Please Give – Movie Review

Please Give – Movie Review

what is please give all that and and i’m
curious about this but after having seen well that that should give you a little
head to store the controversy will be if you don’t know what it’s about uh… g
drift off yeah while we’re gonna disagree without
this was to be alive it’s from nicole love holla senator i’m
sure a mispronouncing her name which year also did a movie conference with money false oath
katherine keener another film that i enjoyed very much to
do a preview of i’d felt about please give it’s a story of a katherine keener
and uh… all of ur platter a married couple and they uh… they sell lots furniture that they’ve by from the kids of the
elderly new yorkers who died they buy it from the kids who have no
clue what it costs are what it’s worth they
buy it cheap they know what it’s worth they sell it
for a lot here’s the trip being hungry weekly if you like this m waiting for table charlene resided ravishing she comes from a tad probably jump organism has the discrimination resources regarding the children of dead people has your grandmother scraped bill is really liking is she gave me a hero sure that’s fine
apartment has that’s losing out on saturday with the
kids live there properly transaction pwd gain weight for britain to cover this live whatever
bikaner diversity make a wish all right now i’m kind of the militants
although my radio due to previous already is kind of high amit insult and
calm down i actually like the movie let’s try it very hard america outfit uh… but i’d like you don’t was moving days
away years ago so in a lie was it was toward by the movie is almost slightly
confused so let’s start with mapping the case
begins the movie will go to bed majors for yeah prettier high did not like
larry at all you know and let me start off by saying that the same
leader is eighty-something low eight right certified fresh so i’m in the
minority something in this new york right over my head attn i didn’t like it
quite night found that really was uninterested and katherine
keener character didn’t by the she was really feeling that
guilty you ship it seems to me the story about
her feet she feels very guilty about what she does about initiate wonder if you know she start to
think fishy feeling guilty about taking
advantage of people they’re trying to create justin but the whole conceived by just
didn’t you know i let me go further than it’s
is as your is even though the more on your side i don’t know what the movie was about
like it was a theme of the movies let me ask that that way okay i mean i get the plot was a feat
but i think the theme is about sort of conflict about sort of who you maj in
yourself to be and who you really are about conflicts for an internal conflict
out of the strongest guilt as it was choose conflicted about who
she was you know you saw on the trailer there i left out in the description
because it could have gone on and on also conflicted about her relationship
with her daughter who has i thought wonderfully you know for a change range that seemed like a real teenager
full of temples and slightly overweight but still wants to buy the two hundred
dollar jeans and uh… her husband also overweight
but loves his wife very charming except wants to have sex with them and if he
comes in it and then rebel i hold yes and then
rebecca hall plame edit pizza sister really the other
lead in the movie uh… they live next door katherine
keener and and all of our planet bought that apartment and they’re waiting for
rebecca hall and amanda peet grandmother tada they could writing their partner and use
on that i i i want to get in here try to give money to what you perceive to be a
homeless guys just a black eye with a beard which for table restaurant
grozny’s always given money away to sort of make up for the conflict she feels
about taking advantage no but i’m not sure that was driving anywhere that
would you gather more what you like it i thought those were incredibly real
people i think katherine keener is exceptionally gifted actress one of the
top ten actresses working today and i think she’s which is the lead actress i think when
she’s a supporting player her characters well she still terrific
butter characters frequently become ago there’s nothing here being catherine
funeral when she leaves and she certainly shares
the lead herewith rebecca hall and she’s excl i thought there was sort of the internal
struggle of sort of wondering sort of uh… who you are being conflicted about
your own priorities because they were moments when she was
admittedly like no kept he just can’t we put a pillow
overhead cagey dine out so we can begin to expand our apartment so we can knock
down the wall and have a better bedroom and then i thought legitimately wants to give money away to sort of get at peace with herself in mall movie those are small conflicts
with those of the dot accomplished that i had a nice guy spite just didn’t feel the canadian a fight
with her all it you know the probably that is the guilt
that she seems to have a conflict you know at first of all on a certain level you know maybe this
is eight lack of sympathy on my part but you know nobody’s holding a gun to the burried head you know to sell their furniture not
more than one occasion you see people that they’re buying furniture from
tuesday eyes when i get rid of the all ok so
what’s wrong with making money like here yeah yeah here’s what i will complain
about that the furniture business there which is that uh… who’s buying this crap a defect that
it’s fashionable and and drives well is it that the other problem is the thing
is no we don’t like i can tell difference between this amazing how he
does i mean this was the governor’s but i have a summer have a great is that i
felt like almost every female character was some
iteration of mccall hollister right it’s it’s her as a mop or throws a
daughter having problems with her mom or it’s her as that younger girl dealing
with the depth of an obnoxious relative right i felt like they were all
day poorly shaded versions of herself at some point
at her like any other syrup is i thought that the two male
characters you know at this will sound a little
