Raw Footage: President Obama’s Surprise Lunch Stop

Raw Footage: President Obama’s Surprise Lunch Stop

There he is. (applause) President Obama:
Hey, hey. Good to see you. Something smells good up
here. I got (inaudible). I will have some sweet tea. If you’re in Georgia, you
got to have some sweet tea. Speaker:
That’s true. Speaker:
Before you arrived we said
we weren’t going to ask questions so you could
have a nice time — President Obama:
No. Go ahead. No, no, no — how often are you going
to have lunch with the President? (laughter) Mine as well ask some questions. And let me have some of them
black eyed peas over there. Speaker:
One of each? Speaker:
Take mine. President Obama:
I think I’ll try this one first. I think we’ve come through
probably one of the toughest year we’ve had
since the thirties. Objectively speaking, if you
just look at what the economy went through, we’re in
the middle of two wars, the burden on military families. I actually think we’re now at
a stage where were out of the worst part of it. Speaker:
Oh, I hope so. President Obama:
But, there were a lot
of issues that had not been dealt with even before
this crisis started. And, you know, the challenge is
trying to make our institutions responsive to the new challenges
that we face as opposed to putting them off. And that’s hard to do because,
I’ll be honest with you, I think the country — we’re
like — we’re like folks that have had a long party all
night long and then there’s a little bit of a hang over and
you got to do a little bit of clean up and nobody wants to
— nobody wants to hear the story about how well, now
we got to do some hard things. Can I be honest with you? One of the tougher things about
being president is you’re always in this bubble, you know,
everywhere you go you’re always — you’re trapped really, and so
at the chance to get out and go to a restaurant; sit
down with some people. Speaker:
You’re people. President Obama:
It is a great treat. Speaker:
They’re your people. President Obama:
It’s a great treat. I’ll take a drum stick. I mean, if it was a wing,
I would have taken a wing. Speaker:
Well, that’s no problem. (laughter) President Obama:
Let me just have one. Now, I
don’t want to get carried away.

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