Ruby Gloom: Skull in the Family – Ep.26

Ruby Gloom: Skull in the Family – Ep.26

♪ Is your ship sinking? ♪ ♪ Did you know that’s arsenic you’re drinking? ♪ ♪ Are you buried in ice caps? ♪ Did the bridge you’re on collapse? ♪ ♪ Did that place you’re in explode? ♪ ♪ Oh, that’s why we’re singing this ode ♪ ♪ Oh, what the heck ♪ ♪ Throw in a train wreck ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, what the heck ♪ ♪ Throw in a train wreck ♪ ♪ ♪ Oh, what the heck ♪ ♪ Throw in a train wreck ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, what the heck ♪ ♪ Throw in a train wreck ♪>>Woo-hoo!>>Yeah!>>Ow. ♪ ♪ So today we’re gonna ♪ ♪ Take the time to show you ♪ ♪ The br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Only thing you oughta ♪ ♪ Know, you really gotta ♪ ♪ See the br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Ruby Gloom Ruby Gloom ♪ ♪ ♪ We’re gonna show you why ♪ ♪ There’s more than meets the eye ♪ ♪ The br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Only thing you oughta ♪ ♪ Know, you really gotta ♪ ♪ See the br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Ruby Gloom Ruby Gloom ♪ ♪ Ruby Gloom Ruby Gloom ♪>>RUBY: “Wanted dead or alive.”>>Keep reading.>>”Any relative of Skull Boy.” Great idea to put an ad in the paper, Skull Boy.>>And there’s a reward, too.>>Well, you’re bound to find some family. How many replies have you had so far?>>Uh, less than one. But I’m feeling optimistic.>>Good. ‘Cause you never know. Your family could arrive any moment. (Bell clanking)>>You’re not psychic, are you? (Laughing) ♪ (Laughing)>>Skull Boy, oh, Skull Boy, what a joyful reunion! We are your long-lost family!>>Aww.>>Skull Boy, it is me, your third cousin’s aunt twice removed, oh ho ho! And this is your cousin! (Mumbling Russian) (Sniffing)>>Do I smell muffins? (Whistling)>>Finally, a family I can call my own.>>Unpack food to feed the horde. Share good times and big rewards. (Cackling)>>Hello. (Sniffing) Hmm. (Grunting)>>So you’re my family?>>Yes.>>Really?>>We see your face and know in heart. I am Skull Roy.>>That’s so freaky. I’m Skull Boy.>>What are chances? We must be family, Skull Boy.>>I am Madame Ayana Kovitchka Skullina Kovitski.>>Well, welcome, Madame Janna-Fmanna-sumn-ef– Um, Madame Janna-Fmanna–>>Oh, you can call me Ma.>>Ma, great. Nice to meet you.>>Ma? Really? I can call you that?>>Yes.>>Wow! That’s great, Ma.>>Ma will make cookout dinner, tonight, here, for everyone!>>A cookout? Indoors? I love it.>>Yeah, it’s like we’re all one big happy family.>>Do not mind Zoltan. He is just itchy. Ever since infestation. (Giggling) (Screaming)>>Black cat!>>What’s wrong?>>MA: Black cat! In old country, black cats make for very bad, bad luck! Oh!>>Yes, we prefer black cat not to cross in front of us. Thank you.>>Oh, that’s a Doom Kitty. Doom Kitties are far from trouble. Right, Doom? (Whimpering)>>Well, come on, Skull Roy. We have a lot to catch up on. I’ll show you around.>>Will be pleasure. Thanks, Skull Boy.>>Can I help you cook, Ma?>>Rutabaga.>>I beg your pardon?>>Rutabaga.>>Oh, of course.>>SKULL BOY: Skull Roy, welcome to my room.>>Thank you, cousin.>>Please to make yourself comfy.>>D’oy! (Mumbling in Russian)>>Nyet!>>Woo-hoo! Whoa!>>Um, I love all of these things you have, like, um…>>Automatic spine reassembler?>>Yes, I… have one just like it at home. Well, it’s on order. And this… thing…>>Oh, you’ll like my latest invention. A hair-cutting hat. You just dial in a style, wear it, and it, uh, how you say, coifs your hair. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.>>Do you play music?>>Me? Music? Are you kidding? I love music! Wow, it’s uncanny how much alike we are.>>Maybe, we could play music and then get reward.>>Ha, great idea! If we play music, it would be very rewarding.>>You mean reward.>>Uh, yes, very much reward! Come on, I’ll introduce you to my friends who play music.>>MA: Oh…>>What do you see?>>MA: Ruby has lots of friends and… ah! Oh!>>What?>>Soon Ruby’s friend… Skull Boy…>>Yes, what about Skull Boy?