Ruby Gloom: I’ll Be Home For Misery – Ep.37

Ruby Gloom: I’ll Be Home For Misery – Ep.37

>>Pulling Stringswith Iris.>>Ooh. Whoa!>>Uh! Ohh! (Shouting)>>Ouch, oh, ouch. That was fun. Ooh! Ow, ow, ouch! That was fun.>>Sure. Sure was. (Iris laughing) Puppets are so much fun.>>If I have any more fun, I won’t be having fun. (Giggling)>>Hey, Iris. I think it’s your turn now. Yup, puppetry is such fun. Okay, Iris. We’re going to make you do something really wild.>>What?>>RUBY: For you. (Ruby giggling)>>Uh, come on, Ruby. At least let me stand, or twiddle my thumbs. (Laughing)>>Ruby! ♪ ♪ So today we’re gonna take the time to show you ♪ ♪ The br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Only thing you oughta know, you really gotta ♪ ♪ See the br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Ruby Gloom, Ruby Gloom ♪ ♪ ♪ We’re gonna show you why ♪ ♪ There’s more than meets the eye ♪ ♪ The br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Only thing you oughta know, you really gotta ♪ ♪ See the br-br-bright side of the dark side ♪ ♪ Ruby Gloom, Ruby Gloom ♪ ♪ Ruby Gloom, Ruby Gloom ♪ ♪>>I’ve been planning this reunion for a long time. You’re going to love my family. They’re all so fun and catastrophic. (Cuckoo clock chiming)>>Beware, beware, beware!>>Although, it’s not like them to be more than a week late. I don’t understand. And I had such fun games planned, like What’s My Disaster, Endangerment, Hazard, Peril, Emergency Emergency the home version, but now–>>Hey, Misery. How’s the reunion coming? (Misery sighing) Nobody’s showed so far.>>Oh, dear.>>Aww.>>Uh-oh.>>Bummer.>>Misery, you’re lucky. At least you have relatives.>>You haven’t met them. (Cup smashing)>>Oops.>>Uhm, forgive me, but just imagine the disasters that would befall us with all of your relatives gathered in one place!>>Yeah, maybe it’s just as well it doesn’t happen. Usually my reunions are all about mayhem, morose, and migraine.>>I’m sure they’re not that bad.>>Yeah, they are. Those are some of my relatives: Mayhem, Morose, and Migraine. No one gets along, and Migraine’s a bit of a pain.>>Boy, I’d give anything to have those family problems.>>Well, looks like I won’t even have them, ’cause they’re not showing up.>>Maybe they’ll show up tomorrow, Misery. Look on the bright side! Every day is the first day of the rest of your life.>>I like to think of every day as the third day of the rest of my life. I always leave the first and second open for damage and repair. (Clock ticking) (Misery snoring) (Hollering)>>Early arrivals, maybe! Hello? Hello! (Hollering) (Clanging)>>That didn’t sound good. (Shouting) (Crashing)>>BOTH: Ouch.>>Let’s get reunion started. Misery.>>Mayhem. (Crunching)>>MISERY: Ow. Hi, Mayhem. Uhm, how’ve you been?>>Uhh, hi, cuz. Me Mayhem. I live in cave.>>Yeah, I know. Can you let go, please?>>See dinosaurs. One day here. Next day gone. Me not know why. (Doorbell chiming) (Gong sounding)>>Mildew, at your service.>>Hi.>>I just blew in on back of volcanic eruption and, boy, are my arms, legs, whole body tired. No joke.>>Huh?>>Ah, Misery. I hear so much about you. All bad. Joke.>>Mildew, I think you know Mayhem.>>Me Mayhem. (Thudding)>>Ow.>>Oops.>>Hi. I heard all this commotion.>>Ruby, this is Mildew and Mayhem. Mildew and Mayhem, this is Ruby.>>Glad to meet you.>>Yeah.>>Like wise. (Cracking)>>Please, let go! Ouch. (Foghorn blaring)>>Uh-oh. (Thunder crashing)>>I’m queen of the world!>>Migraine!>>I demanded the captain stop the ship immediately. Oh, I told him I had a family reunion to attend.>>Too bad captain no keep going.>>Funny. Who invited her?>>Invitation? I did not need an invitation. I’m queen of the world! (Organ playing) In case you hadn’t heard the first time.>>Oh, we heard the 1st and 31st time. We always hear.>>What’s that supposed to mean?>>Uhh… old Confucian saying.>>You have to help me here, Ruby. These guys have never gotten along.>>I’m sure they’ll be fine. They’re family! (Misery laughing) Oh, sorry. I thought you were joking.