reducing and removing unnecessary items It helps to prevent us from the mess and chaos of houses I fell in love with this place at first sight I’m a fan of minimalism, my really like my house to be simple like this, that’s why I love this place And it’s really nice how they manage to set this place up without looking so… ‘strategic’ It sounds confusing but really legit “The strategy of not looking so strategic” It means every thing seems to be randomly put in a room but they are all already in their planned positions That’s what “The strategy of not looking so strategic” means I’m pouring my heart out to explain and she’s just… looking around I’m quite dizzy, thanks to this bottle Mine is milk with tangerine and honey It’s sweet, but somehow I suddenly crave for something bitter like tea or coffee There are many types of drink on the menu, coffee itself is various from local Vietnamese style to the more modern ones Vietnamese traditional coffee has the least expensive price of 65,000 VND And some other types of drink like matcha, chocolate, or tangerine latte like that They all have the prices from 85 to 95,000 VND There’s a drink called “Apple coffee”, how strange And many types of tea like green, red, and black tea, they’re all 95,000 VND Oh, my drink is 95,000 VND if served in glass, and a bottle like this costs 5,000 more, which is 100,000 VND 5,000 VND is a good price for a cute bottle like this It’s so freaking cute! This is the signature dish of this place Waffles with kaya sauce and butter – What’s the sauce’s name again?
– Kaya, a Singaporean special sauce Just try it Sitting here and we can scent the charming smell of these dishes while they’re being prepared I love how the shop uses the scent of coffee and flowers Combining with the charming view, the scrumptious scent and delicious taste of waffle It’s waking all of our senses – So good!
– I know, right It’s really worth the wait I have to admit that Saigon is full of interesting places and tasty dishes And there are many places that even a local Saigonese who was born and raised in this city like me don’t even know or hear of That’s also a reason why I really want to take staycation The food’s gone while you’re talking For those Saigonese who have never had a staycation in this lovely city TRY IT! Try to go to the corners that you have never been to Or even in your neighborhood, try some new restaurants and coffeehouses I promise it would be an amazing and refreshing experience, like traveling to other faraway lands Save some rooms for our main dishes later I’ll take you to an old restaurant with the best dishes Could it be somewhere I know? This is another alley…. wait, why are we keep going around the allies? Well, these are all my secrets that have never been revealed… until today This is a familiar corner to me, I usually buy fabric in that market – What market?
– It’s called “Trần Hữu Trang market” This is the 139 Alley near to Huỳnh Văn Bánh & Lê Văn Sĩ crossroads I’ll take you to a Wonton Noodle restaurant I’ve been eating here since high school My entire family also loves this place The owner said she cannot remember correctly how long they’ve been doing this business but it cannot be less than 65 years Which is about 3 generations, impressive This is my way of eating… I’ll dip a crispy fried shrimp pancake into this bowl of soup – Won’t it be doughy?
– It won’t if we’re careful This will make the pancakes be not too crispy and tastier – How much is a bowl like this?
– 30,000 VND – It’s really inexpensive
– That’s for a pack of noodles, it’s enough since we already half-full 2 packs will be 45,000 VND I’ll try copying you You bowl is like a child’s, there’s no veggies in it I can’t bear the smell of veggies This is Wonton noodles but I don’t have any wonton or dumpling here as it’s really fat Too much starch This fired pancake is really crispy and tasty The soup is also scrumptious – The seasoning is really…
– …Chinese-like Everyone here knows me as their regular customer You have so many familiar places for a long time… such a loyal man I think we should have another staycation in your neighborhood There are also good restaurants in my neighborhood It’s best for you to have a local friend to truly enjoy this city with its hidden gems, not just only the well-known places There’s a famous Bánh bèo store near my place I like to have some extra pancakes in a bowl like this Usually, they only give us 1 pancake for a bowl of noodle, but I always have 5 or 6 more And he said he’s on diet He said dumplings and wontons are fat but he likes these fried pancakes Let’s say I’m saving room for my favorite, no matter how fat it is So it’s not fat as long as it’s tasty – Slow down or you’ll choke yourself
– I am slow The soup is so good and sweet with some pork greaves Chinese noodles won’t be the same without pork greaves They have Wonton andhủ tíubut I always prefer(2 different types of noodles) Me too, I only havewhenever I go to a Chinese restaurant Whether it’s dry or served with soup… do they have dried noodles here? Poaching the noodles is also a type of art Only skilled chefs can make a good dish through poaching the noodles These bowls may look simple but it’s really hard to control the hardness of the noodles through poaching I can say the cook of this restaurant is a real skilled chef As I know, they always have a bowl of cold water next to the pot The noodles will be dip into it after poached with boiled water And it requires a skillful cook to know when to take the noodles out then dip into the cold water to remain the quality The streets light up and she gets dressed up I’m pretty, aren’t I? It’s boring to go to a lounge alone so I kidnapped her – Let’s shake it up a bit
– Yeah, let’s party!!! Let’s chill in Saigon We want to show you this place which is not in a popular location The address is 182 Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1 We want to take you to a chilling place that is not so bustle and crowded In short, this is a subtle ‘hideout’ for shisha lovers with cocktails and catchy music without being interfered by the noisy crowds – Follow us!