>>Well, Skull Boy will give… big reward to family!>>Oh. He will? How exciting.>>MA: Yes, everything very positive here in this house. Very good energy. (Thunder crashing)>>I have a bad feeling. (Giggling)>>But don’t you always have a bad feeling, Misery?>>I know. I’m confused about it too.>>Misery, this is Ma, a relative of Skull Boy’s. You should have her read your tea leaves. It’s fun. (Sipping)>>Give me the good news first.>>Okay, uh, now let me see… (Screaming)>>Oh! It– Oh, it goes across the bag– Oh, oh no! Look out! Crash! (Screaming)>>So what’s the bad news? ♪>>Cool sound, Skull Roy!>>Skull Boy, your cousin is okay!>>Yeah, music must run in the family. (Blowing noisemaker)>>Um, maybe there’s something else we could do together.>>Ugh, as long as it is something I will get very much reward from.>>SKULL BOY: Ha, yes, to get very much reward. (Muttering in Russian)>>There you are. (Screaming)>>I made us another pot of tea.>>No! No more horror, please!>>I mean, thank you. You are most kind.>>IRIS: Woo-hoo!>>What was that?>>Oh, that’s our friend Iris flying in.>>Did you say f-f-flying? How does she fly? On a broomstick?>>Thanks, Squig! See ya! (Screaming)>>Oh, hi.>>E– e– evil eye!>>Evil eye? Oh, I’ve heard of that game. It’s like Chicken. Whoever can stare the longest wins.>>No! Please do not curse me! I beg of you.>>Our family is great jugglers. I pitch you this, then reward. Okay, Skull Boy, catch! (Clattering)>>Wow. (Chuckling) (Dog yipping)>>Please stop!>>I can’t. Then I would lose.>>I have a bad feeling about this.>>Ma, this stew is indigestible. I mean, uh, indescribable! (Gulping)>>Oh, thank you. Is old family recipe.>>So tell us more about yourself, Ma.>>Yeah, more about my heritage.>>Oh, not much to tell. We big family of travelling musicians. We like camping and rutabaga stew.>>It sounds just like… me? (Gasping)>>Haven’t given up yet.>>Well, time for the welcome cake. Want to help me, Skull Boy?>>Ruby, it’s so exciting to be with my new family.>>MISERY: If they’re your family.>>Misery, what are you saying?>>They’re not your family.>>What? Are you kidding? I have so much in common with them.>>Like what?>>Well… Hmm. Um, uh…>>Like I said, I have a bad feeling.>>Are you sure that’s not Ma’s stew?>>It didn’t help.>>Misery, do you really think that’s not Skull Boy’s family?>>They may look like him, but I don’t exactly see a resemblance.>>Well, I don’t believe it. And I’d like to see you prove it.>>If you insist. (Whispering) (Sound travelling)>>Nothing.>>Misery, they’re not impostors.>>This reminds me of what my great great grandmother used to say– said when she was sinking in quicksand. Oh, they couldn’t really make out what she was saying. But the point is, I won’t give up! (Whispering) (Screaming)>>Gotcha. (Yawning)>>One more point for me.>>Uh, yes, good one. Must to go now.>>And I must to… go too.>>Evening, Ma. Sorry to interrupt, but it’s midnight.>>Which means it’s time for midnight snacks! Don’t mind us.>>Okay. If you please do not mind me.>>Whatcha lookin’ for, Ma?>>Uh, something very valuable.>>Well, in that case, we’d better help you look for it, then.>>POE: Oh, you couldn’t sleep either? Well, let me keep you company. Back when I was a youth–>>Is okay.>>I know “is okay,” I’ve got a million stories. Now, as I was saying…>>You know, we looked everywhere in the kitchen. Still can’t find your valuable thing.>>Yeah, maybe we should look somewhere else for it.>>Well, okay.>>Buck up, Ma Skull. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it.>>You are too kind. (Screaming)>>RUBY: What do you think?>>MISERY: I think that pot needs cleaning.>>This spying is ridiculous, Misery. I’m telling you, they’re family.>>Well, as my great great great aunt used to say whenever she got blasted out of a volcano– Well, she mostly just screamed. But the point is, try, try, and try again.>>POE: Which leads me to my formative years of learning, which I affably call The Blunder Years. (Chuckling)>>POE: Little joke.>>Oh, there you are! Don’t leave. Have you found it yet?>>What are you looking for?