Pregnancy Q&A Over Lunch 🤰🏼🍕

Pregnancy Q&A Over Lunch 🤰🏼🍕

– Guys, welcome back. Andrey’s with me in this one. Why are you here babe? – Cause we’re gonna do a Q and A? – Pregnancy Q and A with
some of my favorite food that I had been enjoying this pregnancy. – Somebody is hungry. – Somebody is hungry, Yes. – Let’s just get to it because
there’s a lot of questions. – So many good questions. Yeah, let’s do it. I don’t know all of them because he chose the top 20 questions. So some of these will
be a surprise for me. So first one, I’m
jumping into my Pad Thai. I’ve been craving this but
it’s only from a certain place here in Nashville, which
is called the Eastern peak. And I get extra peanuts always with a level two spice out of five. So it’s like a little hint
of something spicy in there. – So lets read the first question. – So this is from Dean, Twitchitt I would love to know more about
how you are doing with your pregnancy and wondering how
many weeks you are now honey, I know that you feel baby
moving down and it’s so magical. Love you so much and sending
you lots of love and hugs. God bless you and Andrey and baby bump. Thank you Dean. – Thank you. – Really appreciate it. I’m doing really great. I’m trying not to take
anything for granted. Any kind of little thing
is just, you know, the body is doing it’s process of
making this baby essentially. – So how many weeks are we
do you wanna say that or not? – I mean I am past 20 weeks. We are more than halfway
there and it’s been really exciting. Right? – Yeah. – So exciting. – Alright, next question. Let’s get some of this Pad Thai in me. – I want to dig in also. So another craving that
I just want is pizza, but not just any kind of pizza. It’s a specific type of
pizza from this place in Nashville called Desanos Pizzaria I
think that’s what is called by the Gulch. I love their crust. I love their dough and I
like their simple toppings especially this one that
you’re gonna eat right now. This one has some kind of
peppers that are sweet. They’re also very like citrusy
and they’re very vinegary with sausage, a little bit of
cheese and their tomato sauce And the reason why I like Pad Thai, I like this type of
pizza, the mini gherkins. I like things that are very sour. I like things that are tangy. I like things that are
spicy and then I like things that are sweet. All of that in one, I’ll take it any day. – I’m just trying to keep us
moving cause this is gonna take over an hour if we slow this down. – Next question by Kimberly Gregory. – Are you going to do a
birth blog and will you show your baby on social media? – We talked about it a little bit. I think we definitely
want to vlog the birth because it’s memories just
even for the two of us and then we can share that with our baby. And plus we don’t have a
lot of family live here in Tennessee only my baby sister
lives here with her family, so if somebody can’t make it,
you know, obviously not to the actual birth, but afterwards
and they wanna see it. I think that is just so
precious and we definitely we’re gonna vlog it. We just don’t know how
we’re gonna vlog it, we might hire someone to do
it for us or have somebody very close in the family
basically vlog the entire thing. So Andrey and I both don’t
have to worry about it. – So I mean, a lot of
stuff we are gonna keep private obviously. – Like what? – Most of it gonna be private. Just because we don’t show
too much stuff at all. – Are we gonna show some of it? Yeah. – Show the baby? – Yeah show the baby or it’s
not like we’re being super secretive we just like our privacy. – Yeah we do. – Alright, so question number three. – This is from Pam Radatzke
I hope I’m saying that right. I may have missed it,
but when is the baby due and are you going natural epidural? My son was 10 pounds six ounces
and I didn’t use anything. Good luck with the birth
and I am a little more concerned about Andrey. Thank you Pam. – After saying 10 pounds
baby she says good luck. – I literally just told
that to Andrey like a couple of days ago, we were driving
for some reason I watched somebody’s birth vlog and I
was like, babe, I’m literally scared for my vagina. (laughs) So that gives you anything. We are trying to go natural
but you know it’s just whatever God has in his plans. Obviously you can have goals
and ideas of how you want it to be, like where you
want to be comfortable. We do know where we
are going to give birth but we don’t have like
everything down to a T. It’s just gonna be
whatever happens. Right? – Yeah. – Are you scared? – For you yes am scared for you. – And then baby is due So I’m 23 weeks so we are do in May – Next question, will
you, this is a big one. The gender everybody wants,
everyone wants to know. Will you decide to find out the gender? And another question,
will you be taking a break from creating videos or
once the baby arrives? So will we find out
the gender of the baby? We have decided that we
did want to find out, but just we will know
the gender of the baby. We’re not telling anybody
else until the baby is born. Just because this is something that, – That’s the part of the privacy. Only people who are
close to us get to know. – This is something that’s
also special for Andrey cause he wanted to find out,
I didn’t, I wanted to keep it a secret, but then I’m
like, I’m not gonna take that away from him. So I wanted him to find out
