PORK ROLL Jersey Breakfast Recipe – Around the World Breakfast

PORK ROLL Jersey Breakfast Recipe – Around the World Breakfast

Greetings my lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’ll be starting a new series called “Around the World Breakfast.” I love exploring culture through food, so I’ve been thinking about this idea of breakfasts from around the world for quite a while now. For example, English fry-ups; or, a typical American breakfast. So, what actually got me going on the series was something I just found the grocery store the other day — and it is this: and this is Taylor Pork Roll. So, New Jersey is a state here in the U.S. on the East Coast and everyone there knows about pork roll, because that’s where pork roll was born. It was created in Trenton, New Jersey over a hundred years ago — there’s all kinds of debate on whether you call this pork roll or Taylor Ham — I’m not going to go into it because very, very contentious… It comes in two different forms: it comes like this pre-sliced; and it comes like this as an actual roll. It’s cooked in this cotton bag; and then you peel that off and you slice it up and fry it. So, I’ve never tasted pork roll before and I’m going to try it today in something called a Jersey breakfast; or it’s also called pork roll, egg, and cheese. Apparently you can find it everywhere in New Jersey, but I’ve never actually had it before; and, it’s pretty simple and straightforward — it’s basically a roll kaiser roll, hoagie, or sometimes a bagel — which I’m going to use today — and you add a fried egg; you add some American cheese; and several slices of pork roll that have been fried up. All right it sounds delicious. I can’t wait to taste it! And if you like this idea of breakfast be sure to subscribe. OK. Let’s go ahead and make this. So, first thing I’m going to do is cut up my pork roll. It seems like the simplest thing to do is just to cut it right through the middle. And there it is. It looks kind of like ham — it kind of looks speckled like Mortadella or something. You can see a lot of fat in there. Smells a little bit porky — not surprising. There’s this plastic… and then there’s this muslin kind of cotton bag on the outside. So we’ll slice that….and peel that off. This is so old-school. I love it! I love the pattern of the muslin on there. So, apparently you can eat it thin or you can eat it thick — i’m just gonna go for a thin cut. And to keep it from curling while you’re cooking it, make a few slices around the perimeter…before frying. I’m going to do three. This is the same product that’s been pre-sliced. And here it is. Oh! This size is bigger! Look at that! There are four slices and they’re about a quarter inch thick. And they are significantly larger than the roll that I got All right, let’s fry these up! I’ve got my pan heating up on medium here. Go ahead and add our slices — some big ones. All right, let’s give this a toss. So now that I’m finished frying up my pork roll, I’m going to fry up my egg in the pork roll juices. Yum. I don’t like getting egg yolk all over myself, so I’m gonna break up my yolk a little bit. Although I do like runny eggs — just not in my breakfast sandwiches. So, while my egg is frying, I’m going to toast my bagel. Be right back! Now I’m going to add a slice of American cheese. All right, so now that we have all our components, let’s put this thing together. I”m going to take my bagel, and I’m going to butter it. I love this thing. I just got this recently — love it! This butter dish — I think they call it a French butter dish, but it goes in…. anyways I love this thing… it goes into water….Oh… amazing! All right, I’ll stop. Next, I’m going to add my pork roll. I’m going to use one big fat slice, and a couple…. Next, I’m going to top that with my fried egg with cheese. Oh my gosh! Can you see that? Oh man! Now I’m going to put the bagel hat on top. Doink.! Now that, my friends, is a Jersey breakfast! Doesn’t it look spectacular? All right. Come to mama! All right, I’m going to cut this bad boy in half. Will you look at that? That’s exactly how I like my eggs! We have a nice, generous layer of pork roll; a fried egg that has a slightly jellied yolk; just how I like it! and lots of melted American cheese Yes! It is only missing one thing…. Ketchup. Are you a ketchup person? I love ketchup with my breakfast. I love it with my breakfast potatoes, and I love it with my eggs. You? And I’m going to add a little bit of ketchup to this, which I’ve read is totally legit. Itadakimasu! MmmHmm. That’s pretty good. I was expecting the pork roll to be really, really salty and I was surprised that it wasn’t. I also was surprised that it wasn’t really smoky. I think the round shape and frying it makes me think of Canadian bacon, but it doesn’t have that really strong smoky flavor — and it has a very different texture as well — the texture is more like when you fry Spam, but it’s not as salty as fried Spam. Let me try it just by itself…. Hmm… Mmhmm. It does taste a little bit like bologna — although it does have a slightly different texture because it’s not as smoothly ground, it’s not as kind of bouncy and chewy as bologna can be — or floppy. This is the first time I’ve ever had pork roll, but it definitely tastes kind of familiar and I figured out what it tastes like — it reminds me of when you get a hot dog and you grill a — So you get that like roasty toasty skin on the outside of the hot dog, which is simultaneously crisp and chewy — it’s kind of like that Next time I’ll try this on a different type of bread. I’m sure it’s a little bit different experience having it on softer roll. So answer this for me: what is a typical breakfast like from where you’re from? Not necessarily what you have for breakfast every day, but is there a particular kind of dish that your area is known for for breakfast? Let me know and I’ll research it and I’ll see if I can make it for this series All right, I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something; like this video so I know that you like this series, and yeah, follow me on social media, share this video with your friends, and I shall see you in the next video. Toodaloo! Take care! Bye!


  1. Taylor Ham is a common breakfast item in my house. My dad used to eat it all the time growing up in New York so he was pretty excited when he found it here in the south. He would make my sister and I Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches on sour dough bread or bagels he’d buy fresh from a place a hour from us, whichever we had on hand. They were amazing. It’s still one of my favorite foods to have for breakfast.