>>We’re helping Ma look for something worth a lot to her.>>Oh, well, in that case… Hidey-ho, then! Let the search being! Or rather, continue.>>They’re helping you look?>>Go to figure.>>Ah-ha! There you are! I’m still on you. Whatcha doin’?>>We’re looking for something really important to Ma and Skull Roy.>>Really? It’s really important?>>Really very important.>>Well, in that case, we better stop the game. I’ll help you look.>>RUBY: What does all this mean, Misery?>>That I have no future in spy work.>>See? You can’t prove they’re not my family.>>But you can’t prove they are.>>What are you going to do?>>There’s only one thing I can do.>>Uh, isn’t this the part where you tell us?>>Oh, right. I’m going to give them their reward.>>I’m not following.>>I’ll know they’re my family or not judging from how they react to it.>>I’m still not following. Okay, now I am.>>SKULL BOY: Okay, everybody, you can stop… doing whatever it is you’re doing. Ma, Skull Roy, I think it’s about time you got your reward.>>Really, Skull Boy? Very much rewarding?>>Really, Skull Roy, and Ma. Very much rewarding. Here it is. Come here.>>Where’s our reward?>>This is your reward. Come here!>>Stop with the hugging! I really, really do not like hugging… So much. Maybe a little. (Sniffing)>>Oh! Is so like old country. I have not had good hug like this for long time.>>Yes, not since our pet goat Boris died. I miss him every day! (Sobbing)>>Come here!>>Oh! (Laughing)>>Come here!>>Yeah, great. Uh, thanks. Watch the shirt.>>This is so great. Come here, Frank!>>I’m not hugging you, Len.>>POE: Oh, yes, very nice. Thank you.>>Oh, what the heck? Come here! Ah! Is okay, I have more ribs on the other side.>>Wow, I can’t believe it. You both loved my reward. That settles it. You must be my family.>>Ah, Skull Boy. We cannot lie to you no more. Do you know how hard it is to be not nice when you’re all so nicey-nice?>>Huh?>>It is just not easy to do our job around this house of nicey-niceness.>>Oh, that’s too bad, Ma. Anything we can do to help out?>>Ugh! See what I mean? You tell them, Sergei! Go ahead! You break nice peoples’ hearts!>>Sergei?>>I am sorry, Skull Boy. We are not who we say we are. (Gasping)>>I don’t believe it!>>Yeah, how’d he grow a beard so fast?>>That’s not fair. I’ve been trying to grow facial hair for months.>>We are very ashamed. We saw ad and wanted reward.>>Does this mean we should stop looking for that valuable thing you’re looking for?>>Will you ever forgive us?>>Sure. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.>>MA: See what I mean? Nice! How do you do it?>>Skull Boy, is there anything we can do to make it up to you?>>I know, I’ll make another stew!>>ALL: No!>>Uh, oh, darn, the fire’s out. Let’s go into the kitchen and find something else instead.>>Yeah. Meanwhile, we can all play a jig. Will be pleasure.>>Uh, okay. Very much pleasure. ♪>>Well, having guests is fun, but it sure is good to be back to our own little family.>>Yeah, I think we’re all relieved. (Thunder crashing)>>I have a bad feeling.>>RUBY: Very funny, Misery.>>Yeah, you were right before. We know.>>But I have a bad feeling. (Bell clanking)>>Again.>>You did remember to take the ad out of the paper, didn’t you?>>MAN: Skull Boy, let us in! We’re your kinfolk, the Skullbillies! (Banjo music playing) (Knocking)>>Oops.>>I rest my case. (Thunder cracking)>>NARRATOR:June 13th, the dayeveryone has been waiting for.The girls are sure workingovertime.They’re pretty excited aboutthe big day ahead.>>Ow.>>That’s right, bring it home,boys, bring it home.The big day has finallyarrived.It’s New Cheese Release day.Will Abner eat the cheese thisyear?We know he’s the most finickymouse in Gloomsville.He sniffs a bit.Not sure if he likes it.Oh no, he’s walking away.>>ALL: Aww.>>But wait, he’s changed hismind!He likes the cheese, helikes it!He really, really likes it!Oh, he likes the cheese,everyone!There you have it, folks.What a momentous occasion.Now say cheese.>>ALL: Cheese! ♪

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