and we found out with just the two of us with seeing the sonogram. So that was very special. And then will we be taking a
break from creating videos once the baby arrives? Probably I’m not even sure. Honestly, we’re probably
not gonna film every single day like we are now. – I mean, we’re definitely
getting help. – Yes. – We’re hoping to hire
another content creator. And if we need more help,
we’re gonna get even more help. The previous one, that was from Ashleigh W. – Ashleigh W, yes. – Thank you Ashleigh
– The next one is from Anna Dematos What are some of the
traditions in your family? And then the second part of it is, are you going to make
sure you teach your baby? – The traditions, right? – The traditions, Yeah. – That’s a really, really good question. – It’s a very deep question. – Very deep. – In general we’re gonna
try to pass on our faith to our kids. That’s probably the most important thing because that will set up
pretty much everything. – Well that was also passed
on to us from our parents on both sides, your parents, my parents. – Also set up the worldview. It’ll set up, you know, their character, how hardworking they
are, how honest they are and all of that. So that’s very important to us to pass on. Like holiday traditions especially, I mean all of the holiday
traditions are really driven by that as well. You know, we’re remembering,
you know, where we came… – Certain aspects yeah. – Where we came from
which helps us understand where are we going? The fun one is food. – Oh yeah. – There’s a lot of food traditions just from the Slavic traditions and
then all the new traditions. – That you and I have made. – Yeah, next one if from Jasmine – Evangelista – Evangelista It’s a pretty name. So this, do you have any
cravings we have been going through all of that. Do you have any mood swings? – Maybe you should answer this one. – Just be careful. – Yes, definitely mood swings. – The one thing I do want
to say, honestly I thought I was going to have a
lot more like situations where I’m like out of control
or like I tried to control my emotions to a point where
like okay, I’m in pain, I don’t want to take it out and Andre. But sometimes it happens
you guys, it happens. – Next one is from Beth Leary. Do you guys play music for
your baby or read out loud? If so, what kind? We played a lot of Easy
Bob Marley and read a lot. Oh that’s a really sweet question. – Yeah, we read a lot and
listen to music a lot. So the baby always hears it – Yes. So I do. I’m very intentional in the
mornings when I get ready, even before filming, I’ll turn
on my Bible app and I will have the Bible app like reading
to me while I get ready. And the baby always
obviously hears the Bible app pretty much on a daily basis. We also talk a lot to each other about a lot of spiritual things. Always include the baby,
which is very fascinating. We’re like, baby, are you listening? So we do that a lot. But do we specifically play
specific music for the baby? I don’t think we ever have. Maybe later on we will. That’s sounds fun. – That’s an interesting question actually I would like to know
who does that out there. – And what do you like she said, what do you guys play? And what do you guys read? That’s really cool. – Alright, next question,
question number eight. – Stacey Landes, I think
I’m saying that right. – Fun question, who’s gonna be in the room when you have the baby? – Hopefully Andrey (laughs) Obviously the people
involved in our birth plan, I guess you could say,
or the doctors, midwives. But I’m pretty sure my
sister Karina might be there. Hopefully my mom if she,
you know, she makes it, cause she doesn’t live in
Tennessee she’s from New York so maybe she can take
like a whole month off and just come stay with
us and whenever I’m ready she can come with us. – Alright, so next question. Are you chewing? – (laughs) I’m chewing – Lauryn Simons whose reaction
was more was more shocked about find out about being pregnant? You, your husband or
any other family member? – That’s a really good question. – I would definitely
have to say it’s Milana cause she’s super expressive. – Very expressive, Yeah. – And your mom like you two are like as if your mother and daughter. – As if. My baby sister she was
the first one to find out and she just started crying. – Yeah she cried. When we announced the pregnancy, we did say that this was our rainbow baby, which means that, you know,
there’s hope after you have a miscarriage. We lost her very first
baby and with this baby, it was more of, you know,
the excitement of yes, they get to experience it again. And it was a very overwhelming
that’s why I think you’re saying it was very shocking. Plus emotions and just
everything all at once of like, yes, we get to do it
again, you know, type of deal. I think that’s where I
was just so expressive and I mean we’ll share
the story down below of how we found out, but
it was, yeah, really nice. Want me to do this question? – Alright its from Casey Knott. – From Casey Knott are you
scared for the things life will throw at you once the
baby arrives or do you think you’re prepared? That’s a really good question. Wow! Okay, so she has several. What do you looking forward to the most about becoming a mother? Are there any baby names
that you and Andrey have thought or liked? And then what is going through