  2. I almost can't eat my eggs plain. Plain eggs have made me nauseous every time I've tried them. I have to have either cheese or ketchup on my eggs. Or both. I like both.

  3. I will probably get death-threats for saying this, but I've had Taylor pork roll – it tastes like Jersey's version of bologna. Different texture, not so processed feeling, but yeah. It's bologna.

  4. In Arkansas we have Chocolate Gravy!! We eat it with biscuits. Usually the biscuits is split open and served open faced with the chocolate on top. Just like Southern biscuits and sausage gravy. I however like to dunk mine in the gravy.

  5. I love pork roll. It's a combination of pork shoulder, bacon, and other cuts of pork with spice. Then it's fermented and pressed into the casing. I always ate it alone, not in a sandwich.

  6. Hey Emmy, Just watching this now. In East Coast Canada we have breakfast poutine. Fried hashbrown potatoes, cheese, a fried egg and some type of sauce, either a light gravy or a hollandaise. If we have a standard homestyle breakfast; its eggs, bacon or ham, or fried bologna, fried potatoes and baked beans. It's also not uncommon if you are in a coastal town to have fish cakes!

  7. I’m not sure how common it is, but my family is from El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain and whenever we get together for holidays, my aunts will make churros for breakfast with chocolate and caramel sauces to dip into. All made from scratch as well.

  8. Normally you just do one slice on the pork roll to keep it from curling. Just cut to the center and it will look like Pacman

  9. In Texas breakfast tacos are really popular. Potato, egg, and cheese, chorizo and egg, bean and cheese ( with bacon is the best), brisket and egg, sausage, egg, and cheese…well, you get the picture. With a nice salsa!

  10. To touch on the Taylor Ham vs Pork Roll debate, Taylor Ham a the brand of pork roll, however other companies do offer it. From my general experience, it’s referred to Taylor Ham in the northern part of NJ, and and pork roll in the south, however they are used fairly interchangeably.

  11. Later comer but south west pa is know for dippy eggs or over easy with mashed potatoes you form into patties and fry and then you mash it all together soooo good

  12. One puts mustard on Pork Roll… not ketchup. This is also a big thing in Philly on a kaiser roll, as is a plain pork roll sandwich which is my choice.

  13. I grew up in Utah and the only true breakfast item they could really call their own is fried scones. It's almost the same as the bread for Navajo taco but a little sweeter if I recall and you add honey butter on it sooooo good but I can't have anymore 🙁 https://www.lecremedelacrumb.com/fried-scones-aka-utah-scones/

  14. I got you all beat. A Kaiser roll with Taylor Ham, a fried egg (no yolk broken), a hash brown patty cooked and two pieces of American cheese on top. If you use a Kaiser roll it sucks up the delicious egg yolk. Just say no to the ketchup. You can also add bacon and sausage links but then I would probably split a Sandwich with someone as the would be highly caloric.

  15. Breakfast burritos (south/Hispanic maybe in origin) Farmers breakfast would be good to try ( from the Midwest and Western States and uses some leftovers)
    Juevos Rancheros and Chili Rellenos, also are delicious and definitely delicious if done correctly and let us not forget Tamales and Horchata to go with it. It will open your world to a whole new set of flavor and very hard to find on the East coast. Let me know if you want to know more..

  16. Turkish Kahvalti: crusty french bread, nutella, sour cherry juice and jam, feta cheese, dried black olives, fresh sliced cucumbers and carrots with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, rose jam, farmers cheese mashed with olive oil salt pepper and parsley, strong black coffee and apple or rose tea.

  17. A local breakfast – split a buttermilk biscuit, smother each half with Sawmill gravy (white gravy/Bechamel sauce made with sausage drippings instead of butter, with crumbled sausage in it)and top it with eggs, mostly scrambled but whatever's clever.

    I do not recommend this but occasionally, otherwise you will feel your arteries clogging. 😬 😰 😱

  18. So mama if you please, pass me the pork roll, egg and cheese, if you please, on a Kaiser bun…

    Oh! I would love a video on how to use a butter bell. I picked one up a while ago, and I don't think I've ever mastered it.

  19. I have the same nuwave induction cook top and the same pan. Do you fined that the temp isn't accurate in the pan from the setting on the front?

  20. Well it's not a breakfast, but here in New Brunswick Canada they have something called Acadian poutine which perplexes me, and is not at all like standard poutine ( fries,cheese curds & gravy.)

  21. You have to use a kaiser roll, for the true NJ sandwich. Also I prefer the eggs over easy. The trick is to pop the runny yolk & mix with the ketchup before you close the sandwich. So it doesn't shoot all over you.

  22. No ketchup! (My Jersey wife would disagree with me).

    I call it Pig Loaf, but just to anger my wife 😉

    It's good stuff.

  23. I like the way you explain the taste also your friendly but not overpowering presentation very pleasant thank you xoxo

  24. Kaiser roll, no egg, just cheese and pork roll on a Kaiser with ketchup. I'm a Jersey girl!! Awesome, u knew to slice so it didn't curl!! Toast the bagel!

  25. My grandfather made fried scrambled eggs with sliced banana peppers and fried potatoes all mixed together. He used olive oil instead of butter. A hearty farmers breakfast.

  26. Wow! That Taylor pork roll is fatty! It's 3.125 Calories per gram. Regular ham is only 1.23 Calories per gram. I'm sure all that fat tastes amazing but who want's all those extra calories?

  27. Missing 2 things…. Pepper….and a hard bun….not a bagel….thats a true Taylor ham egg and cheese Dirty Jerz sandwich….

  28. So not what I eat…. but the regional thing here is grits! You could do a whole video… Intant (not good) vs long cook (a whole other thing)…. recipes with cheese or shrimp… YAAASSSSS.

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