1. I'm not lying ever since I saw that scene in ratatouille when she says to keep your station clear I always keep my kitchen clear even when I'm cooking a fest LOL

  2. I was waiting for his thoughts on the ratatouille part the whole time because I know for a fact that the animators actually took a cooking class before making this movie

  3. ive been cutting fish all my life, and cutting it professionally for about 3 years now. if you try to "ride the bones" on a salmon you will cut directly through them. they have bones like butter, and it takes a skilled experienced hand to cut salmon. also pinbones are easy to pul as long as you use pliers. swipe your blade across the middle of the filet and use your pliers to remove the exposed pinbones

  4. I'm unhappy with the way he reviewed "Chef" because he got all the facts wrong. It is clear he hasn't seen the movie so there's no way he can interpret the scene without proper context.

  5. So basically, culinary school is like boot camp, and military training ramped up to a 100.
    Edit: when an animated movie depicts the accuracy of whats goes down in the kitchen then actual real-life movies. You know u gotta give credit to Pixar.

  6. I've worked in a super nice restaurant—the intense moments happen, they obliterate your energy reserves, but they don't take up much of the shift all told.

  7. Every chef I know, including myself loves 'Ratatouille' because it captures lots of real emotions and situations, it's not overplayed and very authentic. Salut!

  8. "Culinary school" that right there is why Americans suck at cooking, you learn food through a teacher not through a school. mass production of more dead shits.

  9. When I was studying catering at this college.The tutors would never let us cook in a kitchen without a catering hat on and even they wore catering hats 👍

  10. Watching this video takes myself back to when I studied catering in a college and alot of this stuff that this person says in the video reminds myself of alot of stuff they taught myself when I was studying catering in a college 👍

  11. I really find this guy unlikable and obnoxious- and I always like the professionals they put in these videos. But this guy sucks.

  12. I don't know what people keep bashing him in the comments. I mean he knows more about cooking than me. It's better than most react/evaluation videos on the internet. He doesn't seem rude or mean.

  13. well this chef doesn't seem to know much about wagyu lol, they do not feed them beer, and they do not give them massages, thats something they do for the cameras.. oops 🙂

  14. I always get annoyed, in tv shows and movies, when a "chef" has their hair out. I imagine receiving that dish, and getting a mouthful of hair. 🤮

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