People Taste Test Puerto Rican Food

People Taste Test Puerto Rican Food

– I like to scream, “Puerto
Rico!” and that’s about it. (techno music) – I’m expecting beans and rice. – Since it’s a U.S. territory, I think it might be very American. – I’m anticipating a lot of spice. – Oh, I never thought about it. Is it gonna be spicy? It’s gonna be crazy. – Looks like a cracker of some kind with– – with jelly on it
– frozen jelly. – This is guava and this is a cracker. – So the first thing
tastes bland to me but it tastes so good with the fruity thing. – It’s got like this sweet salty combo. – (mumbles) This is really good. – This is what I would
eat when I was a kid and my mom just wanted me to shut up. She would give me stuff like this. – Mmm!
– Yes, yes, okay. – Oh man! This is like fried potato with meat inside of it! – Wow!
– Wow. – Can we get this for lunch? – Yeah, this is fantastic. – The potato’s kinda thicker. – It’a a lot of potato for me. – I recommend that. – I would eat this. – This looks like raisins,
which makes me very nervous. – No, they’re little black
beans with yellow rice. – Mmm, it’s good! It’s not as spicy as
I thought it would be. – It’s almost like you’re questioning if there is even a hint of spice. – It’s a little oily for my taste. – I don’t mind it. – I would put some salt on this. – (both) Mofongo! – What did you just call me? – That sounds like an
elephant in a Disney movie. – I really like the pork. The plantain is really dry. – The pork is very subtle, it’s not like overpoweringly like what we’re used to. – This could use some salt. – This is so good I’m gonna
name my first child Mofongo. – (both) Mofongo! – It smells like a Krispy Kreme doughnut. – It kinda does smell like a churro. I’m gonna drink the whole thing. – Whoo! That was great! – I would definitely
think there’s rum in here, cause it’s a creamy drink. – It’s really bland. – Yeah, the coconut taste, it’s just, too much, too much coconut. – Like, just enough cinnamon, too. – So this is only served during Christmas? – This is actually good. We need to replace eggnog with this. – I would go to Puerto Rico just for this. – You’ve impressed me, Puerto Rico, you have impressed me. – I have been impressed by the mofongo. – I loved it. It was great. – (both) Puerto Rico!
Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico!


  1. I love reading the inevitable complaints in the comments about not eating authentic food if they don't like it. Authenticity wouldn't come into question if they loved everything. People have different tastes. It's ok lol

  2. This is not good Puerto Rican food. If it lacked flavor and the mofongo was dry, whoever made it was lacking boriqua skills.

  3. I wonder if they had an actual Puerto Rican make it? The one thing I hate when it comes to food taste videos is that you never know if its authentic or not. By that girl saying "I would put some salt on this" leads me to think it wasn't lol

  4. Something wrong with the seasonings here.
    Our food never leaves your taste buds wanting flavor. Adding salt to Puerto Rican dishes is a slap in you grannys Boricua face!

  5. She said, it's not as spicy as I thought it would be. That's cuz Puerto Ricans don't really spice up their food. Just few of them do. Just like Americans would.

  6. And the note to all humans on the Earth. Mexico and Puerto Rico are two whole different countries and two whole different cultures and eat very different types of food. Mexicans like spicy, Puerto Ricans do not.

  7. this is good, i went to a puerto rican stand on the side of the road and filmed them making mofongo. they gave away their secrets. i also was there filming the hurricane maria. it was horrible. it was the most horrific thing i ever went through.

  8. Not to be rude but all the food is goood like im puerto rican and im kinda ofende how they say the RICE NEED SALT GIRL YOUR CRAZY the rice is very good(como puñeta tu vas a desir eso)

  9. Guava paste or Bocaido from Colombia is my favorite South American food. It is also very good with cheese either melted or not and also melted with cheese on top of sweet plantains.

  10. I am sure that Puerto Ricans are so gratified to have a bunch of mainland Americans presuming to validate their food by remarking "you impress me Puerto Rico". Cripes: talk about obnoxious.

  11. Mexicans: Super spicy
    Puertorricans: No spice at all, only more than just salt and pepper (ADOBO, SAZÓN, SOFRITO, ETC)

    Soy una puertorriqueña orgullosa.
    I’m a proud puertorican.

  12. Bish how the hell could our food need more salt 😂😂😂😂 we add GOOD spices so we don't need salt lol

  13. I never understand why people get so offended by these until it’s my homeland. Like “not enough salt”??? Chiquita noooo! Also they’re missing pernil and pasteles and maduros or even just a big ol plate of arroz con habichuelas! I’m 100% sure a boricua was not even consulted in the making of this video

  14. Most of the Caribbean Hispanic cuisines are not spicy, they are actually bland when compared to the English speaking Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Trinidad. The only country that I have had a somewhat more spicy flavor is from Cuba but it is still not in any way hot. Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana are a totally different story.

  15. That arroz con gandules is wrooong! And I feel like there is a lot missing they should tried. This breaks my heart!

  16. Cabron el pique es los mexicanos y cabrona por ser territorio americano no significa que la comida es como la americana

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