your mind when you found out you were pregnant? Congratulations on your
little miracle baby. I’m sure he or she will
be beautiful and blessed. Thank you Casey. Those are really good questions. – So the name thing, I think we’re gonna have a separate episode for that. – Yeah we actually wanna do
a video just for baby names of baby names we like. So for the first question, am I scared? I don’t think I’m scared,
I’m more excited and I’m not the first one to have a baby you know. This is not like a new
thing, but to us it’s a very brand new thing. Even though both you and I
just between us we have so many nieces and nephews and I’m not saying that we’re so prepared,
we’re definitely not because you have fun with the
babies, you take care of them, make sure they’re alive
and then you hand them back to the parents. The responsibility ends there
once you hand them back. So with us it’s gonna be our
responsibility from start to finish, you know? So that’s kind of what
I’m really excited about. I’m definitely scared
a little bit obviously. Cause you never know what’s
gonna be thrown at you. You know what I mean? – Yeah, but we’re definitely
ready and we’re willing. This was definitely planned
and we’re definitely know we’re ready to take
on this new challenge. – What am I looking forward
to most about becoming a mom? That’s a very deep
question, but just loving on this little human. Everybody says, or at
least people that I know of that they’re saying that
this love you never knew you had or you can’t even imagine
the kind of love you’ll have for your baby, for your child
and just raising this child. – I think we touched on the other one. What was going through your
mind when you found out. – So many emotions. – So yeah, so we have question number 11. Liberty Wahl, they also had a miscarriage so this is our first
baby after miscarriage. And I was wondering if
he has been able to, if he okay me has been
able to feel the baby yet. Yes, I have. I’m sorry you went
through the miscarriage. – Yeah, that’s horrible. Don’t wish that upon anyone. It is one of the worst
things in the world. – Have you been able to feel the baby yet? – Yeah. (laughs) – Many times. – Many times and I’m like,
babe its baby come feel! – And usually by the time
the baby is just like, okay, I’m chilling now. So next question, Kathryn Weller what’s the first thing you’re
going to say to your new baby? I said “Hello princess” after
swearing to my boyfriend that I thought the princess
thing was a cliche, but she was and is perfect. The question is for both of you. – That’s so sweet. Congratulations on your baby girl. I love that. What are you gonna say? – I think I’m gonna say “hello
and welcome to this world.” The first things. – Now we need to record it, right? What are we gonna say? (laughs) Did you say you’re welcome? – You’re welcomed, You’re welcome. – You’re welcome babe. That’s such a good question. I’m not even sure what I’m gonna say. I’m probably just gonna be so overwhelmed with happiness and love. Probably say “I love you
finally I can meet you.” I don’t know, but I’m excited. See now I want to film all
of this to see what we say. The first things that we say. That’s a really good question. The next question, number
13 from Ashley Corriher And we’re sorry for butchering
your names, we apologize. Was your first trimester rough? Honestly, I wouldn’t say it was rough. My sister-in-law’s pregnant
similar time as I am. We’re both due in May and I
would say that she had it a lot more rough than I did just
because I know a lot of women that go through throwing up on
a daily basis and just having a lot of food aversions
and just not feeling physically well. But for me, like we filmed
pretty much every single day. That’s the one thing I was
really scared and nervous about. Even in the first trimester
that’s when we moved and you know, I feel like
because everything was so fast moving around the first
trimester, I think it was good. I think what was rough was the hormones. They kind of came out of
nowhere and sometimes you don’t even know what’s going on. But physically I would
say I had a lot of nausea, but I only threw up once and
it was a super random throw up. It wasn’t like a lie was
a little bit of throw up, but I would say it was
more like physical pains, like the stretching. I had a lot of hip pain on my
right side for some reason, like some nights I couldn’t
even sleep on my right side and it was like, I would
say those kinds of pains, but it was really good. Right? The first trimester. And then how has your
self esteem been affected with the pregnancy? That’s also a really good question. Honestly, I feel even more confident. I feel more confident in my
own skin and I will show you guys my bare skin, my pimples,
whatever’s happening is just, I’m embracing this pregnancy. It’s something that the hormones,
they’re trying to create this life inside of me and
I just want to make sure I’m healthy and I am as I’m eating pizza. (laughs) But you know what I mean? It’s just I feel like I’m more confident. – Definitely are I’m like a lot more confident. I know what I want and like in
a sense of like I need to get stuff done, you know,
like it will get done. Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. And the last question was how
