Playing Minecraft #1

Playing Minecraft #1

*music* Hello INSIPID here and were playing minecraft! so this is my minecratf world so we have a chest there and a map! YAY I played minecraft on my xbox but why not on tablet i been playing 5 years of minecraft on the xbox let me pick up these torches for the night or the caves lets see whats in here? *chest opens* this is good loot like the food the wooden picaxe and axe and more stuff! lets see we got wood we got food for some time to eat thats good cacti more food lots of wood oooo melon seeds that also good jungle saplings a mushroom and sticks ok *chest closes* wow good stuff, but now i need to orginize ill need coal and wool to do so WOAH i almost fell there good thing i didn’t :d more food is good now i need to go and find a place to make a house There we go sheep, sorry sheep i need your wool PIGS give me that meat!!!!!!! PIG hmmm i need some more wool and maybe more food oooo a cave maybe not going i have torches tho but i don’t want to risk it ooo stone i need stone There is this youtuber that is called datdm he does video too so sub to him also its in the corner ok STONE, STONE! there done ooo coal what i needed to do to make torches is that all the coal? yup done more coal YAY! so more torches or fuel for furnace good thing i have stone to make stone tools yup thats all the coal now i need wood to make my house and tools more sheep for the bed how much do i have? 1 white wool and 1 gray wool i need 3 same kind of wool to make a bed i need wood now the second sheep to make a white bed i’m going to need more wood the last sheep to make the white bed YAY now i can make the bed thats good now to craft it there! now for the stone tools more sheep why not for the meat… wow two shots hm nice MORE FOOD ooo a cow GIVE ME MEAT the cow droped leather, leather is used for armour or stuff im geting hungry ouch i need to regen flowers are pretty but also used for dye HMMMMMMMM More cow 😀 more flowers for more dye im going to need a furnace or more food yup more food alright ooo another cave way too scary to go down there and i need more torches another one ya nope D: so much caves here but i do need more coal 😀 COAL Done oh no its geting night now but should i go to sleep or stay and try to survive the night? hmmmm maybe… YA IM CRAZY ALRIGHT IM GOING TO SURVIVE THE NIGHT!!!!! come on monsters try your best shot at me ;D Zombies! there we go OMG a creeper OHNO i hope that i can kill it PHEW THAT WAS CLOSE TO EXPLODEING but im crazy… hahhahahahahaha Man im crazy more zombies but zombies are easy to kill spiders are a little scary but i can kill it see easy when i have food im ok ooo do i see a zombie with golden armour? yes i know that golden armour is weak in minecraft but i dont have armour Please drop the armour please i need it YEEEEEEESSSSS i have golden chestplate! dont explode please i have armour please dont yes more gunpowder there is a skeleton shooting me with arrows let me run away see minecraft is easy game oh a spider its folowing me thats bad i heard that if spider follow you like that there is a baby zombie on top of it OMG YES THAT IS THE BABY ZOMBIE ON TOP OF THE SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! omg no no im going to die please dont do this to me OMG two hearts left and if i didnt have armour i would be DED right now i need to sleep YES finally day maybe that was a bad idea trying to survive the night now i need to regen my health i need your meat mr.cow Sorry that was alot of stuff that i got today tho in the next video of minecraft im going to build a house oh a horse YAY he likes me but sorry horsey im going to let u stay here becuase i need a sadle to ride u oh bones, bones are useful for bonemeal or geting a pet dog more food a cave why is there so many caves here!?!?! this is the end of the video in the next video im going to build a house like and sub to my channel if your new thanks for evrything and also can i get a few likes on this video please to help this channel thanks for watching and see more minecraft! 😀 and check dantdm’s channel too BYYYYYYYYYYYE BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE guys

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