>>Maybe we’d better distract them from each other. Just follow my lead. So, Misery, why don’t we show your relatives around?>>That is a swell idea, Ruby… Gloom. This way, cuzes. Uh…>>Don’t worry. Your reunion is going to be great.>>And this is my room.>>Can I try?>>I try, I try.>>Sure.>>Ah, comfier than rock in cave.>>Okay, Mayhem. Any time before summer solstice.>>Me no get that.>>Respectfully, I bid my turn, Mayhem-a-san.>>Me no get that, either.>>You no get a lot of things.>>Uh-oh.>>Oh. Oh, look! Is that a moose? (Sniffing)>>Ah, yes. Pressure points will help alleviate stress around me.>>Uh, you wanna try, Migraine?>>Yawn! Nothing can be more comfortable than my bed, in the cabin, on the big ship.>>Confusion say girl who think she too good for bed of nails, not too good for bed of nails.>>Did you just insult me?>>I humbly submit yes. (Mayhem laughing)>>I should get back on that boat. At least there I know where I stand.>>We’re in trouble.>>No need to panic. They’re just– (Shouting) (Wailing)>>Well, at least you don’t have a big family. (Doorbell chiming)>>Do you?>>Hello. (Squeaking)>>I’m Morose. It rhymes with… morose.>>Glad you could make it. Nice dress.>>The pattern is called the abyss on a dark night in the middle of nowhere.>>Oh, I must have missed that pattern in the catalogue.>>Reunion’s in the backyard.>>Why? Why?>>Hmm, more space, I guess. (Squeaking)>>How big a family?>>Mmm, big. Myopic, Malice, and Misbegotten. They’re triplets. (Doorbell chiming)>>Mopey, the optimistic one.>>Hi. Love your hair.>>Back at ya. (Gasping)>>Malaise and Malady. They can’t be together or they’ll start an ice age. I’ll take Malaise.>>I’ve got Malady. (Ice cracking)>>Hi, cousin Misery.>>Skull Boy?>>Actually, I think I’m your cousin Murkey. Come on. I just stubbed my toe two minutes ago.>>Okay, come on in.>>Backyard! I mean, backyard? (Doorbell chiming)>>Door’s open. And I was worried nobody’d show. Is it time to panic now?>>Try to keep them busy. I’ll call in reinforcements. Now, you haven’t met them yet, but you should know there’s a little friction in the family.>>Did she say friction? What kind of friction, exactly? Will it hurt?>>So, let’s make the party so great they’ll forget! Okay, who’s with me?>>I am! I love a good party. Oh, I’ll do the games. Ha, I love a good game!>>Great. Frank and Len, why don’t you guys gather the family memorabilia.>>Sure.>>Doom can help with the decorations, and I’ll do the food. And Scaredy…>>I shall take notes of the proceedings from the comfort of the indestructible, underground shelter.>>That was destroyed last week.>>Earthquake. Misery skipping rope.>>Oh, fine. I will be in charge of the first aid kits, fire extinguishers, stretchers, and seismic scale indicators.>>That’s the spirit! Mark my words, guys. This reunion will be a smash success. (Hollering)>>Uh-oh.>>Ouch.>>Ow.>>Did you have to use the word smash?>>Hey, I’d like to welcome everybody to Misery’s family reunion. (Thunder clapping)>>Just think, you’re all related! Yay. (Giggling)>>Children. Cheerful, playful children. Why? Why?>>Oh. Ahem. Let the fun and games begin! Oops. (Wind howling) (Crashing) (Scaredy screaming)>>Here, birdy, birdy, birdy! ♪>>Here, birdy! (Grunting) (Laughing) (Mayhem giggling)>>Great job, Misery. The reunion’s gone off without a hitch. (Thudding) Relatively speaking.>>Thanks. Ah. Good thing the reunion happens only once a millennium. After they leave, which should be very soon–>>ALL: Misery! Misery! (Clapping) (Mayhem giggling)>>Oh, well, thank you all for coming. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I’ve had. So, have a safe journey back, and I’ll see you at the next reunion.>>On behalf of all, me thank you, and thanks for making reunion.>>Tosh. Misery, this has been so much fun, that we got together and decided to stay on for ever.>>From now on, every day shall be a Misery family reunion.>>Oh. Great. (Wind howling)>>Oh, no!>>Family visits are always fun. Family visits are always fun. Family visits–>>Don’t panic, Misery. They’ll be gone before we know it.