has your relationship changed while pregnant? I’m sure she’s talking about us. – Yeah here it is. – Baaam! – It’s going forward. – It’s phenomenal. – This a long one. – You want me to read this or you wanna read it? – You can read it. – So this is from Becca
Boo, I think that’s how you pronounce your name. With our first we knew exactly
what his name was going to be for a second we were a bit less sure. So we decided to make it fun. I chose a first name and
paired it with the middle name. My husband chose. We decided if our son was
born during an even hour, we would use this name combination. Likewise, we switched it around
my husband chose a different first name and I paired
it with a different middle name I liked. If our son was born in an odd
hour, we would name him that. It was very fun and in the
end we both liked the name so it didn’t really matter
or bother us which one was chosen. I will say that Grayson
is definitely a Grayson so thank God he was
born in an even hour. So my question to you would
be, are you planning on doing anything fun like this
during your pregnancy, just to make it more
engaging for everyone. That is so cool! I love it. That’s a really nice name, Grayson. I’m so happy for you guys. Congrats. Are we doing through fun like that? I mean we already have
the names picked out and then the way we picked
out the names were we wanted really good meanings behind the names. It wasn’t just I don’t know,
nothing, no, not really. – In short, I guess we kind of
picked the name of what we want the baby to be. For you know, a boy or a
girl to us meaning was very important and to correlate
that to what we really want. – We might do that with
our second and third baby or fourth baby. That’s a really good idea actually. That’s really cool. Jade Freeman, I’m so excited
for you guys to be parents. Will you be including your
new addition in your videos? Will you be testing baby
items for all for us all and is everything going
okay in the pregnancy? I’m not sure sure how
it works where you are, but here in the UK, dad’s
cut the cord when the baby is born, will Andrey be doing that? Thank you so much. We love you also and
those are some really good questions babe. Right? – So yes, we will be
definitely showing the baby in some of our videos. Definitely not all of them
like I said, it might be like a little family vlog
or something that I’m doing that is revolving around the baby, something that pertains to the baby, but nothing that the baby
is focused on solely. And then are we gonna
be testing baby items? Definitely. Of course. – Like car seats. – That’s gonna be such
a new part of our life. You know, baby things and just parent things. Is my mouth dirty? – Yeah, you should wipe that. Thank you. I’m just enjoying this pizza
over here what can I say? – Yeah, you are. And is everything going
okay in the pregnancy? Yes. Everything’s going really great. Baby’s healthy, mama’s healthy. We’re both doing really great besides some of the physical pains,
but yeah, everything’s really awesome. And then I’m sure you’ll
probably cut the cord because we also do that here
in the U.S usually the dads cut the cord. – Yeah, I’ll cut it. Say hello, welcome and then – Cut the cord. – And say bye bye to the womb. Alright, next one. – You wanna read this one? I want some more Pad Thai. – Maybe no you have to read this one. – This is from Maria Delgado
Gambini pregnancy questions. I’m due the 26th of February
with our first baby as well. – Congratulations that is
literally around the corner and that’s my mom’s birthday. That’s awesome. Have you thought about doing
a segment on maternity bras? I’m having trouble finding
some that I really like and it’s almost show time. Girl boobs are such a new phenomenon when you’re pregnant it
is a whole new experience. They take on a whole new
persona, a whole new look. If you’re pregnant or you had babies, you know what I’m talking about. I’m still growing. I feel like I even grew in size
in the past couple of weeks honestly, and I do have some
Maternity bras that I purchased earlier just to kind of have
and compare and contrast. And I think I have a couple of
brands that I really enjoy The first one being Natori. I have their regular bras as well. They’re a little bit pricey
but the quality is phenomenal and they have some really
good pregnancy bras that are very comfy
and they’re super cute. – So the question is, are you gonna… – I think I might. I might make it for like a private video for only certain people. Maybe like the top fans that
are pregnant or whatever else. I’m not gonna make it like a public video, but yeah, that’s actually
a really good idea. – Next question, number 17. Wondering if you will be
transitioning from makeup videos to do all things baby. – Well, I think we’re kinda
answered that where we’re not gonna transition out of makeup. We might just add, – I think it’s going to be an
actual segment for baby things or for mama things. Dad, things related,
parent things related. – How would you say the name Dondi Bagley? – Yeah, that’s from Dondi Bagley. – Next one from Brandy Smith. – Will you be including
a doula or a midwife in your birth plan? – I think we kinda answered that. We gonna have a midwife, – There you go midwife. Midwife couple of nurses. – So I threw quick ones at the end. So here’s another fun one. – Million dollar question
from Kim Do Goding I hope I’m saying that right. – Are you going to wear makeup
