Rainbow Colored Sushi Rice – Sushi Cooking Ideas #1

Rainbow Colored Sushi Rice – Sushi Cooking Ideas #1

Welcome back to another cooking video, today
I’m going to do something a little bit different. Usually I show a recipe of how to make sushi
but this time I’m going to give you an idea, a concept you can apply to sushi.
Why the change? Well I’ve been looking a lot of the fan pics you guys have sent me
of recreations of my recipes, and I have noticed that a lot of you take a concept from a recipe
and then it apply it your sushi and create your own thing. That’s really what cooking
is all about, taking something and making it your own.
With that in mind I’m going to create a series of videos, hopefully a lot of them
that will give you ideas that can elevate your sushi to make it more interesting and
more appealing and more different to normal sushi.
With that in mind this first one is going to be a very, very simple idea but hopefully
you haven’t thought of it before and hopefully you can apply it to your sushi. Let’s get
going, let’s do this! Okay, start off by taking a bowl and filling
it up with cooked and seasoned sushi rice. If you don’t know how to make cooked and
seasoned sushi rice there’s a link in the description to see my recipe.
Alright, now I’m going to take some food coloring, it comes in multiple colors. I’m
just going to pick one – the green. You can find these food colorings in the description
below, also. I’m just going to take a fork and dip into it and spread it across the sushi
rice just like this and then slowly fold it in, work it into the sushi rice, making sure
not to destroy of the sushi grains because you don’t want to end up with mushy rice.
Once you have fully coated the rice then you want to just leave it sit for about five,
ten, minutes so that it soaks into the rice and doesn’t stain your hands.
Alright, now I’m going to show you an example of what it can do. I’m going to take a half
sheet of Nori and just roll a simple or Uni Maki sushi roll. Here I’m taking 100-grams
of green sushi rice, I’m going to spread it out across the Nori, nice and lightly.
Then flip it over, I’m going to put a filling which in this case is going to be a slice
of Sashimi Grade salmon and then I’m going to roll it simply like you would a Uni Maki
Roll, just forwards. Uni Maki is an inside out roll, for those of you who do not know,
and I’m going to compress here, roll forwards, compress and then undo it and then just tuck
in the edges now on both sides. I have them tucked in on one side and I’m going to do
the same for the other side. There we go – great, now I’m just going
to place it down on a cutting board and compress it one more time to have it in the right shape.
Alright, now for the cutting – I’m going to take my knife and I’m just going to dip
it into some water and vinegar so that the rice doesn’t stick to it as much and I’m
going to slice it in half. Then I’m going to take the halves and slice them into quarters,
just like this, and then take the quarters and slice them into eighths.
There we go, nearly done. Once I’ve done that I’m going to take my rolling mat again
and just compress the roll again so that any rice grains that made a move during cutting
go back into place. Voila! There you go, multicolored sushi rice,
this is just so you can see an example of what you can do with it and what it looks
like. I hope you enjoyed this!
There we go, that’s how easy it is to make multicolored sushi rice, and I hope you guys
apply this to your sushi in some sort of weird and funky way, like for example I was thinking
all orange sushi roll where you have an orange salmon with carrots and orange sushi rice
on the outside topped with carrot and ginger sauce, which is orange, and then sprinkled
with dehydrated carrot shards which I think would be awesome. It would just be funky and
all orange; I bet it tastes great, too. I’ve got to probably make that.
Now I would love to know what you guys would do, leave it in the comment section below
so I can read it, and also it’s worth noting that I do prefer to use natural food colorings
whenever possible but sometimes it’s just easier and it doesn’t add as much extra
taste. Whenever you’re using natural food colorings it does add a very big element of
taste that you might not want in your final dish.
Thanks for watching, please don’t forget to subscribe and goodbye.


  1. Not sure if it's intentional that a rainbow sushi video was posted shortly after the Orlando shootings..? You didn't mention anything so I suppose it isn't?

  2. I know this sounds prejudice, but why do i keep thinking this was his subliminal message that he supports gay right?

  3. Hi there.

    I don't know how active you are in comments, but I wonder if you can help me. I love making sushi and watching your videos, but I, my partner and many of my friends are vegan. I've tried various fillings such as cucumber, avocado, sweet/bell peppers, thinly stripped carrots… but I'm running out of ideas. I would be very grateful if you would make a video with various vegan sushi ideas, and I will share it on lots of vegan social media pages if that's an extra incentive! (don't advertise your shark skin grater though if you do!)

    If you do, thank you so much in advance!

  4. I've been making sushi since 2011. But after watching your videos you inspired me to start my own youtube channel. I've been holding it off for so long and now I have my own sushi channel too 🙂

  5. I have to make this 😍🍣🍱 and loved the editing so much, every time the color changed i was in awe and always said wow 😍😊

  6. Hi! What is this new blue thing you are using to roll your sushi? Where can I buy it? I think that's better than the plastic bag 🙂

  7. Loved the part where you showed making all the different colored sushi with cleverly timed jump cuts!
    Love the videos mate!

  8. OMG, I this is soo wonderful, especially for entertaining and to spruce up regular family dinners. I can make some Aloha theme sushi trays. Arigato

  9. I love when you wher shaping the sushi and it changed different colors verry clever

  10. it looks great but it would be better to stay away of E colours instead use natural colours found in veg or herb there are plenty out there but great idea over all keep it up!

  11. Hello, I am inspired by your videos! Please tell me where to buy a Mat for sushi in this video?

  12. I hate these things! An insult to the true sushi. And colorant dye is terrible. For kindergarten children can be fine though. 😊

  13. Weird reference – This video reminded me of the horse from The Wizard Of Oz. The one that continued changing colours at the end of the movie.

  14. I made sushi by adding the fish on the outside and the rice and nori on the inside. It falls apart severely when you pick it up or eat it. It's cool while it lasts…

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