>>Don’t panic? We only ever have short family reunions because we run out of medical supplies. But… for ever? (Scraping)>>Uh, Scaredy?>>Forgive me, but I shall only be gone for a couple of years, depending. Bye bye.>>Scaredy, don’t go. We’ll get this all sorted out.>>Why does that sound so familiar?>>Look, the house is still in one piece… kind of. Oh, okay. They’ve gotta go. But in the meantime, we just have to try to keep it all under control. We’re in this together, right?>>Oh, right. Okay, I shall put my bags away, but packed. (Whistling) (Scaredy screaming) Mayhem!>>Scaredy seen dinosaurs? Here one day, gone next. Me no know why. Scaredy knows?>>Uh, I have an inkling. I mean, no. Scaredy not know, not know at all. My tea is getting cold. Excuse me.>>That what dinosaurs do before go missing: Run away from Mayhem!>>FRANK: Hello, Gloomsville! Are you ready to rock? ♪ Darkness, all is despair ♪ ♪ Games rock and scissors ♪ ♪ Don’t matter without the paper ♪ ♪ I’d like to introduce you to my neighbour ♪ ♪ But rock and scissors don’t matter without the paper ♪>>Baroque rocks!>>I could get used to her hanging around.>>BOTH: Go Morose! (Crumbling) (Cracking)>>BOTH: Earthquake!>>Think I might’ve spoken too soon.>>Cool. Another verse?>>Oh, hi Malady and Malaise! Now, there’s some thing about you two being together… Uh, let’s see. (Wind howling)>>Uhm… (Iris shouting) Now I remember! I’m… good. My swing!>>Our space!>>My sanity! Thank you.>>Here, birdy! (Howling)>>Never a dull moment when the Misery family comes to call, huh? Uh… mint? You’re right. Nothing lasts for ever. Is everybody having a good time? (Cheering)>>I was afraid of that. (Hollering) For you.>>Oh, you shouldn’t have.>>It from great fire of London. Cousin Motley bring it.>>Gee. Thanks, everybody. Uhm… it’s been great having you, and I’d love to have you stay for ever, but… uhm… (Rumbling)>>Oh, I know what’s coming.>>No, listen. It’s nothing personal.>>It’s coming. It’s coming! (Rumbling)>>We go now.>>Yes. Last time we extended the reunion was at Vesuvius. (Shrieking)>>Did not work out so well.>>You’re leaving?>>Don’t take it personally, Misery.>>Yes, Confusion say guests who overstay welcome cause too much bodily harm, and get lawsuits. Sayonara.>>Ta-ta!>>Bye. (Foghorn blaring)>>B.Y.O.L. Bring Own Lifeboat. (Mayhem laughing)>>What? I can’t hear you.>>Me see you soon. (Hollering)>>Ah, that went well. Can’t wait to host my cousin’s wedding next week. Joke. (Rumbling)>>Ah!>>Whoa!>>Oh, no!>>Oops. (Tooting)>>Hmm, no joke. (Clock ticking) (Cuckoo snoring) (Misery snoring) (Doorbell chiming)>>Mayhem, Migraine, Mopey?>>Sounds like you had a good night’s sleep. Since your family couldn’t make it, I thought we’d have our own reunion party.>>But, the reunion was a huge success. There was this sack race, and the tug of war, and whack the Trojan Horse piñata. Muddle, Morose, Mayhem, Migraine, and Mildew showed up. Migraine and Mildew didn’t get along at first, but then they became the best of friends. Don’t you remember?>>Misery, you have such a great imagination.>>Really?>>Why don’t you have a seat?>>You mean, it was all just in my head? I should visit there more often. (Whistling)>>Scaredy’s family tree, with Scaredy Bat! (Wind whistling) (Wolf howling)>>Oh, dear. Well, forgive me, but I am over the planets with excitement! It is the first time I am seeing the slideshow of my family tree. This is the tree, you know. This is my aunt Fearless, the fruit bat. She’s peachy, you can see. And this is my uncle Plucky, the Mexican long-nosed bat. Olé! (Giggling) Oh, oh dear. This is my second cousin Gutsy, the big brown bat. He likes candlelit dinners and long flights on the beach. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. You know, this is my third cousin once removed Nervy, the vampire bat. He likes the colour red. (Whimpering) (Bat hissing) (Scaredy screaming) (Teeth chattering) (Scaredy screaming)>>Hey, cuz! Good to meet you. (Scaredy shouting) (Panting) Ah, oh thank goodness. Phewf. Good night. (Bats screeching) ♪


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