during labor and delivery? (laughs) Are you? And there’s a big laughing thing. – Laughing, crying, emoji face. I think I probably will
have some type of makeup on depending how fast the delivery is. Whatever happens, you
know when the water breaks or whatever happens, I might
probably have something on my face. I will definitely get
myself ready if I can. Probably not do a full face
but eyebrows definitely have my lip salve with me. – While contractions? – While I’m contracting do my makeup. – And the last question. – Last question you guys. That’s a big one. – It’s just to kinda
wrap things up I guess. – So this is from Sherry Barrows-Elwell. – Do you know or want to know gender? We do know. Why? why not? We answered that. The best thing about pregnancy? – Oh so many. Well the best thing about
the pregnancy I would say was first finding out that we
were pregnant and then finally seeing the baby, hearing
the baby’s heartbeat. – Yeah, that was exciting. – And then finally feeling
the baby, like physically move so I think that is the best thing so far. – What’s the strangest thing
you have experienced so far related to the pregnancy? – This is super T-M-I, but I
appreciate pooping so much now. It’s not even funny how much
I appreciate going to number two to the bathroom. – Good to know. That’s one of the strangest
thing I’ve experienced. I had never thought I
would, you know, enjoy it as much as I do now. – Alright, Since we’re on the T-M-I. Are you a ,”Go ahead and rub
my baby bump” kind of person or “How dare you intrude
in my personal space” kind of a person? – That depends on who the person is. Do I know them and am I close with them? And then do I not know
you if you’re a stranger? No, get your hands off of me. I don’t like that, unless you ask. And then if I still say
no and you go for it, you might get slapped. I’m joking. – Like I personally wouldn’t want people touching your belly. Unless its your family. – Unless I am close with
you, then sure, go ahead. But no. – I think I would be very
protective, honestly. – You are very protective. Don’t you dare even look my way. – Nope. – What’s the next question? – Are you a “Wear tight show off your bump” or hide it with the flowy shirt person? – I think I’m both ways. It depends on the temperature
outside and I really like sweaters. We lived in Florida for so
long that I didn’t really get to experience sweater
weather along with big flowy puffy jackets. So once I moved here
I got so many sweaters and really puffy jackets. So I feel like people
thought I was trying to hide the pregnancy but no,
I love my big sweaters. I do like wearing tighter
pants cause they’re more – Support? – Yeah, they have more
support around the belly. I don’t understand the
whole maternity jeans. The ones with the over
the bump, the band that is they’re so uncomfortable
because the actual jeans, they’re so low rise
that they just fall off. There is no nothing to hold
onto because they’re not tight. But yeah, I like to show off
the little belly even though at first it seems like
I look bloated and fat, but now it actually looks like a belly. – It’s okay. Thank you. I appreciate it. – I think we wanna
finish off with the rest of the food that you crave. – Yes. Let’s tell them
what other food I like. So besides Pad Thai,
this particular pizza, – Seaweed. – But a particular seaweed. This brand right here Gimme Organic and the teriyaki flavor. So good, it’s salty, it’s
sweet and it’s a little tangy. Then I also really enjoy
Honey Nut Cheerios, but honey nut Cheerios, I
don’t like the organic kind I’ve tried it, I tried to make myself eat the healthier kind. Nope. Only this one with particular
milk also that I enjoy. And then for dessert, oh my gosh. – Apple strudel? – Apple strudel from Fresh
Market and it can’t just be any kind of Apple strudel. I like puff pastry right now,
puff pastry with kind of some type of fruit on the inside. But this one in particular
from Fresh Market, there’s three of them in there. Andrey ate one of them last night. Don’t worry I ate another one by myself. Entire box of this. Not one, three. I just can’t help it. They’re so delicious
and it’s not too sweet. Again, it has a little bit of a crunch. It has that tanginess little
tartness from the apples. I just something with me with
tartness tanginess sourness, sweet and a little spicy. Was this awkward to eat on camera? I enjoyed it. (laugh) We should just film always while we eat. – It was fun. Thank you guys for watching. – Thank you for all of your questions. If we didn’t answer your
question there was just so many and we definitely wanna do
more so please leave other questions that weren’t
answered but you guys thank you so much and congratulations
to all of you that are also pregnant or just had a
baby already have babies. You guys are amazing. You guys are the real heroes. The real deal and again I’m really sorry if you are going through a miscarriage or you had one or you know you’re having a hard time getting pregnant. My heart is with you and
I’m thinking about you. It’s a very tough situation to be in. But you guys thank you for the love again. Thank you for spending
time with Andrey, myself, and the baby, and this
yummy food that I have been really enjoying this pregnancy. Yeah, we’ll see the next one very soon. Bye. Now let me finish the rest of this food.


