Rainbow Six 3 : Raven Shield – Storm ninja simulator [Eng sub]

Rainbow Six 3 : Raven Shield – Storm ninja simulator [Eng sub]

This is Raven Shield It’s a good game ! Raven Shield is the third installment of the Rainbow Six games and in my opinion the last one in accord with the idea of the franchise. It was released in 2003 and is among the best tactical shooters even today. It has two DLC including one completely free adding missions, weapons and multiplayer content Rainbow Six is originally a novel by Tom Clancy about the creation of an international special forces group Serving NATO. The game places you as the Rainbows, this unit’s operatives. The plot is a vague story of neo-nazi doing the usual nazi stuff like spreading VX gas, a neurotoxic. It could have been a drug baron of a weapon dealer, it wouldn’t have changed anything. The plot is not important Tom Clancy didn’t always have good adaptations but at Raven Shield’s time, it was still the case and seeing his name on top of a game’s title was a seal of quality. Teh we had some average things betraying a bit the original material… Yeah, like this. Then someone profanated his tomb. Exactly. The game is divided in missions happening in two steps : planning and action, during which we shall neutralize terrorist, save hostaged or defuse bombs. Well, be warned, screen definition is limited to 640×480 in the menu, so it’s clearly ugly. Really ugly. The planning phase allows you to put your teams together, choose their equipment and trace their route on the mission’s map. We lead a single operative during the action phase but all teams act at the same time and the IA controls all other Rainbows. While planning the route of each team, you can do intricate stuff like making a team stop until it receives a certain signal so that it pursue it’s route which allows you to lay siege to a room from several directions with several teams. Even for something as trivial as opening a door, you can plan the door to be opened normally or gradually, to be destroyed with a breaching charge, that the Rainbows throw grenades through a partial opening of use a smoke grenade before opening or even open the door but don’t proceed into the room. we have an insane amount of choice in the course of events and when it works, it’s classy as hell ! Green team leader : “GREEN : explosives ready” Green team leader : “GREEN : waiting for BRAVO” Green team member 1 : “hostile down”
Green team member 2 : “threat down”
Green team member 3 : “threat down” Six (John Clark, director of Rainbow Six) : “Nothing moves, you’re clear” Once planning is done, you can launch a simulation during which you don’t play, you only look at the Rainbows proceeding as planned and thus, if you want to win the mission, you will need to play it yourself since this doesn’t count : it’s only a simulation to check your plan. Then you proceed to action phase, where you play as one of the Rainbows and where you can change character at will. The character you play is alwayys team leader, thus if you change character, you also change commander. You can have 8 men in three teams, with a maximum of four men per team. If you make two four men teams, then you won’t be able to use a third team. Ennemies are dangerous, even in the easiest difficulty, and you can only sustain two hits : on the first one, you are wounded, on the second one, you are dead most of the time, you’ll be dead on first shot you can imagine how easy it is to be creeped around corners So check you angles openings. To fulfill your missions, you have an important varitety of equipments that you can pick during planning phase : Light, medium or heavy outfits which implies a compromise between protection and mobility, grenades of all kinds (dson’t forget your gas masks if you plan on using tear gas), breaching charges to blow up doors, heartbeats sensors to see the ennemy through walls, or toolboxes to defuse devices. As most of the action phase comes down to shoot things, and that guns are quite realistically portrayed, the choice of the weapon is very important. Thus, you have the choice of over 50 weapons and even several types of ammo for many of them. Power, recoil and accuracy of weapons depends on their caliber and the length of their barrel. Thus, SMGs are limited to close distance engagements, assault rifles are good at everything and at every distances but hard to control during automatic fire, precision rifles are good only to shoot from a distance on an unaware target, etc. I sometime complete a mission only using a pistol. It’s not easy but it’s the price to pay when you take yourself for John McClane ! The weapons you use directly affect the behaviour of ennemies : they are more likely to surrender if you greet them with a SPAS 12. Let’s be honest, I understand them… Damages are realistic :

