Plant-Based Diets: Oral Health

Plant-Based Diets: Oral Health

[Music] two studies were recently published on plant-based diets and oral health what do you think they found well for periodontal disease affecting the tissue surrounding the teeth like gingivitis gum disease one of the leading causes of tooth loss plant-based diet should be protective after all inflammation is now recognized as one of the key underlying causal factors in periodontal disease and we know saturated fats produce an inflammatory response and so you know no surprise this recent study found that high dietary saturated fat intake was significantly associated with a greater number of periodontal disease events saturated fat which comes primarily the American diet from basically dairy doughnuts and chicken the same diet that leads to high cholesterol may also contribute to periodontitis as bad cholesterol levels may be a risk factor for both people with periodontal disease also suffered from arterial dysfunction wait a second inflammation high cholesterol and the arterial dysfunction is it any wonder there may be an association between chronic periodontitis and erectile dysfunction by looking in your mouth your dentist may learn more about you than you realize we know we can reverse impotence with a plant-based diet what about periodontal disease a new study found that higher intake of high-fiber foods especially fruits may at least help slow periodontal disease progression for oral cancer it’s a no brainer according to the latest review in the Journal of the American Dental Association evidence supports a recommendation of a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a Whole Foods plant-based diet [Music] you


  1. Excellent video… It's amazing what correlations are now being drawn between different diseases. It all makes complete sense and it all boils down to inflammation. There's so many different anti-inflammatory foods, supplements and products out t here. The key is not arresting it but determining it's root cause and taking t he steps to arrest it completely nutritionally. You're quite the great example of a good MD…


  2. Dr. Gregor, I am subscribed to your channel, but I'm noticing that your newly uploaded videos are not showing up in my YouTube home feed like all my other subscriptions are. Just thought I'd mention it in case it's something on your end that needs to be changed. If it's more than just me, it could be affecting your view count. Every time you upload a new video, it's supposed to show up in a subscriber's home feed along with other new vids by other channels they're subscribed to. What's up?

  3. It seems that the bacteria in the mouth that causes periodontal disease is growing or over growing because people eating meat, dairy, and eggs. If one goes on a whole plant based food diet, then the good beneficial bacteria will grow and replace the bad bacteria and this will reduce periodontal disease and a host of other disease processes.

  4. Wash your mouth out after every meal. Wait an hour and go brush your teeth. Afterwards, chew some xylitol gum. You'll get absolutely NO cavities this way. Got it from Dr. Elle on youtube, author of the book: Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

  5. I had periodontal disease so bad that my teeth were all loose and literally ready to fall out with holes and pits in my gums, bleeding constantly for no reason (injury), the base of my teeth had grown a calcium web to protect the bacteria! Cured, I had a dentist Drill out the infection in the gums (that was painful) and then had her drill of all blackened dead tooth material, she wanted to pull about 3 teeth to get at the underlying infected bone but I didn't let her. Rinsed with black seed oil and water twice a day and stopped eating rubbish food by replacing meat with veges. My dentist is completely dumbfounded that I have healed so that you can't tell that I had such bad periodontal disease. My gums are all healed with no pits, no smelly breath, no infection and all my teeth firm and I have even grown enamel over the drilled teeth.

  6. It's a very informative video. New Orchard Dentistry provides you with root canal treatment. Dr. Nashef and our professional team are dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized and gentle dental care at the highest level possible.

  7. Is it not a bit missleading to say that our caries today are caused only by junk food, like candy bars? I mean, I eat a lot of fruit and, if I wasn't brushing my teeth, I too would probably have caries. Does this suggest our ancestors ate a lot more starches and veg than fruit? Any how, I enjoyed the video 🙂

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