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  11. We played a lot of classical music while I rested in the evening after supper. When my girls were born and would get fussy, after making sure they were full and dry, we turned on classical music and they would calm down, most of the time. I believe they associated the music with being calm and relaxed. They continue to enjoy classical music today. Can’t wait to meet your sweet babe!

  12. I was hoping you could share with me how you worked through your emotions regarding your miscarriage. I understand if you do not want to talk too much about it. I am currently going through a miscarriage myself, confirmed last night/today. I am having a horrible time with all of the emotions I am feeling. I guess I just would like some pointers maybe, or just to know that I am not alone with how I’m feeling.

  13. I’ve had a 6lb 5 1/2 oz and a 9 lb 10 oz one and believe it or not the 9 pounder was easier to have because you can bare down on it better. Good luck and Mandy prayers from corbin Kentucky

  14. I’ve had a 6lb 5 1/2 oz and a 9 lb 10 oz one and believe it or not the 9 pounder was easier to have because you can bare down on it better. Good luck and Mandy prayers from corbin Kentucky

  15. I’ve had a 6lb 5 1/2 oz and a 9 lb 10 oz one and believe it or not the 9 pounder was easier to have because you can bare down on it better. Good luck and Mandy prayers from corbin Kentucky

  16. Do you both speak ur parents native languages? Will u speak English or your parents language to the baby or just stick to English?