Note in French : ok, this one doesn’t count most of your ennemies will fall with one or two shots whatever your weapon or it’s caliber. Those that need mor than two round to go to the other side of hell are fewer than a handful in the whole game’s campaign, unless you use this very gun. As I told you, firearms are portrayed in a realistic manner and not only on the matter of damages they inflict. Here, a Steyr AUG, which is magnificent, as in real life : Here, a Beretta PM12, which is far more efficient than it seems to be, as in real life : And here, an Ingram MAC11, which is a pitiful piece of junk, as in real life : Although with due focusing, we may make something useful of it… Or something like that. Developpers did not completely understand the concept of recoil, though… Voilà… Even though it’s a very cool game, it shows some marks of its age, it lack many modern functions and particularly the iron sights. In the original game, pressing the “aim” key only did a slight zoom on the crosshair in the middle of the screen. Nothing else, and that’s why I use mods. Modding community on this game is quite important, The most surprising is that it woke up quite late and important mod weren’t out until the 2010’s. the modding community is still active, and you can find online servers to play with those mods. I can’t tell you how it is, I never played this game online but apparently, it has some success. Speaking about online, don’t trust Steam, that telle you multiplayer is dead on this game : the editor closed it but fans reoppened it themselves thus multiplayer on Raven Shield is still a thing. As for myself, I use Raven Shield 2.0 and Ordnance Project 1.4 at the same time. They add quantity of stuff and, among other things, lasers,
Note in French : I ceased using Raven Shield 2.0 halfway through the recording of this video. very useful as you don’t have any crosshair anymore with those mods,
Note in French : Although it adds interesting things, it also has great flaws and the ability to use the iron sights.

Note in French : notably blood myst gore effects very unrealistic on top of being really bad looking. Base game had a realistic level of gore On that matter, though, you will notice that certain weapons are more convenient to aime with than others… Voilà…
Note in French : You can see the difference between RS2.0 and Ordnance Project 1.4 on this video. I advise to only use OP1.4 They also change projectiles penetration, which can now pierce through wall, wherehas in the original game, they only penetrated through doors. The mod also adds IA improvements, for the Rainboxws as well as for the ennemies and minor changed here and there. There are small problems but not a single one is detrimental to gameplay or stability. it also adds some graphical improvements, unfortunately of little interest since the game is obsolete on this matter. You need to understand that dynamic lightning didn’t even exist when the engine was created, thus we can’t do much to improve the aesthetics of the game. It nevertheless is a good looking game, clearly not ugly. Rainbows punctuate their actions with jargon, which reinforce the impression of realism and profesionnalism : “Tango” for “target”, “Contact” when they see an ennemy, “Threat down” when an ennemy is neutralized. Well, realism is… It’s a video game… When an ennemy surrenders, he simply quit the ranks of the hostiles and stop moving. No need to worry about him taking his gun back from the ground and shooting at you in the back. You can secure him. It doesn’t serve any purpose, though, since he already surrendered : he won’t move anymore, and you can even slaughter him in total violation of international laws and nobody will ever complain. No problem ! IA is totally phased out, too. Although, if you like games like CoD of newer Tom Clancy games like The Division, you will feel at home, no worries. If you played F.E.A.R. or Metro 2033, though, you may feel empty. The game also has the flaw of being easy to breake. There is a trick to end missions the easy way I won’t tell you the trick, as it would totally kill the pleasure of gaming, but if you play, you may eventually get it. There is also the planning system, with all it’s complexity of team communication, synchronisation and action coordination, all of this is easy to put aside. In fact, fulfill missions with brute force, in a few tries and without planning, only by advancing with a team of four guys all accros the map shooting everything that dare moving in front of you remains, if not the most efficient, at least the simpler and quicker way to do thing. In the end, Raven Shield is a game with its flaws, that you can’t play in a modern manner, but it means that it changed from your all around casual FPS copied on every other as they are now made. Find me someone capable of really find the difference between BF and CoD. Won’t be easy… Rainbow Six is then really apart from the others FPS on the market. Well, at least Raven Shield and the previous installments of the series. The sound ambiance, notably, is totally different than what you encounter nowadays : the only thing that trouble the relative and general silence of the game, are the sounds of gunfire. They are sharp, blunt sounds announcing directly what’s happening : you are here to close the debate. Dislocated, sluggish bodies fall on the ground without Hollywood effects and you move on to something else. I won’t see another sound ambiance as efficient despite it’s simplicity until Metro 2033. You can have it for 5 euros (5 dollars, give or take) on Steam and it’s so old that you can now make it run on your toaster. Honnestly, in these conditions, no need to deprive yourself from it, I encourage you to try it, it’s really an excellent game.

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