Quel Drôle d’Animal dans le Lac Beaulieu (sortie photo)

Quel Drôle d’Animal dans le Lac Beaulieu (sortie photo)

I’m near the lake of Beaulieu I looked today on the android application to know what weather will be. and verify if there will be sun or not. So, application showed me that there would be 50% of middle-clouds and 15% of low-clouds So, the weather is presented like that. again very morose time. But, what is interesting here, where i’m myself is that, here are many birds. And maybe with a some light, maybe I could capture something. May be in Black and White version? Down at the background I see two white spots There is the nutria here. On the background there are rows of trees that are aligned one after the other. … it could be very interesting to take it. so the nutria is swimming quietly. there is a lot of life here. It’s very interesting. I have to come back one day to observe new ones animals and trying to capture them (in photo – obviously). And so if you want to see the another episodes that will follow and live a little adventure of watching birds. Photos, landscapes photos do not hesitate to subscribe to the channel! Especially comment with everything you mean. I would be really happy to see your comments. See you next time, I wish you beautiful light! and see you!

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