  17. I’m due June! Yay!! We are so close 💕 I will be knowing the gender on the 16th of February with the whole entire family 🥰 we are so excited

  18. This video was so sweet!!! I’m so excited for you guys!! Y’all are going to be awesome parents!! We’re working on some home improvement before our little guy gets here! Praying for y’all!!!

  19. I’m not expecting, however watching this made me very happy and exited for that phase in my life. Sending so much love and happiness to you both. You guys are precious ♥️♥️♥️

  20. I come to see your channel time to time and I had no idea that you are pregnant! Its so great xoxo
    Hope you and your baby are gonna be OK. Sending lots of love ♡

  21. Omg I'm due may 1 with my 4th… I think ur having a boy from the cravings u have. I was sicker with my son than my girls and with my son I craved a lot if salt and vinegary items and with my girls it was a lot of sweets but everyone's body is diff.

  22. You should do a testing baby products from wish! It would be really useful for people who don’t have a lot of money but need to prepare for a baby’s arrival

  23. I think you will have a boy! You like sour and spicy! I also liked sour things during my pregnancy and had a boy! With my girl I ate alot of nutella :)) ! Have a nice pregnancy and an easy birth! ❤️👼🏻

  24. In regards to the question about the music.we used to sing to our kids when I was pregnant especially my husband and ironically our kids r very musical now

  25. Ok I’ve been MIA and stayed away from social media and other stuff but holy cow your pregnant!!!! What?!!! That’s amazing!! I really respect how private you guys are just cause that between you two and not the whole world. I’m sure people have talked negative but I applaud you two!! My babygirl was 7lbs and long story short I had a emergency hysterectomy from a hemorrhage. I had 4 blood transfusions and died twice. Pretty scary. I wanted more babies but god blessed me with one precious baby girl and she’s my world. I didn’t find out till I was 5 months along lol no symptoms at all just really tired. Good luck to you and Andre and baby. God bless!! Love you guys

  26. There is a wonderful CD called "Bible in your Brain". I played it for my kids in the van. The Bible verses are catchyly sang and kids remember them into adulthood (my kids are now 27 and 28) and they still remember them.

  27. Just wait til your second baby. First ones awesome second pregnancy freaking sucks. O would have died without an epidural. Just remember this term. Episiotomy. Snd I'm so sorry if you hear that word during birth

    Good luck.
    Love Sarah mathes from council idaho 83612 po box 309.

  28. Omg, I'm so so excited for you guys ❤️💙 enjoy every moment!! You will be incredible parents. My favorite part of my pregnancies was feeling them move. It's just an incredible feeling and connection ❤️💙 I look forward to watching y'all through out this amazing journey!

  29. I lost my first baby also…can’t wait to meet him/her in heaven. So happy for you all and excited for what God’s doing with your family❤️

  30. I didn’t get cravings with my first two pregnancies, but with my third it was very hot salsa and also eating a whole watermelon by myself.. I played classical music because I heard that it help their brain..I don’t know if it’s true, 🤷🏻‍♀️,but they all play instruments and they are all artists and very smart in school. I so happy for you two Congratulations 🎉🎈

  31. Awh we are bump buddies!! 💞 im 22wks and very excited. This is my 2nd baby. I have a 5yr old daughter. Best advice is its not as bad as the movies, so dont be scared. i didnt scream at all and at some point adrenalin kicks in and its more surreal. Best wishes and im very excited.

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