PRP for chronic venous ulcer

PRP for chronic venous ulcer

good morning everyone. happy friday! today we have a patient who presented recently with a chronic venous ulcer which has been present for several weeks the patient has been in and out of the hospital several times she recently presented to us it’s what we call a chronic non-healing wound and she has tried several other
treatments and has not received any clinical improvement our recommendation today to initiate, catapult the ulcer to start healing once again is the use of
of PRP also known as platelet-rich plasma which contains all the growth
factors and potent cells that aid in regenerating damaged tissue and bringing the tissue around it back to life so to speak so we’ll go ahead and again this
is the plasma after it has been “filtered” from the actual blood and what we’re
going to do [the patient is numb] what we’re going to do is infiltrate slowly all the edges because these edges are very damaged and
it’s what we call severe in duration it’s kind of like scar tissue very rubbery in nature throughout the entire periphery of the
ulcer put a little pressure here so now what we’re going to do is actually go in through the ulcer just like that and we’re going to inject we’re essentially marinating everything patients sometimes experience pressure and some little bit of discomfort so these are the alternative treatments we use this, what we call the regenerative
procedures, PRP we use amneogenic therapy we use stem-cell therapy as
treatments in the cupboard that you know maybe others haven’t tried but our job is to make sure that we heal the ulceration in a timely fashion to avoid
any long-term or short-term complications and that’s what we do here
at JAWS.


  1. HI Doctor , thank you for sharing this nice video! would you please inform me how many procedures dose need to heal? Have a nice day!

  2. This is one of your oldest videos. I find the plasma injections interesting. Is this plasma taken from the lady’s own blood or is it donated plasma?

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