wierd because you can only hear the stupid enough to knock her characters i
felt like the two male characters had no depth at all act my thought that in out okay so is is the husband supposed to be
kind of a ove you know you’re never given any realistic notification motivations for you know the possible affair except for that amanda peters hots however solo
mandolin seriously life if you’re going to talk about real characters i felt he
was not a real character really at all because you get items that i felt like
there was nothing to drive him into that at the end the boyfriend that rebecca
hall gets i thought was really how do you know if you have an open book
i felt like there was nothing there in israel he is that’s the guy that you
don’t like absurd he consider what his early ones on the
second date is talking about howell you know opens rebecca as the as that technician runs the mammogram
issued all that has been a great job she gets to play with boobs all day yeah i thought that that is such the way that you know woman may think ’em and they
think about that job right i think i thought he was just trying to do himself
to her i didn’t i didn’t like his character but he was indicted finds all
that port aren’t so here’s what i am in between you guys but i am so you know my
irish bull rating after having listened to your mini debate on it because look at would ban on the
characters out of the characters are great arthur katherine keener was
fantastic and it led me to believe yes he’s deftly maybe the reinforces she’s most upset
actresses and in the business and she was different than she is in other roles
and i really liked her and that i thought all the plants character was
totally interest if you had a boyfriend was nothing but all reply i thought was
fantastic but the power the movie is that it there’s no mystery like there’s no
again will be needs to drive you a little bit so you don’t get i wanted
board because i was aboard but there was a little slow because it was the there was nothing like what
what’s going to happen around the corner so update of the effort that was really
missing but at the same time at really enjoy the
complex i enjoy the characters and and it’s all right for me like i
came out of this you know how much i hated greenberg right enough it happens
that movie in this movie elving much happens but the difference is they built
characters that were interesting accomplice or interesting verses
greenberg one rough uh… and build nothing i think
torturing or some iranian and is a simplified
pretty hot but doesn’t like this morning greenberg
i probably made inflated by greenberg rating cuz you to worship boat there’s a
dispute may be like greenberg that i thought if i thought uh… i like the oliver platt very much
and i thought that was a totally cracked and he’s a good guy in a belly good guy was for dinner directions that he did certainly wasn’t comfortable with
himself uh… and i i lie i love the fact that
the admission by both a medicaid medicare
salim rebecca all that they’re ninety
one-year-old grandmother who raised is from both the specially after the
tragedy in their lives with a bitch uh… and they their frankness about
that i thought you know and you and i disagree on this often jack or not often
but sometimes and sometimes you’re with things up i don’t need anything that happened as
one of those characters develop that i care about the story which you obviously
think that need to have some wrap it around the
court and i sorta like it we don’t really get the impression that
okay tomorrow tuesday and these people who we just met are going to have it so yeah i love you you know i get a b_-plus switch did my now revamp a rating system which
i have to jackets i gave it a at a point okay yeah i i was much lower act you
know i can handle slice a library where nothing happens but not sure i want to watch it dot upper middle class white people in the
village feeling guilty about what they do like that’s not interested catapulted into the right side you know
me well across town precious is going to have but that’s the
more interesting stories missus byrd high coffee user breath all honestly i
did he sees his weight is just ahead on early though that i felt it was what may
be able to sit through this was the acting ability by the characters everybody act i thought the cast was
fantastic and i thought you know the movies decently shot adjust the store and matter to me the
conference didn’t matter to me if it’s going to slice life about that
kind of angst they can at least funnier i didn’t find
it that’s funny and so i do have three right on that some planted significantly
better than precious but but better than precious which had a very effectively alright sabha of final averages about a
six point two i think that if you were enormously this
comes as you walk away with about a six point yeah i’ve got a way that i will
admit that i’m definitely in the minority like i said it’s eighty one
percent of its radar readers sato sequencing and for what it’s worth


  1. i have not seen the movie but it looks like a chick flick i felt like i was going to start my period just watching the trailer i would rather get poked in the eye with a sharp stick

  2. @dragonflychainsaw Poor you. It must be such a burden for you to put up with movies that you can't identify with.

  3. Ben Mankiewicz is an awesome film reviewer; he's going into the characters in depth, and telling us why we should care. I've run into folks like the guys in this movie. Matt is also really good, and talks about why these characters and the movie don't work. Cenk is useless as a reviewer – where's Christy?

  4. @dragonflychainsaw – I guess you should just go back to your apartment and watch porno; that's the only female interaction you'll ever see.

  5. interesting i have been married 30 years i have 3 children and 5 grandchildren thanx for pointing out interest in porn but why the anger? did your xanax wear off?

  6. Matt thinks that all movies needs to be about starving people in Darfur. Sometimes people who aret at the bottom of the totem pole complain and have difficulties.

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