Pengobatan maag Ny Dewi/ Treatment for Ms Dewi’s ulcer

I’m Dewi from Surabaya around 5 years ago, I had pain in digestive part I tried several doctors and consume medicine from doctors but nothing improvement I tried another doctor few week after took a medicine, it still no improved yet I got hospitalize in Surabaya Hospital for seven days I was hospitalize and yet, my condition not near to be better with a months resting on home and continued took a medicine just like before, no significantly better and yet I got hospitalize again in the same hospital it just took 3 days, I insisted to back home cause I could not eat the meal I got info from my relatives, that there’s a therapy treatment alternative, and it called Pennasia in Surabaya I came to Pennasia I got told by my brother, there’s place, alternative medicine place, called Pennasia in Surabaya I asked for the address and I went to Pennasia My husband accompany me along to Pennasia, cause of my weak body I took intensive care for 3 months and each day per week I got treatment Alhamdulillah, there’s progress on my health I could eat my meal, not like before, when I ate something, I always vomits I lost my weight about 20 Kg cause every time I ate I always vomit it Got treatment from Pennasia Alhamdulillah, at last I could eat my meal My body weight gradually increase and back to normal After I recovered, and my body weight back to normal once at a time I checking up my health on Pennasia Thank You Pennasia

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