People Try Taiwanese Food For The First Time

People Try Taiwanese Food For The First Time

– How would I describe this? – Great. (rock music) – For those of you who don’t know, Taiwan does not play
when it comes to food. So, I thought it would be fun
to invite some of my friends who’ve never had it before and see what they think of it. – I don’t think I’ve
ever had Taiwanese food. – I’ve had Chinese food. – I’ve probably had it
once without knowing it. – [Man In Plaid] Heysong Sarsaparilla. – Oh. – What. – This is root beer. – I want to put ice cream in it. – It’s like bubble gum. – Bubble gum, some apple juice. – Bubble gum? – Bubble gum soda? – Yeah, a little bit like a cream soda? – [Girl In Gray] Yeah. – A little, like it’s very, very sweet. – [Both Girls] Oooooh. – This looks like Korean pancakes. – It’s very buttery. – There’s oil in between
every layer of this. – Yeah. – I would dip it in sauce. – Yeah, there’s like flaky layers. – I feel uncomfortable
watching you peel it open. – Why? – I’m diggin’ it. It reminds me a lot of latkas. – Every culture has
something like a tortilla. – This definitely tastes
asian as f&@# though. (laughing) – [Girl In Gray] Is that garlic? – Is it just straight up cloves of garlic? – It doesn’t have like the spice taste that a lot of sausages have. – Huh? – [Girl In Gray] You don’t like it? – No, no it’s not that I don’t like it, I just haven’t tasted this before. – It’s kind of sweet. – But it’s like a good sweet. – I don’t get it, because
sausage is ground up. But this doesn’t look ground
up, it looks like it was ham. – I love the garlic with it. – I’m not mad at this. – The garlic is strong. – I love garlic, but it’s a
decision to eat straight garlic. – Yeah, I’ll eat that. – Oh my god, noodles. – It smells so good. – Is this bok choy? – Funny because when I
eat that kind of food, I never eat the cabbage. – Why don’t you eat the
cabbage? YB, it’s great! – I really like this. – Refreshing and nature-y. – This is definitely like a
lighter dish you would have. – It’s not too salty,
and it’s not too sweet. – It’s good, you know, it’s beef noodle soup. – The thing with pho, is that
the beef gets overcooked. – Yeah I gotta take you
to better places then. – Oh, egg. – Oh my gosh. – This is like Bulgogi. – Yeah, I was about to say,
this looks kinda like Bulgogi. – Taiwanese food is really
similar to Korean food. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) – I love dishes that have
multiple animals in them. – It almost melts in your
mouth ’cause it’s just so soft. – As a kid, I always ate rice
and I always hated eating rice ’cause then I’d always have
to like mix it with the meat and stuff like this, but this is like drenched
in like it’s own sauce. – Yas, all the way. – There weren’t like a million
ingredients in each thing, there were like three to five
ingredients in every dish, but they work very well together. – Just like a few ingredients, all happily chillin’
together in your mouth. – A plus plus. Get you some Taiwanese food or get you someone who
knows how to make authentic Taiwanese food. – You can’t have bland pork, you crazy? – Is it just going to be an ad for pork? – Yeah! – Eat pork! – Yeah, yeah, I think that’s – [Cameraman] Brought to you by pork. – Brought to you by pork.


  1. 0:13 “I don’t think I’ve ever had Taiwanese food”.
    Woman: “I’ve had Chinese food”


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