raising caanes food review

raising caanes food review

hey everybody well today I’m going to do
a food review haven’t done one in a while so I thought I’d do a quick one on
raising cane’s now those of you who are not familiar with that that is a chicken
place and kinda like KFC and Popeyes and all those chicken places what’s all in
here get all that right there all that yummy stuff right there you got four
chicken strips Raising Cane’s calls them chicken
fingers and we got some some french fries and some Texas toast and looks
like some coleslaw and if those of you who are interested in trying this as
well you just go and you order the Box combo that’s what this is so anyway and
this get started then we’re gonna start with these chicken strips first akiko
new chicken strips yeah that’s basically what they are and see what see how good
they are I also have a dr. pepper it’s nothing nothing fancy you know just a
regular old dr. pepper anyway let’s give this chicken a try yep there’s nice and crunchy and has good
flavor trying to think of how to describe it it’s uh the chicken itself
he’s really good it’s got a good flavor and the you know
and then the the seasoning the job talk to him under talking to my dog here he’s
he’s looking up at me I’m gonna get up here don’t wanna get up here come on
John you don’t want to get up here oh there he goes anyway the chicken is really good the
you know the crust the skin outside whatever you want to call this outside
part that’s what it looks like get a good oh look at that yeah that’s where
most of the flavor is is that part and it’s really good I wish they had spicy
spicy version of this but I don’t think they do I looked forward couldn’t find
it don’t think they actually have it better but it’s really good
I wish I could describe the flavor to be better but this is something you have to
try and see for yourself let’s give these fries and try hopefully there’s
salt on them I don’t think there are yeah there’s a little salt but a lot which
honestly it’s okay with me because I don’t like a whole lot of salt but but
they’re good you know and then we got this lovely Texas toast which honestly it’s not bad but I’ve had better um if
you’ve ever had this from Sonic the Texas toast kind of stuff from Sonic they’re way better than this this right
here just kind of tastes like an old bland piece of bread there’s nothing
really to it much to it and of course you know coleslaw
everybody knows the coast all it tastes like so I’m not gonna taste it or for
you but this is it right here just to show that I actually do have it and then
they gave me this king sauce let’s get this king sauce a try because I have
never ever had this so let’s give that a try and see how good it is that’s actually pretty good the king
sauce kinda reminds me of a version of they say that’s unique fan tastes like it has
mustard in it and I don’t know what else but it’s not sweet it’s not you know
it’s not too sweet it’s not through sour it’s kind of in between it’s got a good
flavor it’s not bad at all but anyway I think that’ll do it for
this video I’m gonna go ahead and finish eating everything and go ahead let y’all
go but yeah that was Raising Cane’s box combo so if y’all want to try it and if
y’all even have a Raising Cane’s wherever y’all are feel free to go and
do that and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about
just get the box combo and there you go so anyway hope you all enjoyed this
video and as always if you did give it a big thumbs up give it a like and leave
comment let me know what you think you’ve had the Raising Cane’s before and that’ll do it so as always everybody
take care and I will see you all in the next video talk to you later

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