– We’re going to look for a table Shi lounge has 3 areas, the “Living Room” is where we were on the ground floor This second floor is called “Maya Room” which has a shisha-theme design I love their decoration And how they make every table separately into small corner In front of us is our little party for tonight … it’s not really ‘little’ for the 2 of us – The cocktail is so good
– What’s your flavor? It’s like lynchee with glair Mine is banana and peach, do you wanna try? Let’s switch our drinks Your drink is greasier than mine A glass of cocktail like this is about 140 to 160,000 VND each How much can you have? I can have 10 of these He drinks a lot! I think we won’t easily get drunk as long as we drink with our close friends There are some snacks on the table as well – I remember ordering a Mexican dish but cannot get its name…
– Me neither A tray of snacks like this is about 120,000 VND We really want to show you the shisha here There are 2 types: classic and modern This one is fruit-flavored, according to the tag is lynchee and strawberry, sounds nice I like the way they leave a tag on each basin From the tag, we can learn about the shisha’s origin, name and even customer’s feedback I think the shisha experts can understand these information clearly as it’s also includes the firing time Which means the staff will come and reheat these basin when the time comes You really opened my eyes – Try it
– Promise you won’t make fun of me Nice! – How can I make a rounded smoke?
– I have no idea, maybe through practicing – Can I try?
– The fruit flavor is really nice and sweet For hygiene, we’ll each have a piece like this Lemme try this one She’s such a pro!!! It’s really relaxing and refreshing than just hanging out and tasting dishes We have to chill sometimes I also love the atmosphere and decoration in this place A Shisha basin will cost about 485,000 VND There are many types and flavor for you to choose – Which flavor is your favorite?
– Turn on the music! Sorry, what? – Which flavor is your favorite?
– The fruit – Lemme try that one
– This is also good but I prefer the fruit The fruit scents better We just had dinner and now we’re eating, again This one is a bit milk-y Don’t worry about finding a place to hang out in Saigon This one is corn-flavored Hey, it’s a claw crane, I want to try it Let’s see, 10,000 VND a time, 50,000 VND for 6 turns and 100,000 VND for 12 – Can you lend me some money?
– Here you go, consider it as a gift of being my co-host Try your best and beat this machine Let it go I caught the head but it fell out You need to be a bit closer You try it again – I’ll try to pick another one
– Try the bigger ones, this blue one perhaps Lemme change the view, move it a bit to the right, move in a bit… you’re too early – After 6 tries and we have… nothing
– Maybe it’s because of the shisha we had I had such a wonderful time today, I really enjoy my time with Thanh and this is what we want to say We can still have fun in many interesting places right in Saigon Turn out night activities is also a good topic that I haven’t tried before Maybe I should focus more on this aspect in my upcoming videos Showing more night activities of the places I go In fact, many local Saigonese don’t know about these places, even you This is your first time coming here, right? Coming here, we want to show you what a shisha lounge looks like and what you can do in this place So you can add it to your hanging out list I’ll definitely invite you for my future videos Good bye and see you again in my next videos


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