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A recipe for stomach pains and ulcers ingredients
(Banana + milk + banana peel) There are two types of banana peel, as you see
Natural Peels, Dried Peels The recipe is used in two ways The first method: Bananas are used with milk directly
They are mixed with each other and are drinking Method 2: We grind dried banana peel The banana peel is placed inside the electric mixer then placed on the milk, stirring and drinking When using banana peel, honey should be used with it The 1stl method does not need honey I will give you the general benefits of milk
for the stomach Preferably use skimmed milk
in that recipe It does not affect your stomach
and not difficult to digest Therefore, it is preferable to use skimmed milk Bananas are rich in potassium, therefore
It maintains blood pressure Bananas contain vitamin G which is considered
antioxidant, fortifying immune, helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels The main benefit of bananas: strengthens the walls of blood vessels and works on the production of collagen The stomach ulcers are just like stomach wounds thus requiring restoration This is done by using banana, because it helps treatment wounds, Bone construction It is therefore considered a fighting substance for ulcers banan works on lining the stomach from the inside and reduces stomach burns Works to soften the intestines, through natural fibers which inside, Thus treating indigestion
It works to calm the stomach in digestion The recipe in front of you, used
For the treatment of stomach ulcers But there are many public benefits for
ingredients of that recipe for example, helps to sleep calmly because it contains honey Now I’ll give you a way to use this recipe It is recommended to use the recipe periodically for each period ans should be used half an hour before eating Benefits of prescription: help to satisfy man
Thus not increasing the intake of eating inside the stomach When taking a small amount of that recipe
You feel satisfied, and your stomach is full of food Thus reducing the intake of eating in the stomach How to prepare Bananas are placed inside the milk as you see You can drink milk and bananas together
Or drink milk and eat bananas directly Bananas can be eaten directly
The milk is then drunk Can be sweetened with honey
As you see Then add dried banana peel
As you see It is best to use banana peel and put it into the electric mixer We need half a tablespoon of dried banana peel Dried banana peel contains vitamin G which helps build the stomach wall, and treats stomach ulcers The recipe is proven and effective
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